Skirt: history of occurrence

According to the history of fashion, as a matter of skirt wardrobe woman appeared five centuries ago. However, the similarity of the skirt has been among the ancient people. A striking example is the loincloth or skhenti that can be considered the prototype of the mini-skirt. Just at the time the clothes are not divided into male and female, and the same articles of clothing worn by both sexes.

The appearance of the skirt as a subject is a woman's wardrobe in the 16th century. It differs from a dress or tunic is a method of fixing: skirt fastened at the waist. In Spain, trendsetter, the first skirt sewed on a dense cover with insert wooden or metal hoops. These skirts were narrow at the waist and extended downward. No sewing equipment had not yet been used, and all the skirts were sewn by hand. In France, the skirts were easier as was used for sewing lightweight material. And then all the fashion frame skirt came to Germany and called "skirt" has penetrated into the Russian language it is from the German.

In the mid-17th century skeleton form goes out of fashion and are replaced by straight skirts with tails and skirts, draped on the sides. In the 18th century there is a new invention - a skirt on farthingale (flexible plate metal collected in the frame). Later in fashion transparent dresses are easy and soft lines. Naturally, textile printers did not yet exist and how color was more simple than it is now. Despite this, every woman can choose the color and pattern skirt to your taste.

In the middle of the 18th century again it comes to luxury fashion wardrobe items. There are skirts with crinoline (head cover). Later, they are improving, there are straight skirts, decorated with cloth and box pleat. And already in 1913 in fashion narrower skirts, invented by Paul Poiret.

In the 20th century the fashion for skirts changes again: corsets abolished, reduced length. Coco Chanel's famous styling elegant skirt medium length, and pleated skirts. Using overloki price which at the time was affordable, fashion skirts manufactured with a variety of accents. Later, after the Second World War, there is the famous tweed suit with a narrow skirt.

The reduction of the length of the skirt furthest gone Mary Quant, to come up with a mini-skirt. And since 1965, models such short skirts are not inferior to the popularity of the maxi and midi. During the 20th century shaped skirts continued to evolve, depending on the imagination of designers.

 Skirt: history of occurrence

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 fashionable blouses 2011

It's no secret that women like waking up after a dull and dreary winter. Begin frantically running around the salons and shops in search of a new image in captivity Wives coming of spring! Houses have accumulated tons of magazines and booklets with the spring-summer collection of clothes from different designers and wallets men have fairly soon shake. What is fashionable in the new season of 2011? Do not do your wardrobe this year with no fashion blouses and shirts. Your attention is the most fashionable blouses 2011, photo attached.

The most fashionable blouses 2011

To the category of the most fashionable blouses 2011 perhaps need to include a model of gentle, airy chiffon, silk royal and light satin. Anything that will give your romantic blouse and unmatched, relevant as ever - this lush bows decorating the neckline and delicate ruffles at the wrist, and classical drapery, ribbons and trim in bright colors.

 fashionable blouses 2011
In the last century it was considered very fashionable to wear blouses trimmed with lace. The most famous actress of American cinema has repeatedly been seen in such chic blouses and lush undulating skirts! For those who love to dress in the style of "retro", this year the luck with the choice of wardrobe! In the shops you will easily find what to dress themselves this spring. Relevance to this style will be a model with lace trim at the front collar and cuffs and lace can be part of the back or shoulder portion.

Shops hung with various models of transparent chiffon variety of colors, choose not too bright colors, more muted. Under recommended tops or bottoms vests, and for sexuality, you can simply leave the bodice! Fabrics in these models have both monochromatic coloring and patterned. Well, if you absolutely inveterate prude, the blouse in the style of "Miss - everyday life" you will love: a simple cut, completely devoid of any buttons and elegance, smooth and dense fabric, and a complete lack of cleavage!

What is offered in the spring Valentino and Vera Wang

If we consider the new-fangled trends from the famous masters, it is impossible not to mention a collection of trading house Valentino. This season it is presented in black, gray and white colors. As for the material, the model sewed of guipure and chiffon fabrics, designed for suits, because the collection contains models of business suits cut. The designer does not insist on blouses tucked into a skirt or pants, or vice versa, on the issue of wearing a girdle models in his show contains a variety of items. But, according to the master of the Parisian catwalk, spring will benefit model combines tone with shorts, skirts and trousers.

 fashion shirt 2011


Vera Wang suggested that women of fashion to flaunt this season in blouse with a sleeve or with a flat neckline on one shoulder. The combination of them offers designer wear leather gloves and long-cut black trousers breeches.

 fashionable women's shirt 2011

Vera Wang

So, for those who do not have time to prioritize when choosing blouses, before the shopping trip should be set up in the organizer note - fashionable blouses 2011:

  • Transparent chiffon blouses in combination with a T-shirt;
  • Blouses with lace trim;
  • Classic royal silk blouses;
  • Blouses cut business suits;
  • Blouses with a flat neckline on one shoulder:
  • Model combining tone on tone with shorts, skirts and trousers;
  • Blouses simple cut, with no buttons and neck.

Shirts - the main component of the wardrobe

Out of a time when wearing the shirt was considered purely a matter of men! Since the beginning of the 70s of the last century, everything changed and the image of the modern woman, including! I had to step back to the principles of extremism and dissolve in the form of "free creator of" self-image! And not necessarily consider women today only those shirts that emphasize femininity and sexuality. Even wearing a simple, does not emit figure shirt can be seductive and beautiful! Yet male models do not fit woman. They are not typical yoke on the back and front recesses and soft tailoring and fine lines in the waist area.

What makes a woman beautiful? The first sensation of freedom and happiness! Each time he passed the shop windows, we mentally represent himself liked us things, imagine how it will look like and how it will show in on some important event. But if we buy things in which we are not comfortable, we do not get pleasure from it and will not look at them fashionable, and therefore beautiful. Therefore, choosing a blouse, feel that you are comfortable in it.

Interesting models in the collection of H & M

From the latest innovations released by H & M, popular are shirts with free edges that can be tied in a knot at the waist. They sewed mainly of white cotton fabric and blends perfectly with the classic cut trousers high, and to emphasize the elegance of your dress, you can add to the pants belt bright and trendy sandals with a low heel. If your wardrobe is already available in white shirt, but usually narrow cut, you can give it the novelty of using a corset! This image is suitable for both parties, and for going to the movies or just shopping in stores.

 fashionable blouses 2011 Photo

Shirt with free edges and a knot at the waist

Shirts should be adjusted accordingly style that you wear. If you prefer a free style, then this spring shirt with pockets in front, dressed in white trousers, is your "forte!" One has only to roll his sleeves up to the level 3/4 and you will not be able to miss!

 fashionable blouses and shirt 2011

Shirts with pockets

From the classics most fashionable women's shirts in 2011 are more likely to pale blue and white striped pattern, perfect harmony to the office light-colored skirt. For the refinement can be added to this style braided leather strap in brown color, and you - Miss Perfection! To classics also include a shirt with short sleeves and low collar stand, preferably pale cream color with darker in tone buttons small sizes.

 beautiful fashionable blouses 2011

Classic Shirts

Fashion blouses, 2011 in the "rustic" style, still continue to hold the position on the shelves of the most fashionable shopping! These include wide blouse is gathered elastic at the waist, with the same loose sleeves, strapped at the wrist, blouses bomber in the neck, sewn blouses free brim with a number of buttons on the center, and many other different models.

 fashion shirt spring-summer 2011

Blouses in "rustic" style

Mango this spring recommends shirts

Yet this season, is back in fashion femininity and elegance, sophistication and originality - all in line with the modern concept of a weak field. One of the most popular European brands is a clothing line Mango. This season, they are recommended to wear strict shirt with long sleeves and a classic combination of collar and cuffs. Much attention was paid to designers of translucent chiffon shirts that will be a good fit for any figure. There in their collection, and a shirt with short sleeves, as well as many favorite shirt with sleeves 3/4.

 fashion shirts for women 2011

Classic stringent shirts

If you like to wear jeans, because they appear to be a universal part of the wardrobe, in the season for them is perfect suede jacket with metal buttons, dressed in the release. Sexuality add unbutton up the middle and a narrow leather strap jeans. In this fashion shirt cowboys paraded around America in the last century, and now the opportunity is provided to all women of fashion this season.

 beautiful fashionable blouses 2011 Photo

Shirts in "cowboy" style

Going one step with fashion - is to feel its rhythm

The desire for novelty makes us endlessly to find myself in different images and styles. What we choose especially rare things, sometimes regarded by others as a provocation, but it is important to feel the rhythm of fashion and keep up with her. To do this, do not be afraid to wear this season denim shirt to issue a classic black jacket and shorts. And let some others do not have a sense of fashion and style, you are afraid of this dress is nothing, in fact about you necessarily say you unmatched fashionista!

This season, the main follow the principle: no rules! The designers skillfully worked on mixing fabrics and styles in the choice of clothing: blouses and bright fashion shirt 2011 spring-summer collection, are fascinating! And do not be confused by the predominance of pastel colors after the dreary winter, spring - a time of hope and expectation, love and happiness and harmony in everything!

What it's worth to try in the store of the shirts:

  1. Strict shirt with collar and cuffs;
  2. Shirts chiffon;
  3. Short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve still in the price;
  4. Loose-fitting shirts with long edges that are tied in a knot;
  5. Light jacket with patch pockets in front;
  6. Classic style pale blue with white stripes;
  7. Suede shirt buttons;
  8. Denim shirt under a black jacket;
  9. Short-sleeved shirt in pastel colors.

Shopping trip

Shirt from the new collection wonderfully fit into your wardrobe, from whatever he was. And do not forget that life - the theater. Therefore, work on the creation of a unique image of plenty, especially with the beginning of the season the designers can always offer us a lot of options, whether it is fashion 2011 shirt or blouse, or any other part of the female wardrobe. Do not be afraid to add to your image of bohemian or, conversely, defiant gypsy - these two elements have always had a lot to do odd.

And when you'll be ready to shake pretty purse spouse, remember that it is better to buy one or two things of good quality and the tone has previously acquired things than a whole bunch of even the most fashion trends, but not suitable in style to the rest of your clothes! They probably will remain hanging on the racks of your closet until better times, until they were sent to the trash! So be picky in choosing clothes and learn to trust your sense of fashion. It is best to visit the shops in the mood, and without limitation in time, then bought the thing will shine on you! A fashionable blouses 2011, photos of which are presented at our site will help you with this.

 Spring is around the corner. Choosing fashionable blouses 2011

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