Dress the witness that you put on more than one occasion

You have been invited to witness or bridesmaids - select universal cocktail dress after the wedding your girlfriend you wear more than once on your best party! In one of the trendy dresses that we offer, you will shine on the feast of their friends, and no photographer and no wedding videography will not miss the moment you capture on camera. Consider our options of dresses and make up your ideal image for a party non-stop.

In cool weather, place a bet on light fabrics and bright colors. Shine at a party in a bright dress, when the window wet weather - a real chic! Bright blue dress supplement sandals nude high heels, black tights and black clutch.

 Dress the witness that you put on more than one occasion

Embroidered with sequins, beads and feathers, silk dress in the style of jazz 20s - that is necessary for parties! Add to it a bright clutch, hairpin with rhinestones and sandals with high heels.

 Dress the witness that you put on more than one occasion

If you prefer a more discreet style of dress, or the wedding dress code, preferring the dress-cream-colored box. But whatever way was not boring dilute it with red sandals with heels and textured accessories.

 Dress the witness that you put on more than one occasion

Again, the three colors of the previous image - red, black and beige. Satin bustier dress classic style will look great with boots, decorated with lace. Complement the image of a black clutch and long earrings.

 Dress the witness that you put on more than one occasion

Shine shine so! Dress delicate shades, embroidered with sequins is perfect for a party. Put him shiny sandals with thin straps, and the finishing touch is handbag-purse with feathers.

 Dress the witness that you put on more than one occasion

 Dress the witness that you put on more than one occasion

 how beautiful tie scarf

Graceful, essential, stylish, comfortable, sexy, timeless ... All these words I want to address the constant attribute of female clothing - scarves. This cute accessory able to transform the most ordinary everyday thing a woman in a bright and stylish toilet. Scarves come in many different colors and shapes, and what a man wears a scarf, says a lot: he loves himself whether this man, he appreciates himself, whether to his neat things there demanding to themselves and others, etc. To your scarf looked luxurious accessories, harmoniously complement the outfit, you need to learn how to tie it nicely. Methods nicely tie a scarf, presented on our site will help you to create your unparalleled image and make traditional things glamorous outfits.

Several ways to tie a long scarf

Now we are not talking about how beautifully tied a long scarf, who loved to wear in the 60s, the famous actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, and it's not about the scarf with tassels, who prefer to Janis Joplin - these accessories though adorned neck popular favorite, but It was tied very simple. We will try to consider different variations with a scarf made of light fabric, and learn how to tie a nice long scarf.

That he is not sad and melancholy hung on your neck, you can tie it in a knot-loop. Ways to tie a scarf beautifully in this node, there are several.

The first method:

 how to tie a scarf nice

Node "Loop" №1

  • Fold the fabric in half.
  • Folded scarf wear around the neck, and with the help of the end, which is formed by the loop, tie a simple knot.
  • Leave the loop gently droop with the second end of the scarf.

Second method:

 how beautiful tie scarf around his neck

Node "Loop" №2

  • Fold both ends of the fabric to one another.
  • A folded scarf around his neck, wear, and through the loop thread the inside both ends.
  • This will help to significantly reduce the length of your scarf.

Colours scarves can be varied, and the colors brighter, so they effortlessly will attract attention to themselves. But if your accessory is not one of the "trendy", then give it a way to help charm "weaving the loop." It is unlikely that you, a charming and refined, with beautiful scarf tied around his neck in the form of weaving loops deprived of attention.

Knit weaving loop:

 how beautiful tie scarf

Node "Weaving loop"

  • Fold the fabric in half.
  • A folded scarf around his neck, wear, and then place the two ends staggered with respect to the resulting loops (Insert one end through the loop, and the second overlay on top of her and bring back through the hole).
  • Gently correct cloth to smooth it lay on your neck.

For the modern woman scarf - irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe, but rather to those things were as much as possible. Do not rush to get rid of old long scarf that you simply fed up, pay attention to the following method of how to tie a scarf beautifully using weaving "braid." This method is called Thumbelina. For it is necessary to take three of the same along the length of the scarf and, preferably, harmonizing in color. Link them together into a knot and braid loose braid. The ends of the fabric also tie a knot. This newfangled accessory will not only serve as a handkerchief, but the belt to your wardrobe.

The varied use of a large scarf

If your closet has a beautiful large scarf, depending on the tissue from which it is made, there are various ways of its use as an accessory. For example, the fabric is large and broad, then it can easily be worn as a sarong or robe, fastened the ends of the brooch. It is easy to complement any of your suit or dress, and adds brightness and contrast. Suitable large wide scarf to decorate the head as a hat, for the warm season and the cold pores.

It tells you how to tie a beautiful large scarf in the form of a hat following method. He called Tango. There are different options and ways to knit over the head of Tango. Consider a few of them.

The first method:

 how nice to tie a long scarf

"Tango" №1

  • If your scarf is the size 90h240 cm, fold it in half lengthwise, then fling on his head.
  • Secure the ends of it on the back of the head so that it fits the head.
  • Both ends of its twist into a bundle throughout.
  • Twisted harness wrap around the head.
  • The end of the fabric get under tow and leave the tip of the scarf in the free position.

Second method:

 how beautiful tie scarf shawl

"Tango" №2

  • Take the scarf size 90h240 cm and fold it lengthwise, then wrap his head so that its ends are on top.
  • Make a few turns and fix it so that it fits the head.
  • Twist both ends of the fabric into a bundle and wrap their heads.
  • End scarf hide under the harness on top.

Beautifully tied a large scarf with free straightened ends to the back of the still relevant today. He looks very refined and elegant, and may be that's why cravat tied in such a way is called "Retro". Its size may be slightly smaller than the previous version, but still it has to be big. Consider how beautifully knotted scarf, photos and models of instruction for "Retro" is attached.

Knit Retro:

 how beautiful tie scarf Photos

Node "Retro"

  • Take the fabric 90h180sm size and fold it lengthwise, then wrap her head so that the ends are on the back of the head.
  • Pull both ends of the scarf tighter as possible.
  • Screw the ends into a bundle.
  • Tie a knot in the harness at the back and fold the ends.

There is no bad weather ... It's an expression we like to repeat when inevitably realize that the warm season comes to an end and in front of rainy and windy autumn. Such a sad mood is easy to fix a very remarkable way: Turn your old scarf turban. This beautiful piece of clothing will be a good assistant in the first cold breeze and protect against colds, because it will cover the head and neck at the same time. How nice to tie a scarf around the neck and at the same time close their mind to help one of the following methods.

Knit scarf-turban:

 how to tie a beautiful large scarf


  • Putting cravat size 90h240 doubled Nakin see it on the head slightly sideways (with respect to any of the sides of the head).
  • Crossed the ends at the back.
  • Ends of the fabric wrap your head so that they crossed on the forehead.
  • Then again, we start the ends to the back.
  • To tie the ends of the scarf at the nape of the neck and wrap.
  • On one side, you can tie a bow.

Many women often have to go to social events, but not all of them like to decorate your neck with jewels. Allow a similar problem will beautifully knotted scarf around his neck, which will serve as a worthy substitute for any jewelry. To do this, fold the fabric triangle to one end of the bit is on the other. Place the scarf biggest angle on the chest and neck wrap the ends in the direction crosswise. Tie a knot at the ends of a scarf and hide them under the folds in the fabric.

Not all color dresses podium woman as scarf shawl

Special love to experience such scarves French women. They are ready to wear headscarves in summer and winter, no matter what! They know a little trick that gives odds handkerchiefs, even giving the most exquisite dresses Parisian catwalks: they can dramatically change any outfit, and the costs made when buying a scarf, will be minimal, than, for example, a new thing in the locker room. The beautifully knotted scarf speaks of good taste and style, the presence of a man fashion sense. In order to make a scarf out something interesting, it should be the size of at least 80x80cm.

Consider a few examples of how to tie a scarf beautiful scarf around the neck, and make this simple accessory stridently-bright . An example will serve as a kerchief tied around his neck in the cowboy way. Of course, the cowboys themselves it was used not as a decoration in the clothing, but for more practical purposes: to protect the nose and mouth from dust, covered the breast of the strong winds and even in some cases, served instead of bandage, wound dressings.

In order to tie the scarf shawl like a cowboy, you need to fold it in half to form a triangle, and attach it to the neck, tie the ends at the back so that the main part of the handkerchief in front of slack. What is missing is the hat!

Scarf buckle:

 ways to tie a scarf nice

Scarf with buckle

  • Tie a scarf around the neck and lower ends of it down.
  • Thread the ends of the shawl through any beautiful buckle.

Simple and casual knit cardigan can decorate a scarf lapels. To do this, fold the scarf in half into a triangle and throw it on his shoulders, and the ends tied in a small knot short. Your sweater will be very similar to the jacket with this accessory, and if you tighten the knot on a small brooch, it will resemble the shape of a button.

To help cover the shoulders, for those who consider them ugly, there are a lot of ways, but one of the most common is a handkerchief. The following method is not only beautiful zavyazhetsya scarf shawl on his shoulders, but also help to hide the deep cleavage.

Hiding the shoulders and neck:

  • Fold the scarf triangle that ends slightly overlap each other.
  • Cover shoulders with a handkerchief, and connect the ends of the back together.
  • Bring the ends forward and tie a small knot.

For those who like to stand out from the others, there is an extraordinary way to wear a scarf over one shoulder. To do this, you can use any large scarf: wear a scarf over one shoulder and gently lay it on the crease and then tie both ends of the handkerchief on the opposite side at the waist. Perhaps beautifully knotted scarf suitable for formal publication.

Today it is very fashionable, not only to wear headscarves, but also to collect them. What fashionista does not dream to tell her friends that her wardrobe has a handkerchief brands such as Hermes, Gucci or Versace? And what would be the number of headscarves did not have a woman in her closet, she always wants to buy another one, because it is about a coloring she had long dreamed of!

Options for how to tie a scarf is beautiful, it shows a lot, but how simply and naturally carry, has not yet been discussed. Sometimes, for the interest from others is fine, if a scarf or shawl will casually hang out of your pocket or can be tied, but not the neck or head, and on the handle of your bag or on the wrist of your hand.

Countless ways how to tie a scarf is beautiful, photos that you have provided our website, it is useful to correct any wardrobe and will be starting work on a new way. For a woman who is changing, always attractive and beautiful.

 How can I nicely tie a scarf

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