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Invited to the wedding, what to wear? With such a problem faced by the majority of guests at such a solemn and important event in the lives of relatives, friends or acquaintances. Therefore, long before the intended date of many of the guests are beginning to wrestle with what outfit to wear to the wedding? Suit whether in this case the classic trousers with a shirt or better will look pretty stylish skirt? Perhaps the best option would be the choice of all the dress? The unequivocal answer to this difficult question is very difficult to give. It all depends on you, your tastes and preferences.

What to wear to a wedding girlfriend

 what to wear to a wedding photo

Wedding worries - this is not the sole province of the newlyweds .  Pre-think over your outfit all invited to the wedding ceremony the guests, especially women .  And if you get married beloved friend to the girls certainly raises the question: what can be put on the wedding .  In order not to look too provocative and inconspicuous present, listen to the advice of stylists, who like no one better to know what dress to wear to a wedding girlfriend .  For the wedding favorite girlfriend most suitable elegant suit or elegant dress .  The perfect evening dress can be a one-color dress .  Choose dress can be any length, with closed top or straps .  Any of these would look beautiful and very elegant .  Choosing a dress, do not forget that the queen of the ball is still the bride .  Therefore, your clothes in any case should not obscure their beauty bride's wedding dress .  If you can not decide which dress to wear to a wedding friend, it may be even a cocktail dress and top with trousers .

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I am a witness! What to wear to a wedding: Photo bridesmaids in fashionable catalogs from world famous designers and fashion - an example to follow. As witnesses at a wedding party assigned to one of the main roles, like anyone else they need to carefully consider the choice of wedding dresses. If you had the honor to be a witness at the wedding, it always raises the question: what to wear to the wedding of her friend, photos of the most suitable options for this case can be found in catalogs and fashion magazines.

A few tips on choosing bridesmaid dresses

 which dress to wear for the wedding friend

When choosing your wedding dress bridesmaid is worth considering a few useful tips:

  • Choose a dress have to be in harmony with the bride's wedding dress. That is why very often Bridesmaid ordered the same dress as the bride, but a cheaper fabric of a different color or shade.
  • Since white is the color traditionally the bride, for the witness will help you to give up the white dress. Otherwise, being next to the bride dresses in the same color, there is a danger in the photos look like one big white spot. In addition, it is likely to mislead not only the employees of the registrar, but the visitors' Who really are the bride? "
  • In the event that you as a wedding dress, you still prefer a white dress, known in advance of its decision to the bride to further your choice does not become an unpleasant surprise.
  • In any case, even if you got her consent, will complete her dress with bright accents. It can be as ribbons and flowers and other accessories of your choice.
  • Since the wedding - the most light and joyful day in the life of the newlyweds, the wear dark colors is irrelevant here. If the features of your figure not allowed to wear to the ceremony of marriage registration best friend a bright dress, stylists advise to play on the contrast and enliven wedding dress light and bright accessories.
  • What to wear to a wedding: the most common photo wedding dresses show the most popular colors among contemporary witnesses: silver, gold, blue, pink and light green.
  • Is it better to wear to a wedding in the fall? During autumn wedding will look great on the witness dresses of red, orange, gold, yellow, brown, chocolate, olive and green colors.
  • Witness is not necessary to dress for the wedding is too short and low-cut dress.
  • Risky option may be the choice of the witness dresses with too fluffy skirt.
  • Style wedding dress witness must be combined with the style of the bride's wedding dress. It will look good next to the bride in a ball gown and a witness in an elegant skin-tight. At the same time the texture of fabric dresses witness must also comply with material wedding dress of the bride.
  • A good option for a witness to the wedding can be a suit with a skirt or trousers. Which of them is to give preference to you. And because the suit is designed to celebrate and not to work, then it should not be very strict.
  • Availability of gloves in a wedding dress is not necessarily the witness.
  • Since the day you have to move much, the dress should be as convenient and comfortable.
  • Handbag dressed as a witness - a very practical attribute, which you can put things essentials: cosmetics, hairpins, invisible, napkins, handkerchiefs, pills and a couple of spare stocking, you may need at any time.
  • Today, to find a beautiful, fashionable and quality clothes for the bride and for the witness - no problem. Many bridal salons offer them in a huge range. However, be prepared to pay for this outfit a considerable amount of money. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a dress not for one day, and in such a way that it can be worn in the future as a holiday option.
  • If the financial situation does not allow you to buy a decent outfit, you can always take a dress rental.
  • Regarding the choice of shoes for the witness, it requires a special approach. When choosing shoes for the upcoming celebration, keep in mind that you will go on this day will have a lot, but the possibility to change the shoes may not be. Therefore, choose shoes not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. After a full day on your feet in shoes with high heels can be a real challenge for you. The best option - shoes on a low steady heel. You can also bring a spare pair of shoes with low heels or without him, that can help you out in a desperate situation.
  • Do not choose shoes with heels, if the bride below you growth. In this case, better to give preference Ballerinas.
  • Hairstyle can be decorated with elegant flowers or wear a hat on the head of a charming, perfectly match with your wedding dress.
  • As the decorations may be advisable to set very modest - a chain with kulonchiki, small earrings and bracelet. Will it be a quality piece of jewelry or jewelry - it all depends on your taste and preferences. A sense of proportion and taste will help you make the right choice.

Tips on choosing clothes for guests

Invited to the wedding: what to wear? It is not an easy task as it may seem to many at first glance, but it is feasible .  If you are invited to the marriage registration to friends, relatives or friends as a private guest, in this case, the choice of what you can wear to a wedding, is not very complicated .  While finding the right outfit that perfectly matched to such a solemn occasion, season and weather conditions, it is difficult and expensive business, but you are quite feasible .  Of course, men in this situation a lot easier, they can all be in the same costume, but with regard to the ladies, each woman always wants to be individual, not to mention such an event, like a wedding .  On this day women usually show off their best outfits, competing with each other in elegance .  Your task - to pick up a suit or dress that will fit perfectly with your shoes, bags, hair and jewelry .  And because of strict restrictions do not exist, you are free to choose whatever you like .  However, do not blindly follow fashion, buy the most fashionable and expensive dress or suit .  In addition, we should also consider the type of wedding ceremony, your age, personal characteristics and shapes tsvetotip .

 that you can wear to a wedding

So, it is better to wear to a wedding Women: cocktail dress, evening dress or pantsuit? Although the choice is yours, and, advice stylists significantly help ease your task.

  • Ladies, choosing a dress to wear to a wedding, you need to know in advance how the bride will be wearing.
  • In a white dress at a wedding can only be hero of the occasion - the bride! Therefore, the white dress of any style, cut, and style reserved for another occasion.
  • Also, stylists advise to not go in the opposite extreme: a black dress - not a very suitable option for the wedding night. If you decide to put on a wedding dress in black, stop your choice on the short version of the Youth.
  • Immaculately looked incredible tones and floral fantasies. Therefore, the choice to prefer shades of beige, turquoise, pink, purple, blue and green.
  • The selected outfit should not be too flashy and vulgar.
  • Too long evening dresses are only suitable for social events.
  • The best option - a dress or suit to the knee. Also suit and trouser suit, which European society is considered good form.
  • In addition, the selected outfit should be comfortable and does not restrict movement.
  • If the couple are planning a wedding in a church, you should pay attention to excessive openness and the length of your dress. During the ceremony in the church, you can take advantage of a cape, scarf or shawl gas.
  • Shoes should be selected to match the chosen dress or suit. From high heels should be abandoned, because you have a lot of dance and participate in various games and competitions.
  • If lipstick makeup can use more vivid colors, the powder and the shade is recommended to choose pastel colors.
  • Complete the form to your image give jewelry and costume jewelry. The main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise you risk to spoil everything.
  • A well-chosen accessories not only give your image of perfection, but will add points to the upcoming wedding ceremony.
  • Ladies can afford to come to the wedding banquet in a small original hat, carefully selected style and color to suit or dress. This accessory can be precisely the highlight of which will complete your image.
  • Going to a celebration, you need to moderate use toilet water and perfume. Prefer light aromas that envelop barely perceptible train and do not have a dampening effect on others.
  • Handbags, evening bag on a chain or clutch Handbags must necessarily be in harmony with your outfit and shoes.
  • To refresh makeup not forget to take a facial tissue, compact powder and lipstick.

By following these simple rules, any woman can shine at the wedding and catch yourself admiring glances of other guests present at the ceremony.

 What to wear to the wedding? The most fashionable models for visitors

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