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At all times and in all continents, regardless of the season and mood, a secret desire of women to find the perfect outfit: comfortable, but not without elegance, emphasizing the mystery of the woman, but not too fussy, a bit cheeky, but in any case not vulgar. Such moments want to guess in our silhouettes men, because what could be more desirable than watching a woman next to him with a capital letter: the elegant lady who seems to have woven their way from all the mysteries of the universe. Which outfit is better reflects the it than feminine, and so wonderfully loved by the world community maxi ?!

Resurgent last season and successfully to prove their right to the title of the best fashionable maxi dresses 2011, certainly in the lead among the preferences of the beautiful half of humanity, as well as the world's leading fashion designers.   Which models of maxi-dresses will represent us and which ones you should pay special attention, and we will try to understand.

A charming diversity maxi dresses: Summer 2011

Well, we waited for the summer, but it is good short shorts and tops in the fight against exhausting simply impossible to heat? It should be reminded about the miraculous lightness summer maxi, which sometimes becomes a lifeline amid the heat of hot asphalt. This season, we can call ourselves lucky because of the most authoritative experts on the world of fashion, which gave us a lot of options maxi dresses - Photos of 2011, among other advantages, make it possible also to judge the unprecedented summer romantic image. Socks, maxi multifunction models this summer struck us a rich diversity and will create both full of dignity and restraint, and flying, playful, a little "hipster" image.

Materials and tissue

 summer maxi dresses 2011

Summer maxi dresses 2011 - which provided photos to our attention in all the leading fashion magazines, similar, perhaps the only one: the simplicity of cut, flowing lines and, of course, a comfortable, practical ease .  Because, despite all the variety of tissues known to us, to create summer models preferred cotton, silk and chiffon .  They help create an image of a weightless, almost ethereal, especially if the model maxi dresses, you have chosen to be multi-layered and richly decorated with tulle, satin and, of course, light denim - like structural combinations look incredibly impressive .  Separately want to talk about the lace, which is especially noticeable trend this season .  Lace flounces and frills, braided lightest elements in conjunction with the aforementioned tulle and chiffon, corsets of fine guipure lace vintages - this season, as you know, is openwork tatting has every right to remove the cream of our attention .

The colors and shades

The designers of leading fashion houses of Europe to create their models maxi dresses 2011 - photos will certainly distinguish it - not afraid to experiment with different colors. Color variety and interesting textural variation of this year are staggering:

  • White. The age-old inhabitant of Olympus fashion, unambiguous and concise in its grandeur - white unquestionably relevant in the coming year. Color, absorbed, it seems, the purity of frosty morning, easily transfer it to your image and emphasize is the best youth and freshness.

 maxi dresses summer 2011

  • Ny - skin color. Winning accentuate any skin tone, gentle tones will give a hint of nudity, transparency, thereby adding weary sexuality. Maxi will choose the skin color is like powder - the color of the skin, and to emphasize the image of accessories darker, saturated colors, included in sharp contrast with the very outfit.

 maxi dresses a photo 2011

  • Abstract geometric print. Itself already creates a mood, as the most relevant in the current year. Incendiary, a little extraordinary trendy maxi dress: 2011 was marked by new collections, in which images are presented as if soaked ringing playfulness.

 maxi dresses 2011 Photo

  • The strip. Print, practically the highest priority in the coming year. Narrow and wide, horizontal, vertical and diagonal - each strip is easy to become the highlight of your wardrobe this summer.

 summer maxi dresses 2011 photo

  • The ethnic and animal prints: relaxation and some impressively luxury combined with the dynamism of the picture will create the image of an incredibly expressive and pleasantly memorable.

 fashionable maxi dresses 2011

  • Floral print. Awake, as the elixir of eternal youth, invariably captivate those around her sensuality and tenderness. Men are sure to celebrate your femininity for themselves, while in your heart will sing the nightingales.

 summer maxi dresses 2011

Maxi dresses: how to choose a maxi for yourself?

Well, it seems so much mysterious, elegant and uniquely inspirational way we always can give a maxi dress, we understand. What we offer talented couturiers great fashion houses of the world - we found out too. In how gorgeous model summer maxi dresses 2011, photos that truly excite the imagination as a strong and beautiful half of humanity ascertained. Now it's time to figure out how, and with what, in fact, wear a maxi, to emphasize all of its beauty. How to become more feminine in it and that it must be confessed, to look as sexy as mini, despite all the features of the figure.

 summer maxi dresses 2011

Maxi dress for petite women: wear worth

For starters forget about exhausted so many beautiful ladies stereotype whereby maxi dress the summer of 2011 may be denied. But in vain - the length of the dress should not be confused, because it is not necessary to look a such a small dirigible or a little mouse, lost in the folds of the cover from the Peugeot - observance of a few simple rules will help prevent this:

  • First, we should clearly define the waistline, permitting cutting. For this purpose, perfect tape torsades and soft belts of different widths.
  • When choosing the length of the maxi dress special attention should be paid to the fact that the most tight-fitting shape.
  • An excellent choice would be a dress in a cut which pronounced trapezoidal shape, clearly marked diagonal sidelines.
  • Visually pull shape, adding some growth, with maxi V-neck (worth mentioning that this element will add spice along).
  • When choosing shoes, petite woman should give preference to higher heels.
  • Speaking of color, will focus on plain fabric, it would be nice to experiment with purple.
  • Girls, particularly fragile physique fit floral prints, you can pay special attention to bright colors.
  • But on lucky with savory form is particularly advantageous will look dark, saturated colors or the most muted, but it is necessary to abandon the horizontal stripes and large prints. And here is a small figure, diagonal and vertical stripes can trust yourself completely.

Unbeatable Lady luxurious forms

Ladies having school addition, it is important to correct accents, adding a visually slimming the hips and legs. Magnificent, large breasts will emphasize choosing a dress with the most wide straps as thin able to nullify all the beauty, weighing chic bust, make overweight. Looks great vintage dress styles - especially in combination with a dark belt - they visually make a more balanced silhouette. We all give up the triumph of layering cut better emphasize the silhouette right to choose a good body. Thanks to these small nuances, you can fearlessly let in the palaces of her wardrobe maxi dresses - Summer 2011 and give yourself a new pleasant experience.

Cozy woman of medium height

For charming damsels of medium height with a normal physique excellent choice would be the maxi dress - photo 2011 with the latest fashion shows are presented to your attention we have today. Maxi is for you to be well tailored and able to submit all of your dignity in the most favorable light, special attention we would like to draw on a deep décolleté Model Max with laces and straps, tied at the neck and, of course, on the model with the smell.

Tall and slender lady

The tall, athletic girl when choosing a maxi have some odds - the elongated pattern on the floor, of course, will fall to the court. You can easily experiment with different kinds of prints, most exotic cut, fabrics of all kinds, the only "but": it is necessary to be careful with oblique and vertical stripe - because we want to achieve unprecedented heights not in growth. And if you refuse to pins pay attention to the east, ethnic and animal prints, choose interesting sandaliki flat shoes - you'll just look surprisingly like the ancient goddess, set foot on the ground, in order to bestow mortal men to witness it!

How to wear maxi dress?

And now the most interesting and exciting part - how and what to wear maxi blessed. For a start it is worth considering, and what is the point we want to put in our way, what ideas will run the show, which features we want to highlight in particular, filling your wardrobe with such different maxi dress. Here are a few tips that can help make the right choice of accessories:

  • Pay special attention to this summer, the choice of sandals, sandals and neat shoes without fingers and heel. They look especially great with maxi dresses 2011 - photo submitted to your attention, illustrate this perfectly. But the classic boats is to refuse - produced the effect is not so good.

 maxi dresses summer 2011

  • If we want to place special emphasis on the waist, is to review the available wardrobe belt, but if its not too fit the color scheme is too heavy and cumbersome, safely run to the store for replenishment, as padded straps, and the straps are especially popular this summer. And do not be afraid to experiment, belt "color in color" is not so important - important to the whole composition in general looked harmoniously.
  • Addressing style dress casual, you can choose more bags, will look just fine thin light and bulky scarves, and do not forget about glasses - the perfect complement image. This combination is perfect for urban urgent cases, and country walks.
  • Also, do not turn away from the heavy, larger decorations, and do not worry - a special summer maxi etherealness not allow them to look bulky and, combined with the hat, the sophistication of your image will be hard to beat, and ten the first beauties of the world.

 the most fashionable maxi dresses a photo 2011

  • Maxi dresses in your wardrobe should not remain in splendid isolation: in the evening hours, you can throw a cape, jacket, cardigan, and do not forget about the bolero - they look great with many models max.
  • Lady middle and older if refined taste greedily draws your attention to the maxi model, but holding something - drop these thoughts, not about a "youth" brand to speak in general not necessary. Maxi dress - it is an eternal game, mix in a decent cocktail different styles for every occasion and mood.
  • If we prepare for the solemnity of the event, then you should definitely give preference to, or more sophisticated, glamorous and frankly expensive fabric or decorative elements as much as possible complication of a style. It is not necessary to pile the evening maxi dress and the presence of both. And do not forget about accessories - always pick the most organic-looking.

 fashionable maxi dresses 2011 Photo

Do not be afraid of experiments - create, paint yourself, play versions of images. You - a woman, but it is, whatever you say, by itself, is half of happiness. It remains only to show it to those who still do not know and it seems we already know where to start!

 Summer maxi dresses 2011: incredible transformation

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