I drove the car to do

The car - not a luxury but an object of theft. Either something like paraphrase a popular expression, those who prefer not to buy a car and steal them from a happy owner. And the most striking thing is that no matter how carefully you've picked up a set of anti-theft tools, becoming a victim of car thieves have a chance each avtovladelitsy. Hijackers statistics stolen car brands are not interested, but to every anti-vehicle able to answer their own scrap, against which, as we know, there is no reception. And the salvation of the swallows from the clutches of homegrown thieves who does not sleep the glory of the hero Nicolas Cage in the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds", lies on your fragile shoulders.

"I drove the car - what to do? !! "

This almost classical in their formulation of the question is given every 10 seconds one person in the world. And the income from stealing business amounts to more than 21 billion dollars a year. Stunning statistics! You can continue to bring these facts, one other interesting. But if your machine for statistics - some inanimate theft unit, then you - stolen property. And with the disappearance of her need to do something. So, breathe deeply - you stole a car!

Hijacking hijacking strife

Do you like the victim should not be too interesting, what type of car thefts is your case. But it was on to some of the existing five types of car theft it is heavily dependent on the fate of your machine:

  • Auto "on the bodies."

    Or rather, for parts. Surprisingly, this is a rare kind of theft. Rather, it is a convenient excuse for the police, who are tired of searching your machine. And easier for you to make a demonstrative story with mythical statistics. Do not fall: rare hijacker will bind to the anti-theft alarm system and other devices in order to start up the car for parts.

  • Hum. Fire!

    This type of theft has become a favorite for many intermediary firms that sell cars from the manufacturer. The scheme is simple enough. When registering documents, the firms get your home address and made an impression of the key. Once your car is delivered to the address of your residence, its gone. And not just anywhere, but the new buyer with a blank document. After all, the employee involved in the hijacking of a motor show. And well, if the car was found quickly; and if not - you can forget about my new thing. To prove conspiracy in this case is very difficult. However, this scheme worked for about a week after you purchase the car.

  • Dangerous Tour.

    This term is called the theft committed by visitors. RESPONSE: "I come in large numbers! "Better to omit. If your car was stolen visiting guest performers, you will find it very difficult. Fake documents from nimble fellow is always at hand, and the employees of traffic police do not differ holiness. They take a bribe, and for the power it does not hurt. And swallow your already crossed the border into the state ownership. And it is in the best case. At worst, the hijackers can take on your car armed raid. And it just destroy as unnecessary evidence.

  • Auto or purse?

    Often the car was stolen for ransom, and in this case, you have a chance to regain the favorite means of transportation. However, by default you need to accept the fact that pay you still have. Private detectives discover that the zeal of the valiant police officers is poor or by bandits.

What if the stolen car from the parking lot or from a locked garage? From the correctness of your actions will determine whether the machine will return to its legitimate owner, and how soon it will happen.

 what to do if the stolen car

In hot pursuit"

Once you have found a place in the parking lot, which should be your car, empty, - dial 02 digits, familiar to us from childhood, in this situation can bring real help. However, if the manager does not begin to refer to the lack of available vehicles instead of forward to the challenge outfit. Just do not need to immediately bump into tears. Demand, you are eligible, your conversation is being recorded, and, as a conscientious taxpayer, you can count on the fact that your call will not have the right to ignore.

But remember, your call will be announced by the so-called "interception" or not depends on how much time has passed since the theft. If you left the car in the parking lot at night, and missed it only in the morning, "intercept" is nothing. Most likely, the hijackers hid your car in a safe place, and on the road it can be seen only when the "passion" to find the dust settles. If, however, your machine is brought to you the signs, or you periodically check on the spot whether or not your car, it may be easier to find and establish the exact time when the theft was committed.

The next thing you need to take care - this written statement to the police. And try to calm down, gather your thoughts and remember all possible details from seemingly minor detail you and finishing own suspicions. Emotions will not help, but the discipline will be exactly what you expect from criminals least. In conversation with representatives of law enforcement agencies try to avoid the imperative. How would you not want to flare up and "put pressure", do not do it.

It may happen that the operative worker will ask you to pick up an application at the time and give him an opportunity to check the hijackers through their own channels. In no case should not refuse! On level ground, he does not offer you this. And if you have heard this proposal, it means that the operative has what is called a trace. And do not neglect his professional flair. It may be that your beauty will return in a few hours. And if necessary you will write a statement. You remember that your call has been fixed at 02 on a film.

Recall that the so-called active search for your car maintained for 2 months, and then the case is suspended and transformed into yet another unsolved crime. Although the orientation of your car is at all employees of the patrol service, do not need to rely on their quickness and wait for 2 months, continue to act!

My own - my wealth

Do not relax, leaving the application to the police. Your machine will need in the first place you most and, therefore, need to move to action. You can take a sample of the activity of the presidential candidates during the election campaign. Print orientation describing the distinctive features of your machine. The more details, the better. Everything from scratch on the bumper and ending number of the engine, described with great care in A4 format. For effective search must be at least a thousand copies. Distribute leaflets girlfriends, relatives, colleagues. Use the fact that you sympathize with, as you have the chance. Let handed out to passers-by, are entered into the nearby police station, pasting on poles and bus stops. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky.

Look for fire ...

Another recommendation from the category of illogical at first glance, actions. But you - a woman, you can be everything. Immediately after the theft look among his acquaintances or friends of your friends fire. And with him inspect the nearby garages. Firefighters have the right to inspect suspicious garages. Even the sanction to search private property they do not need. But to do it all worth it only if you suspect that a stolen vehicle (orientation of a police officer, for instance), is in your same area.

Acquire the laurels of Pinkerton

Search cars in the home - quite a complicated thing. You can certainly rely on the quickness of police, but it is best to attempt and look for clues. Accompanied by a man go around hot spots located next to the parking lot or garage where the car was stolen. Homeless people, mothers on children's playgrounds, the grandmother-old woman, like sparrows obsizhivayuschie benches at the entrances, can give a lot of useful information, which the police did not dare to dream. You any important details. The slightest detail. It can bring you to your car.

Do not be amiss to bypass the next car market. If you decide to sell your car because you arranged hype, the criminals will be able to do so only through the car market. But in any case, do not come to the car, if you have found it. Call the police outfit. No car is not worth your health and safety.

The more people know about your loss, the better. You can advertise with the description of your car will take on local TV or radio. Along with your phone number. By the way, what you do not calm down and continued to search for a stolen car, may make criminals abandon the original plan and call you with a proposal to buy back your car. For a certain percentage of the cost. Most importantly, time to understand what you call it, the hijackers because the direct question: "Do you want to redeem your car? "You will not hear from any professional. A layman would police caught without your efforts.

 if you drove the car to do

You "do not lose a dog? "

Almost with absolute certainty we can say that sooner or later this question will sound in the handset. The main thing to realize that this is not about a missing dog, and on your machine. It has become too hot commodity. And buy it now be decided only the blind, deaf, dumb sailor long voyage. All your actions are correct, and all the measures taken have led to the fact that the criminals decided, if not free, to return the car the legitimate owner.

Do not hurry to rejoice. Once an agreement is not obtained. First, you need to make sure you do not become the victim of another scam. And secondly, the criminals always work on the same, worked through the scheme.

You will be assigned the first meeting. It is best to send her husband, brother or friend. But note that all the talks he will have to maintain yourself, if you have no such possibility. Before the meeting, try to protect yourself as much as possible. Call a friend, tell us where to go, turn the phone talk. To a friend I heard that happens to you. Not necessarily that you something happens, but it is better to insure maximum. Alone, you can only go to the first meeting, all further discussions should take place in the presence of someone who can protect you.

At this stage of the negotiations, too, have their little tricks. Haggle until recently. Imagine that you are at the poker table and your task - to win. The answer to any threat should be the end of the negotiations. Life is more expensive. If you insure the car, the insurance will cover all. To do this, the police need to take a certificate that upon loss of your car a criminal case, and submit it to the insurance company. In that case, if your machine is not found, the company will be obliged to reimburse the amount of provisions for insurance.

Suppose you were able to agree. You also offered to buy your car. It's a shame, do not argue, though redemption and can not be compared with the real cost of the machine. Pay once for belonging to a thing you do not want anyone. And you find yourself faced with a choice to pay or deliver criminals. The second option is much more dangerous than it might seem at first glance. In order to prove the guilt of the hijackers, the valiant police officers should come in time for your call at the moment of transmission machines. And the criminals, and it is a known fact for a "deal" try to choose a weekend or holiday. So, the chance of getting real help from the police and you have little, you may have to pay.

If you drove the car - what to do and what to do to get her back as soon as possible? Success depends on your discipline and resilience to difficult situations. But we would really like to see this article was just informative "Pulp Fiction." And I never would be for you a real life situation.

 What if the stolen car?

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