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That came to us so happy and so fertile is time on the threshold of motherhood, but how many alarms often brings with it many emotions about the future and the present, about the health, life and many other components of life. And among all the many worries, no, no, yes and vzgrustnetsya its beauty. But, let me be sad because you can just about something lost, as we have with you all there with him, and even more: the erection of a sudden the square natural charm, captivating eyes, burning happy anticipation and just incredibly inspiring femininity - that's what pregnancy to others. And today we will talk about how it is once again very impressively underline not sacrifice comfort maternity clothing in summer 2011.

Maternity Wear: Summer 2011 will be fashionable

Too many Hollywood stars in recent decades refused to malicious by the ideas of feminist doctrine and prioritize correctly: career - it is good and important, but the destiny of women is still to be found in the other direction. And this gaining momentum among celebrities "baby boom" and then stir in the creation of models of clothes for pregnant women, we come with you in very handy. Among the many trends of the summer season, let's try to identify those that are particularly useful to future mums:

  • Lightweight cardigan

Made of thin chiffon and silk fabrics, this summer it will become a real decoration of the pregnant woman's wardrobe. Without a doubt, luck is on our side - the most fashionable models are considered that are fastened or tied under the breast. Summer cardigan particularly advantageous to look over knitted T-shirts and tops with straps of different widths.

 maternity clothes for the summer

  • The skirt and maxi dress

In a fashion model, elongated skirts with elastic and kuliske, tunics and dresses of summer knitwear and fine materials, with asymmetrical cuts. This summer, this simple and elegant article of clothing, like a maxi-skirt, to create a more elegant way will wear with light blouses and tunics shorter. But the most comfortable and fashionable clothes for pregnant women, 2011 - photos submitted to your attention, say this is the best - Dresses maxi length, especially vintage styles.

 maternity wear Summer 2011

  • Bright Jeans

Summer jeans in this season we will choose the best possible light shades of blue, and ideally - white. Tailored pants made of denim can be as you like: more narrow or wide, straight and even with a flare from the knee from the hip - fashion trends of the 90s have returned to us this year. With the likes of jeans look great elongated shirts freer cut in the style of the 70s: not too big and plain pattern.

 maternity clothes for summer photo

  • Overalls made of natural fabrics

Models of fashion for pregnant women in 2011, confirm this picture, it is very often presented different options overalls cut. But once the reservation that the designers favorite casual outfit suitable only for women in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. The pressure of the fetus on the bladder over time, as is known, will become more and more, and this incredibly practical unitard will be the subject of almost torture, given the frequency of visits to the ladies' room. Although the extent to which you are comfortable themselves will feel it in the postpartum period, when your form will only return to the initial rate, elevates overall category into the category of things «must-have».

 fashionable maternity clothes 2011 Photo

The joys of summer in different colors

A woman preparing to become a mother, according to the prevailing notions Determined tenderness and trepidation image. Because we offer the public not to disappoint us with the Mother Nature and the choice of color palette of our fashionable wardrobe for pregnant women to give preference to the most natural and less extravagant trend colors and prints this summer:

 fashionable maternity clothes 2011

 stylish maternity clothes for the summer

  • White color

Maternity clothes for the summer - especially photos allocate it - simply must contain the individual items is white, and if on the jeans already mentioned, now focus our attention on a white dress. If the world-famous designers so insist on it, then we will not indulge in such pleasure. It is not necessary to purchase only models with multi-layer decorative elements and fringed.

  • Pink and beige

Charming colors to a pregnant woman only, and it is impossible to pick up. In general, this summer, pink and beige colors are represented in almost all shades: lighter more often found in garments, and the expressive and dark tones captured the world of fashion accessories. There is one fairly spicy nuance - pink and beige, close to the skin, found incredibly sexy to the opposite sex.

  • Violet color

Charming purity and fragility of the natural images that are presented models of clothes made in this color, simply undeniable. Violet color, doubling the sophistication of any outfit, was very popular in the days of palace coups and now, in the summer of 2011, comes back to us.

  • Light blue and pearl gray

The colors most clearly emphasize the importance of motherhood for women: in the opinion of many people, they symbolize the seriousness and extent of nature. An important caveat: if the blue color often does not need us, the impression of even the most unpretentious light gray garment highest when he performs in a duet with almost all the more vivid colors except green.

  • Vertical and diagonal stripe

Colors more relevant this summer simply can not find. Speaking on cleanliness, world-renowned designers offer us a band of different directions, but in terms of aesthetics attire, from the horizontal is still worth while to give up.

  • Ethnic print

How beautiful is made of airy fabrics with ethnic and oriental prints maternity clothes summer 2011 show us "in full." Along with ethnic, world of fashion this summer brings to favorites and animal print - you can give preference to him. Of course, if you do not mind some aggressive sexy images of women-hunters, which somehow does not fit with the position of "waiting for a miracle."

  • Flower print

This lovely reminder of the first doctor's advice: Try to always be in a good mood. Playful and carefree floral print is the best able to help track and blissful smile does not leave our face.

Pleasant things: fashion accessories 2011

An important aspect of the wardrobe future moms are fashion accessories. They are able to add a little extra charm, not to mention the provocative sparkle that will contrast very favorably with the godly attire. In fashion garments for pregnant women in the summer - photo beautifully illustrate this - the soft colors and the brightest are concentrated mainly in the field of colorful accessories and decorative elements:

 fashionable maternity wear Summer 2011

  • In a special favor this summer, all shades of orange. A little eccentric, juicy orange leave no place to discouragement and fatigue. A more neutral tone orange general is unique because it is able to be combined with the pastel shades of any color.
  • Sunny, bright yellow color is still losing ground fashion leader. Particularly impressive is combined with garments darker and muted tones, incredibly cute shades of blue and blue.
  • Bright pink color looks the most advantageous when presented in a juicy shade of fuchsia and magenta. Accessories These colors make an interesting combination with the article of clothing of all shades of gray, black, white and peach.
  • According to the "star mom" Victoria Beckham, bright purple color in fashion accessories pregnant woman this summer just to be present in order to emphasize the depth of the image. To be sure, she knows whereof he speaks: in his time the wife of the legendary English midfielder was selected by the British as "the most elegant mom." In addition, its fashionable collection for pregnant women enjoyed tremendous success. Purple in the elements of decor goes well with pink, caramel and sand.
  • The bright green color not only brings variety to your "pregnant Closet", but given that it is considered an anti-aggressor, very positive impact on you, relieve irritability - very handy, is not it ?!

And in the end we will remind you, dear future moms that pregnancy - a time when we are women with a capital letter, and he should be happy. Because let's not to save and not to be lazy and go and choose clothes that the best way to help us feel it!

 Fashion and actual maternity clothes for summer 2011

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