cars on the road bases

Perhaps there is not one avtoledi, which would not have been familiar with this concept as the bases of car on the road. It is quite clear view of the majority of girls that you can avoid the fate of becoming a victim of avtomoshennikov. The main thing - to know the traffic rules, not "scorcher" on the roads of the city, adhering to the rules of "slow and steady wins - on going." Undoubtedly, knowledge of the rules and caution did not prevent anyone else, but not all as smoothly as we would have liked. And choosing a avtopodstavy next victim, "romance" a big road show remarkable knowledge of psychology. And do avtopodstavy like a well-orchestrated performance, looking at which he said would Stanislavsky: "I believe! ". The funny thing is that becoming a victim of a setup you can, on the spot, or rather, not leaving from the car park. Do not believe? Well, let us consider in detail all the actions of the adventure show called "avtopodstavy."

Act I: emery

Any girl has ever been in parking lots of large supermarkets, knows firsthand about their almost communal "comfort." Machines are very tightly to each other, and to maneuver between them account for almost a jeweler's precision and care. It is this and are crooks. While you are relaxing in using shopingoterapii to your machine apply the most severe torture. More specifically, the rear wing is treated largest sandpaper. As if you have touched someone's car at a tangent. After you, nothing suspecting (as you suspect, if your conscience is clear), we leave the parking lot, you are catching up with foreign car and otherwise forced to slow down, clutching the side of the road.

Further action is designed for your confusion and surprise effect. A few brave men, oblique seven feet at the shoulders begin to tell you and to prove that, leaving the parking lot, you have touched their car. But they are not evil guys and ready to solve everything peacefully. And even offer to call the insurance agent, that he found the damage. And then explain that the case is not insurance, because, in fact, you escaped from the "accident". Then you offer to pay and referred to the amount of damage. What is called for "eye".

We think it is not necessary to continue the story of the further developments. Let's look at how you should proceed initially. If you are strongly pressed against the side of the road, do not stop! If, however, no choice you do not, stop the middle of the track, lock all doors and windows. Take your mobile phone and dial the number of the police, call the place where you are, and say that they had been attacked. It is desirable that the dashing good guys hear what you called the police, is usually enough to play was abandoned and left alone.

 the bases on the road

Act II: a soap opera

The most amazing thing, no matter how strange you do not show the name of this scenario bases on the road, will take part in it, and soap, and Opera. If you rely on Chekhov, the rifle on the wall "shots" in the last act. But will such a performance in the early morning on the crowded streets of your city. At the next maneuver you will overtake the car of a representation class, passing almost tightly, and from the rear window of the car in your car tossed a piece of soap. The sound was like a collision. You will be prompted to pull over, and if you heed the arguments of reason and stood in the midst of the road, in the action include "employees" traffic police. However, they are approaching a normal car, but the psychological impact will using flashers.

Further development of the play is quite pull Oscar. Threats, fake identity and psychological pressure. Home - Your task is to stay calm. Let fraudsters play out there that they put on the script. Your pattern of behavior remains the same. Call the police and shouting that is urine that you were attacked, and name the street where you are. It's safe to say that speculators do not want to get acquainted with these law enforcement officers who fake flashing lights are not convincing.

Act III: shocking

But this method invented avtopodstavy true creators. While for you it is unlikely to be a consolation. Imagine the gray ordinary day. In a moving stream of cars you catches up with the Cheshire Cat at the wheel, rather, to a man in a suit Cheshire cat. He scratches his head and waving his garden grabelkami you soft paw. From wonder you do not have time to notice that the car in front has decided to slow down. And you imprinted it with sincerity, which is capable of surprised woman. Your guilt is obvious and nothing to do with it anymore. In this case, to understand or to prove that you are a victim avtopodstavy impossible. You never know who is in what used to go out in the morning from home. And you do not have excuses. But you can console himself with the fact that scammers have shown imagination and a few seconds before the impact cheer you up. And the future will take into consideration that even a surprise should not distract you when you are driving.

Critic Reviews

Becoming a victim of the bases on the road is a chance for each of us. The main thing - time to orient and not to panic and threats fraudsters. As extra insurance you can buy car DVR to have as evidence the video played out by fraudsters action and your complete innocence in the incident. Better yet, ask for help from the Knights of roads - traffic police. In the end, it is their responsibility to win over all the dragons that you can meet on the highways of large and small cities.

 Framed on the road: a performance for one spectator

 cheating in showrooms

In an effort to best protect themselves when buying a car, many women are sent to the motor. It is assumed that buying a new car in the large cabin, from an authorized dealer, you can avoid unnecessary problems and to minimize the risk of being cheated. But is buying a car in a showroom eliminates fraud by 100%?

As practice shows, the deception in showrooms - the frequent phenomenon of our time. Moreover, its object can be any buyer. Fraudsters do not share their victims by gender and driving skills. No matter you are a woman or a man, beginner or a professional with years of experience - you have a chance not only to get have a used car, but did lose money. Let's look at the most common ways of cheating.

The car next to nothing?

How often in the print media you come across advertisements of the sale of new cars at below market prices? Agree, a promise to get the coveted vehicle is less than you expected, it has almost magical effect. You call the dealership and its employees acknowledges receipt of your information, explaining the unique offer that motor works directly with the manufacturer or supplier of the car model. How then can remain indifferent? Not only do you buy a new car, so you will still fall a rare chance to save.

You go to a showroom and see that your chosen car "suddenly" went up. Sales, of course, arguments will explain to you that this car is better and alarm system installed, and all-season tires, and instead the power steering is electric power. And offered to make a down payment as confirmation of intentions. Cashier's check for the advance payment you randomly, "by mistake", and asked to be given not to wait until the documents are ready for the car and the contract.

In this scheme of fraud expectation will last several hours. And you are unlikely to be offered a cup of coffee. Delays in the design is easy to explain the absence of the necessary personnel, delay director who "will at any moment", or extraordinary breakdown of office equipment, server crash. The mass of options. Lest you get bored, bring several documents to sign. Offer test-drive. To put the language of thieves, you competently "Marina" to the point where you are ready to lose vigilance and will not read, sign anything.

Here you will be informed and that all the documents are ready, the signature received, and you only need to sign a contract. Even if you are different rare suspicion, this trial in the showroom will lull your vigilance. You sign up, and when reading the contract is that the price of the car, "grown" by leaps and bounds. But you put a signature, and on the condition of the same contract you lose the prepayment in case, if you refuse to buy a car. "Good," the owners offer you arrange a car loan on very favorable terms ...

You can continue the story further. But let's leave it at that. The general idea of ​​this fraud scheme you already have, and now summarize everything that was supposed to alert you in the beginning. Fortunately, in an artificial situation, you have the chance.

 fraud in the showrooms when buying a car

What should alert you:

  • The low price of the car - the first bell for your vigilance. You're probably interested in, and you know in what price range in your city is a model of the car you intend to buy. But if you do decide to apply to the motor, try to get more information about the seller. As you know, who has the information, he rules the world.
  • The difference between the actual prices from that tempt you to buy. The fact that you are trying to cheat, even if slightly - figure not in favor of the showroom.
  • Requests to make a prepayment before signing the contract of sale and the lack of cash receipt clearly indicate fraud. You've made an advance - the main instrument of influence on you. It is best to cancel the purchase at this stage, and to demand the return of the amount paid. Do not hesitate to contact the police, and the local police, and in the control room, so that your call was recorded. Although there is a chance that at the first mention of the call you get your money back.
  • The requirement to sign some documents, delays in registration of the contract. In this case, no matter what arguments you give.
  • Trying to distract you, to divert your attention from the artificial red tape. Collect and leave the auto! By the way, at this point, too, you can call the police outfit.
  • Any change in the contract price, so if you could not stop before - the most convincing evidence that you are trying to cheat.

Once the contract agreement two, three contract

This method of deception designed to legal illiteracy of you as a buyer and a certain euphoria of the upcoming purchase. It is worth noting that scammers are often very subtle psychologist and accurately recognize a possible victim. So, what is the basis, this method of cheating?

When buying a car you are served to sign a few copies of the sales contract. You first carefully read and sign. Others, like the seller assures you, - additional copies, absolutely identical to the first instance. You have already read them carefully and not sign on "automatic". No documents on the machine on your hands you do not give out, explaining that you will get them together with the machine. Do you expect your car ... and nothing. On the question of where your car is, you reply that it will provide you with as soon as you pay the money required under the contract. Imposes a cashier's check, and you file a signed contract by you, but not one that you have carefully read, and an additional instance, you do not bother to read. And the amount of this contract is very different from what you expected. As you are such a picture? But this model of the scam works.

What you should know

  • Before you sign any papers thoroughly examine each item. If not understood, re-read again. Especially the part of the contract, which is written in small print. It was there that often contain pitfalls.
  • The number of agreements depends on how many sides it concludes. In this case, there are two representatives - you are the buyer, auto - dealer. And that means you and signed contracts shall be two. And do not hesitate to leave one copy of itself after its signing.
  • Before signing the contract, make sure it contains the final value of your vehicle. To not later "got out" the VAT, registration and something else as unanticipated additions.
  • Before making at least some pre-payment, refer to the contract and, if the representatives of the auto show (no matter under what pretext) do not give you this opportunity, safely leave the territory of the showroom. You try to cheat!

 fraud in the showroom

Car second hand

Fairly widespread fraud in the showroom - selling a used car in the guise of a new one. And to determine "the eye", went to your car or not, it is impossible. You will explain that the car was carried out a test-drive, no more. And under the guise of the new car you try to foist quite decent, but not a new car. Combination designed to trifles. Machine washed, if necessary, held a light cosmetic repairs. Oh, who, if not we women know how to do things from a new second-hand. Title allegedly stolen by hackers or simply lost in the delivery. You are provided with a duplicate, where the sole owner of the machine is specified motor. If you see in the passport of the vehicle marked "duplicate" - it's time to guard. Do not buy old things at the price of new ones.

Who on the newcomer?

The following scheme of deception is neither singular genius or originality. All payment is built on your impatience and desire to get your favorite car right now. You come into the showroom, select the car, you even allowed to sit in it. And once you choose, before you played the scene: suddenly it turns out that it was on this machine already have a buyer. He even made an advance payment. But if you wish, you can cover the advance payment and the percentage that motor should return "imaginary client" (the amount usually varies from 20 to 25 thousand rubles), and then get the car right now, without delay and expectations. To demonstrate your credibility a long waiting list for a car in this particular configuration. Try to tell you that in three months anything can happen: the price of the car will rise or equipment change. Do not believe it, turn around and look for another motor.

Net exchange rate

Despite the fact that Russian law prohibited indicate the price of goods in foreign currency, some unscrupulous vendors still prefer to ignore this law and operate prices in conventional units. Moreover, the rate of USD well above the central bank. And you know it at the checkout after signing the contract, one of the points which will necessarily indicate the amount of penalties in case of refusal to purchase.

But in this situation there is a way out. Before signing a contract, check the currency in which the price listed on your vehicle. And if not in rubles, demand that you transferred the amount in rubles, and see how it has grown. If you have not done so in time to go to court. You would always win.

To purchase the machine is brought to you only joy, you need to be vigilant no matter where you are going to buy it. As you can see, the fraudsters do not necessarily live on the market. And we wish you to fraud in the showrooms when buying a car is left for you only the subject of this article.

 Cheating in the showroom: how to avoid trouble

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