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  • Romantic style in clothes - key features
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What associations can cause romance women? This lightweight beautiful dresses, melodious music and men, ready to do crazy things for the ladies. But romance is easy to dilute the grayness of everyday life, including several dresses in clothes made in this style. Romantic style of dress very advantageous contrast to the everyday casualness, gives lightness woman, flowing lines and a seductive silhouette sexy shapes.

Romantic style is rightly recognized as the most feminine. And he was separated from the other areas of fashion and acquired its uniqueness in the XIX century - the century of Romanticism. In the modern wardrobe can be found echoes of the past evolved the most feminine of all orders, which form a unique direction.

With this style has always linked the feeling of solemnity and celebration, playfulness, which, however, is quite inappropriate in the business, the working environment and has some limitations in daily wear. The basis of this style is to play with the lines of the silhouette and texture of the fabric, it is often easy, flowing, having a glimpse of the materials that are freely round the female form. Romance in the locker room - a great way to introduce an element of celebration in everyday life, to achieve the incredible femininity as much as possible to open my body, emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

Romantic style in clothes - key features

Let's try to identify the key elements that will help women achieve a plaque for its romantic image.


Basically it is delicate, pastel colors, a refined restraint, screaming without inclusions. Often used in dresses welcome a smooth transition from the dark shades to lighter tones, everything is done smoothly without sharpening.

Designers are not discarded and the pattern: mostly floral and ethnic motifs, peas of different sizes, patterned, flowing drawings. Silhouette - adjacent to the body, emphasizing the form of the "hourglass".


Fabrics used different. From a recognized natural silk to high-tech cutting-edge materials. Most can be found in this way materials, a stylized fish scales, with an abundance of sequins, metal plates. Softly draped textures such as silk, chiffon, satin, too often present in such attire. You can find velvet, fine wool or tweed textiles. Romantic style clothing for women is inconceivable without the use of laces.


Beneficial accessories help complete the image. Superiority in the occupied hat: wide-brimmed, medium, quite small, typical of the 40s. Often used brooches, quite large, with a patterned processing, bows or ribbons. Scarves are a constant attribute: thin, long and gas, often a fringe or lace. It can be various stoles, representative stoles, capes, cloaks and boas intriguing are perfectly harmonize with the way the evening.

Women, preferring a romantic style, a must have in your wardrobe gloves: lace or silk, mesh and cut for a kiss. German silver jewelry, silver accessories, stylized XIX century and the beginning of a laconic small handbag. All this is necessary in order to create a dizzying way.


It should be elegant and refined, classical forms, for example, pumps, which are often decorated with buckles, embroidery or lace on the skin. Patent leather shoes, traditional leather shoes or brocade are often decorated with a bow and even lace.

 romantic style clothes

We select the right clothes in the romantic style

Romantic style of relevance not only for the fine evenings, but also perfect for a relaxing break, thanks to its lightness and the abundance of options for things that can be successfully combined. After all, this type of product - that's not the massive orders that existed in the era of Pushkin and Lermontov, they can include quite traditional jeans.

Designers offer many options of combinations of dresses to create a romantic style. But the most common is an open top with bare shoulders with a deep neckline. Underwear should choose lace textures, with a touch of the 30s. Length dresses can be very different, are guided by their own preferences and tastes, but for the short and medium-length skirt pomp welcome, and for the maximum - a flowing silhouette.

Romantic style does not involve immense sexuality and nudity. If you open the shoulders, it is not necessary to strip while the legs, otherwise it threatens excessive hint of eroticism. Remember romanticism requires moderate nudity, here the emphasis is on hints, intrigue, rather than an explicit demonstration of female charms. Do not confuse romance with eroticism.

If a woman is just discovering the romantic style, you should make sure it will fit her character and lifestyle. If she lives in constant fast pace that demands maximum comfort and simplicity, the abundance of romantic things in the locker room is to give, of course, you can treat yourself to a couple of exclusive outfits for the title of the evening, but no more. The same applies to business woman constantly attending business meetings.

How does the standard should have clothes made in the romantic style? Try to understand the most traditional things.


Dresses at all times considered the most feminine piece of clothing. Romantic style calls for the dresses were the greatest possible length. This is the traditional evening dress to the floor, with a soft texture, often combined with capes or Drape made of precious silk and satin fabric.


Of course, a rare woman came to the idea in her head dress in furs and dress up in Spartan jeans. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to broad, straight pants in the style of Marlene Dietrich. The main material, which is to give preference to - dubbed chiffon.

Trouser and skirt suits in the style of a romantic involve the use of velvet materials, it can also be suede, corduroy fabric.

Top clothes

Warm clothes are often guided by the English style. It is a combination of traditional tweed coat with high leather gloves. It is also important for winter time use fur sleeves and capes, as they create a romantic image of evening dresses decorated with light at the floor.


Above casually touched upon the underwear, the main advantage of which is a combination of innocence and the desire to seduce. This should have a lacy lingerie texture, use a special chic bodice models that do not include foam. Linen can be complemented by a belt.

 a beautiful romantic style of dress

Additional elements of romantic style

If she decided to fully succumb to the trend of Romanticism, then why not a little to stipulate rules applying make-up, which would not beaten out of the total tender image. Make-up should be as close to the naturalness, used natural gamma, without aggressive tones. Shadows have to be dull colors: smoky, ivory, deep beige, is allowed to use arrows.

The only thing you can do additional emphasis - blush, it should be pretty pink hues that accentuate the freshness of the face. Do not mess up all over the bright lipstick, not recommended for deep, matte shades, you limit a slight sheen, giving lip plumpness.

Hair - an element that can strengthen the effect of romance. She must use at least fixing means, the hair can take the form of curls, curls, repeating the shape of the waves.

Romantic style is able to give your lines maximum femininity, it will affect not only externally, but also left a mark on your inner self: make supple, more sensitive and sentimental. After all, the rhythm of modern life is almost destroyed in the softness of a woman that was once characterized by its nature.

Dresses in the style of a romantic ideal fit in the bohemian atmosphere of the theater, will strike on dates, exhibitions, gala evenings and receptions. Paradoxically, but the abundance of choices and options of the garment allows perfectly fit them into a regular vacation and trip to a restaurant or on a date.

 Romantic style in clothes - sexy innocent

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 Ballerinas 2011 Photo

Fashion ballet shoes in 2011: photos from the catwalks, published on our website - it's a great opportunity to learn about another fashion trend of the new season.

Summer Ballet in 2011, who came to taste many modern women of fashion and admirers convenient and comfortable shoes, come into our lives from the world of dance. And now that season in a row do not leave the fashion catwalks. Is it any wonder that such a versatile women's shoes like ballet shoes, made of leather, suede or cloth, decorated with all sorts of beads, sequins, rhinestones, bows and straps, hold the main positions of many women's wardrobes.

Looking at the photos of fashionable ballet summer 2011 catalog of the collection of the new season, once again convinced that this handy, practical and loved by women all over the shoes again at the peak of popularity. European women due to climatic conditions have the opportunity to wear such shoes almost all twelve months of the year, the female population of the country is also ready to part with the summer of 2011 to ballet flats most colds. It remains only to choose the right pair of shoes, and you can not even one. And a better option than ballet shoes for summer 2011 you just do not find.

The emergence of stylish and practical in daily ballet of ladies' clothes most women can be considered a real revolution in fashion trends. And all this because, until recently, the most trend shoes, do not leave the fashion catwalks for several decades, is feminine heels. But it was in the past, today, no fashion show is complete without a catwalk beauties in this comfortable and elegant shoes. Beautiful, stylish, practical and fashionable ballet flats 2011 summer making the most trendy shoes that perfectly complement both casual outfit in the style of casual, or business ensemble.

Fashion ballet shoes in 2011: Trends of the season

What's hot? This issue is of concern to many women who follow the fashion trends of the season. The main hit - shoes with low heels. Even lovers of high heels are able to appreciate the elegance and comfort of such shoes that last season went smoothly from the summer to the main autumn hit. So this summer 2011 fashion ballet shoes again at the peak of popularity. Particularly fashionable model with open toe, decorated with flower arrangements and straps.

Because ballet flats 2011, photos of which we will have demonstrated an amazing combination of different designs and flat soles, the shoes have become an excellent alternative to traditional office high heel shoes. Today, many well-known brands are advised to wear strict office suits and dresses with classic black ballet flats, which in appearance very similar to shoes with pointed toes, but without any hint of heel. For example, Giorgio Armani offers to combine this versatile shoe with a feminine ensembles: close-fitting jackets and skirts. British brand Gilec Deacon offers business wardrobe: a pencil skirt and blouse strict from the collection to refresh the exquisite ballet flats. Laconic decor and colors - that's probably the main characteristics that should have the ballerina shoes summer 2011 for a business wardrobe.

 2011 fashion ballet shoes photo

  • Model

What models ballet shoes 2011 shoe fashion offers to our women of fashion in the new season? In order to get acquainted with the fashion trends and how you can better see what is fashionable ballet flats are 2011, which offer us the famous brands and famous fashion houses for the new summer season, we suggest to visit our photo gallery. Presented here for the photos of the most topical summer fashions from designer collections will not leave indifferent any woman. 2011 Summer Fashion Ballerinas today can be found a wide variety of models on a small heel, flat shoes, and even in the sports version.

Looking at the photos of ballet shoes in 2011, never ceases to surprise fantasies of today's designers. Their choice is so wide and varied that to pick up a pair of (preferably more than one) of these lovely shoes for any possible way. Which would be a style of soft, comfortable and elegant women's shoes flat shoes you may have given his preference, you can be sure that any selected model fashionable ballet 2011 photo that you see on our site, suitable for any outfit and will be a perfect decoration of your legs .

In addition to the above options there are a shoe rubber ballet flats, which is the creator Vivienne Westwood, which made them especially for the brand Melissa. Today, many designers include in their collection are models of shoes that are well fit a foot, excluding rubbing it, and at the same time very elegant and bright look. These ballet flats are indispensable when visiting the beach. As it turns out, they are not only convenient to move around the pebble beach, and swim.

The collection of this season's fashionable ballet flats summer 2011, photos of which can be found in any fashion magazine, attract the eye original performance.

  • Proceedings

Fashionable ballerina 2011 - photos from the catwalks is well illustrated - in most cases, are made of a combination of different materials, as this season the fashion mix of gentle and rough textures and fabrics. For their manufacturing designers often use leather, suede and textile and smooth textured, matt and varnished surfaces. Also in the collection of the year there is a lot of fine shoes made of velvet and other advanced materials that allow designers of ordinary casual shoes to create a true masterpiece and make ballet flats more attractive.

  • Colour

Regarding the choice of colors in fashion this summer a variety of colors, there are no restrictions. Therefore, you can safely shod these cute shoes are absolutely all colors, ranging from soft and gentle, to dark rich tones. Ballerinas women's 2011 photo that you see on our site, once again proving it. With regard to the office of shoes with flat soles, they are characterized by the traditional colors: red, black, and gray and blue.

  • Decor

For daily ballet fit any decor: ornaments in the shape of flowers, heart shape, or fruit. Also welcome the combination of a variety of materials such as the visual and tactile expression.

Ballerinas in 2011: what to wear these shoes?

 Ballet Shoes

From what to wear ballet shoes in 2011? This issue is relevant today for many of the fair sex .  This season, women are given unlimited freedom to choose the combination of the different elements of women's wardrobe .  Wearing fashionable ballet flats this summer 2011 can be anything, as this versatile shoe for all occasions and looks good with almost any clothing, whether shorts, capris, jeans, skirt or swimsuit .  Probably many of you will be surprised that they can be worn even with a dress .  Opting for a shoe as a ballerina in 2011, what to wear them - the issue as such there should be no .  After all these fancy shoes excellent job with the role of a fashion accessory .  For example, on a small heel classic style women's shoes ballet flats with a shimmering silver sequins may be a good option for a wedding, prom or any other celebration .

Ballerinas 2011: The fashion and style - these two concepts are inseparable: they are always stepping foot on the leg. In order to look perfect every situation you must learn how to combine with other things shoes women's wardrobe. However, if you are unable to choose the best option, what to wear fashionable shoes, we offer you to see the most successful and important this season, combining ballet female in 2011 in the image of our website.

 Ballet 2011 summer

  • Ballerinas absolutely any color perfectly with jeans-pipes. Moreover, this option is perfect for both work and leisure.
  • Elegant shoes complete with a short skirt - another versatile combination that is suitable for outdoor activities or visits, and for hours of shopping.
  • Very well looked ballerina with short narrowed summer trousers. This combination - the optimal choice for the job, business or romantic meeting.
  • Short dress "bell" in conjunction with elegant fashionable ballet flats will create a romantic image. And if it be supplemented or bolero jacket, get a beautiful image for a business meeting or in the office.
  • Create stylish, but at the same time a strict business image helps to mix ballet skirt narrowed down to set the color of selected blouse.
  • Ballet also look good in combination with short shorts and breeches.
  • For Dating perfect blend of ballet with a summer dress or elegant sundresses. A well-chosen accessories help complete the romantic image, giving it a charm and childlike.
  • Fashionable shoes, long narrowed cardigan complete with narrowed black trousers - an excellent option for cool weather.

We are confident choosing ballet flats for women 2011 - photo-review of the selection of the universal kits will help every woman to create a unique image.

Stylish ballerina always look at women's legs elegant and fashionable, making them smaller and attractive. To look irresistible in any situation, we must remember that these shoes is not every girl, because it visually shortens feet and makes them better. And that must be considered when choosing a fashionable ballet in 2011. Also, every woman should be aware that the choice of footwear depends very, very much, and above all - the convenience and comfort of your feet during the day.

 Fashion ballet shoes in 2011

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