sarongs for the beach

Contemporary Swimwear addition to a variety of swimwear offers also great additions to them as a pareo for the beach, which are very popular among the female population in many countries. This is not surprising, because this versatile, very comfortable and simply irreplaceable thing on the beach, came to us from the countries of Southeast Asia, for several seasons in a row does not leave the fashion catwalks. Pareo (sarong or Pare) won the hearts of many of our compatriots and have become an indispensable thing their summer wardrobe. And all this because of their convenience and diversity. This fashion accessory can be used as an alternative to other beach suits and wear whatever you like: as the sundress, top, loin-skirt, a dress or even a scarf - it depends on your imagination and desire.

Choose pareo 2011: Photos from new collections of fashion accessories, which you can see on our website or in fashion magazines - is a huge variety of plain or patterned with large silk scarves. Complete your beach costume chosen color sarongs, you will not be left without attention of the opposite sex. After all, the beach - a kind of fashion show, where along the shore, as if on the catwalk defile beautiful girls in dazzling beach outfits, attracting and bewitching eyes of men. Bathing suit draped over light and delicate chiffon - and you're not naked. In this kit you can safely go to a cafe or at a coastal beach party.

Sarong 2011: The fashion trends of the season

Sarong has long been used by the fair sex as an addition to a bathing suit. So this season, designers did not miss the opportunity to please the female original novelties. Presented in the designer collections pareo for the beach, a photo which we offer on our website - it big silk scarves with bright exotic designs that will protect your skin from the scorching rays of the sun and help to hide some figure flaws. In order to get acquainted with the fashion trends of the season, we offer visit our web site photo gallery, photo pareo published here in 2011 will help you not to get lost, and the right to navigate in the abundance of proposals submitted.

To produce sarongs are commonly used light thin fabric. This could be chiffon, crepe de chine, silk or cotton. From a tissue selected pair, buy a ready option or make an exclusive hands - it all depends on your taste, desires and personal preferences.

How to pick a fashionable beach attire - pareo 2011?

Starting this summer vacation at sea, stylists advise to buy a beach kit with the original pair. After all, there is nothing that sets the mood as the right accessories. Becoming the owner of harmonizing the color of the fashion set in a bathing suit and a pair, you make sure personal experience how many functions in fact it can fulfill. To fit the image of a humble fashion accessory more muted colors. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and attract attention to his person - needed paint and bright prints.

Sarong Beach: how to tie?

 pareo 2011

If what pareo every woman knows, it is, unfortunately, how to tie a pareo know a few of them, but in vain! It turns using sarongs can create a unique image. And that's not all his benefits. This fashionable beach attire in addition to aesthetic problems allows the female to solve and practical: protects and corrects the woman's body.

Adjust the figure

Pareo for the beach - how to tie to hide figure flaws?   With the coming beach season this issue of concern to many women, especially those who can not boast of a slim waist and slim figure. A look attractive, especially in the summer, I want everyone, regardless of their age and external data. Do not be upset by a pareo can in seconds change his appearance beyond recognition. These are not empty words. One has only to look at the photo pareos for the beach from the fashion catwalks, published on our website, and all your doubts will disappear by themselves. The main thing - to know how to tie a pareo.

Here are some of the most relevant ways of wearing beach attire, which will help you to solve many of their problems:

  • Camouflage plump thighs and bulging tummy will help fashion accessory tied to the diagonal line of the waist;
  • Full ladies tie a pareo is low on the hips;
  • Low girls will be able to visually increase their growth through mini-sarongs. It is also suitable for women of small stature length of the product up to the ankles.
  • Making visual volume small breasts allow scarf-pareo tied weakest node at chest level;
  • Owners of a short neck or double chin is not recommended to tie accessory beach close to the problem area;
  • Because the nodes are able to attract and concentrate better give up the idea of ​​tying on the hips, chest and waist, but only if they do not meet the ideal parameters.

Easy and simple mini and maxi

The classic version of wearing pareo - tuck the product on the top edge to the desired length, pull the cloth behind and tie the ends of the front or side. From pareo if you wish, you can make a wonderful jacket. To do this, first you need to add up the handkerchief in half and tie in the middle of a small nodule. Then attach to the corners of his fabrics and charming addition to a swimsuit ready. Another very simple and convenient way to wear sarongs - deployed behind the cloth, wrap it around the body, and tie a knot at chest level.

Beach party

Girls always and everywhere want to be in the spotlight: sparkle and shine in all its glory. And youth party at the beach - is no exception. To look like a queen, you must create a unique image. And this will help light airy pareo silk or chiffon, which should match the color with a bathing suit. On the slim the female will look very impressive fitting dress made of light airy fabrics with bright ornaments. To do this, wrap the pareo around your body and tie the beautiful knot hand side. Then, from the middle of the handkerchief at the waist to pull the two tail and tie them.

Another option is to tie a pareo beach party: expand horizontally in front of sarongs and tie one of its ends to the shoulder strap bathing suit, the other by wrapping a scarf around the waist, mounted on the waist, tucking it over the edge of the canvas.

For skirts are best used pareo large size of not less than 2 meters. Wrap a cloth around the waist so that the left edge was on the right thigh. Then, pull and twist in a long piece of cloth harness, and the resulting tow tie knot with the left end product. Remains free of the wrap around the hips and secure the back of the back. Short beach skirt pareo is much easier to make than the previous version. For mini skirt suit small canvas. Fold the scarf in half, then, from the back, wrap it twice around your hips and tie a knot in the front beautiful. Another outfit for a party ready. Make no mistake, in any of these dresses, you will not be left without attention from the opposite sex.

 Sarong 2011: The trendy beach outfit

 cleaning of furs at home

Says one proverb: Prepare sledge in the summer. It would seem that before the winter is still far away, but that it was not a revelation (for employees of public services), it is worth in advance to arrange inspection of winter furs. Cleaning fur at home, despite the apparent complexity, the presence of specific knowledge will be easy and accessible procedure.

Furs are categorized as high-value clothes are different presentable appearance, they indicate the status and position of the person. It is therefore important to know the basic rules of socks, storage and if you set about cleaning the fur at home, and the necessary techniques of this process. Cleaning fur home - it's a risk to the product, you will have to take over. Often the advisory councils for the care of the fur can be obtained at the company cleaning or furrier workshops. Fur is able to please the women for a long time, especially if you follow all the cleaning. He will never lose its relevance, there will be somewhere in the back of fashion.

Indication of any fur product cleaning

The most common and is considered a valuable raw material pelts of sea animals and fur-bearing animals: fox, fox, marten, rabbit, mink, muskrat or seal, oddly enough, you can even use the fur of cats. The coat, soft and shiny fur, color and pattern, the thickness of the leather and the degree of coagulation of the hair determine the overall value of the fur. Ladies can put on a variety of styles of fur: fur coats and coats, capes, it may be the clutch, trimmed with fur hats or jackets, gloves and all kinds of capes.

Lifetime from fur outfits were large rabbit fur fastest wear and will last up to 4 years, the arctic fox will delight female eye to 7 years, so valuable mink worn up to 12 years, but the most persistent "longevity" was fur beaver and otter - it can be carry up to 20 years.

Over time you will notice coarsening of the leather, the appearance of gaps or cracks in the highest skin friction. Often it provokes intense alopecia in such places. These are signs of deterioration of the skin, so the cleaners fur should influence the leather substrate.

If we talk about hair, indications for cleaning may be all kinds of dust pollution with a touch of loss of uniformity of color, the presence of particles of debris between the hairs. All of this eventually leads to the loss of the natural luster of fur, fur loses its silky effect. In the second season after the socks of fur can be seen in the form of education felt tangled lumps, nodules, clearly posechennyh tips of the hair of the animal. In case you have found some signs of loss of primary properties and appearance of products, fur cleaning house - the best way out of this situation.

Basic care for the fur

Cleaning the fur can be either mechanical or chemical. The first involves combing felt formations, various lumps and nodules with a wire brush. For the safety of this process it is usually put on a cotton swab. Mechanical cleaning is quite superficial, aimed at eliminating pollution and smoothing hair, brushing frequently used for cleaning artificial fur.

Dry cleaning - deep - more effective. There are different chemicals, but it can carry an element of risk for the product itself, and for the one who makes them care. Cleaning fur at home requires compliance with safety regulations. Such care involves the use of gasoline, some mild cleaning agent. In no case can not apply the cleaning products that are designed for the removal of rust.

Also, quite often use abrasive cleaners, for example, starch, semolina or frayed chalk, also used wheat bran. This method of care is ideal for cleaning light fur, because it eliminates the dust removes plaque and debris from hair.

Eliminate the yellowing will use hydrogen peroxide or a weak vinegar - white fur cleaning in the home must include this procedure, it is also mandatory if your outfit is made of fox fur, or if it's a light cleaning of any other animal fur.

If you want to maximize the life of your fur products, it is necessary to work not only on the hair, but also on a leather base. This requires a fat composition administered to enhance the brightness and increasing skin elasticity. This may be a vegetable oil (olive or sunflower), the use of melted pork fat, very good fit fish oil. Of course, cleaning faux fur does not involve a procedure such as the lead item in the complete uselessness.

In order to achieve good results in the purification of the product is often used gasoline, which is quite unsafe, requiring compliance with certain rules:

  • You need to use gasoline only in well-ventilated area. It is necessary to provide maximum access to fresh air. To do this, open the windows, a balcony, make sure vents. In no case can not be made the procedure before going to bed in the evening. It is not safe for the health of up to intoxication.
  • Eliminating any possibility of finding a number of open fire, do not make the dry cleaning in the kitchen, near the cooker, do not let close to the hat smoking loved ones away; children away from gasoline.
  • After completion of the procedure required to ventilate the room, it is best to leave it up to the complete disappearance of the smell.

Cleaning at home big fur

 cleaning mink at home

To a large fur products include coats, coats, various coats. Clean the fur in the home of this size is very difficult. If the product has contaminated the whole area, or for any reason not subjected to any cleaning procedures for 4-5 seasons, it is best to abandon the procedure. This hard work is necessary to trust only the highly skilled professionals in the dry cleaners.

A popular material for creating large fur is fur of polar fox, mink and rabbit. It is the departure of these items will be discussed:

Shoe fox fur in the home is the greatest difficulty because outfit itself larger. That in itself makes it difficult to work on it, and as it is quite woolly and bright colors, it is a double problem of cleaning. For the care you need to take a solution of ammonia, about 1 teaspoon, 3 teaspoons of salt and 0, 5 liters of water. Moisten a cotton swab obtained liquid, and start using a comb to remove stains. The final step in cleaning fox fur at home is drying wet fur products.

Shoe mink at home should bring shine furs, it is a priority to work with mink coat. Luster is lost due to leaching of a fatty composition - can thus introduce a new method: dissolve in 1 liter of boiling water 100 grams of pork can be fish oil and 10 g of soap. Stir the ingredients, add 12 drops of ammonia, then cool the solution to 35 degrees and apply to fur emulsion with a brush. Such procedures are indispensable for cleaning mink furs at home, because the brilliance - it is an essential attribute of an expensive mink hair.

Cleaning the rabbit fur in the home should be especially sensitive. Rabbit hair has the short term wear and is limited only a few seasons. Initial cleaning the fur of rabbits in the home produced by combing comb. Further, taking a swab wetted copiously with acetic acid (5%) hydrogen peroxide or up to 5%, and in the direction of hair growth of fur processing. After the procedure, remove the remnants of hydrogen with wet hair with a cotton lining, avoiding getting wet leather base. Now it's your coat rabbit will live a second life.

Caring for small products

  • Caps

Hats often made from raccoon fur, rabbit or fox. Consider the case of raccoon fur - it is the most expensive and capricious in care. Shoe raccoon fur initially involves washing the pad, but there is a difficulty, which is that it neatly recommended way otporot with a razor blade, make a mark on the fabric exactly how it was sutured to the skin. After this painstaking preparations, unscrew the cap and inspect the structure of the skin: for damage, tears, of course, the old cap is usually rife with small holes which must and can be easily sewn, then the patch is applied to a large medical plaster.

Next, make a solution that will clean raccoon fur: clean gasoline blended with starch (about a quarter cup), whereupon a certain kashepodobnaya consistency - it is necessary to coat with cap, gently rubbing the skin. Let hat lie down until until erode gasoline and starch pat knocked out of the hat hair. Then return the pad to its original position and carefully ventilate the headdress. With this cleaning fur hat house will serve more than three seasons.

  • Capes

The ideal situation would be to clean Pelerin cleaning fur starch - it quickly and effectively removes foreign objects from hair fur dresses and perfectly absorbs dirt. Complete this procedure for the restoration of the product can be vacuumed. Cleaning of furs and starches can combine the use of semolina, small shabby chalk. In case you are not satisfied with the result, take a second procedure.

  • Couplings

The ideal option for the care of such small products will be steam cleaned fur. This method of outfit disinfects, kills all bacteria and mites that sometimes accumulate in the hair of animals during the period of storage. Be sure to ventilate and dry attire steamed.
Warning: While cleaning the fur prohibited the use of steam iron! From excessive heat distorts it just melts structure of leather fur. Treated them skin becomes thick, lumpy, inflexible and completely unfit to wear.

Give fur the second life

Of course, every woman wants to shine and eye-catching, especially when she wears expensive fur, whether it is a product or small massive heavy coats. Unfortunately, misuse, negligent failure to comply with the rules of the sock and storage of fur products directly affect the attractiveness of the appearance of the dress is not the best way. Of course, it is better to trust such a thing presentable hands and clean the master in special places: it is safe, reliable and efficient, but do not shun and separate removal of dirt and stains your favorite fur products.

Our recommendations for the care and cleaning of fur qualitatively affect its appearance. Give new life to your loved one along: let again sparkle with glitter paints, initial gloss appears, the skin will again become soft and pleasant to the body. Do not forget about safety rules in handling chemicals. Using our options cleaners fur, you are sure to feel like a queen in the new winter season!

 Cleaning fur at home: simple, fast, high quality!

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