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  • The main trends of the classical style of clothing
  • Classic style, or how to avoid becoming a "black sheep"
  • Modeling wardrobe in the classical tradition

Clothes in the classical style is considered to be the starting point for all fashion trends. It represents the fundamentals of fashion and is very popular among those people who have discovered the secret of the classic image: the elegance in simplicity.

Classic style women's clothing - a neutral, restrained practicality, but often designers are guided by classic lines, creating a vivid, memorable images. Herein lies the paradox of the classics. This style does not need, but rather not tolerate exaggerated decor, flashy extravagance, it is considered excessive for and diversity. The severity of the lines, simplicity and minimalism - the main features that distinguish the silhouettes of the classical style, but how such a conservative direction in the clothes could not lose its relevance in today's extraordinary, shocking the fashion world?

The history of the classic style of clothing is deeply rooted in English Puritanism, so often a way of clothing has a second name - purism. Puritanism is a philosophical belief system that promoted the reduction of the needs of the people expressed through the external behavior to a minimum. That is, if now the clothes can be considered almost an expressive form of expression, the classic style imposes "veto" to all sorts of excesses.

The main trends of the classical style of clothing

Classic costumes are characterized by high humility, simplicity of cut and style, however, this minimalist fashion items highlight seduction of a female figure, without giving it undue eroticism. Puritan garments embody the touch of refinement, an intriguing mystery, it is for these reasons that so many famous women prefer the classics.

It is worth remembering the expression of the legendary Coco Chanel: "If you are struck by the beauty of any woman, but you can not remember what she was wearing - so she was dressed perfectly." This statement like no other can affect the depth of their loyalty when it comes to the classics.

So, what is the most characteristic distinguishing a classic style in a separate line:

  • The combination of simplicity and elegance masterly cut, the ability to place the emphasis on the female figure, making himself inconspicuous outfit;
  • Using expensive, presentable materials that are of high quality standard, made in compliance with the best traditions. The history of the classic style of clothing very often mentions prim tweed material;
  • Subtle, muted, often in pastel shades of colors. Emphasis is placed on the reserve;
  • Refusal of heavy draperies, the combination of different texture materials. Do not use flashy and flirtatious frills bows;
  • Excessive simplicity cut dresses and suits, the classic style of clothing has evolved little and did not introduce innovations in the design of special models;
  • Shoes necessarily made of natural materials, it can be a different finish or a high-quality suede leather. Models of shoes are also different traditional solutions, "pumps" the heel of medium height, not more than 7 centimeters, no flashy colors and lurid ornaments;
  • Moderation Accessories permissible to supplement the natural way, expensive products rather simple shapes with no frills, such as thread or pearl stud earrings.

 beautiful classic style of clothing

Classic style, or how to avoid becoming a "black sheep"

Now rare women's magazines show the classic style. This is due to anything other than the complexity of such a write authentic simplicity with erotic brightness or negligence that captivated the world's catwalks of fashion houses and the shops.

Classic actually has not changed since its inception. Colours, colors and styles for a long time and predetermined resist. However, allowed to use some of the drawings, it can be: a strip of mostly monochrome colors - black and white, traditional Scottish cell (again, remember the prim English Puritan classic), sometimes you can find the Christmas tree.

Note that the background image, if it is, of course, there is, in the classic style of clothing is not allocated to the general color, it should be the most muted colors and small size. Color is encouraged monotonous, it can be deep green or blue shades, earthy browns, and if the clothes are present bright colors, then most likely, with a predominance of gray or beige pastel shade.

It would seem that can carry more conservative than all of the above, but there is piece wardrobe that beats in this respect, the weight records - shoes. Despite countless attempts to bring designers in a variety of classic and refresh it (eg, including studs and shoes), "pumps" were invincible. For these models there is a model created by none other than Coco outstanding, the creator of multi-colored shoes-boats, whose toe contrasted with the general background of shoes, such models often have a delicate lace.

 fashionable classical style clothing

Modeling wardrobe in the classical tradition


Choosing a style of dress, a woman, first of all, must be clearly aware of the purposes for which it will serve as a dress, and what emotion will pass. Do not forget about the careful selection of dress for your body type. After all, the classic dress specific in its simplicity and is not always appropriate. Taking into account all these parameters and features, it can be concluded that the selection of the Puritan dress quite time-consuming process. Modesty - is raisins, is the main slogan of this outfit.

  • The color scheme is very subdued tones, but no funeral, no bright colors, not to mention the bold prints and playing with color;
  • Lack of draperies and combinations of different fabric textures, the inadmissibility of the use of sequins, beads and other effects;
  • The exclusive use of high quality material, no synthetics, only natural, traditional fabric combined with high technique of sewing and cutting brevity;
  • Dress Style involves strict lines, the minimum allowed offset from the silhouette of the body.

The length is regulated by time of day. In the morning - a predominance of midi length, time of day for lunch is better to choose a dress pastel medium length, you can make a little accent on the waist with the help of a thin belt. Dress for the working environment or business involves the need to use socks and most concise form. The best example of how to combine and create a Puritan wardrobe can become an English magazine, which represented a style of clothing for women in the classical style. Here you can see clearly that simplicity - it is also elegant.

Evening dresses are perfectly cut, presentable and apparent solidity attire. Oddly enough, but this is permissible and deep neckline and a sexy cut-out, baring the back, is not contraindicated also cut charmingly reveals graceful leg. Here it is in all its glory - a classic style. Women's clothing such sample will handicap tatty T-shirt and jeans.


When it comes to creating the classic image using the costume involuntarily imagination float tweed models made in the best British tradition. It is necessary to specify some of the features of the classic costume selection:

  • Firstly, jacket and skirt should be simple cut to be made in a single design solution. Skirt length or knee-length or ankle-length, with a small incision on the side or rear. Jacket should be up to the upper or middle third of the thighs. Color buttons must match the tone of the suit material;
  • Secondly, blouse should be a few tones lighter than the suit. If this condition is not satisfied, it is necessary to restrict blouse identical in tone with the costume, but excellent in texture. Acceptable complete image of an elegant silk scarf;
  • Thirdly, it is permissible to replace the classic skirt trousers. If you stay on such a variant, the most successful combination is dark bottom and light top. Depending on the shape, choose a style pants: Current will look pants-pipe;
  • Fourth, the combination would be a blasphemous classic jacket and strict blouse with everyday jeans. This combination is not allowed due to excessive flexibility of jeans: they simply do not fit into the refinement of classic cut and presentable.

Ladies, look elegant and refined and can be in simple clothes, the classic image - a clear confirmation. Allow yourself the luxury of times - to spend a "simple", and in the simplicity of finding peace charm. Legendary trendsetter Coco Chanel once said: "To be innovative all the time is impossible. I want to create classics! ".

 The classic style of clothing - a lot of nothing chic

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