skinny jeans for women

Fashion can not be predicted, it is changeable and capricious, but her goal - profitable and strongly emphasize all the charm, dignity figures show the beauty of the female silhouette. The symbol of sexuality unanimously recognized those items of ladies' toilets, which produced the effect of tight-fitting, strictly avoiding every curve of the body. Jeans women narrow - versatile outfit that most favorably emphasizes smooth lines of women's thighs and the overall beauty of the figure. To date, no one of the fair sex, which did not have to this affordable and extremely popular product.

Paradoxically, once the male version of work pants in the hands of skilled craftsmen has reached the peak of its transformation and is now modern ladies, speaking of jeans, rank them almost to the "eighth wonder of the world." Very skinny jeans - very versatile outfit, this is the key to its widespread popularity. They are ideal for all ages, a wide range of choices allows you to put them on for almost every life event, they have become an international symbol of women's fashion and millions of ladies admire the comfort and convenience that do not run counter to the brightness of donated jeans.

Skinny jeans for women in 2011 - a trend that conquers the world's catwalks have more than one season, this dress can be easily adapted to the changeable moods of fashion. Jeans are always in the spotlight fashion designers, which means that the collection of brands is constantly replenished with original novelties. This season, experts are betting on extravagance, minimalism is present only in some labels. Jeans are narrow summer can delight the combination of textile, abundant drapery or the most unexpected finish as intricate embroidery, bright prints or breaks a very intriguing places. These are the trends that are held by renowned fashion designer in the majority, but there are exceptions.

If we talk about the latest world shows that gave the world a concise, modern styles of trousers, the abundance of very tight jeans in the style of "minimal" occurred on tracks Cavalli. Dresses from his collection kept the conservatism and classical notes, contained the least flashy details and decorative finishes.

To the attention of the general satisfaction and business woman living an intense business life was provided summer collection of DSquared2. They tried as much as possible to move away from the image of a teenage casual, which traditionally include jeans stretch tight and tried to adapt them to the business, office style. Basically it is a model of dark tones, a strict cut, this is a fundamentally new clothes that stand out in a number of other denim products.

Thus, it is clear that any woman can absolutely satisfy their demanding tastes as narrow range of jeans summer is constantly expanding, is replenished as the classic version for serious ladies, and models that are simply designed to shock. But in fact, and in another case, fashionable styles of jeans are always a winner presented with the silhouette of a female body.

Skinny jeans 2011 - the options for all occasions

 tight jeans for women

We made a reservation about the latest casual fashion shows to demonstrate the richness of the variations of shapes and cut tight jeans 2011 female, but in order to be considered valid product trend, it is necessary to take into account the many nuances of the style of making and execution of the design. Let's try to identify the main popular tricks, presented the fair sex from the most famous labels.

  • Jeans women narrow 2011 - this model-Varenkov. Undoubtedly, this style can be correlated only with the youth style casual, it's perfect for clubbing or everyday wear. Young and active girls, seeking to attract views, this styling is considered optimal. If you touch the color scheme, which is located at the peak of popularity, it is denim traditional blue shades, which is perfect in hot summer conditions, as well as models of rich black tones, do not lose their positions and grays, but from the trend of new products - brick or extravagant red shades.
  • Recent screenings were full narrow women's jeans, made in a very non-traditional way, they just shock and caused a huge stir in the fashion world: articles with prints. All denim was decorated with Cubist abstraction and, needless to say, that every third model included animalism, repeating patterns of animal skins, traditionally attended floral theme. Such are original, unique models of fashionable tight jeans appeared on the show in 2011 at the Dolce & Gabbana, by the way, in their denim outfits was included even a Scandinavian ethnic ornament.
  • Pants in the style of grunge returning to its former glory. Skinny ripped jeans with scuffed uneven differ excessive negligence, the style - the ultimate manifestation of style casual, this denim is very popular in certain circles, and youth subcultures. Due to the extraordinary high costs limit their toe even in ordinary, everyday life, they are very relevant to the theme nights where brutality tight ripped jeans will be justified.
  • Stretch jeans narrow, perfectly fitting women's thigh - a classic contemporary denim fashion. For his style of trousers they called skins because they are so tight fitting silhouette and curves shapes that literally create the effect of a "second skin." This model has been well represented in the collection by Neil Barrett, in addition to the traditional, typical cut it was used highlight - overestimated waist. However, trends do not stop there, as there was hype around the product and from Helmut Lang, his show was full of jeans, Sliema. Therefore, young and bright girl, living an active life rhythm, sure to find a suitable option. Of course, such an event did not go unnoticed by women's magazines that published these skinny jeans for women, photo models clearly demonstrate the main trends of the season.

You should not be naive to believe that this all innovations coming to an end. In the arsenal of the latest trends in the trend for many more unexpected decisions, not to mention one particularly outstanding. The real must-have this season is tight women's jeans model 2011 using a metal texture.

What is this eccentric outfit? This brilliant, bright product that combines different types of textures - this combination has resulted in a unique idea. Trendy skinny jeans 2011 this flashy performance were presented at the track at Blumarine, but from the spectacular, sparkling Sliema not far removed from narrow metallic pants Isabel Marant. Of course, such a hit does not go unnoticed, and women's survey included data on its pages skinny jeans, a photo of these models made a splash in the fashion world. Obviously, denim pants - is the authentic garb, clothing of the modern industrial world, which is everything else emphasizes female sexuality and beauty, regardless of stylistic performance.

What to wear with skinny jeans? Create a fashionable image

 what to wear with skinny jeans

It would seem that may be the customary and traditional long been a favorite tight jeans, because now virtually every representative of the fairer sex has in its arsenal denim outfit, so the question of what to wear with skinny jeans somehow does not arise. And in vain, dear lady, because you can lose a wealth of images that we reward these popular pants. In order to determine what to wear tight jeans, it is important to find out what purpose they will be put on for any event, because the pants - very versatile outfit, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which they would have been inappropriate.

Everyday, everyday wear jeans option is traditional for such purpose is very appropriate to mix with ordinary baseball cap or youth top, welcome minimalism, unpretentious and simple, because everyday life suggests comfort and convenience. Also, you can successfully combine jeans with shirts or tunics made in the ethnic style. This free image is very important for the summer time, but if you have to give preference to narrow jeans light combined with long shirts, the girl achieves a typical casual image. The narrow white jeans, what to wear this to be practical? Recommended elongated tops of dark tones that would partially closed area of ​​the buttocks and prevented pants quickly become contaminated.

Now touch shoes that most impressive and attractive harmony be with jeans, but satisfies the conditions set everyday. The best is a combination of ballet flats or comfortable shoes on a small heel, is also very popular combination of young and active girls - shoes and other sports shoes, shock and dilute somewhat dull image, you can use the summer jeans and ugg boots, which are also the trend of the season. With this combination of shoes and jeans narrow old girl will always maintain a high activity, and feel the comfort and convenience. If the lady of personal preference focuses on a more refined way, while experts recommend to choose shoes with high heels, but no frills.

What are worn with skinny jeans, if necessary, they say, to see the light? This should focus on accessories that would complement the image of the specified jeans. It can be all kinds of belts, both classic and very popular narrow. Laconic cut pants can be diluted with bright or showy bracelet clutch if skinny jeans are made, on the contrary, in the style of screaming, then you can achieve with the help of a relaxing contrast silhouette clothing. Are highly relevant to the combination of denim vests for winter time - a fur in the summer you can play on the contrast, wearing, for example, light jeans with a long T-shirt and a dark waistcoat easy. Evening style involves high heels or platform to date.

If lifestyle women implies greater business activity, you can choose the conservative variants of trousers and reinforce the image of a business woman using the classic office blouse and jacket, it is only one option of what wear tight jeans business woman. When choosing shoes, is also guided by the classical models, such as pumps. A very popular model of narrow white jeans, what to wear pants this option, for example, in the office? Designers recommend to choose a contrasting jacket, for example, black or bright colors, then the business style is born.

High practicality jeans narrowed pants gives them popularity and we can safely say that this success, they will not lose ever. Because the woman who wears even the simplest styles, can make an enormous diversity of its image, but it needs to skillfully combine the various parts of the female toilet. Seductive and brightness, restraint and elegance, simplicity and freedom - and it's all about jeans.

Very skinny jeans - selection rules

 what to wear with skinny jeans

To a woman feels irresistible, and always looked impressive and tempting, only emphasized the outstanding charm of its own figures, but without sacrificing comfort, you must know the rules of the choice narrowed models denim pants. But first is to decide how the objectives will serve as a product, and already building on this to build their choice. The following are the most common, universal recommendations, which simplify the selection of very tight pants.

  • It is important to know that the style of this dress can visually plump woman, anyway, hip area will definitely appear wider. A similar effect is undesirable for the girls, as they say in the body, experts recommend they pay attention to other models of jeans, for example, straight cut, the alternative may also be deeper dark tones and colors of pants. Also, you should avoid models which are richly decorated in the hips or pockets, so the focus will only focus on the entirety.
  • If you are new to skinny jeans, while the girl is recommended to choose a uniform textiles, with no obvious gaps and scuffs, let it be concise, calm jeans.
  • When buying always pay attention to the bottom of a cut leg, because they often come across as the narrower models, and straight cut. First - ideal for slender, thin legs, as this style of jeans visually expands the area of ​​the hips, making the "boyish" figure more feminine.
  • If nature does not have awarded outstanding form, then the model is to give preference to low-waist bright colors, with large pockets on the area of ​​the buttocks or the decor in this area. Women's magazines are placed on the pages of reviews and articles about women's skinny jeans, photo with these models are very slim pants and girls to achieve seductive shape of their bodies, photographers use this little trick, which was mentioned above.
  • For the summer season, the best option will be bright skinny jeans with a pretty thin density textiles. After all, the summer heat involves and the deep, dark colors or coarse, dense material - not the best solution in hot weather. Now you can easily identify the leading manufacturers that produce light pants, because women's magazines often include on their pages information about the tight jeans, photo enable better acquainted with the assortment of summer, which is the trend of the hot season.

Of course, when choosing a dress in the first place is to focus on high quality and convenience, an example of a product, you need to feel comfortable as it is, as far as relevant parameters and dimensions. Much attention is paid to the seams, because the tight denim often cause irritation of sensitive areas of the female body, it is important that the seams do not bring obvious discomfort.

Of course, you can focus on style and originality of design execution, but to combine the beauty and comfort of our time was very simple, all is explained by a wide range, which offers a market. Jeans - a symbol of women's freedom and comfort that will accentuate the beauty of the silhouette and smooth lines, as well as to demonstrate the beauty of female curves.

 Skinny jeans - must have the summer season

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