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  • How to combine clothes in sports style?

In today's world of sports clothing style it is considered one of the most popular. He is also the oldest. There was the style for a long time, when mankind is only beginning to show interest in the sport. He gradually improved, it was made more and more changes. And today we can say with confidence that thanks to the different varieties of sport, in the women's locker room there are many relevant, useful and interesting things.

For example, riding gave the world an entirely different form of jacket, football - T-shirts, American baseball - baseball, a game of tennis inspired the designers to create a short "T-shirts" and short pleated skirts. Cycling, in turn, led to the creation of tight lycra shorts and Norwegian sweaters and caps are due to the advent of Skiing & Skating.

Sports style long ago gone beyond the gyms. And he preferred not only professional athletes, but women of various professions. And it happened thanks to a successful combination of comfort, beauty and functionality, sportiness. Although many favorite T-shirt, breeches, shoes designed for active recreation, travel, tourism, sports and country walks, today they are increasingly opting for daily life.

Fashion trends of modern

Leading brands, creating their collections for the new season, focus on the style, colors and materials. Each style of clothing for his own good, either of them is able to attract attention and create a certain impression about yourself. In addition, he can pretty much tell others about its owner. Today, every modern woman (depending on your taste and lifestyle) selects the most appropriate style for themselves in order to feel confident and comfortable.

Many people sportswear associated exclusively with the jacket zipper, shoulder straps, Velcro cuffs and pants with big pockets, but certainly round out the image of sneakers and a knitted cap. In fact, the sporty style of clothes for girls is much more diverse than it may seem at first glance. After all, it includes a lot of species - a jeans, a safari, sailors, military and more. Any of them can be passionate and fascinating, and can be elegant and sexy at the same time.

Let's look at the things that may be present in women's sports style:

  • Tracksuit any breed;
  • Dresses, tunics and skirts with elements of sports style;
  • Various tops, shirts and t-shirts;
  • Shirts, sweatshirts and turtlenecks;
  • Bib overalls and;
  • Jackets & Coats with hoods and without them;
  • Jackets;
  • Shorts, breeches, Bermuda shorts, jeans, pants, bananas, divided skirts, loose trousers;
  • Sweaters, pullovers and sweaters;
  • Dress-coat.

Dominance on the podium in this style of clothes once again proves that it can be not only convenient and practical, but also very stylish. Therefore, it can also be used for sports and everyday wardrobe.

 sporty style of clothing for girls

Features sporty

For the sports-style inherent in the free form, facilitating active movements. The characteristics of clothes made in this style:

  • geometric lines cut;
  • combination of different forms and materials;
  • the presence of many folds,
  • pockets, zippered or large valves;
  • direct adjacent, semilying or tapered silhouette.


For tailoring modern sportswear preference for flexible and lightweight fabrics that have good strength and keep their shape. The choice of materials, as they say, for every taste and color:

  • Suede, tartan, tweed;
  • Tighting plaschevka or usual raincoat fabrics;
  • Soft fleece;
  • Fabrics with Lycra or effect of cosmic brilliance;
  • Rubberized waterproof fabrics.


For jewelry designers use:

  • A wide variety of finishes and inserts of leather, fur and knitted fabrics;
  • Finishing lines (color, contrast, fine, or double zigzag);
  • Velcro straps, slots, lightning, decorative laces, various buttons and other metal accessories.

 beautiful sport style clothes

How to combine clothes in sports style?


For fans of sports destinations designers have created many models for each day - it's shoes, running shoes, boots and high boots with lacing on the thicker soles. You can choose classic black and white sneakers, and avant-garde models. Girls tend to prefer models in bright colors, decorated with sequins, beads or lace.

This shoe is perfect for visiting youth parties and nightclubs. If the classic good shoes with jeans, capris and shorts, the elegant model - with short skirts, dresses and sundresses, especially if the color of the shoe or trim is repeated in your kit.

Caps and wristbands

For many consecutive season wristbands and caps with large peaks are at the peak of popularity. You can wear them with almost any ensemble in sporty style. A good option would be a combination of headwear with jeans, T-shirt or tank top.

T-shirts and sports shirts

Sports T-shirts and shirts - this is probably the most comfortable thing in the everyday woman's wardrobe. You can wear them with anything: both with jeans and shorts and with summer pants, skirts, denim overalls and sundresses. Well, if you print on a T-shirt either supplement or repeat print on clothing or shoes.

Velour suits

Comfortable velor suits - one universal thing sports direction. In such suits made to attend gyms or fitness clubs, they are well suited for walks in the city and attacks on nature. For many women, comfortable and contemporary suits are made of a soft and gentle velor, become a good option as clothing for the home. The owner of this suit will catch no surprise guests unexpectedly appeared.


Sports style has not spared this part of the female wardrobe, like bathing suits. For several seasons at the height of fashion sports swimwear or tankini. This swimsuit is composed of two parts: the pants and a top, made in the form of short sport shirts. This model bathing suit may be a good option for girls and women who have not quite perfect figure.


Do not forget about the various add-ons to your ensemble. Accessories are always relevant. They will not only emphasize your individuality, but also be a good finishing touch in creating the image. In addition to rucksacks and sports bags in the world of fashion has appeared a lot of accessories that are sure to make your life more beautiful and brighter image.

Watches, sunglasses, belts, bright beads and even earrings - all these serve as a wonderful decoration of your ensemble and attract the attention of others.

 Sports style of clothes - fashionable and comfortable

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 how to choose a mink coat


  • How to choose a mink coat: Specific expert advice
  • Evaluation of fur - the main criterion for the quality of fur
  • What you a fur coat?
  • Buy now just a fur coat!

Mink coat was always considered a benchmark of chic and served as an indicator of the high status of its owner. Since then there have been many dramatic changes, as manufacturers try to do everything possible to mink coats differed most democratic price. To fur coat is always pleasing to the eye of others and could boast a long lifespan, it is necessary to know the secrets of how to pick a mink coat competently. Responsible approach to buying will serve as a reliable guarantor of the woman for many seasons will cause delight and engage the admiring glances.

It is worth a little look at the history of this wonderful outfit. The first peak of popularity in the mink products fell by about 60 years of the last century, it was then began to experiment with all kinds of shapes and designs: jackets trimmed with mink fur, skirts, coats; but the queen rightly recognized mink coat. In the 80s there was a coup with the filing of the famous designer Michael Cora, thanks to him, modern women can see in the shop windows wide range of mink products: sheared furs, dyed furs, decorating ornaments. All this has made a variety of lovely mink coat is available for most of the population.

However, with the development of technology quickened fraud and counterfeiting of valuable fur, so the task of each potential buyer armed with the right information, which would help avoid a poor quality product or simply falsification and acquire a truly stunning presentable outfit.

How to choose a mink coat: Specific expert advice

Genuine mink coat has a high durability, not afraid of water and has a high heat-shielding properties because of its natural features, but unscrupulous manufacturers often cause rapid deterioration of the product. The secret of how to choose a mink coat, is in the care and diligence. Be guided by the rule that the choice is always there, the main thing - to give preference to the best, do not rush into the pool with his head for the first available product.

  • Statistically it is proven that the domestic manufacturer is not so responsible approach to the issue of quality of manufacturing products, in contrast to, for example, European. Therefore, the ideal option would be the purchase of foreign products quality standards; However, it should be understood that the price of this coat will be much higher.
  • If due to any reasons, the woman decided to take the domestic version, then buy a mink coat must be exclusively in boutiques, bypassing the markets or mega-malls, as counterfeiting in this case avoided will be doubly difficult. In the domestic market there was a negative trend, the price depends in most cases on the quality of a mink coat, and the store where you purchase it. Even though the lack of opportunities to buy designer products, guided by a cash maximum that you're willing to pay for the hole: Women usually do not regret this waste, because the quality of life and cover the costs.
  • When you choose a good mink coat, always inspect the model, carefully study it, even if the high price of screams as - this is not always the case. After all, market stalls offer us the labels are not the lowest price, but, as often happens in such cases, instead of the mink you buy a dress from Groundhog.
  • Fur is considered high-quality in the case if it is soft, has the effect of silkiness, smoothness is different. Pay attention to the thickness of undercoat, in fact it protects you from the cold.
  • Be guided in choosing the color of the fur product: black or too dark furs says that old fur. High-quality membrane is simply obliged to be soft and light, with a sheen.

Women tend to be guided in their choice of the parameters of the "price-quality", giving preference to the price criterion, since counterfeit products now looks very solid. However, all the flaws of such a mink coat immediately manifest themselves as early as the first season of socks, in contrast to the fur, which faithfully serve its owner for at least five seasons.

But if the customer has severely curtailed in finance and mink dress so desires, it can not refuse him, then why not opt ​​for a coat of mink Filiki: usually referred to as fur removed from the blades of valuable animal. This outfit will be somewhat less durable, but its price is significantly lower, and thus more accessible.

 how to choose a mink coat

Evaluation of fur - the main criterion for the quality of fur

To mink product pleasing to the eye and could boast of high-life, you need to pay special attention to the canvas fur-style attire. The first step should be to women customers tingling hair - if you feel the pinch after the fluff or hairs, it speaks volumes about the low standard of manufacturing technology, failure to comply with rules on the coat. Also, such a phenomenon can be observed if the animal had been killed at the time of moulting. Immediately discard the purchase of such mink dress: after a short time, it will resemble a Christmas tree at the end of January.

If a woman opted for colored coat and does not know how to choose high-quality mink coat in such cases, our recommendations will fall by the way. To check the quality of the fur attire need to be armed with a handkerchief, preferably white, and then compress or hold a handkerchief over fur. To perform these actions should be intensively and then see how stained handkerchief, and whether it happened at all. If even a little handkerchief changes color, coat obviously poor quality and it is better to abandon the purchase.

The most common defects are:

  1. The presence of burnout and color fading, uneven color fur cover obvious abrasions indicate age of the animal.
  2. Matted fur evidence of non-compliance with production technologies and storage of fur, hair should be different shine and elasticity, softness and pliability. If you hold your hand on the cover, is a natural and high-quality hair immediately acquire the original form.
  3. Rusty spots on the fur cover - one of the most common defects are formed on the metal content of animal cells, such stains are not displayed, even with the help of professional dry cleaners
  4. You can often find uneven surface fur cover, with the effect of careless haircut. This mink coat is better to leave the store because before you traces of destruction of animal fur teeth
  5. Quality mink fur product, and can be determined by weight: natural mink coats usually weigh a bit more than it might seem. But do not rely too much on such feelings.
  6. If you say that the coat is made of whole skins, but offer a low price of the product, it is probably indicative of forgery, as animal skins are very valuable, so the price of such clothes should be high.

A mandatory condition for an effective, how to choose a mink coat, a thorough inspection of the goods inside. For this purpose all means remove the product inside, to make it possible at the back, where the lining extends from the skins. Inspect the lining of the joints and the quality of it, because it is often very quickly wear out, make sure the seams are not visible, and most importantly, they do not differ.

The market stalls offer us an abundance of glued mink coats - go around such a party attire, they have a low life and a rapid deterioration in the bonding areas.

Of course, it is naive to assume that luxury furs such as mink, can avoid counterfeiting. Expensive furs mink often substitute or rabbit fur from Groundhog. How to choose a good mink coat and not get to a cheap imitation in this case? Remember that lapin softer and shorter, while the mink relatively stiff texture.

 how to choose the right mink coat

What you a fur coat?

In order to answer the question of how to choose high-quality mink fur coat, you need to define the goals and objectives that will stand in front of the product. Agree, decorative coats that emphasize the expressive and stylish design, will stand bad service in conditions of extreme cold. Be clear before proceeding to the choice for what purpose you need the product and where you will be wearing it.

Siberian cold. Mink coat in this case should have functional properties. The main function is protection from the winds, severe frosts, snow precipitation, respectively, such a mink coat should be as long, with mandatory protective hood and fur collar. The undercoat is to choose a very thick and dense. Of course, this product is heavy and massive, but perfectly protect from frost.

Schick, the brilliance and beauty. As you might guess, these goals are focused not on the functional and heat-shielding properties of a mink coat, which are given as a sacrifice of extravagance and brightness. In order to match the outfit status of "luxury" preferred short mink coat. Typically, the sleeve in such products may have a length of ¾. Usually, buying such cuts coats, women to protect your hands from the cold wearing gloves high, resulting in a mink coat instantly transformed, and the woman acquires the features of "the lady vamp." If you set out to look light and elegant, with a maximum sophistication, choose a coat with moderate undercoat.

It is worth mentioning that a mink coat can be selected in accordance with the constitution of the body and stature. If you do not know how to choose a mink coat for women of middle or low growth, it is necessary to refer to the sales assistant. It is recommended to refuse the selection of dresses to the floor, as it will further increase conceal the woman, and the product is visually seem massive.

Tall women should avoid very free styles of fur coats as this will accentuate slim build and outfit will form an abundance of unwanted wrinkles, thereby lose its representative character.

Buy now just a fur coat!

When a woman faces in front of a wide range of mink coats, no wonder confused, so good information as possible will facilitate the acquisition of quality goods. The main thing - remember that the choice of fur coats from expensive fur is subordinate to several criteria: not only the price index and attractive appearance, but also carefully choose the location where it will be bought it to find out the purpose for which will be bought thing. On examination, remember that it is necessary not only external but also internal quality control.

In order to correctly pick a mink coat, wait each pleasing outfit at least three minutes before the mirror. This will give the opportunity to penetrate the product, to feel a degree of comfort, appropriate dimensions to better understand the quality. After the outfit was chosen to postpone the purchase until the next morning and only then go to the store, and always with someone, whose opinion you trust: a close friend, mother or husband, as an extreme option. It is better to hear the criticism in the shop once, than to suffer it for several seasons on the streets.

Armed with this unpretentious recommendations and resorting to them when purchasing, every woman will be able to choose a worthy thing that will not only meet all the requirements, will last more than one season, but will raise the lady to the position of the queen, will provide an opportunity to shine and to believe in his own irresistibility. Choose quality mink coat - easy!

 How to choose the right mink coat

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