how to clean sheepskin coat at home

He graduated from the winter season, and all together send top fur products in wardrobes. The most popular in the winter cold are coats, so if you want to do a good product and duration, it is necessary to provide proper care before sending to storage in the closet. Many are faced with a problem that is as clean sheepskin coat at home effectively, simply and without harm to leather goods. Should I trust this business to professionals, or we can restrict their own? How quality can be home-cleaning coats? These are just some of the issues that concern people facing the cleaning of outer clothing, especially sheepskin.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the expensive services of a specialist at the dry cleaners, or it is simply not enough time or funds. It should be borne in mind that not all cleaning provides services for the purification of the leather, so to find a high-class specialist will have to spend a lot of time, among other things, many coats do not allow cleaning. All these minuses in the final analysis lead to the fact that the owners have resorted orders to act independently of cleaning the house coats.

Basic care for sheepskin

 cleaning coats at home
 Sheepskin - a product made of curried sheepskin that requires careful maintenance at the time of operation and storage at the end of the winter season. Shoe coats at home involves not only the specific effect on the dress, but also the most basic procedures, for example, if you are exposed to rain and the skin is damp, you should not endeavor to dry a product using heating devices, such as in the case of a mink coat. Simply hang the dress on a hanger and wait for a natural drying.

Keep the product exclusively on the shoulders do not have to make any bundles and tightly packed in a sheepskin coat skein. The ideal option would be to put the dress in a plastic bag or cotton sheet, do not forget to leave the product near the cloth soaked in lavender oil.

Shoe sheepskin in the home does not involve washing and cleaning products, as after this outfit will lose the elasticity of the skin, become rigid or worse, brittle, will not be able to avoid shrinkage of the skin. By the most elementary means of cleansing products include cleaning soap suds, of course, avoiding the heavy wet skin. In the event that coats the outside faded and lost its luster, it is necessary to smear it with glycerol, but this is not permitted with suede product.

Formed during the operation of small spots you can try to remove with a conventional eraser or, even, paradoxically, the white crust of dry bread. Many owners suede products are scratching their heads, how to clean suede sheepskin coat at home. Elementary care involves the use of such outfits hard rubber brush, which will prevent shiny formations. Now it is very relevant coats coated "oil", or lacquer thinner to clean these clothes is enough to arm a damp cloth and rub vigorously outer surface.

Any material used for the manufacture of this type of winter clothing, and can even be treated periodically with steam (using special steamers or iron with the corresponding function), it will destroy the pests and prevent their occurrence, as well as make it easier to eliminate stains from using the eraser. Cleaning house coats by using a special brush made of natural cloth, and comb out the inside of the product better with a brush to fluff, it can be bought in the nearest pet store without any problems.

How to clean leather sheepskin coat at home? Expert Tips

Before cleaning the coats at home, you need to install the material from which it is made. Recommendations for the care of the product will be given different, for example, if the sheepskin leather, its cleaning will be different in comparison with suede dress. Below you will find practical advice on how to clean a leather sheepskin coat at home effectively and without harm. The most important rule to remember before cleaning: try out the cleanser on an inconspicuous area of ​​the product if the result was successful, then apply to the entire surface.

  • Discard the salt. In no case do not sprinkle the outer surface of leather coats with salt, this procedure irrevocably spoil the product. Fresh stains recommend to remove with abrasive tools, such as semolina, starch - they perfectly absorb dirt, moisture and fat from the spots, and most importantly, they do not lighten the skin by mechanical action.
  • Low-fat stains from the exterior surface can be removed by a piece of rubber, soaked in kerosene, but better to wait until the mud stain cleave bit, but not to wait for his aging.
  • In order to effectively remove stains need to arm stuffy gauze soaked in gasoline or kerosene, but this method has limitations in application, for example, such as cleaning or light coats suede surface. Before we accept such a method, it is necessary to try to rub a small area of ​​the product and ensure its safety and efficacy
  • Very often in the course of operation suffer collar and pockets, cuffs of sleeves, in these places there are portions of greasy, fat formation. You can remove them with a stiff brush and tooth powder, mixed with ammonia
  • During cleaning sheepskin at home often occurs wetting the leather cover. That should not be allowed, but if it happened, it is necessary to spread out on a flat horizontal surface and dry, and then stretch your arms vigorously. Also make sure that the dress should not "stake", otherwise it threatens to damage of the product.

These unpretentious facilities are ideal if your product is made of genuine leather and has a contra-indications on the label for professional dry cleaning. However, this is not all the possibilities of how to clean a sheepskin coat, quickly removing contamination.

Clean suede product simply, quickly, efficiently

 sheepskin cleaning at home
 Suede dress - a very delicate product, since the material from which they are made, different low resistance to pollution and compared with a leather sheepskin coat has a smaller lifespan, so the responsibility of the owner enters intensive care for such attire.

It is recommended to use a special cleaning agent or liquid preparations, for example, "Dezamsh". Such means refresh suede material, promote renewal of cover.

How to clean sheepskin coat at home, made of suede fabric? Many disarms the issue, but the main task is to prevent clogging of suede that is, you just need to ensure that it does not zalosnilas. Of course, prevention is not welcomed by our compatriots, so you have to clean the already polluted outfit.

To nap suede always feast for the eyes, and do not wear out, was constantly in a state of fluff, it is treated with a rubber, stiff hair or brass brush. You can hire the services of a fine-grained sandpaper.

Shoe coats at home suede dress small contamination comprises treating the surface of table salt, but it is not necessary to handle extremely intensive areas, otherwise it threatens to damage of suede cover, high abrasive products will lead to baldness.

Burlap or any other rough fabric able to remove stubborn fat on the outer surface stains. Previously it was soaked in gasoline.

You need to know the specifics of how to clean the light sheepskin suede at home. The main problem of this type of attire is to preserve and maintain the whiteness. To achieve the bleaching effect of hydrogen peroxide can be applied, with dilute ammonia and water, at a ratio of 1 cup of warm water, 1 teaspoon of liquid ammonia and exactly the same amount of hydrogen peroxide. Bright suede sheepskin coat must first be cleaned from dust with a stiff brush.

Here are some recommendations for cleaning heavily soiled suede articles that tell you how you can clean coats without harm to this delicate dress.

  • Heavily contaminated product can be treated with a sponge soaked in a solution: ammonia mixed with water in a ratio of 4: 1, or prepare a solution of an ordinary soap powder with the addition of ammonia. It is important to remember that the treated surface coats builds immediately rinse with cold water, wipe with a dry cloth and dry thoroughly in the air, always in a dark place, so that the product has not burnt out.
  • Old suede outerwear can be easily converted with the help of milk and baking soda. This method of care for the dress not wipe suede cover, will not change its color. To do this, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of warm milk, just wipe the dust from the product previously. Then arm yourself with a cotton swab dipped in milk and wipe the surface rapidly, periodically replacing a dirty swab on the net. At the end of the procedure, wash the sheepskin coat with clean water and vinegar (to 1 liter of water pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar), wipe with a dry cloth and dry. This is a very effective option of how to clean suede coats at home
  • Caring for suede sheepskin coat, and often involves the painting rubbed attire, so you have to buy a special dye for wool, preparing a solution of vinegar. Slightly warm solution (the temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees) to gently rubbed into the surface of the suede coats at least two times, observing the interval of 20 minutes. Then rub the wet-paint outfit 1-2% acetic solution, washed in running water.

It may be noted that the options for how to clean sheepskin coat at home, are very different depending on the type of material from which they are made, so the principle of cleaning suede sheepskin radically different principle cleaning leather attire.

Dry cleaning against home care

The question of where to clean sheepskin coat, faced almost every, if the preferred option is a home clean, then there is another question, no less important: how to clean leather coats? Try to understand what are the advantages of a professional cleaning, but what is essentially lose owner attire, resorting to this method. A similar analysis of subject the sheepskin and home cleaning.

If you are tempted to clean things dear to the professionals, namely in dry cleaning, then it is necessary to remember the following. It is necessary to examine in detail the label, labeling, labels, which must be present at the fur coat, there will be specified limitations on how to clean a leather sheepskin, it even allowed the product to a professional cleaning or intervention is absolutely contraindicated.

If you can take the sheepskin coat to the dry cleaners, be aware that not every institution takes this outfit as his shoe - a very complex activity, that is, you have to spend a lot of time searching for the right of the cabin.

Another drawback is the price, as professional services with specialized resources to be paid properly, and it is very expensive service.

The advantages include a good, guaranteed results without the headache and hassle for the owner, just tell professionals what effect you want to achieve, select employees on the dry spots, dirt, extra attention on their part to improve the quality of the restoration. Perhaps this is the main points relating to dry-cleaning.

Care sheepskin coats at home has several advantages. Most often it is the cheapness of all the procedures and high availability, it is often pushes owners to act independently, but they do not realize in the beginning of the way on how to clean sheepskin coat at home can be difficult. It is a high risk of damage to the product at home caring for clothes and a weak efficiency in comparison with a professional cleaning are major disadvantages. And, of course, if you do not mind an extra activity, which is essential for the process of restoration of the dress, then you can break to home cleaning.

Sheepskin - a very practical and universal thing, irreplaceable in a cold season. But over time, from improper storage and long life sheepskin loses its attractive appearance, overgrown spots, loses luster and heat-shielding properties, in short, requires immediate restoration. If you want to attract glances, to feel the comfort and appeal of its own, then do not forget to reward sheepskin portion of purity and it is certainly "will thank you."

 Shoe coats at home - available simply and effectively!

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