ripped jeans for women

Modern fashion implies bright, bold images and original stylistic solutions, so the more orders so far away from puritan conservatism that replaced extraordinary. Torn Jeans for women - it is absolute confirmation of the rule. Gradually, they lost no time to win back its former popularity and recognition, which was used in the 90s, and become one of the hottest fads, especially in the circles of young people.

Paradoxically, but in spite of the general negligence, which has a style of these jeans, they can be used to achieve a high stage of all image, its integrity and unique originality, because it is very colorful and naveivaet motives kind of "rock wave." What is the greatest feature of jeans in grunge style? The freedom and the lack of strict rules on how the choice and style, and provided them with the concept of a new life and a new popularity. Young people, including the outfit in your wardrobe, has the opportunity to express themselves through a bright conceivable scrapes and cuts, holes, as well as the overall Non-integrality of textiles.

Performances of young liberal gradually began to leave their mark on the fashion world, so fashionable ripped jeans are the symbol of an independent free spirit of today's younger generation and direct negation of the traditional style of the official and business. Jeans in grunge style - a vivid protest and challenge the generally accepted standards in the clothing, which allows to express themselves using the most eccentric pieces of decor and constant cuts. It is safe to say that the history of their creation has nearly half a century, the trend has arisen in the most advanced countries in Europe, such as France, and later received a response in the United States. These pants combine elements of unisex and served as a form of protest, later, in the 90s, formed certain stable social circles, who expressed themselves through holes and cuts.

Speaking of worn, torn clothes there is a strong association with the students and the extreme manifestation of style casual, but do not believe that such models are base and are a budget option, in contrast, frayed trousers with cuts can be found in almost any collection of famous designers, needless to say, that such outfits dedicate separate line. The Bohemians and the creative people are clearly positioning themselves with careless chic and unpredictability, which has a variety of trousers. Uniqueness, which can be achieved by their own appearance, distracting from the overall style of the traditional Casual. Therefore, there are still some rules of socks, which should not be neglected, as well as general trends in modeling clothes, which actually goes beyond it.

Trendy ripped jeans: basic design solutions

 trendy ripped jeans

Speaking of stylistic directions, which can be carried out jeans with cuts, it should be said about the wide range of choice, but each piece is in the style of grunge like shouting: attrition, simplicity and mocking carelessness, here's what we are. Based on this, you have to make choices and literally every woman or a young girl, and should make a reservation that it is for them to bet more will be able to buy such pants style. What sort of innovations will please us the world's leading fashion designers, and there is no doubt that the range has consistently updated with more new and improved models try to define.

  • The most extreme parts shaped like wardrobe is jeans with a lot of breaks Varenkov textile - is the main trend trendy ripped jeans this season and last impressions. The basic rate of such models is on an extraordinary color version, which is characterized by attrition, blur, color irregularity, combined with a lot of cuts both along the entire length of the legs, and in certain areas. Such models are very popular among subculture direction "punk" and a number of others. However, for everyday wear such a style decision will be somewhat out of place, if not to say that it simply will shock the audience, if the young girl took a chance and donned this outfit, you should limit the use of accessories or other extravagant wardrobe pieces that will form a complete image.
  • Torn jeans unisex - another option that is sure to make to attract the views of others. Here the focus is shifted to the specific cut, which is complemented by cuts and tears textiles. Such models are used jeans narrowed leg cut and not isolated area of ​​the thighs and buttocks, so that they are available to wear for both men and women. These 2011 women's jeans ripped are abundant on the track in one of the last shows of the Cavalli, as well as in Diesel.
  • It is worth mentioning newfangled phenomenon, which has become the trend of summer, the hot season - narrowed slightly shorter model, despite the fact that they look boldly into force a large number of asymmetric cuts, but retain femininity, accidentally exposing women's ankles and calves. Young girls are more and more weight using a design direction for a holiday or a hike to the beach, complementing a similar style pants shoes on a high platform.
  • The general requirement is pushing designers to cuts in the pants - asymmetry and total mismatch cuts in torn jeans female. If you rely on earlier models pants in grunge style, we can see that there is present a clear application of the algorithm breaks textiles, but to ripped jeans were relevant and fashionable, you need to choose a model with careless cuts. It may be a hole or a combination of several small incisions textiles, framed attrition, the product can also be purchased with cuts across the length of the trousers, or focus on the outfit in which the emphasis will be placed with just a few or even a single breakthrough.
  • Recent screenings make a splash with their rulers ripped jeans products, it is now a question of print combined with a break of textiles. Bright abstraction or animalistic print on the entire length of the pants can be combined with casually decorated holes. Women's fashion magazines quickly placed in their catalogs those ripped jeans for women, photo with these outfits demonstrate a greater depth of creativity creators.
  • As for the color versions, the most popular and relevant scales for the summer season are pale blue color and shades of gray. A very presentable in high demand among bohemians and creative people are deep pants, blue tones which do not involve uneven colors. But for the young women's clothing commodity market offers the option "varenok" such pants have fewer cuts, but executed with unique colors.

From the foregoing it follows that the rich assortment allows you to pick a dress that is simply intended to express the personality of its owner. If the reservation of global brands, which have recently been included in the collections of jeans styles 2011 women's torn, it is very prominent figure will be Cavalli, ShipleyandHalmos, world famous Moschino, as well as label Balmain. By the way, quite a few fashion designers that focus on classic and traditional clothing, periodically diluted their shows ragged pants in grunge style.

Simulate the image or what to wear fashionable ripped pants?

Of course, ripped jeans styles are not as versatile as the simple pants made of denim, this is due to a rather extravagant design execution, which imposes a significant imprint on the situations in which you can safely wear these pants .  The main rule for wearing pants with holes and tattered - relevance, hardly anyone comes into my head to put on such a dress, going to work or, say, a business meeting because of their special flavor .  The most common model used in the pants grunge theme, youth gatherings, informal atmosphere in the club, which encourages independence and the brightness of the image, as well as among specific subcultures, who like jeans - an attempt to clearly define your style of group .  In view of the above, it is to figure out what to wear ripped jeans, to remain in the trend and not lose feminine appeal .  There are many fashion catalogs, placing periodically reviews ripped jeans female, photos of which eloquently shows what combination of clothes so as not to lose relevance .

Pretty aggressive style pants can be supplemented with extended, concise jacket, deep black in the style of "military" under the jacket fits perfectly simple cut shirt without abundant draperies and decor. Complete all possible leather shoes, it must also combine elements of extravagance, for example, the abundance of leather straps or metal rivets. This image is perfect for the young, self-confident, a bit aggressive and bright women. Women's magazines with frequent intervals is placed on their pages trendy ripped jeans, photo models convey boldness and freedom of youth, as well as provide options for combining things.

In the selection of things is important to observe moderation, bright pants - it is a characteristic accent that will not go unnoticed, so the rest of the things only need to shade the brightness of his pants. For everyday wear suit pants with small slits, they perfectly complement flat shoes, leather sandals with lots of strap and bindings. Ideal fit into the image of a large bag of ouija board, and all of this will create a harmonious style of creative female students.

Speaking of ripped jeans, it can be concluded that choose clothes for them is a simple cut, concise, more restrained style, without using the abundant draperies and flashy finishes, without playing with the texture .  Most often, women's fashion columnists include their catalogs options trendy ripped jeans, a photo which is specially designed to simplify the selection of the wardrobe .  You can use a simple T-shirts Serenity T-shirts, pants perfectly complement in grunge style jackets, do not give up accessories such as scarves or belts Neck, tied a random hips .  If she tries to give her seductiveness forms and maximize femininity, it is necessary to give preference to high heels, to wear comfortable shoes will be perfect youth sneakers, trendy summer knitted ugg boots, and sandals in military style .  Torn jeans - very versatile and practical outfit that can create a magnificent effect expressive brilliance, ideal for youth clubs and nightlife, or the feeling of fighting and extremism with all the traditional - it all depends on what combination of jeans .

Torn Jeans for women: learning to choose

 2011 women's jeans torn

Regarding the choice of attire, here applied traditional rules used for all pants, but with some nuances and caveats. The undoubted condition is considered to be the choice of high-quality, user-friendly products, with perfect seams, suitable for the size and dimensions of the ladies. However, it is important to know that ripped denim outfits have strict age contingent, in which their socks do not cause embarrassment in others - a young girl living an active life, but not mature, held a business woman or chaste mom. Of course, an irresistible desire and they can incorporate into your wardrobe this extravagant outfit, but use it only for special, force majeure events or theme parties.

Torn jeans - it is rather a summer pattern, since textiles involves direct body contact with the medium, and in the cold winter season is just inappropriate. But it is worth to mention that designers have developed versions of trousers and a case of using the second fabric layer, wherein, for example, in color and texture from the general tone of his pants. In general, choosing these jeans should take into account the relevance and purpose, according to which a woman will wear them, as well as to correlate the price and quality, and then the product will be pleasing to the eye and bring comfort.

Thus, if the girls are betting on the originality appearance and tend to attract the eyes of a large number of others, as well as the priority of putting self-expression through the details of the wardrobe, but unwilling to give up comfort and convenience, the option of torn jeans becomes the most suitable for this purpose.

 From what to wear fashionable ripped jeans?

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