how to wash your car


  • How to behave at the car wash
  • How to wash a car by yourself

All drivers are divided into two groups. Someone literally blows away dust particles with his "iron horse" - regularly cleans, washes and polishes it. Others do not give much importance to cleanliness and sent to sink only when the notice that the clothes start getting dirty on the muddy rapids and body. Of course, most cars woman belong to the first category. Women tend to be much larger akkuratisty than men. And the car they are usually treated differently - as a living being that requires care and attention.

So you've decided that your machine time to arrange water treatment. How to wash your car? You have two options - either to wash the car at the car wash, or do it yourself. If you prefer to hire the services of professionals, it remains to solve two problems - how to choose a sink and how to behave there. Of course, ideal if you already have an eye on a car wash. Are you sure that there is good equipment, washers - cool guys, and you know everything. But what if you have not yet found "their" car wash? Do not be lazy and ask a neighbor to park. Driver solidarity - a great thing! Surely they will prompt where to wash the car, and maybe even advise to replace someone better to come - in fact it is also very important!

How to behave at the car wash

So, from where the car wash, undecided. Now we have to figure out what to do next. First decide what type of cleaning you want to use. There are two main types of car washes - contact and non. Contact - when your car will scrub brushes. This sink is cheaper. However, there is a risk that the car scratched. Contactless - expensive, but scratches are excluded. Therefore, if it is - your personal, beloved machine, it is better to "splurge" on a non-contact.

Next step. Rate the "credibility of the information." Well, the one that gave you neighbors motorists. Suddenly you constantly take their place in the parking lot, or something else not pleased, and they will "evil desire." What is needed for that? Look closely at the cleaners. If you see in front of someone 'unwashed, unkempt, "in dirty overalls and a fume smell, it is worth pondering. It is better to say that we stopped by mistake - in fact, you do not need to - and quickly leave. If the person himself can not keep order, you can imagine how it will wash someone else's car!

If the washer makes a good impression - clean, sober and polite - it can be assumed that the question of where to wash the car, settled. What's next? Examine the price list. Before you make an order, it is necessary to articulate for themselves what it is you want. Wash the car with car shampoo or without him? Wash whether the thresholds? Clean room today or confine the body and rugs? That is necessary to clearly set a task - washers do not know how to read minds. If you do not, it is sure to be something "wrong" - or you are not satisfied, or money will have to pay much more than expected.

With this decided? Good. The next step - before handing the car "from hand to hand", be sure to collect all the valuables out of the cabin. It seems no wonder almost all car washes post announcement: "The administration is not responsible for items left in the car." Although, of course, is a bit strange ... It turns out that the management is not responsible for the actions of their employees. But apparently, they know what they say ... So is it worth the risk?

Do I need to control the process? It's everyone decides for himself. On the one hand, if you carefully follow the work, there is a chance just tell what and where not done so. On the other - many washers get nervous when they "hang on the soul" and the result of such control only suffers. Probably better to draw their attention to the "difficult" areas - the bottom of the bumper, wheels, seat under the wings - and then go for a walk or have a cup of coffee. By the way, in many car washes, there are special rooms for clients.

Whether or not the work of cleaners - a moot point. But the result of this work should be sure to check! What to look for? Carefully check the car - of course, on the body should not be "unwashed" places. Check wheel, bottom doors, bumpers. Look at the salon. Make sure that the machine is thoroughly dry - otherwise then may have to deal with divorce.

If you notice that the washers shalturili - do not hesitate to say so. Let all correct. If the work is done "on the conscience" - must thank and give "tea." Then on the second or third time you have to be regarded as a regular customer. And this is very important. And to you and to your car will be treated much better and more attentive - you'll see!

 as the car wash

How to wash a car by yourself

If you have not been able to choose a suitable car wash or just do not want to trust strangers his "treasure", then you can get rid of dirt and their own. How to wash your car? Nothing complicated is not here. It would be the time and desire.

To execute conceived, you will need:

  1. large a sponge;
  2. two buckets;
  3. car shampoo;
  4. water hose;
  5. brush with soft bristles;
  6. Microfiber cloth;
  • Turn on the machine and pour water from a hose with cold water

    Give the dirt melted - wait at least 5-10 minutes. This step is absolutely necessary. If you start to scrape away stubborn dirt, you can damage the enamel of your car. Once again abundantly pour a car with water while washing away the dust and dirt softened sponge or brush. Pour into a bucket of detergent. Add water. It is desirable that it was fed under the pressure, then you get a rich foam. Dip a sponge into a bucket of shampoo and make sure that it has absorbed as much liquid.

  • Getting bath procedures!

    Start at the top. First, wash the roof, and then gradually work your way down. Carefully remove the dirt with a sponge. Avoid too zealous - so you can scratch the car. Wash until the soap is dissolved in the sponge end. Rinse the sponge in a bucket of clean water. You have two buckets, remember? Press and dial again soapy water. Repeat the whole procedure. By the way, the water should be changed at least 3-4 times. Otherwise, dirt and sand deposited on the bottom can get to the sponge and scratch the car.

  • Rate the "work of his hands"

    If you notice signs of insect or bird droppings, stains bitumen or tar, then no special avtoochistitelya not do. Apply the product to the place dirty, wait 2-3 minutes and dry with a soft cloth. Turn on the water and not wishing obleyte car. The more thoroughly you wash away the shampoo is better. Fund balances can leave spots and stains on the sides of your "beauty". Carefully wipe the car. To do this, take a large microfiber cloth, expand and put on the car. Grasp the corners and pull it toward you. In addition, special cleaning cloth, wipe the glass.

All. The car - as good as new. Nothing complicated, right? In fact, not so important to wash your car you at the car wash, or do it yourself. The main thing is that the car, like you, want to be well-groomed. After washed clean, shining and sparkling glass machines look much better and more beautiful than dirty. And your car is definitely worth it to be the finest in the world. Do you agree?

 How to wash your car - little tricks

 how to drive a car with manual transmission


  • What is the manual transmission
  • Foundations needed for driving a car with manual transmission
  • Proper braking on different road conditions

If you have to learn the nuances of driving with a mechanical or manual gearbox, one should not despair, because the difficulties associated with a number of its features are often exaggerated .  The main point, embarrassing novice drivers - is the presence of three pedals (instead of two) and a gearshift lever .  Of course, it requires coherence and coordination of movements .  But on your side is a moral advantage over those drivers who know how to drive a car with automatic option box .  It would be a definite plus, and the choice of the vehicle, because in some cases, to afford a favorite model with automatic transmission will have to shell out a tidy sum, but the same car, only the mechanics, costs less .  So do not feel defeated in advance - still better to show patience and perseverance to overcome some difficulties on the way to the goal .

What is the manual transmission

First, let's find out what is the transmission, abbreviated as PPC, or as it is often called, mission. As is well known, it has two main objectives:

  • distribution or otherwise transmit torque from the motor (engine) of the vehicle directly to the wheels;
  • Rod volume change depending on the traveling conditions of the vehicle.

Modern cars are equipped with several types of PPC, such as mechanical (manual), automatic, robotic and CVT (continuously variable). The most popular means of transport received a mechanical (manual transmission) and automatic (automatic transmission) gearboxes.

Between these options, there are a number of differences, as in a car with automatic gear shifting process control assumes the entire electronic system, in other words, the computer, and in cars with manual transmission it only happens with the direct participation of the driver.

Hand (manual) transmission has been around for over a hundred years and, of course, for her such a long history, it has undergone many changes and improvements. Its design is still simple, reliable, allows you to control the vehicle manually in all modes of motion, as well as with a certain skill of the driver is sufficiently economical in terms of fuel consumption.

 how to drive a car with a manual transmission properly

Foundations needed for driving a car with manual transmission

That's what secrets will help beginners to quickly and easily understand the intricacies of driving a car with manual transmission, will be discussed. First you need to clearly understand a few important points:

  1. The left pedal (clutch) severely squeezed his left foot, and for the remaining two (brake and gas) corresponds to the right leg.
  2. Speed ​​should be switched by performing alternate transition from the first to the second, then the third and so on. You can not, for example, to switch immediately from the second to the fifth, if you want to keep the engine of the car in good condition as long as possible.
  3. The clutch is squeezed out with each gear change.

That's the basics, without knowledge of which it is impossible to learn to drive a car. But important is the development of cars motion a smooth start, without jerks and glohnuschego motor. It will have to be trained, since the first time it turns out not all. It is important to bring the movement of arms and legs to automatism. In theory, to smoothly move, you need to perform a series of manipulations in the following order:

  • turn on the ignition (start the engine cars);
  • squeeze the clutch;
  • lever to be set to first gear (speed);
  • gently press the gas and at the same time, too, without any jerks, release the grip.

If your action will coincide with the theory, the car will begin to move from the spot. If not - no problem: Just be patient and try again. And again, until you get the result.

Special attention is given when the switching speed is, as always go to only one possible. To do this you need to know that in first gear be driven at speeds up to 15 km / h, the second - up to 30 km / h on the third - up to 50 km / h, on the fourth - to 80 km / h in fifth speed limits only your sense of self-preservation. To start a good tip will speedometer, and then you will be able to focus on only one engine sound.

 how to drive a car with manual gearbox own

Proper braking on different road conditions

If you need to slow down on dry pavement, it is not necessary for this transition from high to low gear. It is better to lower the engine speed to a minimum for the same program, on which the motion was carried.

The icy rain and the situation is somewhat different. As a slippery road surface, the stable position of the car is particularly important. You should concentrate on the road, and to improve the stability of cars equipped with manual, switch to a lower gear, thereby reducing the speed. This will control the angle of a possible drift and time to react in case of emergency.

Remember the fact that braking on a slippery road should first slow down, then release the clutch, the transition to a low gear and only after all these steps again to squeeze the clutch. This is called "engine braking", he would not allow the wheels from locking, but the auto deceleration will happen gradually. It plays an important role careful observance of the distance between your car and the next to come, and of course the high-speed mode.

Smooth cornering and contributes to safety when driving a car equipped with a mechanical or manual transmission, because this method can prevent skidding vehicle on slippery road surfaces. In case your car is stalled in the snow or on ice, is to resort to the so-called method of "rocking". To accompany this forward movement switching the first transmission and in the reverse switch, respectively, back.

Of course, these recommendations for a beginner at first seem complex and difficult to achieve, but regular attempts to implement them will help with time to give your driving style more ease and security.

The easiest way to drive a car, of course, with an automatic transmission. And yet, if you only have to undergo "young driver" and get right, it is better to learn to ride a car equipped with a mechanical (manual) transmission. Why is that? The answer is obvious: learning to cope with a more complex version control, you can feel confident in any situation. By the way, in many foreign countries, the driver who completed training and passed the exam in driving cars with automatic transmission, is strictly forbidden to drive cars with manual transmission. Conclusion: There is no easy way out, especially when it comes to the art of any vehicle.

 How to drive a car with manual transmission

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