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Modern life requires a great vitality of women, many of the fair sex has long moved away from the image of housewives and turned into a real business woman. That is why the ladies' dresses, keeping pace with the times, offering a wide range of items of clothing that would ensure a presentable appearance and refined elegance even in the business environment and the working etiquette. One of such orders can be safely attributed blazer women - a kind of symbol of female emancipation, because it previously included in your wardrobe business men for whom such a jacket was a "hallmark" of the kind of activities in which they rotate.

Of course, such ideas about blazers now hopelessly out of date, and of the very conservative business attire, these jackets have become fashionable, designed to emphasize the individuality and beauty of the detail of a ladies' toilet. It looks charming and elegant without losing the business representative - it is truly easy!

Whence originates so versatile, indispensable outfit and who are its progenitor? The story of this original name is linked, paradoxically, with the cruiser. Captain Blazer on his vessel in 1840 introduced a single working uniform for all its employees, which was a jacket with specific distinctive emblems, as well as the decor adorned his motley band. Over time, the name of all migrated shaped jackets, whether used for their finishing strip or not.

It is worth to mention that the privilege to have in your wardrobe like the product at first could only exclusively male, but after the huge success that had the jackets, they actively began to take its rightful place on the shelves and wardrobes of the fair sex. With regard to women's fashion, the first lady, who were able to put on women's blazers have become a flight attendant. It is because of this event, this jacket has become a symbol of emancipation, the transition of women from the image of the housewife to the image of the active, self-sufficient and bright personality, able to compete with men, without losing the refined elegance.

Blazer female 2011 that offer fashion designer?

 Blazer female 2011

Meters of modern fashion industry in one voice say that women's blazer - a versatile outfit that can create a unique image, because it is advantageous in harmony with lots of different styles and textures parts wardrobe. Due to the unique design solutions blazer for women in 2011 has taken a special place in this style direction as casual and became almost a standard that combines the classic and understated touch cold extravagance. Popularization of the dress gave the fairer sex just wide range of products for all occasions: the variety of cuts, drapes originality, unexpected combination of textures, unique decor - everything is provided for the transformation of the modern woman. However, capricious and fickle world of fashion continually sets the general trends about them and will be discussed below.

  • We begin with an overview of the conservative classics that best conveys flavor of its progenitor and minimally deviates from the initial design ideas for styling. Traditional tailoring blazers for women in 2011 are likely to have a concise, simple cut, strict silhouette lines. Simply put, it is a jacket made in the best traditions of minimalism, most business mature ladies are guided precisely on such outfits, because these jackets are different standard of quality, calm pastel colors, highlight this blazer betrays constant vertical bar, clearly contrasting with the general background of his jacket. Very popular they are required skillful hands couture house Chanel, and Burberry.
  • Without false modesty, we can say that the trend of this season blazers are unisex. It is very spicy outfit loudly declares its possessor, as an independent and extravagant nature. Designers refuse pritalivat jacket, if it is performed in this way, some extend it and placed emphasis on the shoulders, making them more rectangular, strict form, slightly too wide. Fashion magazines were quick to place on the pages of women's blazers options, photos handed underlined the brutality unisex style.
  • Especial popular unisex outfits with ¾ sleeves length, often framed by contrasting sleeve similar in color and texture finish. Designers have a special look at the colors of such products, and is akin to trying to maximize it with a men's jacket, performed in deep gray, dark or black moderate schemes. For example, the range of blazers from Paul and Joe, or the latest collection of Hermes - the embodiment of man's self-restraint with a touch elusive seductiveness.
  • In contrast, laconic forms and minimalism meters high fashion offer grandiose decor. Similar styles of jackets, blazers women are very popular among young girls, a distinctive feature of these outfits is a bright, colorful decoration. First of all - logos and emblems, because the product can be impersonal, monotonous, but the skillful use of the emblem, or other kind of badge, for example, on the chest is able to advantageously accents, the latest show from StellaMcCartney and Paul Smith fashion critics noted the abundance of models made via such stylistic solutions.

Women's fashion jackets - basic design solutions in the decoration

 blazer women photos

So the fashion industry offers a wide range and selection to the delight of the female, and the options are not limited to classical, the branded conservative blazers or vice versa - extravagant youth casual-models. Universally recognized meters high fashion excelled in working with colors that varied from moderate, plain, deep colors and finishes dazzling play of colors, combining the contrasting shades.

Traditional models or variants of winter jackets struck noble, pure colors: blue and calm him all sorts of variations, deep shades of gray, black, earthy tones and neutral pastel colors, beige color, sand gamma are very popular in mature, implemented business lady. Of course, such jackets, blazers, women have a peculiar charm to the simple elegance: putting on such an outfit, she will underline its status as a winner in this sophisticated presentable not lose femininity.

Youth options rely on the originality and diversity, MichaelKors furor in the fashion world with his latest show, where the gaze of the fairer sex were given shocking blazers, repeating animalistic prints, for example, causing a pattern of African animals and all kinds of flashy abstract paintings. However, the author warns that such orders because of the high specificity and extravagance is wearing very carefully, guided by moderation in combination. In short, the color palette pleases its democratic character and any thing that zapadet lady in the heart, and is a necessary trend to date.

The originality of design decisions sometimes can cause a shock because meters of modern fashion industry are using increasingly sophisticated methods of decoration of women's jackets. The most relevant is the decoration of the season pocket or contrasting cuffs, very bright accent can be a button, by the way, very fervently look massive, shiny buttons, embroidered erratically around blazers. In recent years, the shows can be found collar, combined, different in texture textiles, decorative blotches shiny threads. Women's fashion catalogs ranked in the category of must-have blazer female, photo clearly showed a variety of styles and cuts, as well as the ease of combining it with other clothes because of the wealth of stylistic performances.

Choose wisely, wear beautiful - Women's Blazer

 Blazers jackets for women

In court today fashionistas providing a huge range of jackets, but it is sometimes difficult to choose, and often, in spite of the unique offerings in the hands of a woman is a second-rate product, which is put on twice is not an incentive. To avoid this unpleasant circumstances, we have a number of female tricks that will facilitate the purchase of the dress, and the end result can anticipate all expectations and advantageously emphasize the beauty of the female body.

First we need to determine the purpose for which will be made the purchase, for example, if the blazer will create the image in a business atmosphere, it is better to focus on strict classics, if on the product required a versatile sock in everyday terms, it is better to give preference to more daring styles. It is important to remember that the outfit should reflect the nature of its owner, be integral and harmonious with it, so brave girls should be guided by the same extravagant options, and for prudes in store blazers romantic models that bring a touch of intriguing feminine charm.

Directly during the fitting blazer, it is important to feel a degree of comfort that it gives, and it takes at least 3 minutes to spend in clothes. It is important to make several sharp movements hands to trace to see if a pain in the armpits or any uncomfortable tightness, experts recommend to dilute elbows to the sides and follow the sensations arising in the back. By the choice of the product is better to buy the size, of course, the world of contemporary fashion involves some negligence, but not in the case of representative blazer.

For the summer season, give preference to light, sandy tones and lighter textiles that gave comfort to delicate skin in the hot season, and there are special offers with short sleeves. But for the winter season is to choose a few elongated styles and dresses made of thick, warm textiles.

The versatility of the jacket owes much practical fabrics, of which committed tailoring blazers, in case if the sock involves frequent use, it is necessary to acquire outfits nonspottable tones. But for special occasions, and go out on the guided light, grandiose model, always with some bright accent in the form of a brooch or textile flower.

It is said about how advantageous to simulate the way with the participation of the women's blazer - here problems should not be, because it is in perfect harmony with everyday clothes, for example, narrowed jeans or leggings, where the bottom brought notes of seductive accessibility, and the upper part of the wardrobe gave to elegant sophistication. A great combination for business women will be a combination of classic trousers, office skirts, blouses with jabot elegant with blazer representative. However, those ladies who want to be a trend, just have to get a light, flowing dresses midi-length, for example, chiffon or satin and pick him laconic, austere, slightly elongated jacket.

The fact that this item of ladies' toilets, as the blazer is obliged to fall into the category of must-have, is no longer a matter of dispute. This authentic, versatile outfit that can serve many purposes, and in a few seconds to transform a woman, not only externally but also from the inside, making it businesslike strict but at the same time elegant and refined, restrained and serious and intriguing gourmet. That is why, ladies, reserving a little place in my wardrobe for this unique attire.

 Blazer Women's 2011 - the standard of elegant restraint

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