Tulip skirt

As part of the modern woman because of the high speed rhythm of life we ​​forget to give yourself just a couple of minutes, often difficult with a shopping bag in the hands of public transport in a dusty remember zest, charm and aristocratic posture. Indeed, as well as a mention here of faded jeans and a T-shirt teenage unpretentious? And then replace the usual elements of a wardrobe, she should come - tulip skirt, which will certainly make recovery in the everyday image of the lady for a few seconds to remind her of romanticism and coquettish ease, because the skirt is decorated with a priori and dilutes the everyday hustle and bustle, presenting notes fashionista holiday. The name of this product eloquently declares itself: tulip skirt style is very similar to a cup or a spring flower bud of the same name, which practically surrounds the female figure symbolizing an impromptu stalk.

Today's the fairer sex to date fashion industry offers an abundance of variations of these outfits, which will be below it, but we should find out what has caused the emergence of so extraordinary, specific cut, which is a long season took the laurels of superiority in the fashion world and now is not going to give up their positions.

History of the skirt tulip is associated with the appearance in the distant 80s rather eccentric, but at the same time democratic products - skirts puffboll, cut this original predecessor consisted of a dense coverage of the waist and a tight frame knees using special rubber bands or other elastic inserts. Other textile space remained free, though with an overlap and layered. Of course, it looked extravagant and was not compatible with the functionality and ease of style casual, which in the eighties dictated strict rules and because of their strong discrepancy skirt puffboll was at times forgotten. It is this historical moment and pushed design to the creation of a universal product, and the first model appeared tulip skirt.

Historians fashion with one voice declare that a great influence on the creation of extravagant cut has, paradoxically, conservative and rigorous model pencil skirt. She was at the peak of popularity and enjoyed general recognition in the 70s, the silhouette of the cut lines match women's thighs and remotely resembled an elongated glass or cup. Silhouette tulip skirts combined models of brevity, pencils and general style decision-puffboll skirts, smoothing dry design of the first and second excessive pomposity. Current models tulip skirts can rightly be called eclectic, versatile dress that is pretty easy to combine with other styles, creating an image of an elegant coquette.

Tulip skirt, which is now considered a trend?

 Tulip skirt photo

Despite the fact that the "tulip" combines the advantages of two contradictory styles and design registration skirts, masters of haute couture are still in search of an original cut. It is for these reasons that the collection of the last years and this season rife with new outfits. Let's try to keep track of the trends that define the trend and the relevance of clothes, because the criticism of the fashion industry have brought the tulip skirt in the category of must-have for every self-respecting fashionista.

If your field of vision got tulip skirt with a high waist, rest assured that this dress will give you popularity, since most famous fashion designer lines were constructed in such a manner. Most often overestimated waist emphasized the contrast of the overall color textiles, a belt, a label Miu Miu in his show, for example, focused on the waist with the help of buttons and belt loops. Tulip skirt with a high waist last season relied on mini length, but this year and admits midi, in this case the dome skirt will appear visually heavier and coarser.

In order to make the necessary cut of the dress, the right shape, the designers at the very beginning of the emergence of this skirt using elastic inserts. This tulip skirt with an elastic band like no other is like its predecessor from the 80s because it best fit the shape of impressive blown globe, and waistline, and at the end of the cloth knee pretty tight rubber band pulled together. Most often, the volume of such a model require additional decor, such as a multilayer splendor.

For several consecutive seasons favorite among models of mini skirts are considered cut tulips. And this despite the fact that the mini length no special demand in the current season in the fashion market. Most often, short skirt tulip has quite frank, expressive front section of which forms a kind of petals from what outfit even more to its name. This technique can be seen in the collections of many designers, the abundance of satin short skirts tulip can be seen in the line of youth label Fendi. In another embodiment, for example, by Lanvin and Jason Wu, a mini skirt tulip focused on conservatism and the classics: although quite frankly length, it features a sleek cut and matte colors.

It is necessary to stipulate a tulip skirt with pockets, last season it called literally insanity among the fair sex. But the enormous popularity they are required by the love and recognition of famous people such as Victoria Beckham - style icon, has been seen on the red carpet in a dress, Kim Kardashian has a reputation as a great lover of style tulip dresses. It is worth to mention that the designers placed the pockets of a particular angle, so often breeds are formed, shaped folds that set the tone for the entire article. Masters of haute couture often deliberately put emphasis on the pockets, making them a contrasting color or the texture.

The summer season will delight romantic natures innate and flirts multilayer pomp and skirts. This light, summer clothing options that do not support a rigorous, consistent form, which can comply with tulip skirt with an elastic band. Most of these models are made of flowing, transparent fabrics such as weightless chiffon, silk satin or brilliant, they are ideal for a romantic rendezvous, but it is not appropriate in a business setting. Therefore, women who kept the dress code, it is necessary to focus on the classic, almost puritanical skirts, which will be discussed below.

This year, the fashion industry is rich and classical, discreet clothing options, which include the tulip skirt with a smell. It is ideal for business meetings and always will be relevant in the working atmosphere - a real godsend for busy business women. Impressions from the Karl Lagerfield built on strict, office style, characterized by laconic cut and calm, deep color palette of dark tones.

Skirt-tulip - defines the color and texture

 Tulip skirt 2011

Common standards defining the trend color palettes, there is, so there is the fairer sex can fully rely on their own tastes. It is said that for the summer seasons is preferably selected juicy, life-affirming tone and paint, for example, natural green, expressive red, turquoise hints, and all derivatives, are yellow. Quite often in the summer collections found a motley, colorful tulip skirt, a photo simply scream that young and brave it is necessary to choose color options. For women who do not like to take risks with the play of color and prefer neutral colors, you can easily select the palette of sand or pastel colors, is particularly common with the smell tulip skirt in a color scheme.

Noble silk, shiny satin, satin or crepe, as the top layer is often used chiffon - basic materials, is loved at the fairer sex, who are guided by the romanticism and graceful elegance. Women's directories placed on their pages about the skirts of tulips 2011 photos show an abundance of choice, which gives the market a modern fashionista. But more practical warehouse ladies can choose from cozy wool skirts, corduroy or tweed, but it is a winter clothing options.

Simulate the image or what to wear with a skirt tulip?

 tulip skirt with a smell

The specific cut of the skirt has to ensure that with increased caution to create an image with her participation. But despite this, this skirt will be equally effectively emphasize the beauty and harmony of the legs of its owner, perfectly blending in with almost any piece ladies' toilets.

For example, a tulip skirt with pockets dark, deep shades perfect pass for Office option, a business woman can combine it with a blouse or supplement strict classical jacket, jacket or blazer conservative. General business woman can find countless concise, calm in cut skirts that can withstand the most pretentious dress code. A frequent guest in the women's catalogs is a tulip skirt Office 2011 photo exhibit that look feminine, while maintaining restraint - really.

If the ladies are not burdened by any rigid framework and wish to accentuate their charms, but do not lose a sense of ease, then it is better to focus on the universal, eclectic model dresses and combine them with T-shirts, tops, simple T-shirt, while the front option can be selected blouson . Of course, the whole flavor skirts emphasize Amazing stud or platform, but for recreational options should be fine modest ballet flats or sandals. Women's fashion magazines, publishing articles about the style of casual, often include on their pages such models tulip skirts, photo exhibit variation combinations street clothes for the release of "every day".

In the case when the lady in front of the task to give a piquant flavor to your image or simply to dilute something light for a long time bored Closet tulip skirt will be fitting.   Any fashionista will be able to effectively and advantageously enhance the beauty of your feet and the strengths of their own figures, without losing the sense of convenience. Style and convenience - explosive mixture due to which a woman is doomed to success.

 2011 Tulip Skirt - must-have modern fashionista

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