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Times change, fashions change, and with them and change our wardrobe. But before you arrange another and go shopping for new clothes, let's find out what fashionable colors autumn-winter 2011-2012 have identified for us the world's designers.

Since the autumn, there are two seasons: the golden age - the Indian summer and the season cloudy drizzle trends trendy colors autumn 2011 - winter 2012, a photo of which we offer, copy the nature.

Trendy colors of autumn-winter 2011-2012: Trends of the season

This fashion season promises to be filled with a variety of bright colors with juicy. In this way, the world's designers have tried to smooth the autumn darkness of cloudy days and add some color to the white silence of winter pore. This season, fashion is back on the retro style, and with it came a bold and unusual combinations of colors and shades.

However, they have not lost their relevance and classic colors: black and white, beige and gray were presented in almost all collections of fashion designers of the world.

Main trends of fashion colors:

  1. Juiciness. The main colors of summer smoothly and quietly moved into the fall season: clothing colors of green grass, blue sky, ripe strawberries and orange sun must take its place in your wardrobe. It looks spectacular outerwear aubergine and black grapes. Or trench coat fuchsia same fur collar does not leave you a chance autumnal gloom.
  2. Classic. A timeless classic remains in vogue: a sterile white and deep black, soft, discreet beige and gray. Also relevant all shades of classic colors: from chocolate brown to mouse gray.
  3. Provocation. Provocative combination - trendy colors of autumn 2011 - winter 2012, a photo of which already make you think about a new wardrobe. Agree, an unusual combination of colors sure to attract attention to you. And in this case, it can be combined as a bright accessory with a neutral wardrobe and colorful parts of the wardrobe. Bright orange scarf - a great accent color on a gray coat murine classic style.

Trendy colors of autumn-winter 2011-2012: accents

  • Prints

 Fall 2011 fashion colors

This season, the fashion prints of various colors and sizes, from small to large animal flower. By the way, leopard and python are the leaders for the second season in a row. Pay attention to the time, in contrast to summer, autumn floral prints are unobtrusive nature of the silhouette. Still in vogue classic big Scottish cage.

But before you choose autumn wardrobe with prints, carefully consider whether or not to risk: how beautiful they may be looking at someone, that you may not come. Yes, and combine them with other items of clothing - great art, which is, unfortunately, not everyone is subject.

  • Chic and shine

 fashion colors clothes fall 2011

This fashion trend is specially designed for all kinds of social events. Shine on them this season is necessary both figuratively and literally. Choose clothing made of shiny fabrics, do not be afraid of beads and sequins. This must-have this season - shorter jacket of embroidered sequins fabric. If you do not want to go unnoticed, choose a jacket unusual bright colors: cyan or red in this case is no worse than the classic black or white colors.

  • French zest

 Fall 2011 fashion colors winter 2012 Photo

Wine color of the season - a real rage. Their main advantage is that they are suitable for almost all fashionable women: blondes, brunettes, brown and red Best. Deep wine, cherry, burgundy, blue grapes - these colors and shades provide a wide range of choice of clothing. Bright accents in the locker room wine color can be gray or red handbag bracelet.

  • Night Rendezvous

 fashion colors autumn winter 2011 2012 goda

Perhaps the most fashionable colors of the autumn-winter 2011-2012 are all shades of dark blue. For the third season in a row navy goes out of fashion. He could take the place of the usual for us the classics - black. International designers have proposed a wide range of shades of dark blue from indigo and cobalt to the ink. Strict elegance can combine blue with gray and black, and risky provocation - with pink and yellow.

  • The softness of pastel

 fashion colors autumn 2011

Of course, bright clothes - peep this season. But there are situations that excessive brightness completely out of place. International designers have provided such an option. For these situations, they offer the same colors, but in a more muted soft colors. In this case you did not necessarily favor the classic shades of black, white, beige and gray. Feel free to choose a soft blue or light pink, lavender, peach or champagne. Delicate halftone summer flowers will make your image a soft and sexy.

  • The palette of colors

 bright trendy colors of the clothes fall 2011

If your image requires brightness, choose relevant for this season fashion colors clothes fall 2011: a juicy orange, canary lemon, azure, emerald, purple, blueberry. They long to be reminded of a wonderful summer vacation, thus raising your mood and surrounding.

Very important in this season coat of bright color. It does not necessarily have to have some difficult cuts. Coats classic style, but a bright color is in itself very beautiful. Wardrobe neutral color can be made fashionable by vivid detail: red bracelet, emerald necklace or lemon scarf will look gorgeous on clothes subdued tones.

  • Fashion Classics

 Fall 2011 fashion colors winter 2012 Photo models

Black, white, beige and gray colors have always been and will always be fashionable and up to date. Their distinct advantage is that the color fit absolutely everyone: women and girls and very young creatures. Also, these classic colors are good for its versatility: they can be combined and with each other and with the rest of the colors.

Do not be afraid to experiment: a bright spot as a brooch on clothing classic colors, an unusual cut or faceted silhouette accentuate your taste and certainly not allow anyone to call you boring.

Trendy colors of clothing autumn-winter 2011-2012: mix paint

Most western fashion critics in the new season has finally come together in a single opinion: trendy colors of clothing autumn-winter 2011-2012, you can define a single English word colorblocking. In the Russian language to translate this term is problematic, but in literary translation can be defined as "a combination of colors."

This season, your wardrobe may be called fashionable if it combines at least two colors .  They do not necessarily have to be contrasting, the main thing - that the colors differ from each other by at least one tone .  This is acceptable combination of both small and large patches of color .  For example, it can be barely noticeable arrangement beige (basic, for the entire article of clothing) and milk (optional, for any details), or equivalent shades of contrast, and the size of the sky-blue and emerald green .  Very actually looks a combination of prints with floral ornaments (eg blouse) with monotonous article of clothing (a skirt or trousers) .  For the desperate fashionistas risky suitable combination of several prints: animal looks quite harmoniously with floral patterns .  International designers, using the fashion colors of clothing autumn-winter 2011-2012, is not deprived of attention and a number of the accessory .  This hit of the season - the bag-tote .  The meeting takes place exactly two colors in the middle of the bag .

Juicy bright, "vitamin" color - another trend of the season. Most hits - all sorts of colors and shades of citrus fruits: orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, grapefruit, bergamot and pomelo - a choice to your taste. Avitaminosis this fall, you just do not threaten!

Now that you know all the details and trendy colors of the clothes fall 2011, you can make a notable shopping and easy to update your wardrobe.

 Trendy colors of autumn 2011. create mood

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