Fall 2011 coat

Autumn crept imperceptibly as ever, and with it came time to buy a robe. Perhaps the choice has never stylish, feminine and warm dress for cold weather was not so simple and complicated at the same time. So, what in the fall 2011 coats prepared for lovely ladies famous brand?

Judging by the photo, fashionable coat for fall 2011 look quite luxurious. And while this year's fashions are virtually indistinguishable from the previous season, the collection of each designer plenty of new ideas for the autumn season. The range of the subject of women's wardrobe as always rich and varied. This fall, every woman can easily find the most suitable option to your liking.

Acquainted with the fashion trends of the season and learn more about the most fashionable models of women's coats autumn 2011 will help our photo review.

Trends of the season

This fall, fashion designers and stylists offer women try on images of the past:

  • fashion autumn coat in the style of the 40s, 70s and 80s of the last century;
  • model, made in a minimalist style or military;
  • very short, long and solid models;
  • coats and coats made of leather and suede.

The most original offer fashionable designer for fall 2011 - a coat, on a cut reminiscent of origami . Creating such a model, modern designers have adopted the ancient Japanese art of folding figures. However, instead of the paper they use popular autumn fabric.

Recent models of the fall season

The main highlight of the women's coat in the fall of 2011 will be its shape. There really is plenty to choose from as well as a form of outerwear for autumn wardrobe designer offer variety. And each of them is good in its own way.

At the peak of the popularity of this fall fashion coat in a minimalist style. Laconic model both in decor and in cut present in many collections. The coat in this style can be found, for example, Celine, Michael Kors, Max Mara and other famous designers.

The most popular model coat Autumn 2011- "hourglass" and this is not surprising, because it is one of the most feminine and elegant version, which like no other emphasizes the dignity of the female figure.

No less interesting model - coat female Autumn 2011 rectangular shape. Designers are not stingy, offer a choice of a variety of options that will have to taste and shape many of our compatriots. Opting for this model, you will always look fashionable and stylish.

 Coats 2011 Fall Photo


  • Style 60

In a fashion includes fashion styles 60s: laconic trapezoid; close-fitting coat, emphasizing the figure; unusual and original oval shape; cocoon coat with short sleeves; trench coat - a miniature form-fitting mini-coat buttoned, captured the hearts of many of the fair sex in the previous season, this autumn is still in vogue.

The most popular are bright trapezoid elegant Baler and short jackets in military style. Each model in its own good and deserves attention.

 coat female Autumn 2011


  • Style 70

This fall, returns to the fashion style of 70-ies. With the onset of cold weather is very relevant model waisted knee-length coat. The new collections it can be seen as a fur collar, and without it.

It is also relevant in the new season models with slits for the arms. This kind of women's outerwear enjoyed great popularity among the female population of the country more than half a century ago. And this model is once again at the peak of popularity, what it is sure to please fans of retro style.

In fashion back cape and wide collars, capes, closing to the middle of the shoulders and reaching to the waist. These coats were incredibly popular two centuries ago. Then they disappeared a long time from the fashion catwalks, and only in the middle of the 20th century thanks to Christian Dior have become popular again. This season, the fashionable silhouette once again appeared in the collection of the fashion house.

 Fall 2011 fashion coat

With fur trim

  • Fur trim

Coats with fur vstavkami- undoubted hit of the season. It does not matter what will be trimmed with fur: sleeves, lapels, collar and shoulders - it does not matter, as long as he was present. This can be a mink, a scribe, fur chinchilla, sable, fox. It looks a coat 2011 autumn - photos prove it - very chic. In these clothes no woman will not go unnoticed.

 Coats Autumn 2011 models

In the men's style

  • Men's style

Loved by many contemporaries and military style coats in men's style: caftans and tunics, jackets and overcoats, epaulettes and lapels, crude materials and protective incredibly popular colors this fall. Especially fashionable double-breasted coat Autumn 2011: the model with an emphasis on the broad shoulder line black or gray. At this time, the designers do not limit this thing a certain length of women's wardrobe. On the fashion runways can be seen as leaving the floor model and supershort the waist. Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences. Becoming the owner of a fashionable trends surrounding certainly note the presence of impeccable taste.

 Fall 2011 fashion coat Photo


  • Leather coats

For those who constantly monitors the novelties of the fashion world, designers offer a wide range of current models of genuine leather. Women's leather coat fashion autumn 2011 photos that fascinate the attention and the imagination for its diversity, can have either a matte or glossy finish. Giving preference to the top of autumn clothing of leather, every woman feel like a real queen.

 fashion autumn coat


  • Knitted cardigan

Not less demand with the onset of cold weather will be used knitted cardigans, coats and ponchos. Equipment and material for knitting fashionable autumn outfit can be very different, as wool and mohair, and other actual yarn for the fall season. Large elegant knitting looks very stylish. The optimal length - just below the knee. This model looks good with a leather strap. Incidentally, this fashion accessory is present in the overcoat in many collections - it can be either thick or thin fabric or leather.

Trendy colors and fabrics fall

This fall fashion coat of deep saturated colors and muted tones. The most fashionable color of the season - brown and all shades, from the camel, and ending with the color of dark chocolate. Equally popular are black, gray and shades of protection. Also relevant for this autumn bright, saturated colors: electric blue, blue, purple, beige, red and dark red. From the prints in the fall season, as in previous years in a row, the most popular "bestial" coloring, "goose foot" pattern "herringbone" and the traditional cell "tartan".

For autumn coat preferred soft thick fabric. This can be wool, tweed, cashmere, camel hair, wool with mohair or wool with cashmere. For fashion designers use the coat not only classic woolen coat fabrics, recently enjoyed great popularity as a small pile fabric, such as, for example, fake fur, velvet and alpaca. Nice and at the same time very original looks for fake fur astrakhan. Particularly fashionable in the autumn fabric with a variety of patterns that mimic animal skins - jaguar, leopard, zebra and python. Also, do not give up its position in the new season coarse loose coat fabrics "boucle", made from noble fibers. Notice how nice look fashionable coat Autumn 2011 - photo models with lush fur sleeves and a fur-lined floors are great.

Classic Coat fabrics obtained from merino wool, perfect for sewing warm autumn coat. Firstly, they have a high wear resistance. Secondly, they have good thermal barrier properties. Soft and fluffy, light and enveloping coats of this fabric can satisfy even the most sophisticated fashionista.

From what to wear and how to choose a coat in the autumn of 2011?

In addition to the coat stylists advise to use or knitted fur scarf, gloves or minetki. Any of these fashion accessories perfectly complement the ensemble and will protect you from frost and wind. And if the scarves you already bored, choose silk scarves, which are also relevant in the fall. If you still have not decided what to wear fashionable coats 2011 fall, photos of celebrities to help you in solving this problem. Win-win option - to pick up the tone coat or, conversely, contrasting color belt, handbag and shoes. As hats stylists offer to choose fashionable this season hats that look great with virtually all coats.

Coats cool fall - this is definitely an essential item of women's wardrobe. But how not to get lost in a huge range of products offered by different manufacturers today? If the fabric is every woman can choose the one that she is most like, the style should certainly pick up on the figure. Hopefully stylists tips to help you choose the right style autumn coat that perfectly emphasize all the advantages of your figure and help hide little flaws.

  • Owners of magnificent forms should prefer straight silhouette, or choose a coat with a belt at the waist. The optimal length of this type of women's clothing - to the middle of the knee.
  • Short woman better suited model is up to the knee or a high waistline, as they add visual height.
  • Owners narrow shoulders should pay attention to the double-breasted coat autumn.
  • Then, as a woman with broad shoulders look good product up to the thigh. Pockets on the chest, shoulder straps, shoulder pads and double-breasted coat is clearly not for you, because all of this makes the shoulders wider.
  • Girls with small breasts fit models with an emphasis on the chest (pockets, seams, draping, etc..) And pronounced waistline.
  • For the owner of a large bust look good single-breasted coat length to mid-thigh. Ideal - a coat with a rather narrow collar and v-neck.
  • Women with a big belly is best suited are single coat. But the models with large buttons, rivets and pockets at the waist should be abandoned, since they give the amount.

Now that you know all about fashion trends come autumn, we can safely proceed to the selection of fashionable and necessary things autumn wardrobe. We hope the advice of stylists will help you choose your dream coat that will delight you and protect from the cold and wind of any one season.

 Coat female autumn 2011 - fashion trend of the season

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