Women's sweaters 2011

Today we will speak of those things which are able to seamlessly bring stylish Casual note in the image of a modern girl who can gently change its image for the better. Let's look at the best women's sweaters 2011, on those models that effectively decorate everyday and unobtrusively fit into the wardrobe fussy housewife, carefree schoolgirl occupied by a business woman. Let's talk about current trends, fashion hits, classics, and a recognized stop on the version that is closer to you personally.

Cardigan women: knitted or knit, what to choose?

It's simple: focus on a particular model can be simply the weather, focusing solely on your comfort. Do it will not be difficult, because the fashion brands in each season in 2011 pleased the girls a variety of bright, noticeable, spectacular things.

  • In warm weather, you can concentrate on your own convenience and to give yourself the ease of knitwear. Today released an interesting model with visible prints and appliqués, contrasting patterns and designs - they perfectly decorate the face of modern women dressed in the style of Casual, and become part of the original image, which always attracts attention.
  • But with the onset of cold weather, you can choose a comfortable and warm knitted sweater women - think that in winter it will be one of your most favorite things. After this wonderful sweater is not just decorate the wardrobe and help to emphasize the image of a modern girl, closely tracking the following fashion and all its tendencies, but also warm, give a sense of inner peace and tranquility, which is also very important.

So any particular model, we recommend to choose on the basis of the material - you first need to take care of your comfort, especially when you buy a practical thing as a jumper. Especially as the beauty of the clothes is not falling by the wayside - a sea of ​​sweaters, find its not difficult.

Sweaters Women 2011: Trends length and shape

 Women's knitted sweater

Naturally, you need to talk not only about the materials that are relevant in the coming season, but also about tailoring things about how to look and look these sweaters. After all, do not forget about your comfort and coziness, any girl should be remembered, and that impression which it produces.

It's safe to say that in the coming season will be relevant how things loose-fitting, and quite fitting models - the choice is really great.

Volume jumper is perfect in those cases where it is not necessary to focus on his sexuality - in the coming season he will wear the most fashionable graduate high school, office worker. These sweaters give freedom during friendly get-togethers, trips to restaurants and cinemas, attacks on nature - they become a real decoration Casual style. Lowered shoulders, elongated bottom and sleeves - these are the characteristic features of solid models.

But in any case, you should pay attention to the fitting sweaters for women: fashion photo European collections tell us what they will choose a girl who want to effectively occur in society. And we understand the accents of fashion, because this stylish sweater is not only perfectly underlines all the advantages of a slender figure - he is also quite practical. Tight-fitting sweater can be fun to combine with leggings, pants, jeans or even a skirt - it fits perfectly into the framework of the office and Casual look'a. And, most importantly, such a model can be a set of "chips": a three-quarter sleeves and full-length, original belt at the waist, spectacular finish with rhinestones, decorative elements and ornaments - for girls opened hundreds of interesting options.

Therefore, we can safely say that the clothes could and should be enriched by several jumpers. Let me give you a little tip: choose and fashionistas is free and form-fitting model, not one. With practical sweaters you will always be comfortable with spectacular jumpers you look interesting and attractive to any company and situation. It is necessary to seriously enrich their Casual wardrobe - it will feel more than confident in the coming season.

Sweaters Women 2011: what color would be relevant?

Calm and moderation will rule the roost in the coming season: for out of competition will be gray, beige, black, white and various shades of them.

  • It is clear why - they just emphasize the more successful all the features and benefits of both free and form-fitting models.
  • Moreover, such color - a kind of classic that will be relevant in the next season.
  • And finally, white, black, gray, beige jumper perfectly fit both in appearance and strict business business-woman, and in the way of fun and carefree students - in the girls' locker room, they are always out of place.

But, of course, we must not forget about the other models - green, yellow, pink, red, blue, purple. Yes, colored sweaters go out of fashion in the coming season, and another thing, that their bright colors will be more muted, soft, calm. Soon, even the easiest and cheerful women knit sweater will carry the notes of the classical style - just such an interesting mix and will be able to attract people's attention with a delicate taste, we are sure.

Now let's talk about colors - the upcoming season promises to us, which is very popular are 2 options:

  • On the pedestal of honor maiden plain sprout model, and taking into account the relevance of quiet tones, this is understandable. Today, it becomes a classic sweater Casual clothing, so it should look not only interesting, but also stressed stylish and perfectly beautiful - branded things just need to have notes of rigor.
  • Some are making a variety of models in the strip - even one without a doubt the fashion trend of the coming season. The most popular are classic colors in marine style, and bold enough options, such as a combination of pink and gray. It is important that the brightness was moderate, so that it does not turn into kitsch - in 2011 excessive glamor and outrageous to be irrelevant, especially if we are talking about Casual style.

Of course, the bold and contrasting combinations still find their audience - they will not forget. These jumpers will remain quite popular among young people at the high school graduates and students, that is, women seeking their own style. Well, beauties, has already found its shape, perfectly suited quieter and aged classic sweater.

Choosing women knitted sweater: what to stop?

 Female jumpers photo

Looking at the collection of the famous design houses in Europe, you realize that jersey brings very different trends or trends in their original complements the "chips". So, if the knitting patterns are emphasized fitting, then knit can be lengthy and characterized by an abundance of ruffles and drapes adorning the chest, neck, waist, sleeves. Of course, this option decor creates the effect of increasing the visual - a similar technique can benefit women who want to emphasize one of the above parts of the figure, making her accent.

We must not forget what the texture should be different those women knitted sweaters, which can famously set the tone for the coming fashion season. Their texture can be not only one color: in high esteem and are broad bands, knobs, cell. At the same time the importance of drawing attention to the convexity - relief on the jersey became one of the trends of the coming season. And it can be quite varied, because the designers paid tribute to both traditional pigtails and innovative weaves like diamonds and bumps and spectacular looking decorative lace inserts, and even in the style of Patchwork.

Separate discussion deserve the pattern: this season true that even the most interesting of them stood out too much. Time literally screaming bright prints and applications left behind - now drawing on a sweater to be impeccably elegant. That is why in fashion patterns warm, appropriate and stylish looking at the plain gray, black, beige, white jumpers.

Do not forget about the knitted accessories - for the upcoming season are original and quite spectacularly decorate quite strict and calm sweaters. Therefore girls should think about how to enrich your wardrobe with scarves, collars and scarves, rings. Their exaggerated bulk create a spectacular contrast to the emphatic elegance fitting jumpers. Also interesting will look scarves, scarves and shawls decorated with fringe or tassels - this combination always looks rich. Its stylish image can be a good complement socks and long fingerless gloves. By the way, it looks particularly impressive combination of plain slim cardigan, leggings and dressed right over the shoes or ankle boots. But this option is highlighted sexual look'a great self-confident girls who are used to conquer the hearts of men.

As you can see, there are a lot of options of what you can wear knit sweater women: the latest fashion collections of photos just prove it. Following current trends and intelligently combining sweaters with other items of clothing, the girl can really look stunning even in everyday life.

We are looking for a knitted cardigan

I have to say about buying warm clothes need to take care in any case, and it is better to buy more than one model, and multiple - choice among fashionistas downright huge. Yes, the fall of 2011 and winter 2012 these jumpers will be especially popular, because all the girls want to give preference to comfort and coziness. We advise you to choose the model, made of cashmere or fine wool, because they will be neither too hot nor cold.

Let's talk more about what must also be modern and fashionable knitted sweaters:

  • As we have said, in the coming season is to give preference warm and simultaneously subdued colors - in this case will be relevant classical white and black color shades of beige, dull pastel colors. Do not you regret it and if you choose the colors muted coral sweater, cyclamen, fuchsia.
  • The pattern can also be quite diverse: the wave of popularity will be a combination of smooth texture and large stitches and raised Irish patterns. Simple and practical, but well-chosen sweater can be a decoration of your wardrobe as everyday and working, or even output.
  • It should also be said about the collar women knitted pullovers - here, too, everything is ambiguous: in fashion will be as high neck and V-neck. The easiest and most enjoyable at the same time for any fashionista option - is to buy both of these models and put on one of them, depending on the remaining parts of the image.
  • Now let's look at the sleeves - they should be in modern sweaters? In the case of knitting patterns rather impressive look fairly short sleeves, ¾ full, or even ½ - combination gets really interesting and beautiful.

Another tip: do not be afraid to appear in light dressed in the jumper, who themselves had tied up or in a sweater, made to order. In the coming season, and the original author things will be valued especially highly - exclusive in high esteem, remember this.

We hope that our little tips were useful and no doubt now choose a fashionable sweater female 2011. This article was to help fashionistas find the model in which they are stunning to look at work in the friendly gatherings on youth party - in short, anywhere and in any situation.

 Cardigan Women's 2011: what to wear fashionistas?

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