what to wear a long skirt

The coming autumn-winter season brings to the peak of popularity of those trends that have remained unclaimed in the hot summer - to replace the bold mini maxi come. This is understandable, because the cold will soon knock at our door, so we need to be concerned not only about his bold beauty, but also the comfort and coziness. Make it help skirt maxi, ie models with much below the knee length - they will set the tone for the season 2011-2012 with stylish clothes.

Opting for a maxi very easy to explain - they bribe their versatility, simultaneously giving warmth and keeping the most comfortable feeling. But, of course, it's not just comfort: knowing what to wear a long skirt, she can create stress strict way, every detail of which will be available to talk about good taste. In the coming season will be named Max look'ov decoration of office - they would choose a woman wishing to emphasize its elegance, smooth lines and the loving grace of forms.

By the way, long skirts, there is one "secret", which is well aware of the most practical girls: they allow you to not attract the attention of the feet, and the belt of the girl. Beauty can effectively emphasize its wasp waist and make the walk interesting. Another tip: the girls will face in simply mesmerizing if she would prefer Maxi model with slits on the sides. Then while walking her legs seductively will denude - proved that such a measure in a modest display of sexually attracted to men more openness mini.

And we almost forgot to say that the maxi allowed to visually lengthen the silhouette, so they are perfect miniature girls - wearing them beauties will appear slimmer and higher.

In short, such models should be treated with all the attention, which is why in this review article we want to tell you about what to wear a long skirt autumn and winter, what style choose which accessories stop. We are going to reveal all the benefits of a maxi that you have seen once again that they buy just needed a girl, tracking the trends of modern fashion.

Styles and color maxi skirts

 fashionable long skirts, 2011 Photos

The coming season once again refutes the conventional wisdom that says that the maxi created for women aged - not at all, they will be happy to carry and young girls. Especially as a variety of popular and successful models promises to be a truly record-breaking.

Let's look at length: it can vary from shanelevskih "just below the knee" to the maximum covered with hem skirts to the floor. It is important that each of these models will be subtly fit in your wardrobe that any of them will decorate the office or Casual look'a.

Now about the variety of forms: the coming season we will meet fashionable long skirts pencil, straight and pleated models, variants with frills and ruffles. The girl will be able to choose a free or tight, flared or narrowed maxi, stacked, with drapery or cuts - yes, today really is what to choose.

The colors can also be very different, as the classic one-color and very bold motley. Fantasy designers are not limited in the choice of colors - are popular both warm and cool colors, plus, will not remain on the sidelines and black and white versions.

Today, there is nothing easier than to know what the next day will be fashionable long skirts 2011: The last European photo collections tell us about it in detail. Flight of fancy Versace and Just Cavalli, innovative solutions Max Mara and Tory Bush, bold moves Hermes and Paul & Joe - our girl is simply obliged to assess the sea of ​​options that it offers.

From what to wear a long skirt?

 fashionable long skirts

Naturally, it is important to achieve harmony of the top and bottom - only in this case are practical and popular maxi fit perfectly in a girl's closet. We want to tell you about the two "golden rules" of selection of clothing items.

If you prefer a free skirts, they should choose fitting blouses and tops - to play on such a stylish contrast to the right decision. So you make your face more elegant and refined - with such a combination of even very young girl can show that she knows how to dress elegantly, classically and tastefully.

Lush blouses and blouses - that's what to wear long skirts strict and narrower style, emphasizing every movement of the legs. With this combination of shape women will emphasize luxury and more daring - is an option for those who are confident in their own sexuality.

In addition to these two "golden rules" is still a couple of urgent recommendations that deserve your attention. So lovers of strict office style definitely need to know what to wear long skirts: photos of beauties from the podiums tell us the same stressed business top. So, will look stylish combination of Max and a close fitting jacket or blazer.

Of course, permitted and bolder options, especially if the choice falls on the girl more daring and loose skirt. For example, in the style of Casual maxi can be perfectly supplemented by the same knitted cardigan.

We select accessories

 what to wear a long skirt autumn

Each girl will need to think about buying a new handbag and belt - these two things can further decorate the stylish maxi skirt.

So, how is the belt will look great fashion long skirt 2011: The European photo collections have much to tell us about the popularity of smartly decorated belts. In the coming season is to give preference to a belt of leather and fabric, decorated with sequins, rhinestones, beads - this accessory should be visible at a glance.

But the bag is required to be neat and small - from the volume of options declined without exception designers. Designers rightly decided that gentle maiden appearance is not necessary to overload, and made emphasis on the skirt.

It is necessary to say a few words about shoes - in this case as an office, and Casual look perfectly complement the model on high heels or soles. However, it is rather arbitrary, because even the most luxurious shoes overshadowed - more importantly, what to wear a long skirt: photo collections Fendi, Missoni, Gianfranco Ferre and other design houses accentuate our attention just on belts and handbags. It is these accessories must be chosen with special care, and after it will be possible to think of the acquisition of shoes.

The designers will be pleased with us?

With strong emphasis on classic black catwalk models out Jean Paul Gaultier and Michael Kors - they make the image of a busy and confident business-woman really impeccable. We want to surprise Ralph Lauren and Philosophy - their models and apparent unusual: design houses tell us that even winter should be brightly colored. But Marc Jacobs and Yohji Yamamoto show that fashionable long skirts can be very simple and at the same time inviting and attractive - they must have a real release of the upcoming season. Elegant, delicate and graceful model, we are Richard Nicoll and Dries Van Noten - they focus on the integrity of women and act absolutely correctly.

As you can see, making stylish enough - today is not a problem to find or order a sophisticated, interesting and spectacular maxi model. We hope you will help this article, now you'll know exactly what to wear long skirts fall 2011 and winter 2012, and how they choose - be trendy!

 Fashion long skirt autumn - winter 2011-2012

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 Pilot Jacket

Talking about the popular trends and current trends have come autumn-winter season, you need to pay special attention to the upper garment, in fact it is an obligatory element of the wardrobe of any Russian beauties. First and foremost, it is the news of the pilot jackets - they can be safely attributed to the category of must have fall and winter. And all because of this comfortable and practical model even before the onset of cold weather has already become a hit of the season. This "pilot" flash in all collections of couture houses, decorating the image of a modern woman with a stern, yet stylish lines.

It is difficult to say with certainty that attracts a top garment, perhaps her courage and originality, perhaps striking combination of leather and fur. It is important that the "pilots" are popular, that with their help she will be able to subtly emphasize its impeccable taste and say that it kept pace with the latest fashion trends. So let's make a detailed review of this model, paying attention to color, shapes and combinations with other items of clothing. This will help our beauty to decide and choose the model with which it is bound to be the focus of admiring men and enthusiastic friends.

The colors and styles of jackets Pilot

 Pilot leather jacket

Let us see what trends have emerged in this field, to focus on what scale the girl:

Traditionally popular are black models, with all their exaggerated rigor and elegance for decades proven - they are perfectly combined with various kinds of fur. That is why a leather jacket female pilot will be on the wave of success - it will choose as a confident queen of men's hearts, and born prude.

This coming autumn-winter season pays tribute to the classics, highlighting the "army" model of protective colors - green and brown. They will look quite impressive and unusual, but be sure to bring in the shape of a girl Light notes retro, always attracts with its impeccable style.

But lovers of glamor and chic girl's stressed, we recommend a stop at bold and bright colors, all the more so in the coming season will be a variety of actual colors ranging from sky-blue and ending with maroon. The upcoming 2011-2012 season promises to be not only stylish, but also bright - upper clothes in your wardrobe should be chosen with this in mind.

With style, we think it is clear - any pilot jacket should be short, to the waist. And do not be afraid to buy it - choose safely: remember, it is suitable not only an avid biker and motorists, but also stressed stylish ladies, accustomed to shine in high society. Yes, the look this outerwear will be as spectacular as the luxurious fur coats or fancy, but its practicality it will give its "long" girlfriends hundred points.

Fur Jacket Pilot for lovers of chic

In the coming season to save on fur will not - fashion designer fashion houses say about this in a loud voice. Finish is really rich, and will pay equal attention to the collar, cuffs, hem. Fur jackets pilot will run as a luxurious mink or sable, and from a practical fox or rabbit. Decorating can be different, but this model is in any case will look luxurious and elegant look: it proves to us the collection of Chanel, Gucci, Acne, J.Crew. This new trend worthy presented many design houses.

Naturally, all the designer fur jacket pilot is traditionally a short, waist up, because this is her "trick" is easily recognizable at first sight. But many designers feel free to go on, presented to the women of fashion model with short sleeves - that, they also look very impressive and interesting. Combining luxury furs and minimalist lines get really attractive. That is why it is safe to say that in the autumn-winter 2011-2012 a robe girls will wear with pride and pleasure.

Leather jacket Pilot

 Pilot jacket women

Yes, ladies, walking in step with the times, will choose such models with joy. After all, the skin is always interesting and popular, it looks in any season, and at the same time strictly in style, and in the coming autumn-winter season 2011-2012 on it yet and will emphasize many design houses. So, the collections we have already presented Versace, Burberry Prorsum, Helmut Lang, and many other fashion designers - they treating us outerwear proudly occupies a central place in the shows.

By the way, the pilot leather jacket promises to be popular for years and the season - it will enjoy respect and after the passage and winter 2012.

Therefore, if you are practical and like to pick up the robe for a long time, it should give preference to the classic lines of the pointed style. Well, if you are a supporter of the bold decisions that will stay on the wave of success here and now, you are advised to give preference to models of bright colors.

As we mentioned above, the pilots can be very diverse, not necessarily black or khaki, so fashionistas really rich selection. The important thing is that all of them will be a success - it is necessary to navigate and fashionistas.

From what to wear jacket Pilot?

Here the girls quite a wide scope for choice, because we are considering a model of outerwear is appropriate to look like a Casual dress, and with the same office look'om. It is safe to experiment without fear of contrasts and different combinations - and we want to give you some interesting options:

Always stylish pants look, especially with a classic black "Pilot". Of course, in such a situation, it is important to choose the right color of pants, for harmony. To all elements of clothing combined perfectly, we recommend staying in the black, white, blue models - along with classical leather pilot jacket they perfectly accentuate your delicate taste.

Short model outerwear can be stylishly and effectively combined with shoes with high soles. Also cool will look fashionable boots or boots, stockings - along with the jacket they will help the girl effectively emphasize the elegance and grace of her slender figure.

Fashionistas you need to pay attention also to the gloves, especially if she chooses the model is trimmed with fur, and short sleeves. In this case, long gloves fit just perfectly: they can be used to focus on the delicate and subtle girlish pens, not forgetting to underline the spectacular image of a stylish woman walking in step with the fashion trends.

But you must not forget about accessories and about the same purse, because it can always choose is very important. Looking at the collection of European fashion houses, we can conclude that the bag should not be in the tone of a jacket - it needs to be in harmony with the same pants or blouse, both in the case when we choose a classic black version, and in a situation when we prefer bolder colors of clothing. As you can see, in the coming autumn-winter season 2011-2012 fashionista can effectively complement its image.

Fashion designers collection?

 Pilot fur jacket

European fashion houses promise to delight those who love to dress stylishly girls in their collections, they have presented us with a variety of interesting and stylish solutions. For ideas and "chips" Some designers just need to pay attention - so let's do it:

Always up classic - it to us in their collections are Gucci, Burberry Prorsum, Derek Lam, ADAM, and a number of other fashion designers. They are betting on the garment, remains popular for many seasons and come completely true.

This popularity will use and ultra-model pilot leather jackets women - they represent our attention Versace, Gap, Wunderkind, Elie Tahari. This outerwear looks quite safely and effectively 100% - it always attracts attention and is designed for women who love to be the center of any company.

But Blumarine and the same fashion house Burberry go even further - they do "pilots" biker, turning them into an interesting version of "black leather jackets." Many masterpieces of their clothing collection in the literal and figurative sense shine rivets and zippers, while drawing the attention of the original fringe and stylish rhinestones. Couturier Blumarine Burberry Prorsum and harmoniously combine those trends that seemingly can not simply be combined.

Wealth fur patterns we are pleased with Jeremy Scott, Gucci, J.Crew, Chanel - their jackets with short sleeves look chic and luxurious, immediately attracting attention. And, of course, this outerwear like delicate fashionable women also because it gives a warm and comfortable feeling in cold weather - with all its beauty, it is 100% practical.

Separately, we want to say about the collection of Isabel Marant, because the design house offered a very bold and this is doubly exciting solutions to our attention. For lovers of glamor exactly like its "pilots" from the original coloring under a leopard. A measure extravagant girls will be delighted with the silver model, made in the style of a disco.

Once again, looking at all these collections, it can be concluded that in the coming season will be all over the place, and emphasized the classic and original solutions in their guts. But most importantly, that all of these ideas and ideas will be devoted to "Pilot" - fashionable and interesting outerwear.

 Pilot Jacket - American Legend

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