pleated skirt

Pleated skirt come autumn has become an integral part of the fashion wardrobe. Many ladies love this model for its lightness and airiness. This skirt can not be called a novelty, she occasionally returned to fashion, but in combination with other things and new parts. The length can be any from very short to Maxi at the floor. Attention is drawn to the following point: the longer pleated skirt, the more feminine, elegant and gentle she looks. Many women and girls stopped the choice on a long pleated skirt. And there are a number of reasons:

  • This model is more versatile. Depending on the footwear, accessories and outerwear skirt can become a part of everyday life, business or evening attire.
  • It emphasizes and highlights the waist can hide imperfections profitable legs and shapes.
  • Fires generally "vertical stripes". Pleated slightly lengthens the silhouette visually makes a woman taller and slimmer.

Pleating can be small, and in some models quite large, visually similar to the crisp folds.

Colours and materials

 pleated skirt to the floor

Pleated maxi skirt looks best if it is of lightweight material: silk, crepe, chiffon. But for a stylish winter image, you can find a model of wool or Cotton. By the way, the classical print autumn-winter collection is a cell.

As for colors, there are no restrictions, it all depends on personal preference and selected image. For example, a black or gray suit for a classic version. Cool white or beige - will help you look in any style. For young girls, and the more daring fashionistas suit pleated skirt to the floor bright colors: turquoise, pink, green, purple, royal blue, red. Very popular skirt neon colors. Pastel colors give the image of tenderness and bright they say about you as a creative and daring nature. Models skirts can be self-colored or with floral print, in soft and soothing tones or bright, saturated colors.

If you want to get acquainted with this remarkable trend, as the pleated skirt, photo models with the latest collections of fashion designers can help you with this. Heath collections of Lanvin, Dsquared, Bottega Veneta, Haider Ackermann, Rochas, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tommy Hilfiger began maxi pleated skirt. This outfit emphasizes the dignity of all shapes, gives the image of elegance, slimness. Not paid attention to this model and Ukrainian designers - Lilia Pustovit and Andre Tan. They presented their work at the Ukrainian Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2011-2012.

From what to wear pleated skirt?

Long pleated skirt, in the opinion of designers and stylists, very well with surround riding: knitted sweaters and cardigans, straight jacket, loose coats, wide shirts. This combination was considered a hit of the season autumn 2011. Top things should be short, to the waist. If they are long, then as an accessory must use thin belt - this will save proportionality. Looks great so fitting top with a skirt or blouse transparent.

It is safe to play with textures. The upper part of the wardrobe can be made of any material: jersey, satin, leather, jeans, fur. It is important not to overload its trim and accessories, because all the attention is focused on the skirt.

Lilia Pustovit offers in his latest collection of pleated skirts, combined with a park that embodies the concept of sport chic.

If you do not know what to wear pleated skirt, turtleneck select. It is ideal, if you choose the right color. It will look good turtleneck, skirt matched in color, but lighter shade.

Create images

 what to wear pleated skirt

Pleated skirt in the wardrobe - very interesting field of activity. Depending on the selected components, shoes, the top of the band, you can create a completely unique way.

  • These models may vary skirt office dress code. Pleated skirt low-key colors can be worn with a blouse and jacket, with better tuck blouse and a jacket fitted to choose. Very stylish it will look neon-blue skirt with a gray turtleneck or blouse.
  • If instead of a strict blouses put on top, and instead of a jacket - a short leather jacket, we get style casual. For warm days suit vests and short sleeveless. You can also try and such a combination: a silk pleated skirt long, krupnovyazanny knits, ballerina, tote bag. Very good complements this way natural light make-up and hairstyle.
  • To create a romantic image can be used to skirt the floor combined with a fur vest or sweater large knitted cozy. Add a clutch, boots with high heels, thin strap and get a very elegant way.
  • For evening dress a chiffon or silk skirt you can add bright corset, decorated with embroidery or rhinestones. A perfect complement to this would be a brilliant addition clutch and elegant high heels. You can try out for the evening version of pastel skirt and lace top. It received very delicate and elegant image.

These images of the models try on the famous design houses. Podiums are full of bright, air, flying pleated skirts - the latest collections of photos to help you determine the style to pick up the image of accessories and shoes.

What shoes combined with a pleated skirt to the floor?

What shoes to wear pleated skirt? Pleasantly surprised that it is suitable for almost any shoes - from classic shoes to cowboy boots. It is important to combine them with other parts of the image.

Model shoes or simple sandals are ideal for business style.

Pleated skirt with topom or shirts with prints can be worn with ballet flats, sandals or any shoes to go low. Get a free walking way.

You can try to play with textures: rough ankle boots or platform sandals, knitted top, combined with a light skirt will create an interesting image. If it's cool, you can supplement the outfit leather jacket.

As accessories to the pleated skirt suitable belts. You can wear it around the waist or just below. The belt can be both thin and wide, made of leather or cloth, decorated with beads and sequins, maybe even stones. Gird itself can be a skirt or top piece wardrobe.
Remember, long pleated skirt - in itself a bright accent so overloaded parts not follow.

How to choose a skirt to the figure?

 long pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are at the peak of popularity. They are tempted by the beauty and originality of many fashionistas. But it should be noted that these skirts are not for everyone.

Pleated visually adds another dimension, so of course the most suitable high and skinny girls.

Do not despair for those who plump figure, wide hips and short legs. We need to try a few different models, most likely among the huge diversity of there skirt that is suitable to you.

Girls with lush hips straight skirt suit at the waist and pleated, starting from the hip. Owners of small stature can also choose the right model, you need only consider that the floor long skirt unlikely to decorate.

According to leading designers, pleated skirt to the floor gives the image of the incredible lightness and tenderness, femininity, and in combination with natural hair and light makeup, she looks especially harmoniously. And the fact that all ladies have made it an integral part of his wardrobe once again confirms this.

 Pleated skirt to the floor - the main trend of the season

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 Knitwear - warm and true "companion" in your life!

We have become accustomed to in our wardrobes present knitwear. It - stylish, beautiful, comfortable and convenient! They are worn to work, walking, sport and often as evening wear, if women's sweaters linked from a particularly beautiful, elegant yarn. Knitted jerseys are monochromatic, multi-color, with a pretty pattern naive, Norwegian, Scandinavian, ie the northern ornaments with colorful stripes, lace pattern or linked from melange (combination of several colors in one thread).

As the shiny thread long been used in any product, as the decor, then knitted hats, scarves, sweaters, pullovers, vests and even skirts also used decorative elements of shiny (silver, gold) threads, cords, ribbons. Knits emphasize femininity and attractiveness, they are also useful for men, and no child goes without veshchichek and knitted things from a very early age.

We are inseparable from knitwear, as of things he did not crumple and convenient to take on the road. But the favorite thing to last a long time and you feel it loose, good and pleasant, her need to care. Strength, beauty and durability knitwear depend primarily on
how we wash, rinse, dry them or stripped iron, that is, take care.

Here are 3 basic tips:

  1. Knits need to wash more often than others. Make sure that they are not too dirty, because it is often heavily polluted otstiryvaya space on this product, you can damage it.
  2. Do not wash in the washing machine knitwear, even in the most "sensitive" mode. No, even the most expensive washing machine, no substitute for your sensitive hands when washing. Hand washing should not last long. Never wash in hot water! This thing will be 2-3 size smaller!
  3. In no case can not be knitted rubbing his hands, twisting and ironing! If a knitted product after washing and drying appeared flattened, it should be only slightly to steam.

If you follow these simple guidelines, your favorite knitwear serve you long and will please you in any weather in spite of the changeable fashion!

 Knitwear - warm and true "companion" in your life!

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