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Autumn crept quietly as always. But if today many women still continue to wear skirts and dresses, with the first cold weather, most of them will switch to pants. So now is the time to take care of things suitable to cooler times of the year. Fashionable women's pants fall 2011 - an indispensable item of women's wardrobe, which is a great alternative to a light summer dresses. This kind of women's clothing has long won popularity among the female population in many countries.

Pants are loved and worn everything from toddlers and ending with the elderly ladies. This is not surprising, since many women in trousers are more convenient and comfortable than, for example, in the same skirts and dresses. Cold dank autumn without such practical things can not do none of the modern woman. What kind of pants are recommended to wear during the cold season fashion designers and famous fashion designer?

Trends of the season

Trendy Fall 2011 decided to treat female variety of styles of women's pants. Which model prepared for the ladies this time well-known brands and fashion houses? To find out, just look at the picture: Trousers for women in the latest designer collections are to suit all tastes: narrow and wide, short and long, bright saturated colors, rigorous winter colors and combines them one trait - overestimated waist. This style draws visually slim and legs, and it should please the fair sex.

The choice of styles of fashion pants this year is really an incredibly large and diverse. Which of them pay attention? This question is relevant for the majority of the fair sex on the eve of the cold season. We will try to make your task easier by providing the most current model of autumn. You just have to choose the most suitable option for the autumn wardrobe.

 Women's trousers fall 2011 photos

  • Trousers pipes

These fashionable pants stay with us for another season. The classic version of the fashion bryuchek fall of 2011 must end at the ankle. Women's pants-pipes can be found in the collections of Brioni, Vena Cava and other famous brands. Designers offer a model to wear high heels.

  • Classic style

Straight classic pants will never go out of style. This model fits perfectly for any figure and is an integral part of women's business wardrobe.

  • Tight pants

Such fashion women's pants in the fall will be more relevant than ever. Without such bryuchek not do any autumn-winter season. In addition, they so conveniently tucked into boots. This model will appeal to many girls who, because of his imperfection legs could not afford to wear too tight pants in the spring-summer season. In autumn, hide all the wrong curves can be selected using the right shoes. Tight knit pants for a stylish look with high boots. This fall you can wear them with trendy this season, boots, boots, or simply as leggings, combining with long thick knit sweater.

  • Extra wide and long pants

Maxi flared trousers, long almost to the floor - one of the most important models of the fall season of 2011. Flared can be both from the hip, and the tribe. At the height of fashion from the knee flared pants with arrows. Glamorous trousers with a high waist are perfectly combined with many things a woman's wardrobe. But they look particularly good with bright romantic blouses. And not to get dirty long pants flared rainy autumn, stylists offer to wear them with shoes in the fashion platform high heels or wedges. As an accessory, you can use a fashionable accessory this season - a thin leather strap. The main favorite autumn-winter season - wide trousers in a cage made of thick woolen cloth.

  • Pants culottes

New season - wide knee-length pants - came to us from France, where they were originally worn exclusively by men of noble origin. These trendy trousers should be worn with a massive platform shoes or heels.

  • Pajama pants with bright print

Pajama pants - another interesting trend in fashion. Such a style best suited geometric and vibrant watercolor prints. To look stylish, designers are advised to combine such a monotonous fashion pants top. With this ensemble looks great haircut "just out of the shower."

  • Shortened slacks

Wide pants long to the ankle or just above probably like those women who do not like too long a model - they especially look good on tall, slender girls.

  • Leather pants

This fall, leather stuff again climb on the pedestal of fashion. Particularly relevant for the new season, and narrowed down leather cropped trousers, which can be executed in classic black and bright colors. Most recent 2011- fall colors of red, brown and red. Because of its brightness and visibility of these pants are best combined with concise riding, for example, a white blouse.

  • Colored blocks

New fashion trend of the season - the insertion of tissue along the entire length trousers of different color or texture. Each model is good in its own way. Any of these will allow you to fashionable, stylish and perfect look at any situation.

The most fashionable colors, decoration and materials

 Fashionable women's pants fall 2011

  • Fall colors

In most cases, women's fashion pants made in soft tones of winter. The most current colors for autumn trousers - brown, chocolate, red, beige, burgundy, terracotta, khaki, black and all shades of gray, ranging from graphite and ending with a warm gray.

Most fashion brands to create their new collections decided to make them a little bit of bright colors, taken in autumn from summer: emerald green, dark red, orange, yellow, pink, bright blue, blue and others. But you can find and quite daring combinations: green with orange and orange with turquoise.

  • Actual fabric

When you create autumn models focused designers paid invoices tissues. This fall can be found in the collections of models from a variety of materials. This satin fabric with lurex knits, thick cotton, satin and patent leather, wool, tweed, a combination of cloth and leather, as well as complex fabric textures.

For the bold and stylish ladies fashion designer trousers offer metallic fabrics or materials which bear prints. For evening options - from classical brocade and velvet.

  • Decor

As a finishing in the fall of women's pants can be various tucks, embroidery, bright line, leather inserts and other decorative elements.

  • Accessories

Wearing pants, do not neglect fashion accessories this season. Braided belts, wide belts and tight chain perfectly complement your image.

From what to wear fashionable women's pants fall of 2011?

 women's pants fall 2011 winter 2012

If you are still in the search: what to wear pants female autumn 2011, photos from the last fashion show - an excellent example to follow. We, in turn, want a little make your life easier by offering the most harmonious combination of fashionable styles with the basic components of the female wardrobe.

Trousers in the classic style of the dark, neutral or pastel colors look very good in combination with a classic jumper with short close-fitting jacket and turtleneck. Wide formal trousers with arrows are best worn with narrow tops or blouses. This style pants is perfect for everyday city life, in addition, they allow you to hide minor flaws figures.

Leather pants, designers offer to wear this fall with a short sweater or jacket. Cropped pants can be worn in the fall pipes with anything. They look equally good with both lace blouses and shirts and short jackets. What sways shoes, then this model can be worn with shoes, boots and ankle boots with high heels.

Maxi flared trousers look great with a form-fitting, emphasizing the figure of a horse. Pajama pants are perfectly combined with the voluminous and warm riding: sweaters, cardigans and jackets. Tight knit pants should be worn, tucking into boots or boots. These pants, as well as the previous version, perfectly combined with surround riding, for example, a luxury winter scarf and beret.

The successful combination of any of these options in the upper part of your wardrobe will make you feminine and irresistible.

 Women's fashion trousers season autumn - winter 2011-2012

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