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Beautiful, fluffy coat of fur - the coveted object of many women. About this dress secretly dreams of each of us. Fur has always enjoyed great popularity, especially among the female half of the population, and that this season is no exception. Today, this material draws attention not only because of its warm quality, but also because of the fur coat, any woman looks very elegant, luxurious and graceful. This season, you will find cozy and stylish coats 2011-2012: photos from the past shows surprise with its elegance and variety.

Before the onset of winter there is not much time, so now is the time to take care of the replenishment of the winter wardrobe yet another fashionable and stylish gizmos that will reliably protect from the cold, and at the same time emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the female image. The more that modern assortment of fashion coats 2011-2012 allows each of us to choose a fashionable ally in the winter to your liking.

To find out exactly which coats prepared for lovely ladies famous brands and fashion designers for the new season, we propose to make a small tour behind the scenes of fashion shows. Let's take a closer look at those trends that we offers Winter 2011-2012: fur coats, photos you see, is impressive for its luxury and glamor, rich fur.

Fashionable fur winter 2011-2012: the material and color

Collection of fur coats is composed primarily of 2011-2012 models with natural fur: this season the designers abandoned artificial. And this choice was not accidental, because noble fur always looks more luxurious and expensive.

 coats 2011 2012

  • Fur 2011-2012 season can be made from the fur of various animals. However, promises to be the most popular mink, sable, fox, beaver and mutton. The length of the pile of female coats in autumn and winter can be absolutely anyone, but the hottest trend - a luxurious long fur with the original cross-hair. Try on a coat, any of the female feel like a real queen.
  • Also important in the new season, a combination of several types of fur in a single product. And in order to better be aware of these instances, we suggest you look in catalogs and fashion magazines and see how elegant and original look fashionable coats such options 2011-2012 pictured. Particularly impressive model of Mouton decorated cuffs, collar and voluminous hooded fur furry little animals others, such as fox, fox, chinchilla, sable or mink. No less interesting model, made of beaver, combined with dark mink. Also popular in the season 2011-2012 coat of fur with leather inserts. Any of these new products will impress any of the modern fashionista.
  • They remain in trend and artificial fur, which designers are actively involved in sports and teen fashion.
  • White at the peak of popularity all year round: from spring-summer 2011, he gradually moved in the autumn and winter. Coming winter snow white fox out of any competition, it is present on all winter shows in all the collections. In addition, impractical, but pretty seductive colors, the collection contains many other challenging winter blizzard bold shades, among which the most popular are a deep emerald green, bright blue and all the neon palette of tropical fruits. It also remains in high esteem and elegant classic: silver gray, brown and black.
  • Very popular coats autumn-winter 2011-2012 with animal prints. Most considered fashionable feline, tiger or fox print on arctic fox, sable and mink. This option is perfect for those girls who do not like routine and commonplace.

Fur coats for the 2011-2012 season - Length

 fashion coats 2011 2012

Finally, on the podium triumphs practicality! Fashionable women's length fur coats in winter and autumn 2011-2012 hovering around the knee. Also in the designer collections can meet a lot of interesting styles up to mid-calf. The trend continues to remain long coat up to his ankles. While on the podium this season, they are much less common than in previous years, though some fashion designers have pleased us with an excellent model of the maximum length fur coats, which are ideal for Russian winter. Truly luxurious and feminine model offers examples of women this winter Donna Karan. Models of the fashion designer coats are striking in their beauty and elegance. This dress any woman will not go unnoticed. Judging by the photos, coats winter of 2011-2012 and Chado Ralph Rucci Emporio Armani, made in this version, look pretty feminine and elegant. They will appreciate the true inhabitant of the extreme latitudes and other cold regions of our country.

Hit of the season - in short model youth style. Such an option of outer clothing not only warm in the winter cold, but also gives the female image individuality and originality. A short coat combined with narrow trousers - perfect for a woman driving a car in the cold season. This style looks good with many things a woman's wardrobe. As a complement to such models, designers offer belts and straps with beautiful buckle.

Fur Collection 2011-2012: fashion styles and models

 Winter coats 2011 2012

In the words of the modern fashion, fur 2011-2012 - is the maximum variety of styles and models. But despite this, in the autumn and winter is coming classic tailoring become the most popular. Among the presented to the public fur magnificence of the most popular are massive and voluminous styles with fairly wide sleeves, to attract attention. No less impressive look elegant form-fitting coat at the waist, which favorably emphasize all the advantages of the female figure. Fashionable fur winter 2011-2012 can be both beautiful surround collar or hood, a perfect substitute headdress, and entirely without them. Rage 2012 - fur coat, tie colorful silk ribbon instead of a belt. Most trend pattern - herringbone.

Also in the collection of fur coats 2011-2012 there was a place and retro style. Trendy motives 30s of the last century is very harmoniously fit into our modern life than unspeakably pleased admirers of antiquity. Do not lose relevance and presented in the last season coat with short sleeves. The collection of some fashion couturiers present and sufficiently unusual for women coat. For example, the brand Christian Cota has included in its new collection of models sleeveless vests in the form, with elements of the skin, as well as many other innovations that will not leave indifferent any girl.

New season - a mini coats, jackets resemble. In catalogs and on the covers of glossy magazines have appeared such fashionable fur 2011-2012, a photo like many modern women of fashion. Another original trend of the season - black chinchilla fur coat with white collar buttoned to the shirt front. This embodiment may be formed as a long and short version. Short model undoubtedly look more tempting. This fashion designers are advised to wear a fur coat with a mini skirt, because, as you know, the exposed parts of the female body much more attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

When choosing a coat, remember that this fall and winter, the subject of women's outerwear must look expensive and luxurious, "evident" in the truest sense of the word. If you are preferring a style shortened to the knee or higher, designers are advised to combine this option with bright accessories - unusual bags, leather belts and hats. With voluminous short coats are very well looked suede boots with high heels and a hat with a wide brim.

Whichever style, color, length and material you may preferring when you select, you can be confident, fashionable coat winter 2011-2012 reliably protect you from the cold, and at the same time perfectly complement your image.

 Fashion coats 2011 - 2012: main trends of the season

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 Jeans with high waist

Bulk love for jeans has led to the fact that today it is their wish to wear boys and girls, is following the fashion trends. And it is worth saying jeans will never lose its popularity, remaining stable ornaments Casual look'ov. Of course, change over time, and people's tastes, so come to the fore new or well-forgotten old tendencies.

In the 2011-2012 season the designers of European homes again draw attention to the diversity of women of fashion jeans with a high waist - the trend remains valid for several years. Therefore, it will be dedicated to him, and our review - let's see what ideas we offer modelers a wardrobe to pick this stylish garment on which the decision to stop. But first you need to refer to the constant popularity of jeans - the secret of their success, why they are in this category must have? It has several simple and clear explanation:

  • Tall jeans are designed for fashionistas of all ages - they can easily dress up as female students and women of the older generation. In any case, the article of clothing will look appropriate and, most importantly, stylish and true, so it does not get tired to fly.
  • In addition, high jeans fit perfectly into the framework of Casual style, becoming one of the most attractive bars in the daily appearance of the girl. And with the variety of models available today is not a problem and choose the option for the office, for a visit to the restaurant or theater - with them a woman can be truly stylish in any situation.
  • A detailed review of high-waisted jeans Photo collections without words tell us about the huge variety of ways of their decoration. Thus, in warm weather, were very popular model with slots, patches, holes in the knees, pockets or the pope, in the autumn-winter season will be successful versions with decorative inlays, overlays, appliques.
  • Also be sure to note that high jeans can be combined with many things, and accessories. Below we elaborate on this issue, but even now no explanation is clear that with such a girl's wardrobe fashion trend can be as rich.

As you can see, a constant high popularity of jeans is explained very easily - taking into account the above, we believe that they are simply doomed to success not only in the new, but also in the next season. That is why they will buy absolutely right decision - that sort of thing can be a stylish decoration of a girl's wardrobe for a long time.

It's all about convenience

 high-waisted jeans Photo

All the above advantages of the models is 100% true, but many girls and women choose them because of comfort that they can give. Yes, high jeans are very practical and easy to use, and here's why:

  • They help to emphasize the waist, making it thinner, really aspen - they become the choice of girls who want to add their way of enticing spice, sexuality.
  • When a woman can not boast ideal proportions, it is high jeans come to her aid. They provide an opportunity to visually reduce the waistline, they "do" girls and ladies slimmer, sleeker, lighter, airier and this is their indisputable advantage.
  • Helping to hide minor flaws girlish figure and emphasize the elegance of legs, tall jeans that give a sense of freedom for which they so highly valued. Remember, a model with a quality cut of not just look great, but also a wonderful sitting on the hips and provides ease of movement.

By focusing on the many benefits of women's jeans with a high waist, in fairness it should be noted that they are still not suitable for each shape. So just need to know how to wear them - this will be discussed below.

The colors and decor of jeans

At this important moment, we just need to pay attention, and we want to adequately illuminate it in this review. As in the case of the summer, in the autumn-winter season, the choice of the leaders of the girls will be tall jeans metallic colors as well as black and gray model. Also once again become popular classic "Varenkov", well-known even to our mothers.

It is said that in the coming season, designers have decorated high jeans, and quite rich, without being afraid of bright prints and unusual applications. Fashion houses delight girls sequins, embroidery, ethnic motifs. And the success enjoyed almost everything from Scandinavian "runes" and ending with our "Hohloma". The main thing that presented fashionable jeans looked really interesting and remained at 100% copyright. It seems that designers are guided by this principle in the process of creating collections, and we can say that they took really good solution.

Simple rules socks

The first is to pay attention to the level at which passes our waistline - it deserves attention. Remember, if the jeans sit too high, the figure seems disproportionate - such effect just need to avoid. In this situation, you can refer to the demonstration of the latest European collections, the more that their view can give us good advice.

Giorgio Armani, Phillip Lim, Ralph Lauren and many more designers suggest to us that you need to wear jeans, the top of which is at the narrowest point waist. So did fashionista 70s and, by the way, they made absolutely true, because in this way the girls worked to very stringent visual effect legs and fragile figurines. By the way, well-matched to image other clothing, for example, the same jacket or top, you can further reinforce the impression of lightness and grace of its appearance.

Of course, we must remember and about the features of your favorite body: note, high-waisted jeans are perfect girls with the figure of a triangle, rectangle, eight. But the "apple" or "pear" in them is not so great - Russian woman with such forms we would advise to pay attention to other models.

But the tall and slender girl has to pay attention to these jeans - they fit just perfect beauties. But the girls with other proportions too, do not despair, because really a lot of options - you can easily find a comfortable, beautiful and useful. For example, you can buy high jeans with loose trousers, gradually expanding downward. This model allows visually lengthen the leg and make slimmer and sleeker even very curvy girl.

Another important point: do not be afraid that this "granny" jeans - today they are chosen ladies all over the world. Yes, this looks like a piece of clothing is not only interesting and stylish but moderately sexy. After all, it is in any case gives us a clear-cut, seductive and downright sculpted waistline and hips. It is this cut is to choose the fashionable women of all ages, because when properly worn the fair sex will forget about the shortcomings of the figure and will be able to once again emphasize the dignity of the elegant and beautiful legs.

Pick up clothes

 women's jeans with high waist

Of course, with only one thing, even the most fashionable, it is impossible to create a full stylish image - it must be harmoniously combined with other elements of clothing. This truth is valid in the case when our focus high jeans - they can and must be combined with a variety of outerwear, shoes and accessories. That is why this section of our review is dedicated to creating a harmonious image of a stylish and self-confident beauty.

So, ladies choice, closely tracking the latest European trends, steel with high-waisted jeans: what to wear with them?

First of all, let's turn our attention to the robe, because it is from it largely depends on how stylish, sophisticated and modern appearance is created.

  • If we talk about the so-called "no exit" wardrobe, pick up, well, for example, for a friendly get-togethers, or reception, and are perfect for those options that are relevant in the summer. Thus, the high home jeans are perfectly combined with short tops, tank tops, boxers, and even simply "men's shirts" in the cell.
  • Well, for the publication of the perfect fur clothing: the same short little jackets and vests will help to create a stylish ensemble emphasized. However, it will be high jeans decoration wardrobe beauties with perfect good taste, accustomed to attention from men.
  • Of course, we need to think not only of the theaters, restaurants and parties, but also about everyday life - you need to pick up quite trendy, but the extent of a serious wardrobe for work. And in this case, high jeans benefit, because they can be elegantly combined with knitted sweaters, pullovers, cardigans - in the coming season it will be a classic Casual.

Now let's look at the shoes - everything is simple and clear. Correct choice will be a model with a heel, platform, high-rise. Please note, better to give preference to not thin heels, and something more massive and thoroughly. It is in such a case, shoes helps visually enlarge the length of the legs and make your figure slimmer, sleeker and lighter.

Go to the accessories, especially because there is a very important point, which should be guided in the selection of high-waisted jeans: what to wear with them, how to choose a handbag or hat in the coming autumn-winter season? Quickly walking up to the trends suggested by venerable designers, we'll answer this question right now.

From fashion jewelry girl is sure to get a wide belt - it will perfectly complement the high jeans. Another interesting solution - to decorate your image suspenders, but it is to say that such a combination is suitable only to the extent of an extraordinary and extravagant girls. But sunglasses should be chosen carefully - yes, they remain valid even in autumn and winter, but are not a must shape fashionista.

Now headdresses: here is our advice - be bold and fun to wear caps, scarves, berets, and even pots and extravagant hats, in fact they can be included in the image of a couple of interesting notes. Just do not forget about neckerchiefs or scarves - they too will be a wonderful complement the stylish image of the elegant woman.

About bags special subject: in principle, the current will be very many models, so you need to choose is, as they say, on the situation. If you are going to a disco or a party - bring your clutch, if hired, a business meeting or to visit - average or big bag. By the way, in this case, the choice needs to be done on the basis of the figure: high volume models girls suit, and fragile - miniature.

Fashion Collection

 jeans with a high waist what to wear

His view on the described trend showed us many fashion houses, and generally there have been two trends. Earlier we talked about the fact that the high premium jeans decorated with rich, just started to march to the party, or to visit the club. But not less popular and have stressed strict model more suitable for the job. So let's see who is in the collections opted Casual style, and who - a spectacular and shocking.

  • Interesting and somewhere even luxurious solutions to our attention are Alexander Wang, Giorgio Armani, Richard Nicoll, Ralph Lauren - they give us these women's jeans with a high waist, which become elements of a spectacular evening wardrobe. In these models, designers emphasis on individuality and originality - that they attract girls.
  • But admirers of more formal and strict style we would advise to pay attention to the collection of Yves Saint Laurent, Margaret Howell, Chloe - they obey all the rules stressed look'ov office. Fashion tell us how these jeans elegant fashion combined with blouses, turtlenecks, blazers, helping to create an image of business and self-confident beauty.

Be sure to tell you that it is a model in high favor with the world celebrities. So, for example, we are discussing jeans throughout the season appeared in public J. Lo and Katie Holmes - recognized fashionista, proven stars with impeccable taste. In summer, they combined the model with T-shirts and tops, autumn and winter, they offer us new stylish options - in this we are sure.

Our review comes to an end, and we want to give a final recommendation to the girls, confused and not knowing what kind to buy jeans with a high waist: photo collections, video shows, our humble advice - all these are your helpers in the selection. Discover described us fashion trends closer - they deserve your attention.

 How to choose a trendy jeans with a high waist

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