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Selectable girl clothes and accessories not only reflect her style and taste as mainly talk about its individuality and self-expression as an individual. The phrase "I have nothing to wear! "I have long been the standard for virtually every replica of a young woman in the revision of the old wardrobe. And no matter what your wardrobe is already clogged up to the top, and all the pairs of shoes counted unreal! Buying clothes indiscriminately easily lead it to such a state. For a stylish girl to be important not only to the number of buy clothes, but quality items of clothing, as well as their compatibility with its unique style. Coming up with your image, each girl tries to attach a drop of his soul, and no one wants to find his double in the street.

However, there are some items of clothing and accessories that are sorely needed every one of us. Basic wardrobe stylish girl should contain practical, simple and comfortable items. Your imagination will create unimaginable number of combinations of simple items of clothing. In short, the ideal woman must be in the closet some classic (and not only!) Things at any time to help in the selection of an image.

 basic wardrobe a stylish girl

Basic clothing items

Classics of the genre - pants and jacket

Especially popular are the strict business suits, stitched in men's style. This is a very successful model that allow young women and girls to look stylish and businesslike. At the same time a great element that can accentuate your femininity, will be flying blouse or knit tops. White shirt that will suit for formal negotiations or purely business meetings.


The basic wardrobe of a modern young lady is impossible to imagine without this garment. Particularly relevant in this case styles, reminiscent of a pencil or a trapezoid. As for the length, the business etiquette dictates the medium variant - 10 cm above or below the knee. But if there are, where you work or study, requirements for clothing for women loyal, guided by the length, which feel most comfortable (within reason, of course).


This is an indispensable thing in any woman's wardrobe. But to dress sat on you a good hiding minor flaws and emphasizing the main advantages, the choice needs to be tailored to suit your figure. In the opposite case, it will disappoint you and just do not add confidence. So, here are the basic guidelines for choosing the most feminine garment.

  • Dress-case: it perfectly underlines chiseled shoulders and a narrow waist.
  • Dress-Keystone: This model is ideal for owners of lush hips.
  • Dress-tulip: the young women and girls who have broad shoulders slightly and, on the contrary, narrow hips, you should pay attention on it.
  • Knitted Dress: undoubtedly, very convenient and practical to wear models from this tissue. But do not forget that they are often able to present your figure in the least favorable light, so pay special attention to their choice.
  • Little Black Dress: number one at all times and in all countries. It has become an indispensable companion for any travel. Every girl, wearing such a thing as a magnet for attention. The little black dress has long been a benchmark of style. You can wear it in combination with certain elements and jewels (scarf, brooch, hat, cape, jacket and other accessories), and in particular the ensemble.

Strict white shirt or blouse romantic?

Of course, in your wardrobe should be present both options: the first is ideal for business meetings, and the second beneficial underline your delicate and feminine style. When buying these clothes, pay attention to the composition of products, give preference to natural fabrics. For such things requires careful and accurate care. To a bright white color gradually turning into a dirty gray, add a little bit when washing bleaching agents.


This garment is not for nothing that at the peak of popularity for several years in a row. It is so comfortable and so goes well with almost all things in the locker room, that is a must every stylish woman. In addition, multi-cardigan - it is an excellent basis for the now popular layering.

Trench coats and

These things are universal and suitable for all women, without exception. They are relevant both with jeans or a business suit and skirt. Choose the classic model of medium length, avoid aggressive colors and prints. It looks spectacular also long quilted coat, which emphasized the waist belt. Elegance and simplicity - that it should be guided when buying clothing.

Nice additions


One pair of trousers will never be enough. Practical fitting jeans will always look sexy. The most important is choosing the right size. Remember, they are almost always stretched. Be sure to consider this when buying. Jeans can be combined safely with strict jacket and shirt. Because your image will not only be a very convenient and practical, but also elegant.


It can be long or short sleeves, it most suitable color - white. T-shirt is perfect for creating unpretentious everyday images, such as in combination with jeans or other pants. If you obuete comfortable moccasins, you can comfortably stroll through the evening city in the company of friends and sit in a cozy cafe, enjoying the peace and ease.

Sport suit

If you belong to the category is active women, you are required to have in her closet tracksuit. It may not be particularly expensive - it is important to the quality of this stuff. Do not buy it also glamorous option. You'll look at it silly and out of place if, for example, go for a walk with the dog, or the nearest store. Prefer low-key colors from the model restrained pleasant fabric.

 nice basic wardrobe girl

Shoes & Accessories


As you know, the main thing in any form of a young woman - shoes and hairstyle. About hair are not going to write, because the article on the wardrobe, so touch on the shoes. And it, according to the majority of women, never in excess. So, when it comes to shoes, their best to have at least three pairs. Classical model, ideal for the business image and more comfortable on a low heel is suitable for walks and social events, and beautiful shoes with unusual finishes in handy for a celebration.

With regard to transition and winter shoes, they must be two pairs. This is great if only because you always manage to time to dry wet shoes, without thinking about the problem of what to wear on your feet tomorrow. Young women can not do without a pair of sports shoes and comfortable moccasins. The same can be said about the sandals they really help out on a hot summer day and give ease to your outfit.

Bags and belts

Bags woman needs at least three. One is required for trips to work or study, the second well fit into the rest of the ensemble, and the third, in the form of a clutch, will be an excellent complement a beautiful evening dress. Well, if your bags are made of genuine leather and have quality fittings. This will make your look stylish and expensive.

As for the belt, it is possible to do only two: one in black leather, will complement a business suit, and another interesting and original, will suit to jeans and blouses, tunics. To complete the image of the scarf to help. After all, it is not only useful in severe frosts, but will be able to transform even the most familiar and boring outfit. Knitted Snudy quickly liked fashionistas and fashionistas of all ages. They can be successfully combined with both the outer clothing (coats and cloaks) and a light blouse.

Here, perhaps, and all the basic elements that can be considered basic for the fashionable wardrobe of young women. Remember - choosing the next new thing in the store, you should first of all think, and whether it can successfully be combined with the existing toilet. After all, the style - it's not overloaded with precious things closet, and the variety of images that you create with the help of simple and always appropriate clothes.

 Basic wardrobe girl: look for simplicity in style

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 Business dress

This year, almost all well-known brands - Valentino, Burberry, Versace and many others - have included in their collection such a unique thing as a black business dress. This variant of women's clothing, which is an essential part of a business woman's wardrobe, is appropriate not only for a business meeting or in the office, it is perfect for a secular party or date.

The main trend of the season - business dress simple cut. This autumn and winter the most popular classic length - up to the knee. In fashion narrowed down model made of heavy matt fabrics with a minimum of decoration. In 2011-2012, the collections you can find a lot of options with drapes and flounces.

Design your own business style: the choice of office dress

Mystery and wisdom of wearing business style, which we will introduce you now, will help many women look elegant and charming, attractive and sexy, without breaking the office dress code.

 Business dress

Recent models and styles:

When forming a business wardrobe notice the famous dress-holder, which enjoyed immense popularity in the 30s of the last century. This modest, incredibly stylish and at the same time official business dress slim silhouette, with no sleeves and collar, with an emphasis on the waist. This model is primarily intended for a cocktail, but modern women around the world are happy to dress classic case for business meetings and to work in the office. This style is able to emphasize individuality and femininity of any business woman. In addition to the straight cut in the collections of the year presented a number of interesting models fall and winter dresses, from which you can choose the best option for the office.

The main thing in choosing - to comply with the style, the closed zone and the desired length of chest.

 business style dresses

Color range:

For office dresses are also important colors and shades. Prerequisite - business dress should be monochromatic, mixing more than two colors in the office simply unacceptable options. The main colors for women's business suits - black, white, champagne and ivory, gray, light brown, red, blue and green.

Materials and accessories:

The fabrics used for tailoring business women's clothing options this year, can be very diverse, ranging from silk and wool finishing, depending on the season. As for jewelry, they should not be too much. Pick up accessories should be carefully, thinking through all the details. Business style dresses look great with pearls, large and small earrings rings. Also relevant in business style exquisite brooches. Any decoration, chosen as a supplement to a business suit, should not only harmonize with the dress, but also complement you created the image of a business woman.

 Business dress - the basis of a business woman's wardrobe

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