Parks jackets women

Fashion Fall-Winter 2011/2012 offers to indulge in comfort and still be feminine and elegant in any weather. This season on the podium, along with sophisticated coats and trench coats, designers offer a warm and practical quilted jackets parks female. These models surely will appeal to lovers of comfortable, practical clothes for long walks on cold days.

Classic Park

Initially jackets Parks appeared in the fashion collections of 60-ties, embodying the idea of ​​simplicity and minimalism .  It was elongated jackets, along the entire length zippered .  Mandatory elements were kuliske, pulls together at the waist, sleeves and bottom edge with the help of lace .  To shelter from the cold wind, hooded model supplemented with fur trim .  And because such a model were to be the most practical, the designers have added a lot of pockets: overhead and hidden, internal and external .  In a certain number of pockets you can put virtually anything would be useful for a walk .  These jackets quickly assessed the young, and they have become an essential attribute of street fashion .  These models are now very popular, so the fashion houses do not deny its customers and offer simple and cozy parks in compliance with all the rules of classical cut - they can be found in the collections of Burberry and Girbaud .

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Luxury in every detail

This season, designers have tried to make luxury even such seemingly simple jackets as parks. They are decorated with different shaped buttons and buckles the waist decorated with wide belts - all this makes the models more feminine silhouettes and relaxed. The favorite winter collections are furs, which are not only used as a trim hood, but as a base material. For example, in the collection of Alexander MacQueen Park presents coats from rabbit fur inside. Models with a fur lining of the mink are represented in the collection of Gaultier, and Iceberg pleased its customers drab wool park, lined with magnificent fox fur. But for the most sophisticated fashionistas this season offers finishing chinchilla, fox and more expensive long-haired furs.

  For the most courageous

The traditional colors for parkas considered khaki, gray and beige shades. But if you're confident person and want to stand out from the crowd on the background of gray cold days, you probably fit more saturated colors. This season, there are no limits in color are acceptable, even the craziest colors: orange, sky blue, all shades of fuchsia.

Breaking all canons of classic jackets parkas, the upcoming season does not adhere to even the standard length (just above the knees), offering fashionable women short version. Of course, such models are more suitable for the adherents of sport style. If you are one of them, then you just need to buy women's coat park from the collections Sportmax or D & G.

 women's jackets and parks

For glamorous and flirtatious lady

Do not forget about the girls and designers who give their preference glamorous style. In the collections of many fashion houses slip model of shiny flowing fabrics with iridescent buttons and bows on the pockets. The hoods are transformed into wide collar with ruffles and drapes different. Often used wide sleeves flounces, tightened on the hand with the help of satin ribbons. All these elements make the jacket ideal for parks flirtatious, glamorous ladies who used to reside in the limelight.

Selection of fabric

Jackets parks have appeared thanks to the peoples of the North, they served only to protect against strong winds and severe frosts. Therefore, for the manufacture of thick waterproof materials used, ie hides and skins. Naturally, in the collections of contemporary designers such materials are not used.

For classical models selected hardier practical fabric, making these jackets do not lose their protective functions for a long time. Water repellent synthetic fabrics have a nylon or cotton yarn with special impregnation. The most modern materials, which make the jacket more hardy, are membrane tissue. Now use a variety of technologies for the manufacture of such fabrics, each brand has its own nuances and peculiarities. The main advantage of these fabrics is that the outside fabric is absolutely impermeable to water, but your skin is in such clothes can "breathe."

But the fashion world did not limit itself to the selection and, as always, is committed to experiment with the choice of fabrics. For example, Girbaud and DSquared offer quilted cotton tight, D & G and Fendi as a basis use various synthetic materials, allowing them to get interesting play, glare and color chameleon. Ungaro offers a collection of parkas in soft natural suede and Strenesse Gabriele Strehle is used to create models of their skin lacquer, which does not lose relevance in the autumn 2011 - winter 2012.

 Parks jackets women

From what to wear parks?

In the original form of women's jackets and parks are more suited to create the style of Casual and Military. Therefore, they fit perfectly into your everyday wardrobe with skinny jeans, pants-pipes kottonovymi or leggings. Regarding shoes - much like a combination parkas with shoes without heels on the type of Ugg.

Fashion Season 2012 dictates no rigid framework, designers are advised to move away from established traditions Parks and wear with almost any clothing. The variety of models allows you to wear them with long knitted dresses, leggings, colored tights or stockings with leather. Democratic European fashion allows even combine them with mini skirts and denim shorts. For a more elegant and feminine models parkas are perfect for boots with a rounded nose on a broad-heeled shoes or boots, boots.

Bestsellers 2012 season

The undoubted hit of the season will be long, luxurious coat with a fur lining parks with luxurious, bourgeois ruffles fur. It is a choice of strong willed women, imitating the image of the Snow Queen. Undoubtedly, such a model will be presented to owners of its luxurious look and will definitely not freeze even in the coldest weather.

New this season can be called unique experiments on combining parks and ponchos, the results of which are represented in the collections of Alexander Wang and Altuzarra.

A wide selection of parkas in shows the most famous fashion houses can only talk about one thing - in every fashionista's wardrobe this season certainly will be at least one of these models. Moreover, a variety of models will allow you to wear such a thing no matter who you are: a student, a housewife or a businesswoman.

 Parks Jackets women - fashion trends

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 Choose an outfit for Sunday lunch

Quite difficult to find formal attire for Sunday lunch. I want to relax a little and not very much to look strictly at the same time the suit should fit the occasion. One of my favorite outfits for this event is chiffon jacket.

I believe that for lunch chiffon - this is the most suitable option, because unlike other fabrics it is light, flowing and yet stylish. You do not have to worry about their attire as chiffon clothes look very elegant and expensive.

A friend of mine recently put on this jacket with a pink chiffon pleated dress from sharmeza. This color is perfect for daytime activities, and self sleeveless dress. So if you gather a stroll in the garden, you can simply remove the jacket. It can be combined with a touch of elegance boots or ankle boots, but the best course to pick up shoes.

You can also create a set of diamond stamp chiffon pleating and shiny sleeveless dress. Along the hem are vertical insertion. V-neck jacket adorned with magnificent buttons. A length sleeves in three quarters to help cover up his hands, if necessary. Multilayer, jagged edges make the figure more slender. Dress length just below the knee is perfect for both day trips and for an official lunch.

Here are some tips that will help you choose an outfit for formal Sunday lunch:

  • Remember that regardless of whether a traditional lunch "at the table" or in the form of a buffet lunch, your dress must necessarily cover the knees.
  • Sleeveless dress will look more elegant if its complement Schrage or light scarf.
  • Do not overload the outfit accessories, especially if the dress is already decorated with crystals and stones.
 Choose an outfit for Sunday lunch