Swimwear - what to sunbathe

In the life of every woman has her secrets, and the real Lovelace argued that most mysteries connected with the wardrobe. If, for example, look at the ladies on the street, you'll find that each of them has their own tastes and preferences. For example, someone more like it when a high heel, and some prefer to wear sneakers. There is a girl with a fondness for tight skirts and pants in addition to other nothing. Of course, often associated with the figure of preference, namely with its flaws, it is through clothes manage to hide them. But sometimes the choice of a woman in no way motivated. This is especially evident in the beach fashion. Notice is least likely to be found the same swimsuits, and a variety of hats so widespread that in the eyes and is full of colors.

Generally, beach fashion - a very relative concept, because often buy a swimsuit or just for a year or a few years. For example, if you analyze the range of stores that sell women's clothing wholesale in Novosibirsk, it would appear that the bikinis and shorts are generally cheap. Researchers have long noticed that if bathing suits make inexpensive, then the next year, a woman is likely to come after the new same goods when they are expensive, they are not buying for one year and not two, but it is not profitable to clothing manufacturers.

As for swimwear, it should be guided not only on the value of goods, but also on its design. Designers say that it is very important color such as gray goes well with white and lime - raspberry. Also enjoying success bright coloring when swimsuit dazzles like a parrot's feathers, thus creating the present the festive mood.

Today, we can count a dozen firm that sells wholesale dresses in Novosibirsk. And certainly among summer collections will feature a pair. Today it is an essential element of beach wardrobe. Apparel, resembling a cape does not restrict movement, protects the skin from burning and allows it to breathe. One hand movement pareos can throw with his body, substituting its gentle rays of the sun. Done sunbathing - quickly threw pareo over - simply and conveniently.

Many designers believe that the summer of 2011 will be dominated by the color pink. On the Internet, there is an interesting article where just talk about these trends and that are still relevant various geometric patterns and floral arrangements.

 Swimwear - what to sunbathe?

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 Rare Halloween costumes for women

If you are looking for where to buy a Halloween costume for a girl, but not banal devils, schoolgirl or an angel, but someone edakogo - the online shop «Kostumy-Na-Hellouin.Ru» offers you a rare set from 1, 000. In our catalog you will find the 69 costumes, many of which will please even the most "advanced" club party girl. We have selected them based on the ratings of these fashion magazines like GQ, Men's Health, Cosmo, Fashion Collection and Burda.

What Halloween costume you can still surprise

Nurse, vampire, Schoolgirl, waitress and Angel - these costumes have long been a classic of the genre. Choose any of them, you are guaranteed to pass the dress code will merge with the club scene. But the whole drive from the Halloween not to merge with the total weight, and to stand out from it. And "normal" costume there is unlikely to help.

Especially for those who like all the most unusual and original online store «Kostumy-Na-Hellouin.Ru» selected very bright and interesting, but at the same time, rare costumes for Halloween - from sexual Bees and queen of hearts to the majestic Queen and inimitable Sweet strawberries .

Why do we stay shop №1 costume for Halloween

Every year we add to our range of new and new fancy Halloween costumes are not only stylish and colorful look at a party on the eve of All Saints' Day, but is of high quality. And if a few years ago we started with only 20-30 costumes, now in our catalog of nearly 70 models for the price of 1, 000.

In the first place we put the professional service and friendly attitude to customers, so:

  • You can order the suit not only through the online store, but also by phone from 10:00 until 20:00 on weekdays.
  • We offer complete ensembles (costume + accessories) from 1, 000.
  • In Moscow (within the Moscow Ring Road) we deliver FREE costumes.
  • In any other region of Russia, we offer two delivery options: Mail of Russia (7-14 days) and express service (3-7 days).
  • Payment by cash on delivery (for the regions) or in person to the courier (for Moscow) after receipt of order "at hand."
  • If you have any claims on quality, you can return the suit within 14 days of purchase in accordance with the law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.

But the main thing - it is the high quality of all the costumes, which are presented in the online store «Kostumy-Na-Hellouin.Ru». All models are ordered on a proven factory, which has already earned a reputation as a reliable and professional supplier. Moreover, before you send your order to our customers, we further check the quality of the fabric, the seams and threads. As a result, many of the girls who bought the costumes in the «Kostumy-Na-Hellouin.Ru» a year ago, are turning to us again before next Halloween. They are confident in our quality, low prices and a professional approach to work.

How not to be mistaken with the size of the costume for Halloween

The perfect costume for Halloween - the one that sits on your figure like a glove. And if ordinary clothing store you can try on and immediately assess the "fit or not," the online store can only see the image. However, if you know your exact size, any problems with the selection of suit or dress will not. In Russia, as the main parameter is putting his chest, and in some cases - putting the hips and waist.

To learn how to properly measure its "parameters" - read useful article on the store page www.kostumy-na-hellouin.ru.

 Rare Halloween costumes for women

 Show me your watch

The nature of man can tell not only his actions and behavior. About him tell his addiction to food, his friends, and clothing. Many can tell and watch. After all, if you can dress how to show and hide, and the status of a person, his character, the purpose of wristwatches have to create an image of a successful person.

Synonymous with success in the modern world is, of course, Swiss watches on the wrist men and women. They show a high level of income and financial independence, thereby defining social status.

In our country, at some time ceased to be popular watches, due to various factors, one of which was the presence of an electronic board at the time of household and office equipment. Today, more people began to wear wristwatches that clearly explain their respective owners.

And because these branded watches available to very few, the others prefer to copies of Swiss watches. Although it is worth to pay tribute to the producers of copies - a high-quality products designed for different thickness purse.

About active lifestyles tell replica watches Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Juan Pablo Montoya. This watch "Skeleton Chronograph" captures a variety of sporting achievements.

Business man describe watches Audemars Millenary Riguet in the dial which dominate minute clock, which of course enjoy the true connoisseurs of the time.

A feature of women's watches is their versatility and because business woman and a woman of art with pleasure will put women's series Riguet Audemars Millenary. Most copies of women's watches, unlike men, are executed in different time solutions. Ka just this moment and talk about the difference between the characters. For a business style is characterized by a strict and restrained tones of white, black, brown, gray, silver. For a girl romantic soul more colorful suit and bright colors, including white, pink, blue, yellow, green and other colors.

Copies Rado talk about the progressive tendencies of the owner, seeking at any cost to achieve this goal. Copies of the Vacheron Constantin located on the wrists of active people who play sports and love to travel the world.

Watches indicate the propensity of man to punctuality, precision, rigor and ability to plan their own time.

 Show me your watch

 Check clothing catalogs

Clothing catalogs have almost a century of history in the world, but in Russia it is even beginning to emerge .  The first clothing catalogs in our country appeared in the 90s, as well as all the innovations in market relations, but the most famous yet gained popularity much later - after all, it was necessary to win the trust of consumers, especially as the Russian buyer - especially to Russia progress in this area always comes a little slower .  A little later came to replace catalogs online stores, some of which overlap with paper catalogs, representing them in the same firm, while others are multi-brand .  However, despite the extensive development of the Internet among buyers at the moment, we can not say that has outlived its paper catalog .  It is used sometimes as a vivid illustration for repeat sales, we know that customers like to touch the product, touch, if not in the store, then at least on paper catalog .  Well, again, the paper catalog is available for all, and though the Internet and have the majority, but not all .  Thus, even if you make an order for online shopping, many companies and websites put you in the order illustrated magazine with new collections, special offers and promotions .

At the same time the catalog often replaces the word "collection". Therefore, if you choose the clothes on the website of the manufacturer, the supplier or an authorized dealer, you can meet both names, which essentially means the same thing - the choice of models for various indications. Thus, the differences may be held on the brand name, country of manufacture and other criteria. It looks like this: a catalog of clothing - Poland, USA, France, Italy and so on.. In addition, classification of clothes on some sites can be made by parameters such as color, style, name, age, body type, purpose, growth, Price and others.

Also, as a rule, there is a special section with discounts and sales, site search and reviews, and issue the purchase itself is very easy - you just put the goods in a basket after selecting the color, size and number of products. And if there is any doubt in their dimensions, most stores are referred to the dimensional grid in a virtual dressing room. But if you look at wholesale sites with fashionable women's clothing, be prepared for the fact that retail buyers they work infrequently. You have to be registered at least as IP, to provide documents and collect products in the designated wholesaler minimum amount.

 Check clothing catalogs