Women's handbags for every day

Bags - a very important accessory for women. And most women have them not one, but several. They are matched to shoes, clothes, a leather women's belts and other accessories. They are bought depending on the price and style for one season or for several years. But whatever the case, it should always be beautiful, stylish and, of course, comfortable.

Most often, women are opting for everyday use one or two universal modeling roomy, dull leather or Colour Options, ie of those materials, easily maintained, to always look neat .  Casual leather bags are usually classical shapes and dark colors .  They can be black, brown, burgundy or combine several colors .  Bags for each day are very practical, but somewhat boring, since they have only a small trim .  It may be buckles, rivets, glass ornaments, fringes .  And if a woman seems to be that the bag she bought by visiting the online store leather bags, does not look too interesting, it can supplement it with your own decorations .  As the original decorations are perfect thin chiffon scarves, metal or silver chains, a variety of brooches, a string of beads made of plastic or wood .  Create from existing or acquired decorative materials the original pattern, you can make a bag extravagant and unusual .  And you can not be afraid that some woman will be exactly the same model .

But not all the daily bag need extra decorations. Any woman have to be a bag in a simple style. That which can not only wear to work, but also to bring to the important business meetings. It must be expensive, made of natural leather without elaborate decoration, but with several compartments for documents and necessary things. The ideal option would be to buy a thing known brand, it is guaranteed to last a long time.

Strict model of classical forms no changes each season. Therefore, when buying it is not worth saving. For those who want to buy an expensive model at a discounted price, there is a great option - to buy something in wholesale stores selling and retail. And then in the store, which offers Italian handbags wholesale, you can buy one thing, but its value will be the same as the cost of products at the wholesale purchase. Casual ladies handbag is probably the most necessary thing for a woman. After all, she takes it with him whenever leaving home. Therefore bag every day should be a very good quality and look presentable, because it is one of the most important accessories that create the style and image of women.

 Women's handbags for every day

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 Silver pendant - a small detail that can change the face of women

The chain can be only one, and a lot of suspensions - that's a great recipe for women's jewelry for all occasions. A variety of jewelry pendants can decorate not only the neck chains, but also bracelets and even earrings. They can be changed depending on the color of the dress, accompanying jewelry, events or just the mood.

There are several unspoken rules that must be followed when wearing jewelry pendants. Consider the most important of them.

1. Moderation - a sign of style
The maximum allowable simultaneous wearing pendants of three. But it is better if in the chain will be used only one or two pendant silver pendants, when it comes to earrings. On the bracelet can be positioned and three.

2. Large stones are not for young people
Silver Pendants with large stones are not suitable to young ladies. But the older a woman gets, the more it suited jewelry with large stones, and the more they emphasize its beauty.

3. For evening dresses jewelry pendants or necklaces are required
If the dress is already bright and full of small details, you should choose a modest classic pendants. But the plain black dress, and especially should be complemented by a bright showy ornament.

4. Pick up silver pendants addition to taking into account the need of his style
For romantic dresses should choose classic pendants with flowers, natural stones. For eye-catching and bold outfits suitable products with strict geometry and an abundance of zircon.

5. My dear outfit - expensive accessories
In no case can not be combined outfits from expensive fabrics with cheap jewelry. But if you use gold diamond jewelry, it can also be a bust. It is best suited for such situations silver jewelry pendants with natural stones or without them.

6. Minimalism - a sign of good taste
If the dress is very strict, it is supplemented by a pendant with geometric patterns of simple shape. Invalid excessive shine, but it is possible in the presence of natural stone pendant neutral color.

7. Suspension can make a set with a ring
To set for such decoration can be worn like a ring. But with the earrings do not. Acceptable combination of suspension of silver, located on the bracelet with earrings. But this should be no necklace.

8. For business meetings - only neutral
Pendants and pendants made of silver with the image of the zodiac signs, symbols of worship, as well as other "talking" ornament unacceptable in business meetings. It is better to give preference to neutral and not too catchy options.

It can be concluded that silver pendants does not happen much. These decorations give the woman the opportunity to diversify your wardrobe. At the same time, you can even change the location of their pendants. Often very profitable to buy a necklace instead of a single thin silver chain and a number of different suspensions to it.

 Silver Pendant - components will change the face of women

 Perfectly matched the dress adorn any shape

Visiting online clothing boutique, you risk to buy a model, it is not suitable for you. Every person deserves to wear beautiful and perfect for his figure thing. Let's talk about how to buy an evening dress. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the physique. The ideal is that which corresponds to the principle of the golden section. That is, measure the length from waist to floor and from the top of the head to the waist, the best figure would have a ratio of 3: 5, 5: 8 or 8:13. But if your proportions are far from ideal, it is absolutely nothing. Well-chosen model will hide any flaws and flaunt dignity of the figure.

Evening dress, including Leo Guy, can refer to two main types: slim silhouette (a dress emphasizes the perfect figure), "Princess" - visually makes the figure is close to the ideal, seams and extending to the bottom contribute to this, however, a type of dress does not fit full girls. The main burden of the formation of the beauty of your figure type carries arms, waist height and neckline. Gorlovina- "boat" visually expand the shoulders and draw attention to the graceful curve of the neck. Oval neckline - it is for the slender woman. The elongated cutout "pull" full short neck. But the heart-notch conceals breast volume. The destiny of an elongated V-neck - to serve the ladies with broad shoulders.

For visual narrowing of the upper body can wear vtachnoy sleeves with armholes or flattened sleeve raglan. But if you need to hide the narrow shoulders, vtachnoy suit sleeve with a bulk head or single cut.

This is followed to determine the reason for the exit in evening dress. This can be a solemn graduation or leaving the child with her husband in a restaurant, a reception with the Queen of England, in the end. It is important to feel natural, especially for the ladies, who all his life wore trousers, and suddenly one event decided to wear a dress. Now you can find great pants ensemble for any occasion. Yes! And another important point: your companion. The ideal would be a combination of your clothes or a sharp contrast.

 Perfectly matched the dress adorn any shape

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 Women's sweaters

For many modern women beginning of a new season - a reason to upgrade your style. What things should pay attention first and foremost to be dressed fashionable this fall and winter? In the autumn-winter wardrobe of every self-respecting girl in addition to trousers, skirts, dresses and other fashionable and stylish veshchichek, as though it may sound trite, must necessarily be present warm women's sweater.

Yes, yes, do not be surprised! Even the most ordinary women sweater in the season autumn-winter of this year could be the main highlight of your image. This item of women's clothing is so convenient and popular that many designers in creating their new collections have given him no less attention than, for example, evening dresses.

Prior to the onset of cold weather remains very little time, so now is the time to think about purchasing the most suitable for winter sweaters, and better than one, but several different models of sweaters. Each year, designers have pampered the fair half of mankind with their innovations. That season autumn-winter 2011-2012 year was no exception. What are women's sweater fashion couturiers offer us this time?

The most current model of the new season

So what model of women's sweaters in store for the lovely ladies famous brands and fashion houses? This season, their range is very large and diverse than ever before, therefore represented a variety will satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated fashionistas. And pick up a version for each day there is no trouble. Which ones are most relevant to the autumn cold and harsh winter?

When you upgrade a winter wardrobe stylists advise to pay attention to the essential in cold rainy weather warm sweater female varieties:

  1. Long and loose pullovers and cardigans. These models are very well combined with many things. For example, they are very well look like a narrowed trousers and a classic pencil skirt. In addition, long cardigan has many advantages. Besides the fact that it can be worn as an outer garment, he is still able to visually draw the figure, making it slimmer and more attractive. Hit of the season - a la sleeves "bat".
  2. Cardigan with three-quarter sleeves. It can be worn over a turtleneck or a shirt. But it must be observed one condition - they must be the same color.

     Model Women's sweaters

  3. Classic "two": a combination of a thin sweater or pullover and cardigan. The sleeve of the sweater can be anything but a favorite of the season serves three-quarters of the length, or even up to the elbow. Such an ensemble can be worn not only a cool autumn evening, and in the winter indoors.
  4. Slim-fitting shape sweaters presented in knitwear. This option certainly will appeal to business women and lovers of elegant clothes. The collection of these sweaters can be found in two versions: with V-neck and high collar. Any one of them is perfect for the office, for a visit and explore the city in the autumn warm weather. Without such a stylish and fashionable gizmos in your winter wardrobe can not do none of the modern woman.

     sweaters for the winter

Fashion trends Autumn-Winter 2011-2012

Peep the season - a rounded neckline. Fashionable sweater this model works wonders - not only lengthens the neck, but also make it even more elegant. Only opting pullover with this cut, you will be able to appreciate all of its charms.

The large knitted fashion, but that does not mean that the sweater this winter should be similar to fishing nets. In all must be a sense of proportion. The collections of the year you can meet a lot of knitted sweaters combined, performed in conjunction bright pronounced texture and smooth cloth.

 women's fashion sweater

Back in the Irish fashion designs are finding more and more fans. This season, women's sweater large relief patterns with flagella, all means should be made thick massive collars. Particularly relevant models with large visible buttons.

Solid sweaters in calm tones, it seems, is not going to surrender their positions. Variegated colors previous seasons this fall and coming winter give way to monochrome. For the cold season, the most preferred pastel shades and warm colors are not flashy subdued shades - is soft fuchsia, cyclamen and muted coral.

 Model Women's sweaters 2012

Knitting sweaters and winter jackets often used cashmere or fine wool. But it is also relevant, and triumphantly returning to the fashion yarn with a long nap: mohair, angora, and others. Buy indispensable attribute winter wardrobe, or to link it with their hands and demonstrate their skills to others - it all depends on you. And whatever your choice, the comfortable, practical and warm thing is not only warm you in winter cold and protect against colds, but also will give your image of individuality and originality.

 Women's fashion sweaters: Winter 2012

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