What is the wear body?

Modern clothing is very diverse. One of its popular species is the body which has previously been associated with an element of underwear - kombidressom, but the purpose of this subject is much broader than simply provide heat in the winter. "Body" - the English word, one of its values ​​- body. It is reasonable that this word referred to a similar element of the wardrobe, because it connects ordinary clothes and underwear. Today, there are several different options body.


Shirt - is the article of clothing that is to the liking of boys and girls, women and men. But the combination with other clothes could be not very comfortable. Let's start with the fact that in the most unexpected moment (for example, when you are among the people who are not close to you) can lean seasoned edge shirt, to avoid this, it is best to buy a shirt - body. What is available surrounding the eyes, no different from the usual shirts, but the bottom edge sewn panties, which differ in texture from the top.


The convenience of this article of clothing there. Blouse-body relieves you from worries and experiences. Much nicer, such as sitting at a business meeting and did not worry about the state of his clothing. Nothing in your body does not take unawares blouse, its edges will obediently stay in the position for the workstation.


Linen-body as delonghi coffee in Moscow, to be unbeatable and refined. Sexy body will decorate any romantic evening. Maximum closeness of the body and inserts of lace contrast and give your man will not leave anyone indifferent. Make sure that the laundry is not only incredibly effective, but also more convenient.

How to wear a body?

When buying or first acquaintance with linen body woman thinks about how to wear it, because it does not buy a microwave oven which is to include a network is sufficient for operation. So, in order to wear in the body did not have problems, we recommend to follow a few simple rules.
For a start it is worth noting that it is not necessary to combine it with underwear (including shorts). In addition, carefully review the acquisition of the fastener, which is often located between the legs. Its size must not be large. Also, be careful to the extreme seams: they should not be too hard, since wear can cause various inconveniences.

 What is the wear body?

 how to look stylish

How to look stylish? This question is relevant to many modern women. It is no secret that each of us wants to be unique and unrepeatable. Often, trying on a new outfit, we dream to impress everyone with his appearance, arousing enthusiasm and admiring the surrounding views. However, sometimes it does not even think, if we look stylish. And all because the majority of the lovely ladies just sure to look fashionable - it means stylish! Do not be fooled! Fashion - is a completely different concept! And we will try to help you understand this.

The style - a combination of the image with elements of the costume. Be stylish in our time is very simple. Today, as never before fashion shows us his favor - allows you to experiment and mix so much in clothes and ornaments that look fashionable and stylish at the same time not too difficult. We believe a professional stylist tips will help you create your own style, which in turn will submit your person in a favorable light.

Tips for creating interesting and individual image

To look elegant, it is not necessary to follow the fashion, studying catalogs and women's fashion magazines, you can well do without it. It's no secret that the clothes in the modern world - the easiest and most affordable way to self-expression of the individual, it plays a very important role in creating their own style. And it's hard to disagree. How to look stylish girl? Choose your style of clothing, usually it depends on the age. For very young creatures will approach the romantic or sporty. Whereas older women to create their style should be chosen more severe options, such as a business or a Chanel style.

 look stylish

First steps

To begin to adequately assess the features of their appearance in the mirror. Now you can safely proceed to the selection of clothing, which will be beneficial to emphasize all the advantages of your figure and hide its flaws.

Do not be afraid to combine things and combine colors. Pick a few flowers that you really are, and they try to build your wardrobe. But it is important that the clothes are not merged with the color of your hair. Otherwise, you risk to merge into one spot of color, and then the others are not able to assess either the beauty of your hair and hairstyle or dress style and elegance.

In order not to be in a ridiculous situation, never wear tight things in the hope that in this way you will look slimmer. We have to disappoint you - in such an outfit, you will look even better than it actually is. When choosing a dress, try to emphasize only the breast or thigh, and never Emphasize both. Believe me, it will look quite vulgar. Too small woman, as well as, on the contrary, too large at choice along avoid sharp color contrast between the top and bottom.

Underwear in no case to be darker or lighter than the main clothing. Shine through the clothes bra or crawl out of his jeans shorts - is today it can be found all the time. Perhaps it is fashionable, but did not belong to the category of stylish events.

The choice of color - a very important point when you create the style

The first step is to correctly identify tsvetotip their appearance, and on this basis to follow the recommendations when choosing colors of hair, makeup and color elements of the costume.

The ensemble is unacceptable presence of more than three colors. Bright and brilliant colors should be used only when you want to draw attention to their charms. White clothing visually increases the volume - and this too should be considered when choosing the subjects of women's wardrobe.

A lot of women feel that black is able to hide all the flaws of the figure, but this is only partly true. So do not be too carried away by them. The more so because this color emphasizes the pallor and circles under the eyes, if they are certainly there. If possible, try to avoid combination of clothes black mug. Black clothing in this case looks very boring, whereas the bright clothes are too simple and cheap.

By the way, the most fashionable in this year, gray - the color of elegance and neutrality. It goes well with almost all colors and shades.

Shoes, hair and jewelry - important details to create the style. Therefore, their choice, too, should be taken very seriously.

 how to look stylish girl

Choose shoes

Shoes with high heels is very beautiful, but, unfortunately, is not suitable for every woman, but only to owners of beautiful slender legs. Ladies with full ankles should avoid wearing such shoes and ballet shoes, and with a variety of laces and straps to tie around the leg.

Girls with very skinny legs should not buy shoes with thin heels. Otherwise the impression that your legs are about to fracture under the weight of your body.

Black shoes are best combined with dark tones things, and did not look with bright, shiny and bright clothing.

  Using accessories and fragrances

Fragrances can not help supplement your way - and there's no getting around it. So with their help you can show people that you are really not what they think you are.

And to be stylish, fill flavor to your image with unusual accessories. Many of our contemporaries are not even aware that it is possible to give femininity with the help of the usual cast. Only by choosing the size and location of its placement should be approached very carefully. For example, small circular brooch look great under the collar on the site of the top buttons and elongated oval shape - on the shoulder or on a belt. Also, it is possible to stab a scarf draped over the shoulders or shawl.

Ladies with large breasts should refrain from wearing long pendants, laying down in a hollow chest. Large necklaces and beads, tight-fitting neck, ugly look on a short neck. To look elegant, it should be very carefully selected decoration by business suits and short dresses.

Accessorizing can easily personalize and create your own style. But here, as in everything else, should adhere to the basic rules in the creation of his own style - a sense of proportion. Knowing all this wisdom, any woman will always look stylish and groomed and then dressed with style!

 How to look stylish: a professional stylist tips

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