artificial fur

So happened that in our country the winter - not a fairy tale: snow, blizzard, blizzard; I think only about how to warm up, and thoughts about fashion and style pale into insignificance. Of course, there are ladies who go for the beauty of any sacrifice and choose beautiful clothes. She, in turn, is not enough warm or comfortable in the cold season. But now you can easily kill two birds with one stone, it is a closer look at the clothes on the racks of stores. In our time, the coat - it's a great replacement uniform jackets. The right decision today - buy fur coats from artificial fur. Why artificial fur should give preference?

Today artificial fur again gained a leading position in the fashion world, and to look beautiful and luxurious, it is not necessary to give bail apartment. After the appearance of the modern artificial fur is very close to the natural one, so coats look no less beautiful. And most importantly - they are accessible to everyone.

 faux fur coats

Which coat is right for you?

Each of us thought what better to choose a fur coat - from natural or artificial fur .  Whether you want to wear a coat, knowing that it cost the lives of hundreds of animals? Many would answer that this barbarism .  This view is supported by many designers are constantly creating new, no less luxurious models of faux fur coats .  Then whether to buy expensive fur coats from natural fur, or better to choose a more practical, durable, "ecological" fur coat? In addition, the coat of faux fur have a much greater range of colors and patterns .  Of course, supporters of natural furs always bring strong arguments to the side of your choice .  According to them, these coats are not comparable with artificial .  In addition, never give the feeling of wealth and luxury .  Women, perhaps, hardly ever come to a consensus on this subject, but still all the ladies are united by one great love and desire for furs .  But only the choice is yours, that is better, "the status of the game" or comfort, no different in appearance from natural fur .

One of the main features of such fur - it's durability and resistance to all weather conditions.

 model of faux fur coats

Terms of care for coat with faux fur

Wash at a temperature of not more than 45 degrees, better hand and dried in a room on a hanger.

Keep her best in a free enclosure, preferably in the case.
It should also be processed by means of your beauty moth, especially when the coat is sent to the cabinet on the warmer seasons.

Stains from oil output is best in dry cleaning. But you can cope on their own: wipe the contaminated area with a mixture of gasoline and starch.

To make your coat shine and softness, you can wipe the fur with a cloth dipped in a solution of nine parts denatured alcohol and one part glycerine, diluted in 100 grams of water.

In today's fur market a sufficiently broad range of coats to choose from any of the furs, both natural and artificial. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the fur, because even well-known brands are models of low quality.

 Artificial fur. Do you need a victim for the sake of beauty?

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 artificial sheepskin

When the rapidly approaching winter, the thermometer outside the window appears, frost and cold wind, like a janitor, sweeping all around. I want to be sure that when entering the street does not turn into a snowman. When it comes to outerwear, is placed in front of each woman choose between a down jacket, coat or sheepskin coat. Fourth is not given, or if given, the similarity is one of three.

Today, artificial coats are becoming more popular due to the efforts of "green" - conservationists. This is an excellent option for those who are used to comfortable and affordable clothing.

Which style to choose?

  • Pay attention to the fact that the sheepskin should be free. Remember - it's outerwear, and should you warm, but not swift.
  • The sleeves should be wide enough.
  • It is better to avoid bottlenecks, "eternally zhmuschih" options, so you simply are wearing a sheepskin coat loose sweater, warm sweater or jacket office.
  • Prefer models full length, they are more functional and much warmer shortened.
  • To vymoknut in the future, it is advisable to buy a sheepskin coat, the surface of which is treated with a special compound to the water-repellent properties.
  • Trendy colors of this season - black, brown, white, cherry, orange, gray. But you have to remember that fashion is not always on your side, so you need to choose the color of a particular physical data - skin tone and hair color.

 Artificial sheepskin

Now manufacturers offer a variety of sheepskin made of artificial materials. Modern technology allows the production of faux fur to create such materials on all the characteristics and appearance are not inferior to products made of natural fur. Often artificial sheepskin women even surpass natural.

Every one of us always want to look attractive. Of course, luxury furs, so that "smell" femininity and beauty, leave no one indifferent. But let us remember about the precipitation in the form of rain, sleet and similar vagaries of nature. And if you're in these furs will walk through the streets, soon, to put it mildly, the kind they would have an unpleasant and untidy. But fake sheepskin is not afraid of no rain, nor sleet, nor the terrible frost. And for the price, it is always more attractive. Therefore, you must remember, "sheepskin" worth the candle!

During wear any thing requires care. By following a few simple rules, you can save your favorite thing as long as possible in its original form. So:

  • Sheepskin is necessary from time to time cleaned of dirt on the hem, for example, with dried mud or salt solutions, which abundantly watered winter road.
  • Try not to put their hands in their pockets and not carry a bag on his shoulder.
  • Do not keep the sheepskin next to the battery or other heat sources.
  • It is also suggested to use various sprays of artificial materials.

If these simple guidelines sheepskin will serve you more than one season, perfectly preserving its appearance.

 Artificial sheepskin - the best natural?

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 ski suits

Ski suit - perfect clothes for walks and sports in the winter. What qualities should a modern ski women's costume? First of all, this kind of sport clothing should be warm, friendly and comfortable and, of course, stylish, beautiful and fashionable! For the new season winter 2012 designers tried their best, presenting snowboard lovers a lot of bright novelties.

Ski suits in the collections of fashion designers and designers of the new season is surprisingly feminine and extremely elegant models. In that suit every woman can have a great time with friends at a ski resort or other place of rest, forgetting about all the problems. And all this is due to the fact that new models of ski suits designed specifically for the female, made of modern high quality materials and does not constrain movements.

Fashion upcoming winter offers a variety of options - ski and walking suits, which often consist of a jacket and overalls, at least - jackets and pants. And he and the other option ski women's costume looks great on young skiers, and on older women. And all this is due to the fact that absolutely all women's ski suits designed for snowboarding and skiing, thoroughly thought through and executed with all fashion trends.

In addition to beautiful design ski suits have a host of other advantages:

  • very light;
  • It holds heat well;
  • It does not absorb moisture;
  • fast drying;
  • suitable for all ages.

How to choose a ski suit for the winter holidays? This question is certainly of concern to many women, especially those who are first going to spend your winter holidays on the slopes. To slightly ease your task - to choose a suitable equipment for skiing, we offer to get acquainted with the most relevant models of women's ski suits.

Modern styles

 Ski suit

The most famous style ski suit - a suit, but in recent years more and more popular sets consisting of a standard set - jacket and trousers, which may have a different cut and fastened with additional gums or lightning. The collections of the year you can find a lot of interesting models of ski suits that are equipped with numerous pockets and thin carabiners, allowing the female sex to carry virtually the entire contents of a handbag: a mobile phone, sunglasses, gloves and even a mask.

As for color, the majority of the collections of designers such kind of clothes as a ski suit for women, often designed in delicate and feminine colors. Many designers this year have decorated their models snowflakes or Scandinavian patterns.

Developing women's ski clothing collection, renowned fashion designer every year improve technology and expand the color gamut, still delight us every season a new design. It is no secret that many of the female attractive appearance when choosing clothes is very important, but do not forget that ski suit - it is, above all, a perfect combination of comfort and functionality, independent of style and color.

With a wardrobe of high performance ski suit, you are able to appreciate all its advantages. With universal clothes for productive leisure you are not afraid of any vagaries of nature. However, today is a good buy female suit or a set of skiing is not so easy, especially if you do not live in the capital, and in a small provincial town, where stores can not always find exactly what you need. If you need high-quality and affordable ski suits online shop - it's a huge range of both professional and amateur ski clothing from the best manufacturers. We are always happy to help you with the choice of the optimal variant for winter recreation.

 Fashionable ski suits for outdoor activities