Women's coats

Warm clothing is becoming extremely urgent with the advent of frosts. The choice of outerwear for the long winter months is great, but almost all prefer coats. With a number of obvious advantages over other clothes, women's coats of mink are very popular. They are more accessible than the fur, but no less attractive. Coats look more dressy than the coat, and more solid than jackets. An increasing number of women are opting for the trendy clothes, as it has all the advantages of fur products; and the ability to maintain high heat and beauty.

Fashion for coats

Length fur coat, as a rule, does not fall below the knee, and what is the main difference from the traditional fur coats. This length is optimal for even the most severe winters and allows things to be comfortable even for women with active lifestyles.

Very simply choose coat, suitable for you in style. Any fashionista will find it easy to model to your own taste, as they are modified each season for the sake of fashion. Therefore coats have become the main trend of the winter season. Winter 2012 is no exception. Designers offer a huge variety of women's coats. The combination of fur with leather and fabrics makes the thing more affordable.

 Women's coats of mink

How to wear a coat?

Coats can be both everyday and business attire. Combining them with high boots, trousers or a skirt just below the knee, you not only protect your feet from the cold, but will emphasize its individuality and uniqueness. If you choose a bright scarf or handbag to your liking, the coat would look even more elegant.

Mink fur

Despite the abundance of the proposed models, a clear preference received prestigious classic cut coats and natural colors. But among all the models of mink coats keep the winners for many seasons.

Color can be any model:

  • More noble look of dark brown and beige mink products.
  • Beige color of undercoat in combination with a dark-haired looks very interesting.
  • It creates the illusion of flowing velvet mink coat made out of black fur with a purple tint. Due to the dense undercoat a warm coat, and very beautiful.
  • Young ladies will give the charm of a white mink. Coats of white mink are especially popular.

 Women's coats Mouton

Take carefully to the choice of sheepskin, and it will serve you more than one season. Before buying, decide for what purpose will serve the product will be a tribute to fashion - creativity purchase; if you intend to wear the thing for a long time - give preference to classic cut, which, incidentally, does not exclude the fashionable elements. Awesome decent quality mink coats Chinese manufacturers, which differ the most affordable prices. The more expensive American fur. Fashionable coats of the European mink are the most expensive. With proper selection of mink coat will serve you for several seasons.

How to choose a coat of mink?

Mink fur in recent years favored almost all the famous couturiers of the world podium. Buying mink coats, you will encounter a huge variety of models. Quality of our furs is necessary to pay attention to:

  • Its surface should be homogeneous.
  • Mink should have an even color, if coat painted.
  • It is important that the thing was sitting right on the figure. So do not hesitate to remeasure all proposed model, since coat of mink sold, not every day. Sellers fur salon know very scrupulous some fashionistas and you will understand perfectly.
  • Also important is the choice of the color of his fur coat, harmoniously combining that with their own preferences, you will complete the image of stylish and unique lady.
  • And finally, the main thing - that you yourself like the proposed model.

 women's fashion coats

Fur sheep

Mouton - mutton fur treated with a special method using formalin. Since we do not have a suitable breed of sheep, mutton excrete from the skins exported from different countries. The main supplier of sheep skins for coats mutonovyh is Australia.

Mouton - warm, thick fur, which is not afraid of wet snow or strong wind. Since the natural color of the skins is not very pleasant sight, most women's coats Mouton painted. The average term wearability products Mouton 18-20 years, as it is practical and resistant to abrasion in the bends.

For many years, coats do not go out of fashion. It's a classic thing that is always the way. When choosing a successful model coat will look great on women of different ages and of different sizes. You'll look stylish and feel comfortable, if you enjoy all the advantages of coats.

 Women's coats, and their diversity

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 winter clothes for larger women

Have a nice clothes every woman dreams of. In the cold season outerwear should be not only fashionable, but comfortable, warm and practical. Winter clothes for larger women every season becomes more diverse, interesting, even despite the fact that modern fashion is not so often create such a collection.

Jackets can be easily replaced or sheepskin coat during warming or rain. But they also can be a great option for the winter, because their properties allow it. Now Jackets ceased to be ponderous Chinese jackets worn in the nineties, models and options are presented in a large number.

When you buy down jackets a must to determine the physical properties and styles that would suit you. It is important that the beautiful model has no less quality. It is worth remembering that this thing for the winter, which can be very cold. Jackets with the addition of down feathers - is the best choice for the winter in our climate zone. Compared with synthetic padding, that is, synthetic material, down considerably wins.

 Winter clothing from Europe for obese women

How to choose a jacket complete woman?

  • Short model is completely inappropriate, since there is an additional effect of the completeness of the top and bottom.
  • It is best to choose options with belts if you are the owner of juicy waist.
  • The classic version will look straight down jackets, preferably elongated.
  • If your silhouette is very voluminous, the options are not tight fit. For such a case there is a free model with an unusual cut, with original features, which destroy the visual correctness of lines and distract attention from complete.

Winter clothing from Europe for obese women often sewn in France, Sweden and Italy. Moreover, now almost every self-respecting western designer adds to its winter collection clothes for full ladies.

If you think that the coat does not substitute for, then it is worth considering a few tips on its acquisition of:

  • Obese women do not need to buy a coat with long hair, in a visually slim figure even increased.
  • Very good option - a coat with a short-haired fur and large collar.
  • Women with a magnificent bust should choose a fur coat with a belt that emphasizes the waist, making it more narrow.

 winter outerwear for larger women photos

Sheepskin is an excellent option for those who want to buy something more affordable and elegant - the "golden mean" between the coat and down jacket. Now many manufacturers in collaboration with the fashion designers produce hundreds of great options for every "taste". Where do you start your selection? What to look for? Start by selecting the appropriate style for your figure.

  • For women with curvaceous worth paying attention to flared styles.
  • Wide hips is best to be "balanced" large hood and wide sleeves.
  • For women with a broad line of breast is the way fur trim along the entire length hem.

Winter Clothes for overweight in our time is not nonsense. To choose the right clothes so you need to determine the type of your figure. If you have a pear-shaped figure - not a problem. Under this type is easier to pick up winter clothes than for women, for example, with a large bust. The main thing to remember that the wide coat or fur coat to the knee will not make you beautiful and refined. It is better to choose a shorter coat, A-shape, which is different masks unnecessary fullness and makes your figure more attractive.

Basically fur products made large, so full of women should not apply to specialized fur shops. If you want to know what it looks like winter outerwear for obese women - the photo on this page will help you get an idea of ​​the variety of models and styles.

So, armed with the necessary knowledge and advice, you can easily go for an important winter shopping.

 Winter clothes for larger women. Perhaps accessible and beautiful

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