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  • The main rule of hippie fashion - no rules!
  • Accessories hippie
  • The modern view of the free hippie style

Today the fashion world once again reveals a beautiful style of the sixties. Hippie style in clothes - a bright representative of the time. What is a hippie? Someone said that this particular style of dress and expression. Others, hippies - fans of rock 'n' roll, who take drugs, and preach radical political views. But these views are wrong.

Many people miss the point - what is in the hearts of hippies motivate such unusual behavior. Their way of life is contrary to all the structures of power, then there is love, peace, freedom. In the sixties they suddenly turned fashion upside down and, moreover, turned inside out. Hippie even then brought a large number of new colors and styles, which has never been before in fashion.

The main rule of hippie fashion - no rules!

  • All it took away from the colorless, conservative, pale and boring styles of the early 60-ies;
  • Hippie style borrowed largely from the traditional fashion of India, Bali, Morocco, Nepal and Central America;
  • They also asked for inspiration and new bright, unusual ideas to the Renaissance.

Of course, many hippies could not afford to buy such costumes. Shops at the time were like, most likely at the Salvation Army store. Still, it was possible to create a walk-in closet, taking old jeans with holes, and sew them on different patches of bright colors. When the jeans were too tight, you can just cut or rip the seam and sew triangular pieces of cloth, do not even denim, and get a result lovely flared jeans. An old jacket, cheap bandana, a few baubles - and you're at the peak of fashion.

Perhaps the only restriction in the wardrobe of the hippies were the scope of imagination.

  • Flared ruled the world - jeans, striped, leather, mixed; always with a low belt, which exposes the navel;
  • The upper part was extremely diverse: from shirts to colorful African dashiki from silk shirts to tie-let and Middle Eastern caftans;
  • Girls could wear Indian saris from Bali;
  • Leather, denim, batik, velvet, silk and Indian cotton were extraordinarily popular;
  • Geometric patterns that created the illusion of three, psychedelic motifs and fractal images turned the heads of all;
  • The choice of shoes is also very wide. From the platform of the shoe to bright shiny patent leather. From boots to sandals with zippers;
  • Long skirts with pleats and peasant clothes also became popular;
  • Also it was possible any bells or bottom flaps. Belt as a chain perfectly complements the image.
  • All clothes hippies have to be trimmed with fringe.

Behind all of this has come a symbol of women's freedom - and even micro mini skirts that emphasized the beautiful slender legs. Paired with a translucent blouse on his bare chest. Not surprisingly, all this eventually led to the sexual revolution.

 hippie style clothing

Accessories hippie

It was fashionable bandanas, leather jackets, baubles beaded sunglasses with round lenses and bright jackets with ruffles. Jewellery, which were made of Indian, Moroccan or Mexican silver, had a special, extraordinary value. Worn rings, bracelets, small rings for the ears, nose, bracelets on their ankles. Necklaces were decorated with the symbol of the struggle for peace - raised fist, as symbols of yin-yang and the other taken from the eastern esoterica. Hats are also changing rapidly from small, tight head up high dzhamirokvayskih. Very often, hats adorned with feathers, Baubles and other bright objects.

Traditional hippie style included a wreath or ribbon Pocahontas is a must, and developing "flags" of long hair. Most of the released hair, and even trim them very rarely. Men grew their mustaches, beards and sideburns. Women stopped shaving underarms and legs. Bras have turned into a symbol of the oppression and control of women's sexuality any girl hippie.

Always worth to add that none of the hippies who respect themselves and their culture, he never wore clothes with logos of any company. For them it was complete insanity. Now children from the west "gone crazy" by striving to meet the ideals of fashion. They should draw attention to the hippie-brand - no advertising with athletes, no logos, promotions, no support for the dollar. Only convenient, inexpensive, second-hendovskaya, easy repairing clothes can give you a perfect view - were convinced hippies.

There was also the fashion for odors. Incense must have filled the air, wherever they gathered hippies. "Flower children" and smelled accordingly: rose, lavender and other floral scents. The most common was patchouli as hide the smell of marijuana. Men were popular scents of sandalwood and a mask.

 beautiful hippie style clothes

The modern view of the free hippie style

Departing from different cultures only to the masses, closer to the people, hippie style never changed himself. Instead, he expanded the boundaries of the possible. Modern girl hippie little different from former hippies with their idea of ​​perpetual peace and everlasting harmony with nature. This is an option for the glamorous style of life, but a more rigorous and sophisticated. Although it is not yet brought to perfection as yet it remains free.

Long skirts, tunics and bells across the bottom of all clothes should be the main element in this ensemble. Wavy sites can be depicted, for example, on the scarf that can be worn around the neck or waist, on the elbow or wrist - it all depends on your preferences and fantasies.

If you have no desire to hide the beautiful and shapely legs, you can choose that option: skirt just above the knees, with floral print shirt and rough boots, emphasizing the indifference to fashion. If you prefer pants, they must be free and colored. With these pants look great plain white T-shirt and sandals complement the image of a bright cardigan.

 A new look at the hippie style clothes

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 raincoats photo 2012

Cloak - absolutely integral thing in the modern woman's wardrobe, especially in autumn and spring seasons. Fashion is fleeting, and trends from the catwalks are picked up very quickly.

Femininity and elegance are back in fashion; are ornate and raincoats 2012 - photos of different styles and colors will allow each fashionistas find what you need specifically to her.

What is new, we offer designers?

  • Silk and asymmetrical cut

 raincoats 2012 photo

Silk and asymmetry of Giorgio Armani, Iceberg and Calvin Klein as the first spring tenderness. Today in fashion women coats - photo 2012 show us it is - a completely different lengths, from the ultra-mini to maxi. Such a model has combined silk pastel range: pearl, olive and silver shades this year are very popular.

The most interesting part was the actual and asymmetric zip. Small smell raincoat buttoned around the waist, make the silhouette feminine and soft. Giorgio Armani in their collection emphasized the idea of ​​the national dress of the peoples of the Far East. He emphasizes the tenderness and grace of silk creations asymmetry and cuts on the sleeves and hem.

  • Beige color

 women's raincoats photo 2012

Beige color and classic tailoring presented Carolina Herrera, Alberta Ferretti and beloved Christian Dior. Today, women's coats powdery hues - a hit of the season. This thing allows every woman to constantly create a new image by changing a couple of strokes, for example, adding a stylish accessory. This color is loyal to the romantic or, on the contrary, expressive detail.

Special cut models will delight each of the fair sex: the classic length, fitted silhouette and turn-down collar make this the most favorite thing in your wardrobe.

  • Black color

 the most fashionable raincoats photo 2012

Chic and elegance is black - another universal but very fashionable color. Accented his esteemed designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg and Giorgio Armani. Black - is a luxury and elegance, not just classic.

This season, often a color used for evening models that adorn the various stones. The collection of coats 2012 Iceberg models are sports genre, decorated with small "fake" diamonds. It looks kind of thing is very glamorous and stylish!

  • Bulk flowers in the style of 3D

 rainwear spring - 2012 photo

Flowers in the style 3d on top of clothes - fashionable jewelry priority from Moncler Gamme Rouge and Dolce & Gabbana. Although quite a lot of famous designers have proposed in this year's three-dimensional fabric flowers as decoration. Previously, it could be a magnificent boutonnieres, more color in the form of brooches, but now it's a whole field of flowers decorating female coats.

Designers recommend to use the same shade as the main fabric, then this thing will look stylish and elegant, and the image will turn romantic and reverent.

  • Juicy colors

 women's fashion photos raincoats 2012

Dsquared, Iceberg and Hermes decided to dilute the classic color palette juicy acid. Lemon yellow, emerald green, ultramarine, red and other bright colors will add liveliness raincoats this year. Saturated colors without additional prints would be no less a hit this season.

Perhaps silhouette is to find a more voluminous and baggy - it will be easy to blend in with the bright colors. Such combinations will appreciate not only young girls but also older women.

  • Classic styles sleeveless

 raincoats photo 2012 - hit of the season

The new vision of classic sleeveless represent Jean Paul Gaultier, Gianfranco Ferre and, of course, Iceberg, who presented quite a variety of styles this year. Continuation of the popular feather and fur vests offer designer newfangled novelty - Ladies sleeveless coats. They are represented in pastel, bright and classic colors.

Styles - straight, close-fitting belt, single-breasted or double-breasted fastening with buttons, turn-down collar. It is worth paying attention to these models.

 Women's coats 2012: photos from the world's catwalks