Winter coats for women: warm, practical and beautiful!

As we know, no girl can not do without the trendy and stylish coat. During the time of their existence there are many different styles, which have their own characteristics.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, coat They have a number of advantages. So, for example:

  1. Perfectly retain heat
  2. Virtually no crumple
  3. Good to clean
  4. Does not prevent the penetration of air, thereby providing a comfortable temperature.

The most popular types coat

  • Balmakaan - long coat, made of coarse wool. The collar is very small, and the sleeves of the "Raglan". This has a hidden zipper.
  • English. It has a straight silhouette and English collar. Its length is usually knee-length or slightly below.
  • Overcoat. This woman's winter coat is very fashionable in 2012. It has "standing" lapels and leather buttons and epaulets on the shoulders.
  • Cocoon. In its form it resembles a cocoon, the volume near the waist.
  • Kopar. Very long coat made of genuine leather.
  • Loden. Long, classic, which has a special Rear fold. It made only from lodena.
  • Mackintosh. It has a small pent-collar, straight silhouette. At the same time it must be behind the slots, supatnaya zip and slanted pockets. Pata and belt buckles are.
  • New Look. Characterized by a narrow waist, curvy skirt that resembles a flower and form-fitting bodice.
  • Polo. It is an American classic. He boxy wool with patch pockets. As a rule, it has a beige color.
  • Ulster. It is made of coarse material, a detachable hood and waist.
  • French. Characterized free silhouette, a little bit sloppy appearance and short sleeves. It looks very feminine.
  • Burberry. It is very popular because of its impermeability. It has a special detachable warm lining.

Remember, what would be a style you do not give the preference, you can be confident female winter coat will protect you even on the coldest days, protect against the cold and, of course, will bring a wonderful mood.

Fashion trends of the new season

Very current model in 2012 will be a coat that is mixed colors, styles, cut and accessories. Also very popular is to use those species that have a smell. So, for example, this winter coat female models have Nicole Farhi, Betty Jackson and Max Azria. At the same time, they should have an emphasis on the waist, which is highlighted with a leather belt.

Again back in vogue big collars, big pockets and short sleeves. Such models have Rochas, Alexandera Wang and Burberry Prorsum.

Also still in the fashion coat which has a silhouette of the hourglass.


The main fashion in 2012 is considered to be material cashmere, woolen cloth, leather and knitwear. At the same time it should be noted that the fur extravaganza will continue. Therefore, many designers have a winter coat is decorated with natural feminine decor, such as nutria, fox, astrakhan fur, muskrat, mink, beaver and fox.


Please note that the length depends not only on fashion, but also from the type of coat. Thus, you can pick up his model of the different lengths. For example, mini, midi or maxi.

Color palette

This year's fashion will be yellow, blue, green, blue, purple, orange and sweet nuances. But designers recommend to choose the color to match the color of your eyes and skin. Therefore, if you have brown eyes, you perfect coat   the color of latte or cappuccino. Moreover, it is lighter than the better. Under blue eyes perfect dark blue or green color. People with dark skin are recommended to choose a female white coat. But with red hair perfectly ivory.

If you do not like plain things, pay attention to your colorful prints. This season, they will be very intense and bright, recalling the artist's canvases.

 Winter coats for women: warm, practical and beautiful!

 women's jackets Spring

Spring - a time of awakening, including the time when you can update your wardrobe. The desire to change, or a big down jacket coat something less bulky, what will be freely and comfortably, it is not strange.

Many ladies tend to buy spring jackets in advance is the best price and the choice is huge. You are deeply mistaken if you think that is not yet time to choose outerwear for this season. Because today known designers around the world are already offering consumers women's jackets in spring 2012.

Desire, which is appropriate in relation to virtually any fashionista - is to buy something original and new. And especially if it is a thing of the famous fashion designer - is unlikely someone will be found who will turn away from new things. Because of the high cost, many women are hesitant to purchase brand clothing, but there are plenty of options to solve this problem. At the present time to buy vending thing no longer have to collect money for years. Choosing a modern jacket, you will see that their purchase is not only pleasant but also beneficial financially. Offer customers a quality product at a reasonable cost allows the competent pricing policy.

In his fascinating is every new season. Tastefully playing with familiar parts and patterns, the designers give us a lot of surprises. At the expense of what will go ladies all over the world a few months later, every designer has their individual opinion. For example, popular now considered lightweight women's jackets, which carry - a pleasure. Some of the existing collections available can be called innovative, and some of them have the style of the eighties. The difference in color can be dramatically: some designers prefer the black and white range, others - bright shades.

In the future, the best season to consider and shades of bright colors and patterns in black and white tones; Although, in principle, color fashionable jacket can be almost anything.

For you spring - a time for change, or anything drastic, you usually do not? Change your style you will help a variety of modern clothes. A lot of models presented jackets in sporty style. For the energetic and self-confident woman this style will be most acceptable. Everyone to feel rebellious, bold and confident in this jacket. But the diversity of contemporary models of spring is not limited to this style. By purchasing more feminine jacket, you can emphasize your figure.

What models are fashionable in this season?

  • For several consecutive seasons leather jackets holds leadership among short leather jackets. And in 2012, she again at the peak of glory. The so-called biker style models with rivets and zippers will be very important. Along with the style, to which we have become accustomed, the designers have prepared us a stylish club jackets. Their daring decor, topped with metal spikes, shiny rivets and pins, emphasizes the shoulders, collar and sleeves and is incredibly trendy.

 women's jackets Spring 2012

  • Another novelty is the quilted jacket female spring - autumn. Relief of stitches may be in a variety of geometric shapes. The models of this style it is possible to combine several kinds of relief stitches.

 Jacket Women Spring 2012

  • Return of the seventies has become increasingly inevitable process. Suede and leather jackets camel, cream and red hues in the spring are replacing warm bilateral sheepskin coats. The tone of such models have to be as gamma or color of fashion footwear and accessories. Also from the 70s are back modern jacket with fringe. Many designers prefer these models.

 women's jackets in the style of 70 spring

  • In 2012, the jackets are fashionable leather crocodile and other reptiles. This leather or imitation - out of competition.

 women's jackets of reptiles Spring 2012

  • In the 2012 season one of the most popular and sea colors is white. Very popular this year are white women's jackets, and their designers are advised to wear white or colored clothes. This will take you straight into the bull's-eye when a white pick up shoes and accessories such thing.

 jacket white female Spring 2012

  • Fashion trend of 2012 - a bright colored jacket. Red, bright green, turquoise, blue and blue is very in demand this season.

 colored jacket female spring

  • At the height of his fame will continue to be a model with short sleeves. In most collections in 2011 they attended.

 Ladies jacket with short sleeves Spring 2012

Custom style almost invariably sought in a new fashion: for example, surround the collar or short sleeves that make it possible to wear under your favorite jacket long lace gloves or just golf. It should give a preference long type jackets, if you are the owner of a harmonious figure.

Whatever the time of year and stylish women's jackets will certainly have to be in the wardrobe of any self-respecting girl. His rules, we dictate fashion trends for each new season: for example, it can be a jacket made of leather, fabric or fleece on. Jacket women's spring 2012 - is a model of simple cut, juicy colors and unusual length. For example, a luxurious look short jacket length almost under the breast, which can be bought safely. If she sewed leather, you'll be in it simply irresistible. Very relevant are intense spring shades, floral prints and geometric patterns. Long jacket can be worn with a belt or a zipper. With her perfect will blend stylish shoes, jeans, blouse or sweater. Accessories such as bulk bag, a scarf or a cute clutch bag will be very handy.

No you do not prohibit to live beautifully and dressing - all the more. Almost all women are interested in fashion or another. And among them are willing to stand out from the crowd. But for this you need to strictly follow the canons of fashion and keep up with modern standards of beauty. So be aware of the latest trends in the fashion world and remain individual and irresistible!

 Women's fashion jackets - Spring 2012

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