How competently to combine things in your wardrobe

For whom we dress, and what determines the choice of our clothes? Of course the main role played by your own taste and not only. It plays an important role on what lifestyle you lead, where you work. For example, if you prefer bright obvorazhitelny style themselves as working in the office, certainly in your wardrobe will be a classic suits. And if you are fond of sports and visit gyms, in your wardrobe there tracksuits.

It so happens that the woman in the closet is full of clothes that she bought just because I could not resist, but she put on the clothes nowhere or anything.

Any woman in the wardrobe should be a variety of things, from dresses and ending with a beautiful bathing suit. If she does not even know how to swim, and do not go to parties, she just home and work, it is possible that it is waiting for an unexpected twist of fate. Or, on the contrary a woman loves extravagant strict clothing, and suddenly she was invited to the evening event, but nothing to wear.

Exclude situations of this kind helps to plan your wardrobe. This method will facilitate your life, can save money and, above all, a place in your wardrobe.

To begin with, that we should soberly assess your lifestyle, what is your work, your hobbies, or you are a housewife. Your clothes should be combined intelligently with all your wardrobe. It is necessary to acquire a comfortable casual clothes, practical and functional. Beautiful clothes made of natural fabrics you can buy from the online store women's clothing Russian Flax. Also clothes for myself, you can also find clothes for her husband and children, bedding and more.

Think about how you spend your time. You are a housewife, love nature and often leave for a picnic, or you are fond of sports and swimming pool and sports activities. Whether you are a business woman and I enjoy corporate parties.

You have chosen the direction of her wardrobe. Now put your clothes on the bed and disassemble things. Lay out your clothes on the pile: work, home, leisure, clothing that you have not worn for a long time, you do not like safely removed from her wardrobe, because you certainly do not wear it. The clothes that you small or large on the contrary, you can safely give a neighbor, a friend or simply surrender to the pawnshop. And one that is worn out, you can leave for work at their summer cottage or in the house like cleaning rags. Wardrobe generally selected and expanded.

Then buy new clothes to match your lifestyle for home, work and your hobbies. Do not buy anything extra, those things that you can not combine your wardrobe.

And do not forget about the shoes and accessories that will be combined with your clothes. Now style your wardrobe is ready, do not forget in the future when buying clothes combine playing with colors and style.

 How competently to combine things in your wardrobe

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 skirt 2012

Stylish and fashionable skirt 2012 - a universal and irreplaceable thing in women's everyday wardrobe. That's because in every season all the world's brands make it a constant companion collections. Today, designers are considering the skirt as an excellent alternative to an evening dress. Understanding each fashion designer completely unlimited, so the styles represented will be quite a lot. Undoubtedly, fashionable styles this year were A-line skirts and flared. Length is also very different, but the optimal and trendy at the same time - it is slightly covering the knees and with a little high-waisted. Hit all seasons - pleated fabric. The fold can be large and small, like a small assembly. Let's look at the most fashionable styles of skirts in 2012.

Maxi Skirts

  • Even in the most fashionable collections you can still find this style. The main turnover of popularity they gained in the summer and spring 2011, but now they do not come down from the pedestal of fashion.
  • Best of all are combined with jackets skirt to mid-thigh or bulky sweaters and fitted jackets.
  • New skirt styles 2012 - layered, lush and with pleats - offered Burberry Prorsum, Sonia Rykiel and Antonio Marras. These styles blend in perfectly with short jackets and coats.

 style skirt 2012

Skirts medium length

  • The branded collections Roccobarocco, Badgley Mishka, Nicole Farhi and Temperley London we see midi-skirt with a high waist, which will be an undoubted hit of the 2012 season.
  • This style skirt 2012 looks great not only fitting, but flared, of dense tissue.
  • Today remains relevant retro style. Present at the beautiful light it can be, to fill a man's shirt or blouse to a skirt-midi. Instead, you can wear a turtleneck blouse, thin sweater or cardigan.
  • The skirt of the knee with the smell will look great with high boots and jacket. When choosing a model, pay attention to color, making it a leader in your composition.
  • On the same high positions held pencil skirt. Narrow skirts a little below the knee presented Elie Saab, Zac Posen, DKNY and Donna Karan.
  • In the winter season this year, will become fashionable woolen skirt 2012 with large folds of a length to mid-calf and below. This style perfectly complement the shorter coats or jackets. The color gamut is better to choose a neutral, unsaturated colors.

 skirt styles 2012

Mini skirts

  • Undoubtedly, it is necessary to allocate pleated skirts and short skirts with flounces. But still, if you prefer the direct model, it is possible to focus their attention on some fashionable items, such as pockets, overestimated waist, thin strap and smell.
  • Such skirts look good with black tights and a bright light chiffon blouses.
  • No less relevant tulip skirt. This style perfectly emphasize your waist and create additional volume at the hips. This model looks good with jackboots or just high boots

 fashion skirt 2012

In winter models often use tight-colored woolen fabrics with different additives, which perfectly hold the desired shape. Still, Betty Jackson, Akris, Viktor & Rolf and Yves Saint Laurent puts more emphasis on natural or artificial silk, satin and gabardine. At the height of fashion are skirts and leather. These models are presented Tommy Hilfiger, Hermes, Holly Fulton and respected brand Chanel. Fashionable styles are completely different: the narrow, flared, short and long.

In the winter of this year, many designers are advised to wear a skirt made of natural fur. Combine this skirt can be on the principle of contrast, for example, with a light chiffon blouse. Not bad at these styles look with a jacket, topom or jacket with fur inserts.

What about the colors? In the cold season will be extremely popular "cell". These skirts were presented with a variety of options and styles. Definitely it does not lose its relevance and beige and brown colors and contrasts of black and white, red and black. Skirts red shades, from scarlet to red and pink, were represented in the collections of many fashion brand. With these skirts blends red top and any accessories such as shades. All this taken together creates vibrant vivid image.

 Skirts 2012: fashion styles and trends

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 2012 fashion colors

Changes all around, as well as the times and fashion, and with them, and every girl's wardrobe. Yet, before you go for new clothes for the new season, you need to know what will be the fashionable color 2012. The new year will be marked by a completely different set of colors the most vivid colors. Thus all known designers try to smooth the gloom of rainy days and allow us to be always in a summer mood. As we know, actively back the retro style, and with it an unusually bold combination of colors. Yet never lose its relevance classic: white, gray, beige and black color designers are still in their trendy collections.

Trends in fashion colors

  • Juicy summer colors smoothly and very quietly pass into the cold seasons: bright green colors, clothing colors blue sky, orange sun and bright red strawberries must take pride of place in your wardrobe. Extremely impressive today looks outerwear color blue grapes and eggplant. Trench coat or fur collar fuchsia will not leave you unnoticed.
  • Classic shades are always in fashion, and the coming year - is no exception: a deep black and bright white color, low-key and soft gray beige. Also relevant and dark shades from gray mouse to chocolate brown.
  • Contrast provocation - the most fashionable colors of the clothes, 2012. Always unusual combinations attract the attention of others. Today it is possible to combine all that your heart desires, such as a bright orange scarf is a great accent color on a gray classic coat. Neutral colors of clothes with any accessory or a bright colored part of your clothing - hit of the season.

Chic and shine

 fashion color clothing 2012

This fashion trend fashion designers specifically designed for different social events. It looks brilliant in every sense now you just have to. Do not be afraid of beads and sequins, choosing clothes from any shiny fabrics. For example, in a turquoise or a scarlet jacket, you obviously will not go unnoticed, and such a thing is not a bit worse than the jacket of traditional colors.


 trendy colors and prints in 2012

In the new 2012 in fashion includes all kinds of prints perfectly all sizes, from small to large animal flower. Undoubtedly, python and leopard still occupy the highest positions in printovoy fashion. At the same time the summer-autumn prints are, as always, unobtrusive character. Major broad Scottish cage still in vogue. But each of the fair sex should remember and what to combine clothes with prints is not everyone's strength, and look the wrong combination can not only ridiculous, but ridiculous. So think carefully about whether to risk, and nice if you look at Printed dress.

French highlights

 trendy wine-colored clothing 2012

Wine shades today loudest rage. And they are good in that suit absolutely any girl, whether it is red, blonde or brown-haired woman. Cherry, burgundy, deep wine and blue grapes - such colors provided a wide selection of clothes. A striking accent in the wine will be red handbag wardrobe or gray bracelet.

The softness of pastel

 fashionable pastel colors 2012

Hit a new all seasons of the year are the bright colors, but too many daily situations where bright clothes is not the place. Of course, every self-respecting designer thought out such an option. For casual wear, they offer a muted shades of the same colors. So now is not necessarily to force myself to wear black, white or beige trousers and jackets. Delicate shades of blue, pink, peach or champagne color complement your look soft and make it sexy.

Night Rendezvous

 Trendy blue color clothing 2012

For several consecutive seasons out of fashion dark blue and all its shades. He's perfectly replaces usual everyday classics. The most famous fashion designers offer a wide palette of shades of color ranging from cobalt to indigo and ink. Yet strict blue elegance can be combined with pink and yellow flowers.

Fashion Classics

 2012 fashion classic colors

The undeniable advantage of black, beige, white and gray are always consists in the fact that they fit all beautiful ladies of all ages. They are versatile, with any combination of colors. Experiment: bright brooch on the classics, any unusual cut or faceted silhouette always advantageous to emphasize the taste, and no one will dare to call you boring.

The palette of colors

 trendy bright colors clothing 2012

The most current fashion colors 2012 - is azure, juicy orange, purple, emerald green, blueberry. All juiciest "vitamin" colors in fashion, which means that the deficiency disease this year you will not exactly threatening!

 Trendy colors of 2012, or the magic of color for each girl

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