Summer Games for kids

It is summer, and we are taking children out of the city - away from a contaminated air and asphalt. In nature they will be at ease, and unfamiliar surroundings are constantly able to arouse curiosity. In the summer, not only the way of life of the whole family, but also entertainment. We often go on picnics and to the waters to cool off a little in the hot weather. The child will be more fun to participate in these events, if he can take a suitably toys. For example, LEGO® DUPLO® offers a set of "Happy picnic", "Hilarious ice cream" and "Boat for Kids."

With these sets child will be able to create their own original dishes for a picnic, while his parents cut salads and plates are arranged on the bedspread with a light meal. Often we can see how the children experiment with food, combining the most mismatched with each other products. The kid will like to build multi-burgers of the brightest parts depicting cutlet, bread and onions, which can be poured ketchup. No less interesting to your child will create fruit salads, examining into slices apples, pears or oranges. The lid of the box is easily converted into a handy tray.

 Lego Duplo

In hot weather, we want at least a little cool, and if there are no rivers or lakes, have to settle for an ice cream. However, many parents are afraid to give their children is a delicious summer treat, fearing for the health of children. A way out could be a toy ice cream, colored balls which can be placed in the "wafer" horns and decorate delicious fillings.

And, of course, nothing can replace the games on the water with floating toys. Infants and a half to three years will be a lot of fun to let them on the waves of the river, the sea or the pool. And if they resemble a ship or boat, the possibility to put in boats "passengers" creates unlimited possibilities for the imagination.

 Summer Games for kids


This question is raised by all the parents whose children their age or their willingness to have access to first educational institution. As a rule, the main selection criteria are the proximity to home, good reviews of those who have attended the institution, well, if the kindergarten has a specialization, for example, takes the study of foreign languages, it's all great! But, unfortunately, all these criteria are relevant only with respect to public institutions, which today is so low that often the selection criteria is availability. However, it is worth noting that according to the law, are obliged to take your child to the kindergarten, which is secured on your home, although in practice it is necessary to take care. And what about those who do not have time during this do? You need to apply to private organizations!

It is worth noting that today the private kindergartens have their own Internet portals, such as, so find your nearest agency is not difficult, however, to the question of the choice should be approached more seriously!

 Game room

First, you need to personally visit a kindergarten and a viewing area, if it is improved, there are flowers, children's swings, sandpit, this is a good indicator, because he not only speaks about the attitude of management to their activities, but also demonstrates to you the conditions in which walking will be your baby. By the way, no harm will visit the garden again, but this time with the baby. Rather, for a total area you will not be allowed, but you will have the opportunity to look at how children behave and how your child will observe them.

The next step is the examination of the inside garden. If the bright contrast between the game room and office management is not present, this option is right for you, otherwise your money will go to the convenience of the director, not your child.

Communicating with the leadership of the institution, be sure to ask at what age is welcome, what are the courses and is included in the basic program, and that additional. By the way, do not be surprised if a required course will include choreography, now it's fashionable!

Also, you should not miss the opportunity to meet with a teacher, and a meeting is better to go with the child. This advice is given because of the fact that you will be able to see the reaction of the teacher and the ward when the teacher begins to motivate the child with toys or something to tell, then you definitely need to get to him. However, before deciding finally, ask the teacher about those children who already go to the garden, can also talk about the parents, if the teacher is clearly dissatisfied with something, then a teacher you do not need.

Well, at last we can say that today the majority of private children's institutions, such as kindergarten Sunflower meet all specified requirements and thereby are very popular among parents.

 How to choose a kindergarten?

 causes a rash on the face of the child


  • The causes of the rash on the face
  • Types of scars on the face of the child
  • Infectious diseases
  • Independent methods of dealing with a rash

The rash on the skin of a child - a phenomenon often enough.

This is a problem faced by many parents. Correct and timely diagnosis with treatment will get rid of the disease emerged.
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The causes of the rash on the face

Do not forget that a rash on the face of the child indicate the general condition of the body, so you should find out what is the cause of the rash. The most common occurrence of rash reflects the state of internal organs, such as intestines, kidneys, liver, pancreas. The reason could be a food allergy, a change in the environment, infectious disease, the differential temperature, the violation of the autonomic nervous system. Newborn cause rashes can be an unhealthy diet of the mother during pregnancy or during breast-feeding.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Types of scars on the face of the child

  • Toxic erythema of the newborn - a rash, occurring a few days after birth. It is a consequence of adaptive response of the body of the child to extrauterine environmental conditions. In addition to face this rash occurs on the chest, scalp, extremities. Rash is a dense red spots with gray bubbles in the center. It is not dangerous and has been held for 2-4 days.
  • Acne newborns. It occurs in the first days of life as a result of the first hormonal failure. Rash bright red, small, with pustules in the center of the pimple. She is covered only by a person in the area of ​​the forehead, nose, chin. The treatment does not require passes in 2-3 weeks, in exceptional cases - a few months.
  • Insect bites. They are characterized by pink or reddish spots on the face and other body parts. This rash is accompanied by a faint itching, general condition does not deteriorate, the child continues to run, play. If due to the bite of an allergic reaction is observed, the treatment is not required. With strong itching, redness should be given anti-allergic agent, for example, suprastin. Bites can be treated fenistil-gel which removes the irritation and swelling.
  • Sudamen - the most harmless and less painful rash. It manifested in the form of small pink spots that stand out slightly above the skin. In newborns it occurs on the back, neck, chest, rarely on the face. At the same time there is the normal body temperature. This rash occurs mainly in babies as a consequence of a lack of care for the body. To combat sudamen child should be washed with soap and water and dress in clean clothes. You can use talc or powder. In order to continue not arise such a problem, you should observe basic hygiene rules: make sure that the child is not sweating, overheating, take care of the clean diaper, bathe, adding water chamomile, celandine, mint, succession. Sudamen is not contagious and does not affect overall health.
  • Allergic rash. It manifested in the child a few hours after the allergen got into the body. There are spots, similar to the marks of burning nettle and starts itching. Allergic rash occurs in the form of nodules on his knees, the elbow and forearm. Maybe swelling of eyes, lips, internal organs, the larynx, angioedema.

Basically with an allergic rash facing infants, so the nursing mother must carefully monitor their diet and changes with the introduction of new products. Allergic rashes may also occur from taking medications and vaccinations. In the propagation of rash should immediately abandon the allergen source. Special treatment is needed, your doctor may prescribe an antihistamine medications - suprastin, tavegil. Allergens typically are:

  1. components of infant formula or food nursing mothers. It should change the mix or the mother eliminate the product that causes the allergy. This rule applies to babies. If allergy in older children, it is necessary to identify allergenic foods and to exclude it from the diet;
  2. medication. Allergy revealed strictly individual, with the appearance of the rash should see a doctor;
  3. pollen. During intense flowering plants should be possible to go out less,
  4. animal dander. Avoid contact with animals.
  • Infection - a dangerous source of a rash on the body of a child. To distinguish allergic rash of infectious measure the body temperature of a child. Exposure to elevated temperatures can judge the infectious disease. The presence of pimples from 2 to 10 mm is also evidence that the child has an infection. At higher temperatures, the presence of small red rash on the face of the child and a strong itch should immediately consult a doctor.

 treatment of rashes in the child

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Infectious diseases

By diseases of infectious origin is scarlet fever. It occurs mainly in children older than three years. The symptoms are: punctulate rash, similar to the semolina, which manifests itself in the face, in the inguinal folds, armpits, on his stomach, the elbow, vomiting, headache, fever, sore throat, thus greatly inflamed tonsils.

The main danger is scarlet fever complications of the heart and kidneys. This requires strictly follow the doctor's instructions. Basically prescribed antibiotics.

Measles - an infectious disease with a distinctly pronounced rash towering above the skin. Acne first appear on the face and behind the ears, then have spread throughout the body. Symptoms: fever, red eyes, cough, runny nose, photophobia. When the spots the child begins to feel better. After the rash is pigmentation, but eventually disappears completely. Measles dangerous complications: pneumonia, bronchitis, meningoencephalitis. To avoid the effects of taking the medicine regularly, drinking lots of water. When the disease is necessary to properly ventilate the room and avoid contact with it to direct sunlight.

Chickenpox (varicella) - an infectious disease in which there are spots, which are blisters filled with clear liquid. They can appear on various parts of the body: arms, legs, neck and abdomen. Bubbles burst quickly enough, then formed a crust, which is a long time to come down.

The incubation period lasts from one to three weeks. First, acne appears a little, but then they are formed in a geometrical progression. Eruptions last about five days.

The main thing - to prevent skin contamination. Otherwise, on the site of the burst bubble can quickly settle the microbes, and then appear fester. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant consequences must be 1-2 times a day to lubricate the bubbles green paint to complete dropout crusts.

Chickenpox - common among children infectious disease. If the child been ill with chickenpox, then it is usually preserved immune to it for life.

Rubella - contagious disease, which manifests itself in the form of scarlet fever rash like and measles. In this case, rashes appear all over the body and kept for two to five days. The main symptoms: a little red throat, low-grade fever, in rare cases, inflamed submandibular and cervical lymph nodes. The rash looks like a skarlatinovuyu (small) and measles (the largest), hence the term "skarlatinovaya measles" and "German measles". Eruptions appear randomly on the body and keep two or three days, in rare cases up to five days. Children quite easy to carry the disease.

At the onset of symptoms the child should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment assignment.

Meningococcal disease is most dangerous. This disease can be easily treated, but sometimes it causes blood poisoning and meningitis, which in turn may lead to brain damage. The rash appears as asterisks irregular shape of the face and elbows. Symptoms: fever, headache, chills. At the slightest suspicion of the disease should seek immediate medical attention, as the consequences are very dangerous.

Vezikulopustulez - chronic inflammatory disease of the skin that can be caused by various pathogens (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, and others). It manifests itself in the form of pustules, which are small bubbles of white or yellowish on the neck, chest, back, arms, legs, child, rarely on the head. Gradually pimples burst, and from them are crisp on the skin.

After detection of such lesions should urgently seek medical advice. Infection with the liquid of the bubble burst quickly spread almost all over the body. It should be very carefully remove pustules cotton with alcohol, and cauterize the wound green paint or a strong solution of potassium permanganate. The skin around the pustules handle alcohol. Bathe your baby during illness is prohibited because the infection is spread by water.

  • Dermatitis. In this case, the rash appears around the mouth, and then goes to the whole body. First pour the bubbles, and then they burst. Next, the skin starts to peel off. In this case, the doctor prescribes antihistamine.

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Independent methods of dealing with a rash

If you have any rash actions to be taken: to ensure the child drink plenty of liquids, make sure that he did not have constipation, do not overfeed, otherwise the body will spend the extra forces on the digestion of food, which will contribute to its weakening in the fight against disease. It is necessary to carefully monitor the child's diet and changes in his health. If you notice a rash, seek medical advice, as an independent diagnosis is excluded.

 Eruptions on the face of the child