what to wear fur vest

Always very reluctant to part with the warm weather, but cold days are long since come. This fact forces us to change wardrobe for warmer, though no less stylish. Collection of winter clothing are increasingly sparkle furs, who conquered the hearts of all the catwalks and our ladies, and their most simple variant - sleeveless, who this season are at the peak of popularity. This vest boldly go to work, and for rest and walking is generally an indispensable option. Be smart, elegant, just gorgeous - with a fur vest, anything is possible! They are completely different in style, cut, material, texture. So what to wear fur vest?

Today, designers offer a wide range of natural fur: lamb, mink, chinchilla, sable, fox, beaver, rabbit, alpaca, fox, sheepskin, astrakhan. Nowadays varied even faux fur. His perfect complement steel skin, decorative fur trim, hoods, collars, and various zippers, ties and fasteners. To always be fashionable, it is worth remembering that if there is at least one bulk item in your image, the rest have to be fitting.

 fur vest with nothing to wear

What possible combinations fur vest?

  • If the vest is made of long, fluffy pile, for example, alpaca or sheep, it is better to combine it with tight turtleneck and jeans, not to create an additional volume.
  • Owners vest with a short nap before the hips can afford to put on a tweed trousers, voluminous skirt or skirt country-style.
  • To work in the office is allowed to combine fur vest and a strict dress that will accentuate your exact taste.
  • The perfect complement to your style will be jewelry with large beads or a long chain with a pendant noticeable. The main thing that has not been fur accessories.
  • For walks and outdoor activities that will suit the combination of fur vest with jeans and high boots.
  • If the weather is cool, binding and will complement the big warm knitted scarf, long gloves, suitable to match to the bag or leather belt, which will emphasize your figure, and especially the waist, making her "wasp."
  • In autumn weather jacket is very good to put on a warm sweater throat - it is easy to replace your jacket.
  • For the winter is better to put options vest over a leather jacket or coat on top of drab.

In recent years, many girls are increasingly wonder - fur vest to wear more appropriate than most? The famous Canadian designer Todd Lynn on a secular party submitted a refined and elegant collection of at least evening and cocktail dresses in draperies and silver fur .  About 70s disco and hippies work reminded Versace its lush blue jackets, leather belt, decorated with large buckles and boots on massive platforms .  The American designer Michael Kors suggests wearing artificial fur vests juicy red and no less beautiful, in his opinion, a combination - a cocktail dress and ankle boots .  Armani presented a model with a leopard print .  A Dolce & Gabbana - fur vest with a long-haired sheep .  Valentino also struck down all the furs of emerald and purple flowers .  No matter what you select vest just for yourself, whether from natural or artificial fur, curly lamb nap or short-cropped sheepskin - it will always be in style .

Vest of fur, as they say, in all ages, has been a multi-functional and versatile as suitable for girls and women of any shape and height. But it sure must be very careful to pick up, as the one figure he will look elegant and graceful, and the other will emphasize all the shortcomings. So let's try to figure out how to wear a fur vest.

 How to wear a fur vest

Vest is for your figure

  • If you are the owner of a beautiful slim figure, then you fit cropped jackets with clasps, a kind of large buttons, zippers. Successful length - up to waist line trousers. In this case, you emphasize all the advantages of the figure.
  • Plain fur vest perfectly complement the belt at the waist.
  • For full of girls who want to visually reduce the waistline, you should choose sheared fur vests. Matching length - up to mid-thigh. A good complement to this jacket is a belt.
  • For fragile girls with a small breasted suit jacket long coat with belt, which visually adds the missing amount.

Vest of fur can be fastened on the buttons, zippers, laces. In combination with a skirt made of cotton should be selected autumn and winter fur colors such as beige, red, black and gray, yellow or white, gray, black. It will serve as a perfect complement belt with rhinestones, which is perfect for any celebration.

Today in vogue volume. If your jacket completely buttoned, it is better to emphasize his thin or thick leather belt. Contrast Buckle add image mystery and raisins. This option does not suit everybody, but to give your image of femininity and tenderness, you can find a more fitting version of the fur vests and decorate it with a belt made of silk. Latest mobile trends winter season will vest with a hood. This option is very good that the hood is easy to replace any headdress and serve as a good complement to the entire image.

 From what to wear fur vest to be warm and stylish

 leather leggings

Again, everyone's favorite article of clothing 80 is experiencing his finest hour. Today, leather leggings look much more elegant and refined, in contrast to those years. More recently, these pants were only fashion designers and stylists, but now they have moved rapidly in every wardrobe of the fair sex. Leggings quite well continue to gain momentum crazy popularity not only among avid fashionistas, but also among ordinary girls. This is also the glossy magazines, and the latest collections of the most famous brands, which includes these extravagant pants.

These pants have become a versatile garment, holding high positions not only on the catwalks, but also in our locker room. These stretchy pants that are tight-fitting and produce women's feet, let you feel seductive and elegant that attracts male attention. So that's why the question of what to wear leather leggings takes so much time and attention to the girls!

 leather leggings

How and what to wear leggings?

Such a thing, of course, fit into any wardrobe, and in different styles, but still there are a few rules that should be followed during the selection of clothes that do not look ridiculous or funny.

  • Leather leggings perfectly with tunics and dresses.
  • No less interesting tandem may be considered such unisex pants with jackets, mini skirts and sweaters. We can also add shorts and mini-skirts.
  • For everyday wear best fit tight leggings with a sweater dress. This kit is very easy and no less comfortable. It is possible to go to work, study or just for a walk. In addition, such a wonderful warm clothing in cold weather.
  • With these pants, you can create a classic image, adding to their jacket.
  • For evening is best suited combination of leather leggings with a short dress-knitted cover.
  • They harmonize any model of outerwear, such as a cape trapeze trench coat or cloak.
  • In warm weather, leggings are perfectly combined with long shirts and T-shirts, jackets bright colors with short sleeves and light chiffon dress to the knee.

As for the selection of shoes, everything is very simple, because these pants easy to make a tandem with your favorite boots, shoes or high boots. Day wear leggings with ballet flats and in the evening - with high heels or stilettos. The only thing you should have to remember to wear leather leggings - wear them with sneakers unacceptable.

 what to wear leather leggings

Fashion model in 2012

It is worth remembering that before leather pants are made only of a deer or elk skin, but now the fashion is not leather leggings, and models that mimic the skin. They are much more flexible, easier, more practical. Fashion leggings are made of a fabric that most mimics the skin of a snake or a crocodile, matte, glossy or varnished. Trend additions can be considered different or assembly locks. A novelty will be elastic leather pants on the foot, decorated with interesting accents.

Some designers offer us warmed model, complementing their fleece. These pants are a wonderful option for frost days, because they retain heat well, while not changing its shape and texture under the influence of low temperature. Also a big plus is possible to consider that in such models there is a certain effect of sink marks, which will correct the problem areas of your thighs.

 fashionable leather leggings

A few secrets from stylists

  • Length leggings in any case should not coincide with the length of skirts or dresses. It would look ridiculous and absurd.
  • If you prefer pants to the knee, then the owner should be perfect slender legs. Otherwise leggings accentuate your every flaw.
  • Tiger and leopard pants do not have to be supplemented by clothing or accessories of the same colors.

I would also like to say what would leggings you choose, they can always look extravagant and seductive. In addition, modern materials are very convenient and comfortable to wear. Naturally, such candid better to wear pants owners of slender legs. Still, you should not confuse the problem areas, because of leather leggings so good, that have the effect of sink marks, so easy to hide a couple of prevents you to live peacefully centimeters in the hips, buttocks and waist.

 Leather leggings: resurgent fashion