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Quite a lot of things a woman's wardrobe, which have been at the top of fame in the 80s, and later gradually began to go out of fashion. So it can be said about leggings, but they returned again and serve adorn many fashionistas. In those days all changed dramatically, the fashion for such things took place immediately. Today, women leggings look not just as their predecessors - defiant, and even the kind of noble, if this word may be applied to such clothes.

Selecting leggings women are so varied that only need to be able to choose the right of the figure. In addition, it is important to understand whether it is suitable for this thing personal style. Because leggings can perfectly complement your image, and at the same time emphasize the shortcomings of your hips and legs. These pants fit great variety of clothing to your wardrobe. In different combinations, they create fresh images, interesting and non-trivial.

 women leggings wool

The revival and transformation of leggings

Leggings originally belonged to the men's clothing is an integral part of military uniforms. They have taken to heart the female sex, and soon moved into their wardrobes. Today, they are rightly listed exclusively female pants, which are often worn with a skirt or dress.

In recent years, many designers have remembered the existence of women's fashion leggings, a variety of them, and eventually got hold of fashionable and desirable thing, which is now becoming very popular.

Today, this kind of pants like leggings for women, has a more relaxed coloring than in the 80s. The most popular colors are gray, brown, black, dark blue, wine, burgundy - any quiet shades. You can wear them both in winter and hot in summer - in this case it is important, from what material they are created.

In the cold season and warm the most important will be knitted or woolen leggings for women. Winter embodiment may be combined with both coloring coats, and, conversely, to be in contrast with outerwear. When it comes to these pants for parties during the warmer months, there is also full of different variations to choose from.

 women's winter leggings

  Fashion leggings coming season

  • It is still in vogue leggings most popular model last year - or classic black leather. In them, each of us will be able to feel comfortable and at the same time look elegant. The ideal combination of them became bright jacket, and the addition of a party - free top and a bright jacket.
  • Hit of the season - leggings of silver or gold metallic fabrics.
  • For those who want to attract attention, fit leggings that adorn the metal rivets.
  • The most relevant are these pants with a variety of animals' prints, such as snake or leopard.
  • A novelty will be new seasons velor.
  • It becomes very fashionable leggings with patterns 90, which are made of wool.

 leggings women what to wear

What to wear leggings in the cold?

Warm pants occupy rightfully one of the biggest items in our wardrobe. One of the latest hits of the current season in the cold - it's women leggings made of wool. Defined, that wool has enough positive qualities that distinguish it from other types of fur. It twice easier and much stronger than all the rest. Biologically active substances are stored in it that has a positive effect on human health. These leggings are indispensable when in a cold environment, moisture and drafts. They are ideal for people who are actively involved in sports, as well as cottagers, anglers and tourists.

Almost all the ladies wondering how to wear women's winter leggings. Again, we recall that they can be combined with almost any clothing. At the beginning of winter leggings perfectly match with boots, but in the cold and frosty best time to wear high boots and insulated and warm leggings. One of the few things that wear leggings is not recommended in any case, are sandals as footwear with an open look these pants are very vulgar and ugly.

 Leggings women - the most fashionable item of the new season

 how to dress a girl in the club

Every modern girl who occasionally visits the nightclubs or walking in them constantly have to think about what kind of clothes to choose for this campaign.

Why is the question of how to dress a girl in the club is still relevant and important, and is it true that in the nightclubs there are some rules and restrictions in the clothes?

Indeed, in some clubs there is a certain dress code, without observing that you would not pass the inside. For example, it could be a ban on sports clothing style or demand a certain length dress or skirt.

Always keep in mind how to dress in a club based on the fact what goals you want to achieve as a result of his visit .  If the plan - just have fun from the heart with friends and dance tirelessly all night long, it is best to choose clothes, most comfortable, which is conveniently located for several hours .  It may be a stretch pants, skinny jeans, shorts or a skirt .  These simple easy fit shirt or T-shirt, can be white, which will be beneficial to look at ultraviolet rays .  It is advisable, if it is shown to be pretty interesting picture or inscription .  Comfortable clothes are also tights or leggings that do not fetter movements .  The pair of them you can put on loose-fitting long tunic .  Shoes should choose without a heel, flat shoes .  In this case, fit ballet flats, sandals or sneakers .  In such shoes, even after several hours of incendiary dance your feet will not feel an incredible fatigue .

A variant of how to dress in a club in order to get acquainted with the vending guy can become a bright colorful outfit that will stand out from the crowd and did not leave unnoticed any one girl. It not prohibited large number of rhinestones and sequins sewn on clothes. Just look would be appropriate dress or blouse fabric of bright, saturated colors, as long as they meet the other a combination of wardrobe items and accessories. This outfit does not look vulgar in a nightclub, and may not even attract a suitor to your person.

 how to dress club

If you intend to wear jeans in combination with a shoe heels, then they will need some kind of an interesting belt, it will perfectly complement your feminine glamorous image. Put in a combination of simple blue jeans and a nice top, you definitely will be the center of attention all night.

During a hike in the nightclub, emphasize their dignity, the right outfit, do not hesitate. As the owner of the long slender flawless legs should wear short skirts or shorts. Girl with beautiful breasts perfect top or blouse with a deep neckline or sexy fashion corset, if you love extravagant outfits. Feminine shoulder and graceful neck dress can emphasize on the straps or no sleeves. Thin waist belt or provide fitting dress. But always remember an important rule - if you open the chest, the legs should be closed, and vice versa. Otherwise, you can take for a girl of easy virtue.

The most often dress up outfit for the disco, perhaps, is the dress - its color, style, and length are not in this matter. If she plans to spend the whole evening sitting at the table or bar with a martini glass, it can safely be worn even long evening dress, the main advantage of which is not his comfort and aesthetic beauty. And if the plans include dancing to rhythmic music, it is better to choose a dress, the maximum length of which reaches the knee, so as not to hinder any movement. Besides the dress must be very comfortable to dance is not felt even the slightest discomfort. He looks very sexy dress with open shoulders, length above the knee and emphasizing the waist with a thin strap.

The romantic image of the princess dress will give a multilayered air-bell skirt and puffed sleeves. And, of course, the perfect outfit for all occasions is a little black dress. Very well, if the material of the sewn dress, will have a brilliant shade or flicker in the dark, with dim lighting club.

Shoes, you can choose a dress with high heels, medium heels or wedges. It can be graceful elegant shoes with pointed toe, open lightweight thin straps of the sandals or boots fashion various styles. Color shoes should be black or brilliant hues. In the cold season will look great medium length boots heels and a dress supershort perfect fit boots.

 how to dress in a club

If it's not a very high temperature, under a dress or a skirt can be worn nylon tights or stockings. There are no restrictions. You can choose the usual tights of any color or with a variety of designs and patterns, as well as tights or stockings mesh.

Avoid putting on a night club clothing with long sleeves, as well as made of dense or synthetic materials. The clubs in such clothes, from large concentrations of people, of their own vigorous movement and dance to alcohol contained in drunk cocktails, you will just unbearably hot. Do not just resort to sports style clothing. You do not need to come to the club jersey shorts and T-shirts with the logos of the leading sports companies or in a jacket with a hood.

The choice of accessories too is important to complete the stylish image of the girl. Ladies handbag for going to a nightclub should be compact and beautiful. It is best to take with a small clutch, which can accommodate the most necessary items: a comb, wallet, lipstick and phone. About the big roomy bag will have to forget, because they do not fit with club dresses.

Decorations should also correspond to the selected outfit. If she chose a simple style of dress, it should complement the bright accessories, such as large earrings, bracelets or more on hand, the choice is yours! By the glamorous sheen is better to choose a minimum of jewelry, otherwise you will look like a Christmas tree.

Whatever style is chosen for himself a girl for a hike in a night club, as long as her clothes look clean and tidy. In this case, the attention from the opposite sex would be provided to her, and she will have some fun on the soul with their friends.

 How to dress in a club girl

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