long skirts Winter Spring 2012

Skirt - the most versatile item of ladies' clothes, without which it can not do none of the modern woman. It can be as romantic and sexy and festive business. Every day this piece of clothing is becoming more popular everyday clothing in any season. Given this, the fashion designer included in their collection of long skirts Winter - Spring 2012 a wide variety of styles that are designed to not only warm, but also to decorate the beautiful ladies.

Maxi-length skirts will enjoy the incredible popularity not only in the winter and spring season, this trend will continue in the summer. So imagine the modern fashionista wardrobe without having it fashionable and stylish long skirt this year is very difficult.

With its arsenal of trendy and practical at the same time a thing, any woman will feel cozy and comfortable in any situation. Women in long skirts always look very elegant and romantic. Moreover, this item of women's clothing is perfect for the office, a business meeting, and for any other special occasion.

Selecting long skirts in a new fashion season is very wide and varied. Which of them will be able to attract the attention of modern women? To find out, we suggest to familiarize with the most popular trends of the 2012 season.

 long skirt 2012

Women's skirt: fashion trends for Spring - 2012

Long skirts in winter and spring designers vary from the knee to mid-calf, but the favorites of the season are models up to the ankle, plus or minus a couple of centimeters.

In this, the skirt may be worn on the waist or the hips. Very common and overestimated waist. Unlike previous years, this season in the fashion filled top. It is very fashionable as an accessory use emphasizes the waist thin strap.

Length skirt 2012 can be made from various fabrics: tweed, wool, denim, velvet, jersey, chiffon, leather and many other materials to suit every taste. However, the most original material for winter skirts this season is the colorful fur, both natural and artificial. While most fashionable material for spring skirts considered leather.

Because fashion elegant restraint, maxi skirt on the fashion runways in the winter-spring season of 2012 is dominated by mostly monochrome, mostly white, beige, gray and gold, calm yellow and blue, as well as classic black and brown. Despite the fact that the other skirt fashion trends this year are full of different colors of the rainbow, fashion maxi skirt virtually devoid of patterns and other decorative elements.

For evening out in the collections of the year provided a lot of luxury models made of luxurious materials like silk, satin or velvet. Most of these models are very extravagant cuts, allowing the girls to show around her beautiful slender legs. Skirts made of similar materials, look very elegant and original.

Special chic in the winter-spring season of the year are considered to be direct and long skirts flared styles, made in the ethnic or folk style, decorated with ruffles and inserts with embroidery.

Flying long pleated skirt 2012 of smooth fabrics - another fashion trend of the season, which will surely find its fans. Pleated skirts give the female form incredible lightness and femininity.

 long skirts 2012

From what to wear long skirts?

2012 Long skirts go well with many things a woman's wardrobe. For example, down slightly flared skirt will ideally look in the ensemble with strict jacket supplemented cute butterfly.

Long skirt with pleating perfectly combines both the trousers and cashmere sweaters with thin turtleneck under a dressing and with fur jackets and coats. As for shoes, the advantageous of all these skirts look great with boots on high heels.

Looking at the variety of models and styles of fashionable skirts, the ladies offered to the new fashion season is no doubt that every woman will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate option that will not only select all the dignity of the figure, but also to hide its flaws.

 Long skirts 2012 spring fashion is in full swing!

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 Women Long Down Jackets

During the autumn-winter period more often on city streets meet women dressed in stylish jackets. Coats and jackets are popular fuzz for good reason: they are lightweight, but very warm, practical, easy to care for them - can be washed at home. This outerwear is ideal for everyday wear and for recreation.

Due to the large demand for down products, designers every year to develop new models of feminine styles or sporty. Buying women's jackets wholesale . be sure to pay attention to the long down coats. Manufacturers offer them in a wide range with medium-length jackets.


Long jackets are often fitted silhouette that makes a woman more slender. The emphasis on the waist can be done with belts or belt. To make the down jacket luxury type of finish provides a natural fluffy fur. They decorate the collar, cuffs, hood. This outerwear will make its possessor very impressive.

Well-known manufacturers use additional elements, for example: unusual buckles, straps on the shoulders and elbows, fabric strap on the locks, zipper closing valves. Long jackets tend to make it more comfortable to use - many of them have detachable parts: the collar, warm lining, a hood. The convertible models can detach skirts - in this case the product is converted into a short jacket that can be worn in warmer weather.

The topsheet is made of synthetic materials: polyester, polyamide, nylon. They are specially treated to give a water-repellent properties. These fabrics are attractive appearance, soft to the touch, are hypo-allergenic properties.

 Women's down jacket


Buying long women down jackets wholesale, you can choose products from a wide range of colors. Young girls like model of bright colors: yellow, fuchsia, red, emerald, purple, gold, silver, pink, coral, blue. The gray cloudy days bright colors will cheer up.

Older women are offered the classic gray jacket, black, white, brown tones. Many downy coat of designer collections have a beautiful glossy sheen. Glossy fabrics - fashion trend, they look good and attract attention.

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 Women Long Down Jackets

 pants breeches 2012

This year will be the fashion original and daring models of trousers - you know it by looking at the collection of Rebecca Taylor, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen. Fashion in London, Paris and New York, told us about one of the trends that promise to be the most popular this spring. This breeches 2012 from the latest collections - bold, original and even extravagant, and at the same time so interesting and attractive. They will go as a trendsetter and ordinary women who want to emphasize the subtlety of its taste.

Popularity breeches partly be explained by the fact that it is very convenient and "useful" pants: they do not just look beautiful, but also help to correct the little flaws figures. They should wear girls with lean legs or narrow pelvis with full hips. With waist breeches will seem really aspen, and the figure - 100% feminine, exciting and admired.

But proceed directly to a style: modern fashion tells us about the relevance of the two options. So popular are riding breeches, or tapering to the ankles or the hips. The first option is freer, bolder while the second - the girls should take this into account when creating images.

Regret options "breeches" - 2012

  1. Business, ie the length of the plain classic model - it will help create an image of a confident woman, collected and strict, but knowing all the fashion trends. With these breeches can create a flawless look, perfectly suited both for work and for the publication.
  2. Lightweight silk or satin model - they will be a wonderful option for active and cheerful girls, being constantly on the move, seeking to dress not only modern, but still comfortable. These breeches great choice for going to a party or friendly gatherings - sure, it is their lovers choose holidays and entertainment.
  3. Denim, that is the most original, bold, sports stuff - this is an option for young people, loving dynamic and constantly challenge the society his extravagance. By the way, this season the fashion will not only denim, but in general all models of hard tissue textures such as leather - just something from which enthusiastic youth.

 Trousers for women breeches 2012

What colors should be "Breeches" in 2012?

Let's go directly to the above-described shaped: each of them has its own characteristics - they are quite different from each other not only in texture. The colors in these pants "breeches" is also different:

Business style fairly strict - it set the tone of blue, brown, gray, beige, sand model. These pants are calm and mature - they are seen as not only the beauty, but also the confidence of strong women.

It is clear what colors should be easy style model - air, non-intrusive, the most positive. That is why the choice of the girls are white, cream, beige pants Women: riding breeches 2012 promise to be 100% attractive. But it will not be too bright colors - design houses are banking on prudence, knowing that all things, and even extravagance, should be in moderation.

The most original colors we see in the case of jeans and other "hard" models. In this case, the girl can choose not only stylish black breeches, and indigo or blue pants, a divorce or dynamic drawings. Any such item will look boldly, so in this case you can experiment with color combinations.

 breeches pants spring summer 2012

From what to wear breeches in 2012?

There are a few rules, and the first of them - any volume above the waist. If you picked up a stylish riding breeches, then to create a truly harmonious way should dwell on the slim line blouses, shirts, blouses. As you can imagine, this rule is the "iron" - it will not just be relevant in the coming spring season, it has always operated.

There is another principle to be followed: you have to very carefully choose shoes. For girls small and medium growth option would be a win-win shoes and boots with high heels. Of course, sneakers or ballet flats not be discounted, especially since the same model denim jodhpurs with such shoes will look very impressive. That's just keep in mind that this combination will suit a tall and slender girls.

And now we'll tell you about the date for the 2012 rule. Since all models are sufficiently stringent and calm, except perhaps that the extravagant options, the entire image must be maintained. Therefore, try to trim the top, on the basis of a maximum of 3 colors, and try not to overload your look an abundance of accessories.

Properly selected breeches will adorn your wardrobe - a must-have of the coming season.

 Fancy pants breeches - 2012

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