slimming corset

Many centuries ago are brought society ladies do not see how you can go to people without such details as the toilet slimming corset. Any dress, even the most simple home was equipped with some of the "seed" that kept posture and pull the waist to allow the standards laid down.

Today, oddly enough, the fashion for these amazing products returned. Increasingly, you can meet beautiful girls in corsets Waist offices, at parties and celebrations. The most amazing thing is that, despite the sophistication of the details of clothes and inconvenience that it sometimes delivers, corsets were not only festive clothes, but also perfectly taken root as an everyday accessory romantic natures.

So what's the charm of this item of clothing? What are the Waist corsets, and how to wear them? Let's understand everything in order.

Types of corsets

Waist corsets differ not only in form but also on the material and type of fastener. Most modern corsets and corsages sewn based regilina or plastic bones. The real corsets made on a hard material such as whalebone, that now a rarity, and metal "bones." Find a product in stores is unlikely to succeed. As a rule, a good slimming corset sewn to order, taking into account the individual characteristics of the figure of the future owner.

By forms Waist corsets are so diverse that describe all too long, but the basic model to enumerate all it is worth.

  • Corsage Belt

A short bodice which is more for decorative purposes than for utjazhki. On the surface it may look like a wide belt lace. It looks beautiful with all sorts of lush skirts, pants, jeans, etc. It can be worn over a simple dress to emphasize the waist and visually emphasize the breasts.

  • Corset "under the breast"

The most common type of corset that covers the stomach and rises smoothly to the breast, thereby creating not only seductive waist, but also beneficial to emphasizing the bust. Wearing a slimming corset is possible as with dresses and jackets with. Especially beautiful it looks in conjunction with the classic pencil skirt and a thin blouse.

  • Corset "chest"

The difference between this slimming corset from the others in that it completely covers the chest and can be worn in combination with shirts and dresses, as well as a separate garment. Excellent corsets are in harmony with all kinds of scarves, capes, boleros, etc.

This species has subspecies corsets, corset slimming "chest" shortened. The essence of it is that it does not cover the breast completely, and reaches only its middle. Waist corsets are especially nice on girls with big breasts.

 Waist corsets

Types of fasteners corsets

There are all Waist corsets and corsages and types of fasteners, they are:

  • Solid one functional lacing behind;
  • With two functional laces (front and rear);
  • Zipper (usually a bustier as utjazhki corset zipper will not stand);
  • With a functional lacing back and front busk (busk - a special metal strap with hooks)
  • With a functional rear lacing hooks and simple front (again this corsages).

Number shnurovok may vary, but the functionality of 2 (more and is not necessary). Good women's corsets Waist lace in that they allow you to adjust the power and utjazhki corset customized by shape, even after you've lost weight or recovered slightly. By the way, just to get better in a corset you are unlikely, due to the contraction because all the internal organs are pressed together, and the stomach is no longer accommodates the volume of food that you are used to eat at the banquet table. So the corset is a great way to save yourself from the gravity and eating!

 Waist Corsets. Their species

 Spring 2012 street fashion

The new season promises to be rich in trends - about designers say, are hoping for a girl, agree experts and observers. Among the diversity that promises to give us spring 2012 street fashion will be in the first places on the number of interesting proposals for women. It's clear why - today this style is very popular, because it reveals the personality of the most girls. Women have the opportunity to create your own image, choosing look'ov that like them personally, feeling designers.

But the designers every season udelayut this direction more and more attention. Elizabeth and James, Maje, Anna Rachele, JCPenney, and many other design houses act as assistants to women, offering them a combination of stylish, helping to make Casual original and interesting.

Therefore, in this article we look at how the images that women choose for yourself and those guises, who see the famous couturier.  street fashion clothing spring summer 2012

Create street fashion 2012: what to wear to be fashionable girl?

Let's say right away: there is some general principles that would be obeyed without exception, women who wish to be impeccably stylish. The main rule of street fashion - Wear what you like, things that make you happy. Of course, in this case, the company gathered friends can look quite brightly, but such extravagance would have its own charm. Therefore doubts aside, let us rather turn our attention to the trends that are definitely interesting.


  • The fitted jacket or coat classic style - this is the outer garment, which selects most of the girls in the cool early spring. In the wake of the popularity of things are the most quiet and elegant colors - cream, light beige, gray, sand.
  • Leather jackets will choose a bold girl and style of the outerwear can be very different, up to the "black leather jackets." By the way, during the warmer the brutality of the past can be safely combined with exaggerated tenderness lacy things - so do many beauties of Milan, Turin, Florence.
  • Knitted coat with a thin ligature drawing will also be quite popular - they make image of the girl warmer and protected. Incidentally, this outerwear can perfectly be combined with bulky scarves with "banana" or elk with jackboots and high-heeled boots.

 street fashion spring summer

Let us turn to the trends that street fashion spring - summer of 2012 gave us closer to the hottest month:

  • Shirt with a skirt - this is a classic that remains relevant more than one season. Black and white is a combination of clothing will look in a measure strictly and 100% attractive - this is an option for women who want to stand out from the crowd, highlighting the perfection of its image.
  • Elegant blouse in combination with trousers to be another reasonable choice for the benefit of classics. This is exactly the order in which stylish girl would like to come to work and go to a friend's birthday - in any situation look like will look appropriate.
  • Asymmetry is also among the fashion trends of spring and summer of 2012 - will be in demand with an asymmetrical hem dresses, tunics, sweaters, ponchos. With their help, she will be able to fully reveal their identities to show that it is a creative approach to the creation of Casual images and not afraid to experiment.
  • Sweater dress fit perfectly, especially if you want to create an image of gentle prude. The secret of their success coming in 2012 spring-summer season is simple - they look very cute, one side showing all the beauty of female legs of turned the other - looks strictly enough.
  • Wide literally flowing pants combined with tops or tank tops will be another win-win option in the warmer months. This combination makes the girl look free parallel leaving room for creativity, to add new strokes and detail to the image.
  • But even the most liberated, kezhel-trends featured prominently - it says the expected popularity of T-shirts and trousers in bright colors. Yes, she will be able to dress up as freely and still be fashionable and stylish - the coming summer is more than real.
  • It is important not to forget about the dress - frivolous and business, bright and calm stressed, they will play a huge role in the next season. Of course, such clothing remains a symbol of femininity, so different models will choose the beauty of Milan and Paris, Moscow and Barcelona, ​​Helsinki and New York.

Now let's move on to the fashionable accents, which are arranged by famous designers in their kezhel image.

 Spring 2012 women's street fashion

Look at the street fashion designer 2012: Collections Overview

  • Fashion house Elizabeth and James focused on the brightness of the colors and glamor - of their decision mainly targeted at young girls. The collection meets the versatility of T-shirts and sweaters, jeans and overalls, a variety of peach and orange, pink and blue, red and black colors.
  • For ease emphasizes French brand Maje: how delicate dresses and jumpsuits with an abstract pattern or suits with feline prints look interesting, but not aggressively. Items from this brand are perfect for girls who want to create a memorable look in the style of Casual.
  • House JCPenney forces us to take another look at the jackets, the central elements of their collections. These things they make bright and colorful, boldly combining them with colored skirts. Orange, blue, crimson, pink, purple, white jackets make the female image and the entire Casual style of the original, highlighting the girl from the crowd.
  • But the Italian brand Anna Rachele did focus on dresses and suits, a variety of solid and business beige, olive, gray, bold floral patterns and leopard prints. As a result, it look turned out quite versatile and, most important, interesting - this collection is perfect for women sure.

We have seen how diverse street fashion spring - summer 2012: clothes can reflect our personality, so let's create the most stylish images, focusing on the trends presented above.

 Street Fashion Spring-Summer 2012

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