Delivery in Russia

As you know, for someone else's fence grass is always greener, and many pregnant women dream to have a baby anywhere, but not in Russia. So what is the real advantage to the domestic foreign birth, and how much it costs - to give birth abroad.

Expectant mothers dare to give birth abroad for various reasons: some clearly does not trust the Russian doctors, and someone has got a bitter experience and does not want to repeat it. Women are willing to travel thousands of kilometers, just to be sure that medical care and comfort, and the attitude of the staff will be at the highest level.

It plays an important role and the overall level of medicine in the country where the woman plans to give birth - for example, in Germany a year on health care is spent more than 230 billion euros - the highest rate of expenditure on health care in the European Union. Births there also are not cheap - from 10 to 13 thousand euros on average, and the price for a caesarean section comes sometimes up to twenty thousand euros. It should be noted that because of the political division of the land pricing in different German cities - for example, in Berlin give birth less than in Munich. In Austria, the labor cost is much cheaper, but the level of medicine there is not worse than in Switzerland and Germany, which are considered to be ideal for delivery countries. To give birth in the US is from five to ten thousand dollars, about the same price tag, and in Israel, where, until recently, were the best conditions for women in labor, given the lack of a language barrier.

The woman, who had come to give birth in Europe consistently falls into a clean, comfortable chamber with a comfortable bed and a call button nurse, and her husband, if he wants it is always next to his wife - is another reason why expectant mothers are going to give birth abroad . Births in the United States provide another nice bonus - a child born in this country, it automatically becomes a citizen.

At birth abroad has its disadvantages, and the first pitfall on the way a pregnant woman - is a medical insurance, which is offered with the "tour to give birth." Its condition must be read very carefully, as they often force majeure situation is not included in the list and will require additional costs. The second problem - a flight. In airlines, there are limits on the duration of pregnancy (generally 6-8 months). Himself flight - it's a great stress and severe burden on the cardiovascular system, especially when it comes to a woman who has a new life. Complications during pregnancy more dangerous to fly, and many airlines in the sale of tickets require a certificate stating that no contraindications. Unaccustomed food and other climate can also have negative consequences for the health of the expectant mother.

Anyway, in any country in the world, doctors and midwives are doing everything possible to help their patients to have a strong healthy baby. To see how this happens in a Russian maternity hospitals, it is possible to program "The newborn Russia" from September 15 to Monday at 22:00 on TLC.

 Well, where we do not have: the pros and cons of birth abroad

 Health Women

The female body care intimate hygiene - one of the most important components. It deserves special attention, because the care of intimate areas have a direct impact on the reproductive function of the woman's body.

Few people know that the barrier intimate area exposed to many stress factors. It may weaken: pregnancy and breast, menopause and menstruation, hormonal disorders, medications and contraceptives and even intimacy.

Even more protective function of the intimate area weakened by improper hygiene, which can not be carried out with ordinary soap and shower gels. The fact is that the pH of the intimate area woman is 4, 6, and the pH of tap water and soap - 7 and 9, respectively. Violation of the pH balance of the use of improperly matched's Skin funds leads to an increased risk of infection and reduce the barrier protection.

That's why choosing the means to care for intimate hygiene, it is important to choose foods containing a substance with a close intimate zone of pH, such as lactic acid.

With these requirements in mind, experts have created NIVEA Gel SENSITIVE intimate hygiene with lactic acid and aloe vera that will soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.

 The delicate question

 pancakes recipe


  • The recipe for delicious pancakes
  • Minor additions to the recipe

Pancakes - one of the world cuisine, encountered absolutely all the peoples who used the flour. Recipe of pancakes each nation its own, but all looking like no people repeated the other. Particularly stood out among all the French with their thin pancakes, as well as with Russian counterparts oparnymi.

Times have passed, and many recipes have been erased, replaced by a more interesting analogy, other, mixed together to give a more perfect. Now very difficult to find recipes for preparing pancakes that over the years, but a lot of modernized variations that can not afford any cook.

 delicious pancakes
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The recipe for delicious pancakes

For delicious pancakes to be and crockery, respectively. Modern duralumin and Teflon pans only ruin the taste of the future delicacy (alas, but modern realities made good crepes delicacy, which is found only in the beautiful hostesses and cooks who love their work). When cooking it is worth remembering that the national dishes are sensitive to everything, so the dishes should be simple, natural foods (preferably homemade), and the right thoughts.

Then everything is so simple, that one day to make things right, then it is impossible to forget the algorithm.

The necessary ingredients are there anywhere in the world.

  • Estimated volume - 1 liter of milk. If the pancakes will be served without filling, it is better to use sour milk products.
  • 6 eggs, but if cooking the pancakes will be torn, it is not forbidden to add more. There clearly can not be calculated. If this is your first culinary experience, it is better to slightly increase the number.
  • Sugar - 3 tbsp. l.
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Vegetable oil is used for dishes, but the recipe is not included.

Many are trying to ration flour, but it is useless. Flour necessarily screened, and the number is determined by its consistency test, which should be similar to sour cream.

It is desirable little vanilla, because it qualitatively affect the taste. If not, then do not worry.

Preparation of delicious pancakes, too, is not very complicated, but there are nuances.

Before you start frying rubbed salt to the dough to stick during operation. But while it still need to be lubricated with vegetable oil (only in any case should not take refined or any refined, which differs from tap water only in color). Typically, on a hot surface spills of 1 tsp.

During cooking, stir regularly expect the test to flour is settled.

The surface should be red-hot start.

 complement to pancakes
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Minor additions to the recipe

Variations of pancakes there are so many, each of them in turn, adds, removes or replaces components. Pancake recipe with yeast dough take up much more time because the dough should rise.

The abundance of toppings also can impress even seasoned experts in all kinds of dishes. The fillings can be: beef, eggs, ham, meat, Smoked and salted fish, honey, chocolate, berries, fruits and vegetables, and all that will only be capable of imagination and used a recipe. Following the above recipe for pancakes can be used absolutely any kind of filling, without limitation, as Recipe minimum of components, hence, the number of exclusive factors significantly reduced.

 A simple recipe for delicious pancakes