skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are called models, which are closely fitting shape and look like a second skin. Changes color, length, texture, and only one thing remains constant - the concept of super-sexy. This thing has become popular among fashionistas for its functionality, because it really all season.

When a whole set of advantages they have one major flaw: they are only owners of flawless proportions and slender legs. Any figure flaws such as jeans will emphasize the insidious cynicism. At various fashion forums on the Internet, which conducted a number of interesting discussions, you can read about who is primarily skinny fit jeans. Most of the participants advised to purchase these things begin to engage in fitness, such as style, in their view, is not acceptable either for full nor too thin women.

Females recently started to try on skinny. Last year, the most popular parts of female clothes were considered elongated monotonous patterns, as well as the popular "Varenkov." Blue, gray and white colors were the most popular, and worn effect became the most fashionable decor.

 skinny jeans

As popular in 2012?

  • For several seasons in a row is narrowed down demand model.
  • This year, women's skinny jeans popular in "ragged" version, which lays bare knees or fragment shows the upper thigh: grunge style would not want to go away, replaced by a more accurate model.
  • Universal model, which is characterized by a high waist, perfectly suitable for women of any age. And wearing low waist skinny - it is rather the privilege of youth.
  • Some well-known brands are advised to choose the girls this year, mostly skinny beige tones, patterns of dark blue and black colors of summer are not as relevant as the gentle light colors.
  • Among the famous fashion houses is no definite agreement: some prefer the model, made of denim with a sophisticated fiber trim, the rest - jeans without any frills and traditional colors.

Women are extremely comfortable during the cold season to fill these jeans in high shoes, and in the summer they are combined with great pair of high heels. Such a thing harmonizes well with almost any type of footwear, with the exception, perhaps, a powerful platform. Jeans skinny visually stretched shape giving it harmony. They open up a wide field for creativity in the sense of matching accessories.

When choosing skinny jeans, make sure they fit the size you need really. No need to buy a large size model or, on the contrary, the size of the smaller, since it simply cause discomfort. Try and choose precisely those jeans that you size.

This original model has a leading position among similar things over the last few seasons. Among the fairer sex to date, especially in demand narrow style. Pick them up on the figure, but still true to them to choose the remaining parts of the wardrobe is sometimes not so easy. So, if you decide to give your choice of narrow jeans, first of all pay attention to models with a uniform texture. Monotonous material without chafing help hide some flaws appearance.

 Skinny jeans for women

The complementary skin?

They are first class in tune with the free clothing: T-shirt or shirt, made in a style more suited to men. As for shoes, then combined them with almost any model.

This may sound contradictory, but if you want to hide some figure flaws, then you can not do without the bright shoes, and choose the right accessories. Of course, by themselves they will not be able to hide the tummy, but are able to divert attention away from the problem area.

Nowadays, it seems that every fashionable woman in her arsenal is present at least one pair of jeans. They are quite comfortable to use, so they are all women, regardless of age and build. All the more so to find the right size jeans are now very simple. That's only with the advent of the new season should be prepared for different eventualities, which you want to know about before anyone else.

Changing your appearance for the sake of fashion, skinny jeans are the founders of the new style. Therefore, without the new season just will not do!

 Trendy jeans - skinny women

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 denim sundress

Now no one will say that the denim clothing - a robe or a suit for dirty work. Today, it is a mandatory attribute of the female wardrobe, and a variety of social strata. But a large and pleasant benefits of each of us that we can wear jeans, sundresses.

Practical, comfortable and stylish, they look great both kiddies and adults ladies. And it is wrong that a person who alleges that denim sundress - home casual wear. Modern designers create the most extraordinary and unique styles of denim sundresses, and therefore with great pleasure even become famous Hollywood stars.

The positive qualities of sundresses

Nowadays denim sundress suitable for any situation. To walk in the park or going to the beach is perfect sundress denim, decorated with fashionable prints. A great alternative to a business suit will be more rigorous model, stitched in dark colors. Jeans for women sundresses quickly rushed into all areas of our lives. They are easy to combine the freedom and discreet appearance make it possible to feel at ease and relaxed, so many girls with great pleasure to use them in everyday life.

Structure jeans few decades has undergone many changes, including positive. Today denim fabric for sundresses become more elastic, soft, stretch with additives that delivers even more fun with the usual touch. And while it is functional socks and no less comfortable. Now tunics can be worn in combination with various elements of the wardrobe, and a self-clothing.

 Denim sundresses

What to put on your favorite sundress?

  • The most common combination of denim sundress - it is a blouse, turtleneck or topom. So you will be always attractive and fashionable.
  • The only thing that would not be worth putting on such clothes - a denim pants.
  • The sporty denim tunics complement shoes or sneakers, sports cap and a backpack. Also, they can be worn with T-shirts and tops in covering or turtleneck knitted warm shades.
  • To impress everyone around her femininity, is combined with stylish sundress barefoot, bright handbag and jewelry, as well as a long chiffon scarf light.
  • Any denim sundress will become effective, if it is combined with fashionable narrow belt or a wide belt. It will emphasize your waist.
  • Many designers say that denim sundress for girls is assumed as an independent clothing. Short, complemented by frills and ruffles and tight styles with bare shoulders accentuate attention on your legs slender and fragile figure.
  • Denim sundresses perfectly with cowboy boots and platform shoes, elegant pins and slaps on a flat sole.
  • Also, such clothing looks great on obese women. Denim sundresses wonderful camouflage extra volume and emphasize all the other advantages of such a figure.

Fashion trends

Today, jeans, sundresses are very relevant. Designers presented to our view a wide variety of models. The main trends of the summer season can be regarded as femininity and lightness. Presented by fashion denim women sundresses very pleasant to the touch, comfortable and stylish. Very relevant draperies, tight bodices and ruffles. Pay attention to the pattern of bright fabric with prints. Because of fashionable items of interest to the denim sundress very animated, it is not surprising that they are one of the leading trends in the coming season.

 Fashionable denim sundress

 trouser suits for women fashion

Every modern woman manages many things: be a good caring mother, loved and loving wife, a professional at work and just a beautiful woman. We do not forget about fashion, after all look good - it means to feel confident. Global fashion again made sure that every fashionista can emphasize their individuality by choosing a suit that occupies an important place in the daily wardrobe of every woman. After pantsuits for women fashion - is not just a common way to highlight your social status. With it, you can create a refined and elegant image. In addition, a properly selected pantsuit has a sexy look, rather than short skirt, and looks elegant cocktail dress.

The fact that the pants were the subject of women's wardrobe, having the hard way, they know everything. Coco Chanel was the first woman who fought for the right to freely wear the pants. Yet, even in part it has failed to instill a love of the trouser products. Since then, more than one follower trying to teach women to wear trousers, and today such a suit - it's not only very fashionable, but also comfortable for each girl.

 Women's pantsuits 2012 photo

Current models

What fashionistas do not want to try on the image of a confident strong woman? Many designers are now offering their admirers to choose their suits, which are characterized by the elegance of the silhouette, the severity of lines, femininity and sexuality hidden.

Perhaps attention should be paid to an incredibly fashionable model in the school style. The costumes, made of knitted fabrics in their collections presented Valentino and Chanel.

Unisex style is always in fashion. Many in the fashion houses are hurriedly in their collections model androgynous style that combines the feminine and the masculine. Especially fashion models in 2012 can be considered as costumes made of velvet. So, velvet pantsuits for women in 2012, a photo of which are listed below, will create a stylish and trendy image.

Every fashionista will love the glamorous costumes from Balmain, which will allow you to stay in the spotlight. Stressed shoulders, narrow sleeves, a deep V-neck, with black or gold color, will make you incredibly fashionable and stylish.

It is considered fashionable suits in the men's frank style. The combination of volume jacket with wide shoulders and narrowed trousers looks very bold and attractive.

Fitting gray suit with narrow trousers can be supplemented by a leather strap around the waist of bright contrasting color.

It can be considered fashionable costumes adjoining silhouette with short tight pants. It is important to be able to choose the right length of your jacket, which must correspond to the proportions of the figure. No less fashionable combination - extended until mid-thigh jacket with straight slacks. Jacket may have an asymmetric cut or details. Emphasis will be times, large buttons, draping, lace or fringe.

 trouser suit for women

Prints, colors, accents

The main focus of this season - is coloring; when choosing a color suit she owes interest of others. 2012 pantsuits made in soft colors. Very relevant are: yellow, beige, white, light shades of gray, pistachio color. Also in vogue bright juicy colors: green, red, blue, orange, purple. Brown and black color can be perceived, as always fashionable elegant classics.

This year is very popular prints, which did not pass even such seemingly suits. Animal prints are fashionable, cucumbers, Gouache saturated colors, a variety of flowers, birds, photo prints.

Also today, in such a suit can pick up large jewelry natural soft tones. It can be considered relevant accents in the form of wide belts and large belt buckles. Suit pants female can supplement hair clips or brooch on the lapel of his jacket. Brooch with floral elements used to look old-fashioned, but now has become quite fashionable to accessorize.

 Suit pants female 2012

Suit to the site

Without a doubt, the leader among the business suits for women are those that are made in the gray colors (from pale to dark anthracite pearl). If the rules of your office is not too hard, you can experiment with other colors, for example, use terracotta, purple or black.

The best option for a winter costume is, of course, hair. And most diverse: smooth, soft boucle, body or rib. For warm-weather suit fabrics such as linen or cotton.

In order to become a regular pantsuit in the evening, choose velvet or satin. Also put on a brilliant top, add beads or bracelets, and more - to your favorite handbag-clutch.

Modern female wardrobe is very difficult to imagine without the trouser suit, which is a symbol of elegance, comfort and business activity. Such a suit is appropriate everywhere. It is possible to feel more confident, because in addition to all the positive qualities, jacket and trousers perfectly hide a few extra kilos.

 Trouser suit for women - 2012. Photos of fashion shows