little black dress

Little black dresses 2012 - a brilliant masterpiece of world fashion. They are popular with famous designers for almost a hundred years. The creation of this amazing dress we owe the great Coco Chanel, who believed that if your wardrobe has at least one black dress, then at any point in life you will look good and fit the latest fashion trends. In 1926, Mademoiselle Chanel invented a style dress that could be worn every woman, regardless of age, social status and shape, and look great in it. Classic black dress by Coco was made of black crepe de Chine, has been narrowed elongated sleeves, fitted silhouette, simple semi-circular cut-out and the length of the skirt to the middle of the knee. The main feature was the fact that it combines three qualities: comfort, simplicity and elegance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Little Black Dress revolutionized women's clothing of the postwar period. It was very versatile and practical, fresh and unusual, so instantly captivated the world fashion Olympus. It was worn with everything from princess to the maid, because the benefits were obvious.

  • Neutral black color to create a variety of images, in accordance with the situation. At the same dress a woman can look and mysterious, and sexy.
  • Simple style suits virtually any shape, moreover, it is slender and always looks very modern.
  • This dress does not require a lot of costs, as it can be sewn from any tissue (expensive or cheap), and with a minimum amount of material.
  • This style is quite topical at any time of the day, it can be used for an evening out, and how to work clothes. The main thing to choose the right accessories.
  • The little black dress looks harmoniously with any hair style for any length of hair.
  • It can be worn with expensive jewelry, and jewelry with a simple or even without it.

Among the shortcomings of the little black dress, you can select it demands to the figure:

  • If you feel your feet ugly, then this style is better not to use.
  • Excessive completeness and short dress can not be combined.
  • Poor or dull skin - black color only emphasize its shortcomings.

Distant twenties has long been a thing of the summer, and the little black dress is still at the peak of popularity. However, it has undergone some changes, but after all, the world does not stand still. Skirts dresses have become very diverse: from small screaming to moderate length just below the knee. One surprise his pomp and air, other strong adhesive qualities figure, emphasizing every curve. Modern dress, unlike the original, have a deep neckline and narrow straps, belts, and many more details that adorn them. They are fundamentally different from each other, but still modern, comfortable and elegant. Here you can appreciate the little black dress - photo and story about the fashion trends this year.

 little black dress photo

How to choose the right style of dress?

Today, the little black dress - a thing which every woman feel stylish and comfortable. There are many styles of dress, so when buying guided by the characteristics of your figure. After all, if the dress is sitting perfectly, even the most simple cloth can work wonders.

The main rule when choosing - is the preservation of balance. So, if you have beautiful breasts, and you choose a dress with a deep neckline, its length should be up to the knee. If you want to enhance the beauty of your feet, you should pay attention to the short model with a moderate cut. Sheath perfect girls with small breasts. Dress with American armholes and collar-resistant and visually reduce the small arms wide shoulders. If you, on the contrary, fragile shoulders, you can safely choose a style with flashlights or shoulder pads. And do not forget that the form-fitting dress with top looks better combined with a full skirt and voluminous collar or sleeves are more suited to the tight-fitting "bottom."

Fashion trends 2012

Every year, more and more designers are working to complement the iconic black dress elements of modernity. Black dresses 2012 - is the embodiment of sophistication, glamor and sexuality.

  • Spring will be very fashionable flared dress in school style sleeveless knee-length.
  • In the summer season will be relevant daily light variations with oval neckline and wide straps.
  • Another fashion trend - a volume sleeves and straight silhouette dress.
  • For the past few seasons are fashionable black dress with sequins, especially large sizes. They look very elegant and bright.
  • For cocktails perfect sleeveless model with emphasis on the line of the shoulders.
  • Some models are intriguing V-neck on the chest. These dresses are very sexy and different draperies give them versatility.
  • Very extravagant look black bustier dress adorned with brooches, sequins and fabric flowers. They are great as a tan shade and aristocratic pallor.
  • Black dress with lace inserts are still relevant in this season. These models are very feminine and romantic.
  • The trend spring-summer season 2012 - dresses in the style of the fifties with a fitted silhouette and skirts just below the knee.

 little black dress 2012

What is best to wear a short black dress

Black dress of medium length will create your individual image for one second. It can be a luxurious queen of the night, and strict business woman - it all depends on the skillful combination of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Many designers are advised to put on the dress fitted jacket, preferably of contrasting color - then you will fully comply with the office dress code.

Universal black dress simple cut perfectly proved itself in everyday wear. In cold weather it can be put on a turtleneck with bright colors, narrow trousers and a separate large knitted collar. But the fur collar and a large brooch with rhinestones instantly turn you into a glamorous seductress.

It looks bright and unusual mix of short dresses and colored tights, but this is suited to girls with slim legs. Another good option - it's black dress in tandem with a white scarf, bag, shoes, belt and sunglasses.

To the little black dress looks festive, should add bright accessories: high-heeled patent leather clutch purse and bright colors, beautiful brooch with rhinestones, slim waist and long gloves and a hat-tablet. But too carried away no accessories, not to overload the image, because the black dress of fine fabrics (silk, velvet, muslin) and itself looks very impressive.

If you are a lover of classic version, your choice - it's white camellia brooch or a string of pearls. Regarding the choice of shoes for everyday wear the best suit of bright colors ballerinas, sandals or shoes with low heels. For evening image of ideal combination of a little black dress and a pair of boats at the hairpin. This may also include open-toed shoes, decorated with beautiful buckles or animal print.

Everything is changing, and the little black dress is still the favorite attire of women around the world. It is always attractive and practical, and can suddenly turn into a luxurious office prude queen of the night. Its main mystery is that it is always in the shadow of a woman, like a luxury frame, adorns the creation of art and arresting views of others.

 Little black dress - decoration every lady

 pants Afghanis

With the arrival of spring every fashionista begins to wonder, what's new and interesting things you can add to your wardrobe to accentuate your style. Not so long ago our girls noticed and appreciated fashion pants called Afghanis, they are the same Aladdin or Zouaves. This thing has its roots in the East. Afghani trousers this season is again very relevant, especially for the creative and artistic people.

How to wear Afghanis?

The most important advantage of the fact that they fit the girls with any figure. Afghani perfectly with tops, shirts and tunics. The perfect complement to your image will be any accessories.

It is also worth remembering that if long pants Afghanis, the heel should be higher, respectively, with short trousers looks great low-heeled shoes. More specifically, the fit of the shoe sandals, sandals and ballet flats.

A lover of classical style is worth paying attention to the Afghanis suede. This model can safely be worn to work. The most popular of this type pants - sewn from natural dense fabrics such as cotton or silk. A fashionable colors - black, dark gray and khaki.

Every girl wants to be an individual, having your own personal style and stand out from the others. And it is very pleasant is the fact that you can make yourself exclusive pants. So let's step by step will investigate issues such as the sewing of trouser afghanis.

 sewing pants Afghanis

  We sew for themselves Afghanis

  1. Initially, you need to calculate the amount needed for your fabric. Width - the length of trousers, without taking into account the height of the belt, and the length - two and a half times the width of four plus the height of your waist and the small seam allowances. If you are the owner of wide hips, then you have to take the cloth three times more.
  2. This length is divided by three squares dotted line on the reverse side. The mean square diagonally divide. It turns out one triangle in the middle and two squares. Triangle and will continue to bunt afghanis. Next we put on the marked diagonal.
  3. Recent squares, the first and third, that are external vertical sides, should be sewn to the horizontal sides of the mean square of the number two.
  4. Top the best flash basque waist and do separately. If you wish, you can sew stitches in his pockets. This is best done within the zone.
  5. Now, on to the belt. It will be double-seam, otherwise not come. Kroim two strips of length 60 cm and width 20 cm. Add another plus three centimeters at the seams. If you have wide hips, waist, and then it is increased up to 80 centimeters. Sew waist seams, folded with the upper edge of the trouser. Putting faces. Fold the belt in half to pristrachivaya his pants. Seam allowance better tuck. Further, we note the four lines of the belt, at a distance of 2 cm from each other.
  6. Fabric bottom trousers tuck a half centimeters. Sewn on the same principle gum on both sides. In this case, the length gum - a girth your ankles.

Your afghanis ready!

Each woman appreciates this style, because such a thing as Afghani pants, very practical. They are perfect for dance, yoga, certain sports, daytime and evening walks, and some models are suitable for office style.

 Afghani trousers: super trend in the ethnic style