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  • Most styles of dresses for ladies full
  • Focus on the chest area
  • Overestimated waist
  • Decorative elements are complementary
  • Shoulders and arms
  • What color dress more suitable for lush ladies

How good that gone are the days when women with Rubens forms had to be wrapped up in a shapeless garment. Today, many designers have appreciated pyshnotelye beauty, and the best proof of this - a stylish evening dresses for ladies full.

Feminine styles perfectly accentuate all the charm of luxury forms, skillfully hiding all the disadvantages and weak points of the figure. Correctly chosen for the full evening dress present every girl and woman as queen, who really have something to show. You're just the right accents and highlight your own taste.

Most styles of dresses for ladies full

  • The perfect evening dress for full girls - is A-shaped or trapezoid.
  • On the plump girls and women always looks good dress in the Empire style that never goes out of fashion, always remaining popular and relevant.
  • If you are the owner chetkovyrazhennoy waistline, you will certainly pay attention to their dress case. It will gently hugs the figure, emphasizing the unusual twists, and make emphasis on the waist.
  • Also pyshechki suitable evening dress with a long, slightly flared skirt, which can be supplemented with gusset pleats or ripple.

Length - is also quite an important point in the selection of evening dresses. A shortened version suitable only some girls who have moderate fullness. Another is worth to pay attention to long or elongated models below the knee, the lower is graceful and elegant you will look.

 Evening Dress for obese

Focus on the chest area

Often, the main advantage of full girls and women - is a luxury bust. Hiding such dignity in shapeless robes and baggy shirts simply unreasonable. Lush bust looks great in the dress with a deep decollete or V-neck, which will emphasize not only the volume but also the beauty and shape of the breast. Such a cutout neckline visually divides into three parts, so too large bust will look neat and tiny.

Overestimated waist

The high waistline - the real treasure of modern design, which relates to the evening dresses for ladies full. She successfully highlights the chest, tummy and hides the visually slender legs. All this will give your image of femininity and elegance. Very good high waist "working" long and extended model. On top of the card you can experiment. For example, a very interesting option is the Greek overestimated waist bodice. Not bad looks tape or belt extending under the breast, with freely flowing folds.

 evening dresses for fat women photo

Decorative elements are complementary

Evening dresses for larger women, photos of which you can see below, can highlight your most alluring parts of the body. This will help them a variety of decorative details: ruffles, bows, ruffles, embroidery, belts and ribbons.

  • To emphasize the waist will help a wide belt. Very good option would be an evening dress with a belt and tied back and a skirt extending downward.
  • Girdle and ribbon which are directly under the breast, not only recovered it, but also very well slim.
  • But remember that you should not get involved in decorating details. Couples emphasis will be enough, because the evening dresses for magnificent ladies should not be burdened with unnecessary details, pleats, lace and voluminous fabrics.
  • Owners of such forms do better to forget about the small decorative elements: narrow cuffs and collars, small ruffles, small floral prints or polka dots, small buttons - in fact on the background of these little things will seem a huge figure.
  • A wonderful addition to your evening together will be the volume hairstyle and massive necklaces or multi-chain, and everything that falls vertical lines.

Shoulders and arms

If you are too full of hands, then you can hide them using flared sleeves with a length of three quarters. Also suitable sleeves wings, but they must not be less than the elbow. Divert attention from the broad shoulders will light chiffon dresses. The main thing is do not bare them, do not decorate with heavy fabrics and details that attract attention. Effective and profitable thing can become a bolero stole, cape or a scarf, which is to throw his arms and shoulders.

What color dress more suitable for lush ladies

The color palette from which you can choose the evening gowns on a full figure, is quite rich and diverse. It is not only dark colors, which is considered to be the best for reducing the visual forms, but also some other colors like red, blue, green or gold. Solid or dresses with effect degrade regal look of large ladies. You also can not be called odd outfit in your wardrobe with a print, as long as the images were larger. This may also include a variety of colorful strokes, lines or geometric shapes of irregular shape.

Evening dresses, which should pay particular attention should be sewn from light, flowing fabrics. An excellent option would be satin, top of which can be The thin lace or lace contrasting color. Better beware heavy fabrics that fall on such a figure is more difficult and, in fact, are not suitable for pyshnotelye beauties.

The main thing - remember that there is not too full, it is only tight clothing. If you are the owner of such forms, it is not a reason to be upset! You can and should feel confident, luxurious and shine in all its glory!

 Evening dress a full figure: winning options

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 Shorts Skirt

Getting closer the summer season, in which all the girls are in a hurry to expose her beautiful legs and substitute their sun. Short skirt always attracted us to each of its practicality and originality. Many designers advise us to wear such a thing even as a clothing business, but, nevertheless, the best place for such short - walk or outdoor recreation. Designers are well prepared for the upcoming season, and offer us the most fashionable and interesting models of clothes, so you have to choose a skirt-shorts fit.

Fashion trends

The unusual shape of this thing visually looks like a mini-skirt, but if you look closer, and appears in front of you the original image with short shorts. These "dummy" is best suited to girls with slender legs and narrow hips, otherwise this thing would be complete or look extremely ridiculous. If you want to look irresistible and be the center of attention, just enough to buy a skirt-shorts in 2012.

You can appreciate a variety of options: ranging from simple office fabrics classic colors, frivolous lace, short that resemble pajamas, as well as options with a high waist that was incredibly popular in the '70s.

 Skirt Shorts 2012

  • Relevant will skirt-shorts plain quiet colors with arrows. They can be combined with a vest, a jacket or a T-shirt of the same color.
  • Playfully, but feminine look tricolor skirts with pleats. This may be a combination of white, coral and brown, and blue, white and green colors. This is complemented by a thin strap in black or blue. The top should be as simple and concise, such as chiffon blouse or top with sleeves dark tones.
  • Very nice look shorts that are made of several materials. For example, it may be a suede and denim or cotton satin. Colours also surprise you with its diversity, so this model will be able to choose for himself every girl. Complement skirt-shorts this style can be semi-transparent T-shirt with floral or ethnic prints, jackets and blouses in color.
  • Easy and pleasant to knit and linen skirt at the peak of popularity. Fashion designers offer to wear them blue sweatshirt with white stripes or a white T-shirt and blue jacket with an unusual collar. All this can be supplemented with a small bag of yellow or green, as well as various colorful jewelry.
  • Equally important are the shorts with a layered effect. They also differ from all the others so that they can be asymmetrical zipper. Low rise and artsy belt in the form of rings, chains or rope - trendy supplement to such a thing.
  • At the peak of the popularity of the skirt-shorts with a variety of high landing prints. The most relevant are geometric prints gold or silver color. All this is well complemented by satin blouse on a monochromatic tone lighter shortstop.

Fashionable skirt shorts 2012 presented in classical and unusual shapes, so every fashionista can choose to find this little thing to taste. Designers are advised to complement the skirt-shorts high knitted or crocheted socks, as well as unusual boots with a wide top, which can be decorated with fringe or drawings.

Of course, it is not necessary for a long time to explain what such a thing is most relevant for the spring-summer season. Not bad pick skirt-shorts stockings. They can be translucent or more saturated, bright colors and with a variety of geometric prints.

It is worth remembering that this skirt is designed for young girls. It does not hinder your movement, does not require a couple to his elegant shoes and shapely legs as much as possible open. Another positive feature of this thing is practicality in terms of what it is suitable to girls of all sizes (such skirt visually lengthens the legs).

Beautiful skirt-shorts can make on its own, so if you like this idea - to take more to the point, it's pretty simple, but your skirt will be the most original, it is only unleash the imagination.

 Fashionable skirt - shorts 2012