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Every girl can not imagine my life without designer clothing, with the arrival of spring thinks about what fashion trends of the coming season will bring. What things should take place in the wardrobe with the coming spring-summer season? Of course, it suits and elegant dresses, skirts and blouses, and shirts and t-shirts. T-shirts are often perceived as the subject of men's wardrobe. Yet it is not so, because they take their origin from women's swimsuit with wide straps. It took quite a long time, the appearance has changed, and there were various summer long T-shirts for women, photos of which are shown below.

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Recent trends of the summer season 2012

All the world's great fashion designers with the inspiration to develop and present the most beautiful new women's T-shirts and T-shirts, photos of which you see before you. They seemingly do not get tired to please and surprise their fans by offering the latest trends.

  • The most relevant novelty summer of 2012 became a model with extra long sleeves. It looks magical! This image will appeal to many girls and women - in other words, such a trend regardless of age has become very popular and winning in any situation.
  • Among the many very different models, there is another, which is striking in its versatility - it is a unisex t-shirts. This model is exceptionally suitable for both men and women, the latter do not lose their attractiveness and femininity. Rather, it is a sports version, which is a great option for travel or joint training.
  • Ladies, so to speak, middle-aged, choose summer long T-shirts, photo is of such an option, you can see below. An image with this stylish little thing looks unusual, impressive, particularly in combination with a skirt or a stylish fitting trousers. This option is suitable even T-shirts for the office, not to mention a romantic evening, a friendly party or pleasant pastime at home.
  • Relevant are also models that are called "famous". The secret lies in the fact that these T-shirts are located on a variety of labels in the form of quotations of famous people, which gives the uniqueness and originality of each model. Above all, such a thing can demonstrate your fine taste and preferences, depending, of course, from the quote. Most often in the fashion collections presented romantic inscriptions, but there are sayings of ancient philosophers and Hollywood stars.

 T-shirts for women long summer photos

Colours of summer t-shirts, you can choose a proper mood. The hottest time of the year any color looks stylish and cool, especially if you create the "right" way. An excellent option would be a combination of light white shirts or T-shirts in tight with large wooden beads and massive bracelet. Equally successful is a tandem-shirts of bright color and a white necklace.

The most current fashion trend of the summer are the prints. You can pick out any options, ranging from the classics in the form of flowers, hearts and ending with exotic colors such as leopard or ethnic motives. Wrestling-shirts are always in fashion: one has only to pick up the trendy colors and combine it with a stylish skirt or shorts, and you will shine with grace and tenderness.

Thus, the spring and coming summer promises to be unforgettable and vivid. The main thing - remember that your dress should fit the mood, but in this case it will look as impressive. Be creative, do not be afraid to experiment, be original and unique.

 Trendy T-shirts for women: photos of interesting styles


In the wardrobe of every girl has a special thing that can be seen only very close, and they are often kept away from the rest of the clothes. Of course, we are talking about the lingerie that is different from the other items of clothing that is not so much is subject to fashion trends and is more conservative. But we can say that in this area of ​​fashion designers make regular additions and updates.

Characterized by such things in the first place functionality, incredible comfort and convenience. But, with all the conservatism of lingerie, the main tool of every designer is the fabric from which to create new models. At one time were very popular model of satin, lycra, lace and even velvet. Today, designers have changed attitudes towards simplification styles. Leadership position successfully keeps embroidery, lace and delicate lace. This linen - a real weapon in the hands of every girl.

Fashionable underwear 2012

The latest collections were well represented models of linen cotton fabrics melkonabivnyh, French elastic silk jersey and a variety of fruit motifs, which pronounced in applications and embroidery.

In the fashion world, much depends on the style, so each season designers are trying to create the most functional and comfortable underwear. Recently, a very relevant model of seamless, especially for young active girls. Styles more complex designs are perfect for women with small flaws figures that such a thing easily Adjust.

 women's underwear

  • Many designers make a serious bid for a romantic style. That is why quite well represented underwear sets, which are lavishly decorated with flowers and lace. This topic is sure to please the most delicate and romantic personalities, and their figure, in turn, will gain special seductiveness and sexuality. In addition, a number of a variety of styles is quite wide.
  • Motives for the past 60-ies all also continues to haunt the imagination of modern couture. The retro style is always in fashion, and skin tones with bright colors act as confirmation. Fashion elements of this style are considered bras with hooks in front, in the form of pants lace shorts, T-shirts with guipure trim, classic belts for stockings.
  • Lacy lingerie as one of the eternal fashion trends. But before such material acted as a finish, but today it is organically combined with the basic fabric bra or panties. This lingerie always look mysterious, sensual and romantic. And the traditional lace black color left behind the parade, and dark brown, dark purple, red, pink and steel shades run the show.
  • Novelties underwear panties 2012 will be high-waisted, and this style has found its fans. It is safe to say that they are very popular in the coming season, especially since back in fashion stylish trousers, shorts with a high waist. These panties enable every girl to feel more slim and fit.
  • Equally considered fashionable body and corsets, which in the spring-summer season also occupy leading positions. Corrective underwear Flesh Tone carries some motives 20s, recalls the style of Marlene Dietrich. To create such things designers used a tight silk and other fabrics.
  • An alternative finishing touch is considered unusual, but today it is not evident, as more simple and unobtrusive. It can be rather narrow layered frills or fabric roses. But the thing to remember is that these sets are not combined with tight clothes.

The main feature that distinguishes underwear - a style, and every girl his own. There is a place where you can roam the women's fantasy and sexuality. For example, the calling and daring underwear has long been an integral part of the relationship between man and woman, it is able to bring passion to the daily monotony of family life or long-term relationships.

 Underwear female 2012

Color trends

Discreet patterns, such as abstraction, colorful stripes and flowers, combined with lace or guipure work wonders and can give you back a sense of youth, if you wish. In these sets of underwear perfectly combines gentle tones of pink, yellow and apricot flesh. And you can feel free to use the gizmos from different sets, the main thing that they are matched by color or pattern.

Butterflies and flowers, the strip and the cell as well as contrasting combinations and the most vibrant colors. This underwear can not be considered a privilege of youth, it can wear every girl or a woman, the more so in this style has created various models as teenagers, and universal. Particularly impressive and fashionable looks bright multicolored butterflies on a black background.

One of the most original and sophisticated style is the combination of underwear champagne and black. Such a tandem looks incredibly gentle, but at the same time unusual and fresh.

Transparent chiffon, unusual embroidery, subtle lace - it all goes well in the models dressing gowns, nightgowns, and combinations thereof. Linen fabrics such notable for its weightlessness, easy, chic and openness.

Red - is the urge aggressive sexuality, bold challenge and energy. He has quite a varied palette that allows each girl to choose the desired hue. This color has shades of gentle calm, close to the wine, but there are juicy - red as blood. Choosing his underwear is, you must first listen to their wishes and feelings.

Underwear female 2012 pink is one of the most popular. As for colors, there are appropriate and tender, and saturated colors, the type of fuchsia. One of fashion finds - the effect of snakeskin or leopard skin in black or pink. Such a thing would look both feminine and boldly.

Each of us chooses their own linen itself in accordance with the tastes, abilities, needs and characteristics of the figure. We know in what outfit to please the man, and it is more convenient to wear, but also very important to choose the things that will not spoil the beauty and not damage the skin.

 Lingerie 2012