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Grunge style - a kind of cry from the heart, a frank challenge to unstable economic conditions that emerged in the late twentieth century. The beginning of the formation of the rebellious style served as a bold attempt to declare the youth society currently. And they chose to do it the style of clothing. Then the American designer Marc Jacobs, and was released the first fashion collection.

Entered in her baggy shirts, sweaters and tunics elongated in small flower, look just like the clothes of the poor orphan asylums, created a furor among the youth of the time. This causes extremely democratic collection became not only the "winning ticket", but also served as a grand, magical explosion in the fashion world. Despite the fact that the majority of critics condemning contempt and treated to the works of his hands, Jacobs became one of the most popular designers in Europe and the US.

In the world of contemporary youth fashion the style of dress is a pretty shocking and provocative direction - the exact opposite of classic elegance and glamor. Today, when everything tend to look pathetic and luxurious, necessarily want to stand out from the common crowd. And that is not the clothes will help to achieve this?

 grunge style of

The colorful difference rebellious style

Wardrobe granzhistov consists mainly of dresses, which at first glance give the impression of a very poor man who had to wear a battered clothing, stretched and faded T-shirts, worn sweater, worn ripped jeans, black leather jackets of mint, sometimes cracked skin, "his grandmother's" long skirts and dresses . However, on closer examination, this clothing is of excellent quality, and homely appearance and is the highlight of grunge style.

The absurdity of the style, the presence of holes and patches in the clothes, and raw seams and loose loops - all this visual deception. In fact, clothes are made of high-quality luxury fabrics. The color scheme, which adhere granzhisty different low-key tones. As for makeup, then it is either absent or used only dark shades.

Combining such clothes with rough shoes, massive metal ornaments and careless haircut, adherents of this style are trying to demonstrate their indifference to the public appearance. A combination to be combined at first sight materials, gives clothing grunge style special features. The main thing for them - the convenience, and the opinions of others are not interested.

 beautiful style of grunge

What advise designers today?

Deliberate negligence causing and shocking style grunge hard not hand over the positions. Proof of this are the fashion shows of famous designers. And although over time the style has undergone some changes, it is still popular. Today it is not only adhere to explicit opponents of glamor, but also those who are chic and luxury clothes just tired. Among the fans of grunge many celebrities from around the world. Sometimes bomzhevatogo look and shock the audience with their appearance like, for example, Mischa Barton and Drew Barrymore.

If you're tired of business or glamorous image, you decide to join the ranks of granzhistov, can consider yourself lucky. After all, this style of dress never goes out of fashion. Designers are advised to use actively fashionable women in their wardrobe weave grunge style with the military style, romantic and vintage style. All this will help to create a unique, memorable image that will stand out from the crowd and did not mingle with the crowd.

In the collections of contemporary designers grunge style is different multi-layer, which is already firmly established in the youth fashion. Bright striped tights, worn jeans, a massive platform shoes, layered skirt and top as a multilayer consisting of a sweatshirt over which surround wearing a sweater and a few scarves - all this will help to create a trendy grunge image.

Dress in the style of grunge easily, the main thing - to study the fashion trends of this trend. As already mentioned, this style is peculiar combination of seemingly be combined perfectly with each other elements. For example, the coarse knitted fabric and handmade softest silk, lace and openwork cotton guipure and refined denim. Following the fashion, do not forget that sloppiness - it's just an artificial effect to your main "chip" to create a new image should be well-groomed appearance. And then in any situation you will look perfect.

 Grunge style in clothes - in contrast to the glamor

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 Underwear for obese

Lingerie is the foundation for the creation of any image. The wrong, it can ruin the most beautiful outfit and otherwise - do not the best combination of better. And underwear for complete, the selection of which should be taken very carefully, because the beautiful and comfortable models provide you with positive emotions and well-being, and consequently the confidence.

Rules of selection of underwear for ladies complete

  • The main thing - to be honest with you. Take clear its size, but not for one or two sizes smaller, because the one thing that you will be low, causing discomfort and forms folds that are visible under any clothing. But it is not necessary to take a large size, because this option will add even greater visual volume.
  • Try to choose lingerie that will adjust a little figure flaws, while emphasizing dignity. Recommended Underwear for obese women - it Keep panties, corsets, lingerie with sculpting inserts. All of this will allow you to create a beautiful silhouette and harmonious way.
  • Remember that underwear necessarily correspond to a particular case. That which is perfect for the gym, in any case not suitable for a romantic date. Get yourself kits for each case.
  • Another important rule: the more your breasts are, the wider the straps need to be. Probably, this option can not be considered sexy, but for everyday wear magnificent lady should choose it. For holiday parties are identical or just pick another form of bra.
  • Underwear for obese young women should be with the bones, because this model is best holds its shape. Of course, dig into the skin of the bones do not enjoy, so it is right to make a new kind of thing, not to think about the discomfort.
  • If you are the owner of a big chest, remember that it is necessary to maintain and bottom, and sides. Do not choose a cloth version, in which the breast looks like a tortilla, and subsequently merged with the stomach. You no longer fit bra with vertical stones, corsets and bodices. The latter will help to align the pleats on the back, if any.
  • For everyday wear, choose the most closed variants, because they best keep their shape. Do not even look in the direction of the cups with one seam in the middle, because they will give the breast incomprehensible tapered. It is best to spend time on the selection of this option, which will be good to keep the chest, and in the future will stick to it.

 Underwear for obese women

Most girls and women do not know their exact size of the breast, so before buying should find out. Some stores will provide you with sellers easily such a service, measure and help you find the right model for you; but that's not all. There is a way easier - measure themselves. First, to measure the girth under the breast, pulling measuring tape tighter as possible, not to get the wrong result. Do not forget that even with the same girth chest every woman has its own form, so be sure to measure bra, especially road. Purchase only those models that you like, because the advice of sellers may not always be correct.

Also, each of the fair sex should know that thong panties and tango is not the best option for every day. Of course, a man can open and treat such sexual thing, as is the case with a bra, which must be chosen especially for such cases. For everyday wear choose the best linen with a high waist, and pay attention to the fact that the edges are not cut into the fold.

If the pants are made of synthetics, look carefully and make sure you have pads of cotton. Top bra perfectly admissible in any variation, but if you face a choice - synthetics or rayon, it is better to choose the latter. If liking model with double cups, the inner part, too, should be cotton, or can cause unpleasant irritation to the skin.

 Underwear for obese young women

Corrective Underwear

Underwear for obese women, like everything else, are made of synthetic and natural materials of good quality. These models quickly adjust waist and bust, slimming the buttocks, while pozvolyayuet every woman to feel as comfortable as possible. Problem areas are smoothed out well if you wear under your clothes corrective underwear.

As practice shows, models need adjusting every other girl or woman. Each has its flaws, all of them are different: one wants to increase something else reduce third - to hide a couple of centimeters at the waist, and the fourth - to hide cellulite to afford to wear tight clothes.

Today, manufacturers are offering our attention underwear varying degree of correction: weak, medium and strong. Linen weak correction is best to distribute the load on the problem areas and allows you to drag away the abdomen and buttocks. In addition, it constantly stimulates the skin, immediately solving the problem of cellulite.

The average degree of correction can be called a middle ground between conventional sculpting underwear and rigid structures. Correcting the possibility of just such linen it is controlled by varying degrees of tissue density. This creates a variety of pressure on all the area that provides good correction of your figure.

Accordingly, a strong correction underwear for women is created with the running figure flaws. For its production uses rigid inserts that maximize tighten the problem areas and even help correct posture. Remember the main thing: a well-chosen clothes - this is the first and most important step to a successful supply figures.

 How to choose lingerie for larger women?