how to choose a bra

What has not been tortured only female breast at different times: in ancient Greece, the body tied up with leather straps, in medieval Spain - metal plates, in the era of corsets it is ejected from the neckline baleen. Beauty requires sacrifice! To meet the fashion of those times, the fair sex had to suffer the inconvenience. Nowadays, everything is much easier. The modern bra was created taking into account the structure of the female body, so it is most convenient to wear and makes you feel comfortable throughout the day. However, despite this, the debate about the dangers and benefits of carrying the subject of ladies' clothes do not stop still, then fell, then flaring up with new force.

According to experts, in today's world, more than 70% of the fair sex are not appropriate for their size or shaped bras, because simply did not know how to choose a bra. Because of this sexy toilet can become a real instrument of torture.

Today, the vast majority of women in the choice of an intimate part of the toilet prefer spectacular models made of synthetic materials, paying attention primarily on its appearance, and did not care about their convenience and comfort. And in vain! It not only protects the breast from many troubles, such as, for example, microtrauma, stretching muscles and rubbing the skin of thick cloth garments during various sports and dancing, but also help to avoid many health problems, including to prevent the development of many diseases.

Tips for choosing the subject of intimate female toilet

Today, when the shop windows of lingerie attract and captivate the eye with its splendor, for many of our contemporaries very relevant question becomes: what to choose from the proposed range? How not to get lost and make the right choice? We offer to pass a small educational program that will help young charmer and ladies of all ages to avoid disappointment by purchasing beautiful lingerie.

So, how to choose a bra? What to look for in the first place?


Surprisingly, many representatives of female underwear worn for years, suffering from falling off the shoulders strapless crashing into the body of gums and bones, not even knowing that all these inconveniences are caused only by the fact that the laundry was not chosen size. Properly chosen underwear should fit perfectly to the body and does not leave marks on the skin. At the same time, a bra should be comfortable, suitable for everyday wear and to be invisible under clothing.

Choose the perfect setting that matches the size of your breasts is not difficult. Bra size usually combines numbers and letters which are defined by two simple measurements - chest girth and girth under the breast. The difference obtained by subtracting the two measurements - this is the appropriate size of your cup, and the result of measuring the volume directly under the breasts - a figure on which you should focus upon purchase.


When choosing new clothes should also be very sensitive to the choice of material. After all, you own the most intimate parts of the body for days to be almost in contact with the tissue from which the bra. Therefore, on each day of the model is better to choose cotton, rayon, silk or combinations thereof with a small addition or polyester elastane. This will avoid irritation or allergic skin reactions, and to ensure the comfort of the body, as it will "breathe."

The choice of form

All kinds of styles and shapes of bras do not offer today, domestic and foreign manufacturers! Indeed, today there is an incredible amount of options bras - open and closed on the bones and without them, in the form of "push-up", "Angelica", guipure, silk, satin, with foam inserts, simple and amaze with its beauty luxury model. So really, in order to become the owner of a couple of vending models have to remeasure all this splendor?

Bras are seamless, two- and three-seam. Choose this intimate subject of women's toilets with regard to the shape and fullness of the breast:

  • Models with strictly horizontal seam ideal for conical breasts. Owners broad chest when choosing a bra should pay attention to models with inserts a narrow strip of fabric between the cups.
  • Narrow chest, you can visually expand a little bit by using cups with a little bit inclined or vertical joints.
  • Seamless form brassiere, repeating the shape of breasts, fit the female both with large and with small breasts. Moreover, they are indispensable for women suffering from various diseases of the heart and mastopathy.
  • If you kompleksuete about small breasts, give preference in choosing models with foam inserts.

Color and style

In addition to the individual preferences of each of us there are and objective requirements for underwear - it should be invisible, that is, to be one of colors of clothes. At least, this rule applies to office work and public appearances. Therefore, in the wardrobe of every self-respecting woman in such cases have to have a flesh-colored underwear.

For romantic and important meetings, experts advise to put on attracting bright clothes. The undoubted favorites in such cases - red and black. For owners of dark skin can be a good choice of bright colors - aquamarine, pink, mauve, whereas the bright girls pay attention to the pastel shades - light pink, peach and pale blue. As for the black and white - the traditional colors are all, without exception, women.

 how to choose a bra

Useful tips

Buying a bra is better in large specialized stores, where it is possible to do the same. And the sellers are usually are trained and know how to choose the right bra, so he really benefited, not harm women's health.

Try on a new bra, you must first put on the strap, and then attach to the breast cup and only then fasten the buckle pre leaning forward. Tape should still be at the same level as the front and rear, are not lifted up sezzhat up and down. Now look in the mirror: how you sit on the model and size? Comfortable you feel: Do not squeeze the breast cup, not whether her shift? Do not crush and do not fall off the straps? Unfortunately, to make sure you perfectly fits you choose the size and style of bra, you can not always immediately, but only after several hours of wear.

Buy a new bra is better to go two weeks before the critical days. That's how the female nature - in this period, the breast increases in size. For this reason, you can buy the mistake model slightly larger.

The correct bra will help make life easier for many women, because they no longer need from time to time to correct sleeping with shoulder strap, suffer from crashing into the body tissue or the fastener strips.

 How to choose a bra

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 Blouses for obese

Blouses have long been an integral part of the very favorite female wardrobe. This is not surprising, because no other shirt is not able to give the female form as femininity, mystery and romance, as it makes the blouse. No need to hide your body under immense royal robes. The times when it was impossible to buy fashionable clothes large size, long gone.

Today it is fashionable and stylish look can be not only a girl model looks, but pyshechki. Choosing the right model for full ladies blouses will help owners of magnificent forms, not only to hide some figure flaws, but also to emphasize the dignity and seductive form, and give the image of a special charm and fascination.

What pyshnotelye blouses for women of fashion can be found this spring and summer in the fashion catwalk? To find out what models will enjoy great popularity in the new fashion season, offering to make a small tour behind the scenes of the fashion catwalks.

 styles of blouses for full

Most recent models of spring-summer 2012 season

Well, that today fashion designers and fashion women's clothes do not forget about those of the fairer sex, whose shape is not quite perfect. By developing new styles of blouses for complete, this season trendsetters decided to move away from the stereotypes, offering fashionable women to choose from a number of interesting options. We want to draw your attention only to the most relevant models of the new fashion season.

  • Hit the new season - blouses fitted silhouette. In the spring designer collections can meet a lot of interesting options like colorful and monochromatic colors, made of lace and "flying", flowing fabrics. Almost all of them are decorated with flirty ruffles, ruffles and frills. Strangely enough, but such a model does not make heavier silhouette, on the contrary, allow to disguise some figure flaws. But do not overdo it, frills should not be too much, otherwise they may give additional volume and make your figure shapeless.
  • Among the fashionable blouses with an emphasis on the waist can be seen as a model of a v- neck and an oval. Each of them is good in its own way and deserves your attention. Giving preference to any of them, you will look stylish and fashionable, and the most important thing - to feel comfortable in any situation.
  • Especially beautiful and elegant look feminine summer colors, which give a special charm and charm chubby girl - white, yellow, turquoise, pink and pale purple. These shirts will not leave indifferent any woman of fashion in the new season. Thanks to the huge choice can satisfy the taste of every woman, regardless of age and social status.
  • Blouses for obese women with embroidery or applique - another fashion trend of the new season.
  • Also relevant for pyshechek model with low-cut neckline and one shoulder. This style is like no other owners of magnificent bust will highlight its elegant chest.
  • This summer will be the height of fashion chiffon blouse with inlays of silk or lace. With its arsenal of such fashionable and stylish little thing, you can easily create for yourself a winning outfit for any occasion.
  • It is worth noting another fashion trend of the season - for full girls blouses, feature styles which have become elongated sides. This option would not only enhance the beauty of a lush body, but also to hide minor flaws figures.

 Blouses for obese women

Fashion blouses 2012: Tips for choosing

Blouse - a versatile piece of clothing that goes well with many things. Her worn with skirts, jeans, classic trousers, jackets, and even strict shorts. Shirts can be used for office work, going to the theater, to visit, and for any festive event, a romantic date and city walks. So be sure to include in your spring wardrobe a few trendy blouses. Combining them with other things you do every day can create new ensembles and every time look different.

  • Obese women better to opt for a silhouette semifitted of natural or mixed fabrics - cotton, silk, chiffon, and materials with a low content of a stretch. Models of translucent fabric is very nice on pyshechki and, in addition, they make the figure more graceful and easy.
  • But the shiny fabrics, blouses size smaller and the full skinny ladies should be avoided.
  • When choosing a blouse to give full and should take into account the peculiarities of the figure - with caution to use various ruffles, flounces, bows and frills, as they can give extra volume.
  • Almost without exception, women are full of blouses, shirts. They need not necessarily be dark. On pyshechki equally well look like bright colors and muted pastel tones. Latest models with floral prints and a variety of geometric shapes.
  • Low full well the girls are models of trousers with a collar. It is also visually lengthen and slim silhouette of the vertical bar.

As you can see, the options are fashionable blouses for owners of magnificent forms in the spring-summer 2012 presented abound. So - if you want - to look stylish and elegant can be every woman, regardless of body type, this is only a wish.

 Stylish blouse for full fashionistas

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