how to find your style of dress?

Women have long been characteristic of the desire to look attractive and modern woman - not the exception. It is not surprising that today all of the fair sex, regardless of the weather and time of year, always want to look fashionable, stylish and modern. The way we look, how harmoniously developed by our appearance, much depends, primarily related to our friends, colleagues and strangers completely.

How to find your style of dress to be in harmony with itself and like the others? This issue is relevant for many of our contemporaries. Many of them are difficult to create a unique and no one comparable way. You can envy those women who are born with good taste and sense of style. Because of this they are without problems pick things for your wardrobe, make the most fashionable hairstyle, makeup, and certainly know what accessories are suitable for a particular outfit. Unfortunately, not every one of us can boast of such intuition.

What about those who do not have such a feeling? After all, it looks elegant and stylish all want. To solve this problem, you can certainly use the services of a stylist who will pick up clothes with taste, learn to choose and combine things that will stand out from the crowd and attract attention to his person. However, seek help from a professional master can only afford favorites; but also rely completely on your own taste, no matter how perfect it may seem to you, too, not worth it. Tips girlfriends and friends are not to be taken as a wholly guide to action. Armed with our most current tips, you'll be able to choose the right style of dress you.

 find your style of dress?

Create your own style: a better life!

  • Clothing should be comfortable and comfortable, otherwise you will feel uneasy and stiffness and discomfort you to anything.
  • Getting to the search of his style, you first need to properly define the type of figure. To do this, stand in front of a large mirror and carefully examine the features of the figure, while not missing any finer details. Then you can safely proceed to drastic changes in his life - style creation.
  • Wardrobe is made in accordance with the occupied status, lifestyle, personal preferences and hobbies.
  • Formation of a new wardrobe should be started with the acquisition of the basics - two or three, not more. And each of them must not only clearly represent your chosen style, but perfectly combined both with each other and with other existing things in your wardrobe. As a rule, accessories are matched to the basic things. We should stick to one simple rule - the lighter and more restrained tone, the more need to be accessories, and vice versa. This will not only attract the attention and place the necessary emphasis, but also give the image a finished appearance.
  • While in search of his style, do not forget about their age. Whatever you may look younger and whatever may seem nice-looking things you liked, remember this simple rule: that is youth, adults ladies and especially older women will look ridiculous.
  • We should not think that by their style of dress once you become hostage to it for life. You can play, to seek, to change the images several times a day. For example, the day appear in the image of strict business woman, and in the evening the daily change in the appearance of the image of a frivolous coquette, or a fatal beauty. The main thing is that you bring pleasure and satisfaction.

 how to find your style of dress

Choosing a wardrobe: who is that?

Flat type of shape (rectangle)

This type of figure have the most models. Signs of "rectangle" are about the same volume of the chest, waist and hips. Owners of this type are an incredible number of pieces of clothing. And it can not but rejoice today fashionistas. Choice of clothing that suits this girls facial features, almost unlimited. They are all - straight coats, short cardigans, double-breasted jackets, pants and skirt suits, jackets in the style of "Chanel", striped sweater, straight jeans, tight pants and skirts, slinky dresses and a jacket-cut model. So girls with model looks a lot easier to find your style of dress than others. But a flat shape, it is desirable to choose the type of clothing a more feminine cut, since no explicit emphasis on the chest and waist, you'll look like a boy.

For the figure of "Rectangle" should choose clothing with a clear geometric patterns. Clothing with lapels and winding seams you will not do. The same goes for the neck. Deep round neckline you will not do better to give preference to oval, square or V-neck. Skirts and pants should be with low landing. If you want to focus on the waist or visually increase the volume of breasts and hips, choose a dress with a bodice and skirt lush.

Low girl with this type of figure stylists advise to wear his short jackets, coats and dresses straight, narrow, straight skirts and pants fitting shape. Also look good untucked shirt and loose sweater. As for shoes, she is sure to be on his heels and belt - with geometric buckles.

Tapered type of shape (pear-shaped)

Large legs and thighs when pronounced waist, narrow shoulders and small breasts - these are the features of the figure is the silhouette. How to find your style of owners of rounded shape, and even more so with a slight increase?

Your main motto of the choice of clothes - to hide the hips and emphasize the upper body. It is necessary to emphasize the waist. The best option - a thin strap on the skirt or trousers. It is necessary to avoid direct styles, they will appear to your figure difficult.

It is important for owners of this type of pieces to pick up a supportive bra, it will raise the breast as much as possible and look more attractive. The most suitable clothing for the conical-type figure - fitted or semifitted top: shirts, vests, jackets and coats with jumpers and flared bottom. It is recommended to always wear shoulder pads - on dresses, blouses, jackets. So you do a little wider than your shoulders. Choose a V-neck, clothing with an emphasis on the breast pocket.

Avoid tapering pants, they make wider hips. Excellent fit trousers and jeans with flare from the mid-thigh. Croy skirts should be either straight or trapezoid. Skirts and dresses choose from flying fabric.

Style jacket must be poluoblegayuschim and in any case should not end at the widest point of your hips. Well-look jackets ending at the waist or just below. When choosing a coat, give preference to short-cut model. As well as models with an emphasis on the shoulders. This may be a fur collar.

The rounded shape type (Hourglass)

The fairer sex with this type of figure have a narrow waist and hips about the same amount and chest. "Hourglass" are classical female figure and therefore you should not hide all your curves and roundness.

When choosing wardrobe always adhere to one principle - cut line must follow the curves of the body. Places emphasis on the waist - for that is the best fit wide belts. Croy skirts and pants must repeat silhouette of your thighs.

If you have shapely legs, you can safely wear a mini. Excellent will look skirt with a high waist and pencil skirt. Do not focus on the hips, choose jeans with an average landing - a cut will focus on the waist and hips provide. From blouses and tops suit tops with smell, deep neckline, fitting T-shirts and sweatshirts. Discard the cut - boat and a collar. Jackets on rounded figures should end at the hips.

From clothes to a rounded shape is very well looked belted suits, coats, jackets, sweaters, cardigans. A good solution of choice for every day can be a safari suit, trousers with a belt, shirt with a tie and flared skirts. As the evening dresses are the most suitable option suits and dresses with lush bottom.

Full body type (Apple)

Women belonging to this group nemalochislennuyu facial features differ large physique and lack of waist line. Shoulders and hips almost the same size. Women with this type of shape you need to carefully approach the choice of wardrobe. Your main task - to visually pull the shape with vertical stripes, seams and finishes.

You should be avoided as too tight clothes, and long wide skirts, frills, flounces, frills, folds. Your style of dress is a dress-box, high-waisted dresses and dresses with corsets (if the volume of the figure). Corset must be chosen carefully, since when it is narrow, the back and sides are formed unwanted creases. Pull the figure, you can use the asymmetry, this will help to dress, tailored on the bias and dresses with a belt. Avoid flying fabrics, they create extra volume.

When you create your own style women are advised to give preference to dresses, skirts and pants cut perfectly straight. A good option for larger ladies can become loose knitted tunics, long, straight blousons, jackets and sweaters.

If you go down the street on the street, and after you turn not only to the opposite sex, but also many women, you can proudly say that you were able to find your style of dress!

 How to find your style of dress?

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