what to wear with denim skirt

The question of "what to wear denim skirt? "Is not complicated if you know something in fashion and periodically flip through new magazines. This irreplaceable thing in most cases goes well with almost any clothing: bright tops, sequin, all sorts of decorations that will help you create a beautiful and unique image.

Denim skirt on the right has the status of an established classic. His appearance it owes 60 years of the last century. Are very popular among the youth of the time style "hippie" is associated with a denim clothing. Men prefer jeans and girl wearing denim skirt. By the way, during this period there was such a fashionable thing as dzhinsy- "Varenkov."

Over time, the fashion for these products did not stand still. If earlier the length of the skirt was definitely above the knee, the latest experiments have led designers to the fact that a variety of models has become limitless. While no disco passes without girls in denim skirts, as it was part of the youth style clothes. A short denim skirt with a black belt was considered the most fashionable clothes of the time.

Nowadays, every girl in her wardrobe should have a denim skirt, and in most cases - and more. And rightly so, as they help her in the creation of original images. With its arsenal this fashionable thing you can easily support any desired style.

 what to wear with a short denim skirt

Photo what to wear short denim skirt

From what to wear?

  1. In the summer - very hot, so denim skirt with fringe, you can add a T-shirt with a deep neckline, which give the image of sexuality. With this skirt will blend in any T-shirt, and as for the shoe - it is better to give a preference model in which the feet breathe freely - such as ballet flats or sandals.
  2. Continuing to answer the question "what to wear denim skirt? "It should be noted that this is not necessarily the old type of clothing. If during the cold season you can not part with it, then you will help keep warm and look stylish at the same time tight tights, sweater or cardigan fashion. Here you can act on its own.
  3. From what to wear short denim skirt? Fashion for you already answered this question. Fashion trend suggests that this option is most suitable for the younger generation. This skirt is easy to be combined with stylish leggings or tights, a trendy T-shirt or sleeveless vests successfully complete the original image.
  4. In the ensemble with a denim skirts look great chiffon tops with long-sleeved shirts or bright. By selecting this option, you will look very impressive, and none of the others did not dare to question your taste.
  5. If you prefer the classic style, you will have plenty of options for combinations. Wearing under her shirt white with ruffles or sandals, ballet flats or dress shoes, you will create a unique style. Combine these things every day and be a new day!
  6. Do not forget about fashion accessories such as a clutch bag, which is very popular this season. It will help you to complete the image, but it is to choose according to the color of your clothes. Such along perfect shoes on a hairpin.
  7. Mostly evening option is to stylish and elegant corset, which will give your exterior charm and luster. Successfully picked him in their figure, you will attract additional attention to the waist.

Fashion is not static, but changes with the times. This is not surprising, because in order to attract the attention of lovers of fashion victim, you need to create competition among similar things. This also applies to denim skirt that the seasons may change color or style. The most popular color in 2012 will be a gold and shades of yellow, purple, blue, black and white.

But despite everything, denim skirt has taken its place among similar brands. You have answered the questions of style denim skirt should be, what to wear and how to choose if account all the advantages, which will be typed is not so little.

Denim skirt - well-established classics, which periodically helps to combine incongruous. You have to find the harmony of style, as you know better than others what is right for you.

 From what to wear denim skirt, and what model to choose?

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 French style of dress

With its rich history, the legendary designers and, of course, their sophistication, French style of famous throughout the world. For several centuries, the French considered a model of good taste, which may be the envy of ladies from different countries.

After seeing at least once, it looks like a real Frenchwoman, you'll never confuse this style with others. Despite the fact that among the Parisians are not so many beauties of written, it does not prevent them always, even in everyday life, look elegant. And all because they are able to create a harmonious ensemble and looking for flaws in their appearance, and skillfully emphasize the dignity of the figure, which has given birth to their nature. And it should be noted, it is perfectly possible. The highlight of the French style of dress is just the ability to mix and match the clothes and not the presence of a large number of designer items in the wardrobe.

Unlike many of our contemporaries whose cupboards are full of the presence of these very different clothing (but in the end still have nothing to wear), they have a completely different approach to the choice of his wardrobe - self-respecting French never afford to buy cheap fake or things with sales. Their wardrobe is present only the most necessary things; As a rule, it is expensive, elegant, high-quality and versatile outfits, perfect for any occasion. In the same set, they may appear in the daytime in the office and in the evening, looking at it in a restaurant. However discos in nightclubs such clothing is unlikely to be appropriate.

The basis of the French style of dress has always been and remains to be them expensive, elegant and at the same time made things perfectly, including the little black dress - a brilliant and immortal masterpiece, created by the legendary Coco Chanel, who to this day is a symbol of femininity invincible. Because of this fashion designer, opened a little over a century ago (in 1910), his first women's clothing store on Rue Cambon, French style of dress has become popular not only in her homeland, but has acquired and international fame. Although the history of its existence, it has undergone many changes, for this particular design is still characterized by a combination of seemingly simple but at the same time elegant and stylish things.

 French style dress

Features French style

On the French-style clothes can talk all you want, you can argue about it, they can admire or criticize, or not to accept, but do not notice it is simply impossible. Today, carriers of this style are the millions of women around the world, and every year the ranks of his admirers are constantly growing and are replenished. If you decide to change his image, preferring to follow the French fashion, will make it easy and simple to only owners of good taste; the rest have to learn how to mix and match things so, as do the true fans of this style of clothing. The French style of dress combines:

  • Simplicity and comfort, no outrageous. Recognize clothes in this style can be for the classic cut of the basic things done in subdued tones, without the predominance of any one color.
  • Natural and natural make-up, against which unprecedented audacity look bright smear of lipstick, nail polish and a small elegant handbag the sexiest color.
  • If the red lipstick for the French is a kind of infallible weapon, accessories - immutable attribute, which is unthinkable without the French style of dress in general.
  • The ability to diversify your wardrobe. Even the most unassuming appearance ensemble, complete with a stylish accessory - a scarf, leather handbag, belt, coquettishly tied at the neck with a scarf or a shawl draped over her shoulders - would look completely different.
  • Unacceptability artsy jewelry and the almost complete absence of any kind was jewelry.

If you wish to create the perfect image of a French-style clothes can be even a minimum set of the most common items and accessories.

 The French style of simplicity and convenience, comfort and chic

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