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  • Classically austere Black Tie 2012: what will it be?
  • What is the Black Tie Invited 2012
  • Black Tie Optional: trends in 2012
  • What we appreciate Creative Black Tie?
  • How to avoid mistakes when you create an image of the official stressed?

In the wardrobe of any real woman should occupy a worthy place orders for work and formal occasions. Meetings, meetings and negotiations, corporate parties or the presentation of the company at social events and other event'ah - all that is needed for a strict dress code. He, by the way, should not only be a serious and sustained, but also stylish and fashionable.

And today our focus is one of the most popular and strict formal codes - Black Tie: Now its enforcement is a prerequisite for attendance at various events. Therefore, in this review we take a closer look at a way how to be a black and white dress code in 2012. Also, we will touch on the details of clothing that will make sustained look interesting and original. And be sure to see if we can be considered combined with other direction, for example, with the style of cocktail.

Classically austere Black Tie 2012: what will it be?

In the coming spring-summer season in black and white dress code must be matched catering, ie the need to choose not only stylish, but even a little pompous options. That is what promises to be the characteristic elements of Black Tie 2012:

  • Long dress with a train starting from the waist - really classy option, allowing the girl to dress effectively and at the same time fashion. But the color of the dress should be kept - a sign of good taste will be all shades of cream and beige. And, of course, particularly black-and-white dress code will also be a trend: these dresses will remain classic.
  • Compulsory supplement Black Tie look'a in the coming season should be long gloves - they will give the female form grace, emphasizing the beauty of the handles. This is exactly the accessory that can vary somewhat, even the most strict dress code, because when it is selected there are no uniform rules. It is possible to play on the contrast and select gloves to match the dress.
  • Another image can become supplement fur stole or bolero - such detail enrich Black Tie look. However, there is one "but": This accessory is suitable only if you choose a dress with a deep neckline and bare shoulders.

If the woman decides to give preference to the closed variant of stoles and boleros can not think. Usually these accessories and choose a more daring and uninhibited style cocktail - the spring-summer season 2012 is more convenient for fashionistas exception.

However, the classically strict dress code Black Tie is not the only option, because it has a branch, also falls into the trend. In some intersecting Cocktail, directions BT fashionistas give more opportunities to look stylish on the most serious and responsible event. So let's look at these branches and to define what the modern woman can give variations of "black tie".

 black tie

What is the Black Tie Invited 2012

The very name of the direction - "tie welcome" - is telling us about a certain degree of freedom look'a. The central element, as in the classical case, is also a cocktail dress, but the situation with the Black Tie Invited can safely choose the model, decorated in the style cocktails. Neckline, exposed shoulders, just below the knee length - all this may well include this version of the dress code.

Moreover, in the case of BT Invited welcome even the costumes, especially if they consist of a jacket and skirt (but the pants also allowed). The main thing - it's high style look'a: this direction allows a departure from the official standards, but without compromising the elegance of the female image.

Black Tie Optional: trends in 2012

Again, this trend is not for nothing called "the tie is not necessary": it is more free than Invited. This dress code tells us that even a short cocktail dress may not be the most daring departure from the strict standards.

Black Tie Optional proposes to emphasize the elegance of dress, rather than specific items of clothing. Dressing in accordance with its rules, she can choose how pantsuit and a simple combination of a skirt and blouse - most importantly, that her image was emphasized elegant.

But this is a calmer direction tells us is necessary to keep colors should give preference to things made in gray or beige tones. It remains topical and classic black and white dress code as the trouser and skirt suits made in this trend are expected to be in favor at the receptions, corporate events and presentations in the spring-summer 2012 season.

What we appreciate Creative Black Tie?

This is the richest on the combination of style, components of which can be and cocktails and business destinations. At Creative Black Tie, there is one important rule - even the official look'u to be creative. So, girls, do not hesitate to combine and make outfits - this dress code is readily admits. The main thing that the combination does not get too crisp and clear - top and bottom should be in harmony with each other.

Let us color details: as in the case with other areas of Black Tie, design houses recommend choosing the things done in an unobtrusive and pleasant eye beige, sand, gray scale. Also ignored and remains a classic black-and-white dress code - when it comes to the official style, there is no doubt the relevance of this trend.

Creativity in this case is shown in Silhouette: allowed more daring cut, the presence of frills or decorative elements, for example, the same colors. With Black Tie Creative can constantly update its image, and even create new look'i based on the old, while remaining impeccably fashionable and stylish. Of all the areas of the dress code it is the most practical, which is why in the spring-summer 2012 season it will give preference to women with a delicate taste.

How to avoid mistakes when you create an image of the official stressed?

If you want to look for the release of all the rules consistent with Black Tie, pay attention to the following points:

  • Items of clothing must be cured - a maximum of 3 colors in the range, no excessive brightness and controversial combinations. Black-and-white dress code is not in vain considered a classic - for a serious event is it is optimal. Red, blue, lemon yellow, purple, green color is left to the parties.
  • Black Tie provides simple lines and shapes - even in the case of the maximum to avoid the free Creative multilayered clothes and too complicated cut. Minimalism should be in the accessories: going to a formal event, it is necessary to give preference to an elegant outfit, not the brilliance of jewelry - all converge on this design houses.
  • In the highest circles of BT dress code is always associated with perfection. So, dressed in all his rules, any woman should give preference to dress, suit or outfit, in which she can feel 100% confident. Going to a formal event, it is not necessary to radically change its image and try something completely new - Black Tie does not tolerate experimentation.

Take into account all of the above features of consideration of the dress code, guided by these three rules, and then you can create a really perfect look, which will delight any official event.

 Black Tie dress code: sustained, but interesting image

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