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  • "Required" dress code
  • Thematic dress code
  • Stylish dress code: the basic principles

What to wear to let in the stylish and popular party? This question is important for any girl who loves to have fun, because today face control and dress code are inextricably linked to each other. The night club can keep out not only because of the very young age or because of the absence in the list of invitees, but also because of inappropriate clothing. Therefore, you and I just need to know how to look to pick up so that before we never closed the door.

"Required" dress code

It must be considered in the first place, because there are clothes that girl will not be allowed in certain places, because it will hurt their prestige. For example, an expensive restaurant you are unlikely to get into a tracksuit for shaping and theater - a T-shirt and jeans. And if you still manage to somehow slip past the face-control, you will still feel uncomfortable, because look'i other attendees institutions will be radically different.

Therefore it is natural that many clubs also have their own dress code, usually depending on the nature of the activities. If the institution is famous for the fact that it is going to rest and elite, it may well not to let the girl in jeans. If the nightclub is known for his cheerful party, net for the passage of face-control is a magnificent evening gown.

What to do with the obligatory dress code? He should just follow. If you want to get to some place, it is necessary to know the clothing and observe them. Then the problems with face control will not, and the atmosphere you will fit just fine.

 face control and dress code

Thematic dress code

It is understood that the night club could partying dedicated to a specific event, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day or Halloween. In such cases, usually held costumed holidays. And if a girl wants to attend them, she just needs to choose the appropriate look. Of course, no one speaks about the full masquerade, but at least some thematic elements need to be in the image.

Everything is determined by the nature of the party: in a nightclub on Christmas or New Year should choose clothing appropriate to the spirit of the holiday, such as a short red dress. And going for a Halloween-party without a costume, it is necessary to choose a stylish and conspicuous accessory, for example, the same devilish horns, magic wand or the original witch hat.

How to comply with themed club dress code? This can be done easily if you love to be in some kind of institution, you need to be aware of the schedule of his next holidays. In this case, you will have time to think about your images, and you can not just pass face control and get to the party, devoted to Valentine's Day and March 8 and be there queen.

Stylish dress code: the basic principles

When we are not talking about mandatory rules and case nightclub, is guided by the general laws of good taste. By following them, you can create the perfect look, to appreciate who you are sure to miss even in the most prestigious institution, even if you have never in it was not. Presenting your attention the basic principles of the dress code:

  1. Going to a new club and knowing that there are no mandatory rules or case, prefer a quiet and seasoned clothes: it is not necessary to experiment with original and even extravagant outfits. For example, an excellent option is always elegant dark dress simple style and size midi. It is in any case will benefit from bright T-shirts with prints frivolous and denim miniskirt.
  2. If you are targeting the visitors to a particular club, pay attention to what comes to the bulk of girls. If the 20 beauties, only one appears in a cocktail dress, it does not mean that it is the most fashionable and stylish - its just for some reason allowed contrary to the rules, for example, because of the familiarity and kinship with the owners of the establishment.
  3. Think carefully about your image, going to a nightclub, choose branded clothes and accessories complements it necessarily known design houses. Just do not overdo it with Armani, Gucci, D & G. Remember, you are not only important to pass face control, but also to show themselves worthy in the institution: you need not be a festive Christmas tree and stylish queen of the party.
  4. Be sure to think through the issue of footwear: of course, the protection of the nightclub will not judge you only shoes, but the length of the heel past is very important if you are going to dance, walk a lot or just a long time to be on your feet. Remember, from the party should only pleasant emotions.
  5. Do not forget that for a hike in the club need to choose not only beautiful, but also comfortable clothes. Rule dress code says, in summer, wear light, and in the winter - warm enough clothes. In pursuit of style is not necessary to sacrifice comfort if at a party you will feel at ease because of poorly chosen dress, even the most chic look falling by the wayside.

In conclusion, I want to say: the girls, it is important not just to get to a club and pass face control, but also to impress the visitors of an institution. Therefore, you need to follow the general rules of the dress code, the above - they are your little helpers.

 The dress code in clubs: a look to choose

 women's fashion shirt

Shirts long been a favorite subject of women's clothing. Today, they are all, without exception: the students and middle-aged women, and elderly ladies. But it was not always so. Once they were exclusively male wardrobe item. However, this invention is for the stronger sex had to appeal to many women of fashion of the time.

And the women would not be women, if not experimented and adapted for themselves pleasurable clothing with masculine shoulder. Since fashion shirts for women with mild female hand firmly settled in women's wardrobes, they became one of the most integral and bright objects ladies' clothes.

In the world of fashion came thanks to the clothing world-famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. It was she who made women's shirts a real decoration of ladies' clothes. Although the history of its existence, they have undergone a lot of changes (designers of different times have used a variety of decorative elements: embroidery, lace, sequins, rhinestones and more, to make them more feminine), cut blouses men still have not lost their relevance.

Beautiful shirt - is a versatile item that is suitable for all occasions. Therefore, in the closet of every self-respecting woman should have at least two or three stylish blouses. And since this year the basic things at the peak of popularity, many of you probably can not wait to find out what women's fashion shirt would be the most relevant this summer, and what to wear with them, to be always in the trend?

Most of the shirts of the season summer 2012, as in previous years, are the usual fitted silhouette with long or, conversely, very short sleeves. Such models offer trendsetters wear this summer buttoned all, but in fashion catwalks you can find many other interesting options among which to find a decent copy will not only fatal beauty, but gentle romantic nature.

Lightweight fabrics, relevant to the hot summer, the bright, saturated colors and delicate pastel shades, feminine tailoring, fashion drawings and prints - by such magnificence can not be indifferent to pass. Which of them will be able to conquer your heart and become a reliable companion at least the next summer? With proper choice of shirt can be a great wardrobe basic element as a business women and housewives.

 shirts for girls

What are they, shirts for beautiful ladies summer 2012 season?

Modern designers and fashion designers made sure that every girl could look fashionable and stylish. One example of this - incredibly beautiful, graceful and elegant shirt female batniki presented in summer designer collections for every taste. Each of them is good in its own way and will be able to get your attention - judge for yourself:

  • We begin our review with the most universal and, moreover, very urgent this season classic white shirt, ideal for catering and office work. However, the modern fashion offers many options for the use of such a model in everyday zhizni.Uchityvaya that elegant white shirt goes well with any style of clothing and colors to find a good use of such a model in everyday life there is no trouble. Trendy white shirts look equally good with both the classic jeans and a pencil skirt and shorts, or other things; but especially advantageously such clothing looks in combination with a skirt of similar color.
  • But not only white models run the show: in the collections of the summer season, form-fitting shirt for girls of this style can be found in a wide range of tones. In addition to the monochrome models are very relevant contrasting color combinations, both in the form of individual parts finishing women's shirts, and consisting entirely of regular geometric blocks.
  • Colorful shirts - another fashion trend of the season. Stylish shirt with bright floral motifs and monochrome paintings this summer will help you create a cheerful mood and stay on the crest of the fashion wave. To look fashionable and stylish, not necessarily wear them with monotonous bottom. Surely you can find at least one patterned skirt that will blend well with the horse.
  • Also relevant long loose shirts that can be worn this summer as the trousers with a belt or without. This model comes without exception: the owners of slim figure and plump ladies. Wear such blouses, often made from fabrics most simple colors (for example, a thin vertical stripe or plain pastel tones) can be over trousers with straps or tight-fitting leggings figure. To add an image, in this case will help to pumps with low heels or ballet flats.
  • Trendy plaid shirt - these models are always relevant and appropriate. Therefore, almost every season designers include them in their collections, each time bringing something new. That and this year was no exception - in 2012 shows the classic plaid shirt presented for every taste. This is quite short, barely reaching to the waist options and shirts of medium length, tunics and shirts up to mid bedra.Obychno such models are made of cotton fabrics, combining several shades, but usually no more than two or three. As for the length of such sleeves of shirts, they may be as short as a flashlight, and long on the cuff or three quarters. Especially popular are today model with short sleeves, the bottom of which is decorated with knitted inserts.
  •  fashion shirts for girls

  • Among the fashionable plaid shirts can find options like a hood and stand-up collar and having a V-shaped or round neckline. Wearing such a model can be anywhere and with anything. They combine well with any clothing, whether it's pants, skirt or trousers. But especially they look gorgeous in combination with skinny jeans, tight-fitting shape and emphasizes the beauty of female legs. The most popular option of wearing such shirts this summer - with the sleeves rolled up.
  • Fashion transparent shirt - such a model, to be sure, it looks simply delicious. In most cases, they are made of the fabric of the original invoice, or print where transparency are paramount. To the woman did not look too provocative in such a candid blouse, designers offer to wear it over her T-shirt.
  • In addition to completely translucent options, which dare to put on not many women in the collections of most designers presented many models made using opaque fabric for decoration and composite materials. It allows girls to look really sexy without going beyond the verge of decency.
  • Fashionable shirt made of light, almost transparent fabrics become real favorites of the summer season. Designers offer Russian beauties wear them with trousers with a high waist, made from materials golden color. Also very well look like a model in an ensemble with narrowed trousers, matched in tone shirts.
  • Strict silk shirts restrained colors - this option is ideal for the business lady wardrobe. These models are suitable for use in the office, business meetings and other occasions when you need to look seriously.
  • Women's fashion cotton shirt with rivets - another trend this summer, which is well suited to fashionable jeans. Especially stylish looks this option in conjunction with shiny clothes and accessories.
  • Fashionable shirt with large pockets of light flowing fabrics such as silk or chiffon, can be found in almost any design collection. These shirts at shows in 2012 are presented in muted and bright colors. Both look equally good with summer trousers, breeches, shorts, mini and midi skirts.

Now that you know almost everything about women's shirts new fashion season, each of you can easily pick up one or a couple of trendy things for your summer wardrobe. And no matter what model you are not liked in any of them, you will be the most charming and attractive, can not even be sure!

 Fashionable women's shirts 2012: stylish clothing for ladies

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